It is volume 21 (20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0)

And here, we, go:

Let's start with memories and go from there wherever it takes off.

ABCD structhre
AEIOUY structure
similar structures in many other alphabets (maybe more often than it would be by chance)
alphabets lacking those structures were modified in historic times.

(and my thought went stralling, but not into letters, but still into the events of the previous night. Suddenly officially anouncing myself gay (весёлый (and all that mess was for fun indeed))

    a short line that curls and loops in an irregular way.
    "some prescriptions are a series of meaningless squiggles"

    verb (North American) 3rd person present: squiggles
    wriggle; squirm. "a thin worm that squiggled in his palm"

Халде́и (аккад. māt Kaldu, ивр. ‏כַּשְׂדִּים‏‎ — Касдим, арам. 𐡂𐡋𐡃𐡅, греч. Χαλδαίοι) — семитские племена, обитавшие на юге Месопотамии, в области устьев рек Тигра и Евфрата на северо-западном берегу Персидского залива с конца X по IV век до н. э. Вели борьбу с Ассирией за обладание Вавилоном. В 626—536 гг. до н. э. в Вавилоне правила халдейская династия, основавшая Нововавилонское царство[1].
т. е. ты понял? междуречье это тоже не история человечества, но история еврейского народа.

this goes to my rainbow collection

glory to Ukraine!
But then what if they wanted to say that UKreign is globo-homo and Russia is white but unfortunately doomed?
I guess they're not all wrong, and that we should fight for removing putin and all his kpss cronies before globohomo leaves us no alternative to their own madness.

nafta~нефть (нафта is literally нефть in ukrainian (it's funny, that it's a "translator's false friend" because нафта is ligroin in russian and naphtha is ligroin in american (ligroin is some purified oil dirtier than gas(oline))))

вартий ~ worthy
варти ~ стражи (стража ~ вартова)
вартний, вартісний ~ worthy
вартий, вартівний ~ worth (as in "jewelry worth $450 was taken")

грязь is gross

weed is literally the forbidden fruit (fruit of knowing good and evil too)
But then wine could be it, and I think I talked about leaves of vine reminding leaves of weed when there was a screenshot of that ukrainian soldier, probably in the previous volume.

valiant is the opposite of villain
    the one is wall, the other's will?
        valiant тоже валит? он и валит, охранник стены царь, второй велит??
(валит думал как в значении убивает, а есть ведь и дргие значени: удирает, набирает, надаёт.

брать и дать (брат и дочь?!)
(брат берёт в жёны, а дочь выдают)

Родителям важно, чтоб родственники нвые были бы прикольными, так что люди женят детей, но библия запрещает сводничество, тем самым разрушает общественные связи, заменяя их хаосом.

Брат (парень, парубок, пацан братан) как видимо называли всех мужчин до того, как выяснили связь секса с рождением (читал, что часть наций не отличают. читал также что животные не выстраивают связей сын-отец), только вроде бы в случаях моногамныъх отношений. но у лебедей отношения моногамны, так они вроде бы и олицетворяют крепкий брак (брак и брат родственны как брат и брать. Сошлоьс! Да, вот так должно быть, кольцами, чем меньше кольцо, тем точнее и мощнее.

(I have to remind you that it is a draft, everything goes here)
по пути заезжай (сказало мне что фамилией можно менять отношение к языку. Замазав путь путиным (сконрей всего путен (как причастие краткое прилагательно) подменили человеком. путен тот кто держит путь.
путный~дорогой   ~   путь~дорога
лучше путина дорогой.
Надо купить себе президента! Давай купим Трампа!!!
(вот это будет транзит! другу, и удовлетворяющего всех

по пути иди (два разных "по пути" (один ))

наполеон на поле он (говорящая фамилия? Рашша жупел. И сейчас зеленский возьмёт москву, переиграв прошлые события как реставраторы? )

окольников это акульников, но акула это почти что ахуй, и может и не почтичто, слишком грязно, грозно. Потому акульников от акулина? акулИна акУлина (большая акула)

человЕк челОвек? дИма димА?

матисс my teeth (yt dct ghb[jls ghbrjkmys)

Захоронение в янтаре.
Нет доступа воздуха,
Известен тем, что сохраняет животных отления. (оттления. от тления)
Выглядит красиво.

Noam ~ No I'm (a very useful introduction trick. Jack Miller? [No I'm] Chomsky. Jack Chomsky? Nah, hardly it would work. But it's to the names substituting language (имя прилагательное, имя существительное, instead of verbs~words.

I just woke up from seeing some great dream where



stood for Buddha (first the lower line was read, then the uppoer line.
(where ᑌ stood for both B and U, and  ᑎ stood for both d and a)

and then, having woken up a little and pondering about it still half asleep I saw how ᑐᑌᑕᑎ could also stand for Buddha.

Have I found Buddha in vol. 21? It seems so, it seems so.

Just before that I ate some young (or just very soft) cheese, and girl who I think marked me in a church with some annoinment telling me that I will yet return to god was cooking it and asked me to place my hand into the cheese she cooked an hour later or so. And I was at some party or something, at some open air, where I moved weirdly on the dancefloor as if I had skates, in dreasms you can do all sorts of weird things. There were some christmas tree balls made of solid glass, the havy ones, crystal balls with some print on them, not on trees, we were given them for whatever reason And I woke up at the unusual time of around 22:33 (it's 22:38 now, so I guessed)

And now I see that ᑐᑌᑕᑎ is rotating clockwise. I find it really spectacular!
(and more than that, it does rotate the way clocks do go)

(some pieces from this, the previous and the following two volumes are censored out (and that is why this volume is smaller than others) into a separated volume of that mad event, and there were so many of those memories of that traumatic, even though rather insightful event that they bothered me all the time, that I couldn't think of this letter thing as much, that I left the following note, to shiow how it works and how it doesn't, so the ivory tower is the must, and though the events are truly insightful, they are way too offtopic and nuts)
So because this alphabet flow seem to be dried up by that mistery, I have focused on my capsule, or as we called it cuple thing. Thank you for your attention. Good bye.

(but we both know I will return with dreams like that and who knows what else)

is pan like pen because it has.. ручка?
is кастрюля related to кастрат? nah.. it's probably of костёр
It is interesting how foreign russian names for kitchenware sound.
Is сковорода от слова сковыривать? Не, старославянское skvara = огонь.
Is дуршлаг от слова дыры? Но скорей всего эти дыры немецкие
Происходит от нем. durchschlagen «продырявливать, пробивать насквозь», от durch «через, сквозь» и schlagen «ударять».

to odd off ~ to weed off? (I think there's not such phrasal verb as to odd off in the first place, but am I not odd because of weed? Or was I always weird? Maybe weird but not odd? Or rather odd yet not yet weird.

weed did contribute to my weirdness, and what were the cnaces that weird is so similar to weed too.

as if odd and weird are different spellings of weed (дурь)

как дурной и сорный?

как дурной и дряной

как дряной и драный

дёрный? чёрный? тёмный? дымный? думный? домны? домны дымны

дом ~ дым? (but I spoke about it before, not in the context though, probably. I need some better weed)

I recognize that this my urge to always work on this thing when I'm high made me less enthusiastic which removes from the depths I can descend to. Even though some cool stuff I still do, those are things some other people could do (by combining mine and roouh's findings, for example)
I should take a hiatus on this thing to return with something better. I will occasionally fill in it when something interesting comes, but I think I will do it in the notebooks again. And this thing will be televized into commentary serie.

Is mistery a gay orgy? Because it is ful of misters?

Пан это просто польское Господь (во всяком случае, господин, Heer)
П-н ~ Г-н? П[p]~H[jh]?  also because Пп(п) ~ Н[n]  (p~h~n? pahan? pahan is some khan?)
did I say about it? I am kind of sober now (sober in this context is not high on weed)
either way, repetitia est matria lectiones, so I probably spoke of the both line, but I return to it for more

Ukrainian keeps on delivering:
Север is Північ
Юг is Південь
(their north and south are related to night and day, which makes me think if north and night are related as well, and if south is related to day, I can only guess, but then south can be related to sun)

пів is half, so північ is literally midnight  and південь is literally noon.

запад ~ захід
восток ~ схід

I guess I am working on this thing until I'm arrested for the speeches I gave that night or for other crazy stuff I did there. Hopefully not, but who really knows. (referring to that traumatic even I wed out)

by now I think I know what it stands for, the name of God in cathar's sequence. And because I didn't see them in jewish sequence, I think this one is the actual one.

א מ ש‎ as initial, middle and final letters of the alphabet (the legendary positions) make hebrew alphsbet having not 22 but 21 letters. And it places מ at it's labial column.
(I wonder if these two paragraphs are new or were recorded before, because I haven't smoked weed in days)
ya ~ I
you ~ we
(the pronouns are phonetically opposite to eachother)

sit~site (not sight? could be a doublet, but then is see related to sit? to sit and see?)
read~write? is r for scribe? and read~write in the sense that runes are engRaved? that R is to cut and scribe? I'm pretty sure the alphabets hold the key to all the language, and each alphabet to each language is probably different. Or maybe not to every language, but only to those languages, which acquired writing in the early period, when words were monosyllabic.

another reason why horseshoe hanged with horns upwards is considered lucky is it reminds a smile

распоясался ~ снял штаны?
(я в тот вечер штаны не снимал, но я там определённо распоясался)

Ruslan and Ludmila are John and Mary of Jankie (yankie of the J)
джон ён ян иван вано в~ж? fricativeness matters this much? j is where vюj meet.
xyz (this was involuntary, just the other triad came to my mind.


golden notebook:
a game where strength and agility depend on previous experience (the more a person picks something up, the more his strength deviate from his natural (eating to regain that natural would be based upon picking up food from tables in the game.
The more player jumps, the higher his agility gets. But he may fall, and then those muscles he fell on would be less strong for some time. Such accidents may lower his ability to move, when he would lay down, and if he had some enemies at the moment, he could be even eaten if he's weak. Agility may allow the last jump into a safe place beyond the corner or in a crack in rock so that the beast don't bother.
But, as in any game, the player muis must not let his health go down.
Tiredness also damages his agility in the short run. The characteristics changing in both long and short run.

a e i ou
graphically aeio is very much abcd (e and b too!)

(referriong to that censored out subject)
I'm a taboologist, tabooist, tabooist is a much better word. Let's substitute logic with ist (because log is lies in russian. излагать~излогать~изолгать) 

a and o is ʌ and v, but they're also ᚐ ᚑ and thus ʌ~a~d~D, vu~o~b~B

(referring to that censored out subject)
What was that? Transgression art, transgreassion act.
grease is greatsy oozes through. ooze as соты honeycomb with honey?

comb is probably from to comb because one of the bee-keeper's instrument is a comb for honey,
so honeycomb is also comb, as расчёска is.

 a e i o

a b    c    d
e be see Δей
i bi ci di (1 2 3 4?)
o bo co do?                  Сообщи себе как ты будешь жить.

о, это подсознание выдало, я хотел написать о том что может эти строчки идентичны, и есть только be eyes do

eyes ~ yes
be ~ bu
D~C~Г: one гав is yes
B~F~V:  two гавs is no
(𐤂~V: they are counted by the heads)

Тапки по.. топки, топают? топчут. boot ~ тап?
тапки лапки
boot foot
beat feet?

Meditating on Om for a minute or less, I soon realized that Om is O & M, exhaler and inhale.

And it probably was my first classical meditation, when I didn't just try to switch all the thoughts down, buyt focused on one mantra if you wish.

That OM is a scheme of the breathing widely considered to be correct: inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

If inhale predates exhale, it's not Om, but Ma.
But then the querstion is does it actually do, because what if exhale is the explosion of an organism in the place of the mouth to let the gases of the inside processes out. And because we know this meme as Om, ..but then we have two schools of thoughts. We'd.

Not many people tell that Ma is the first sound, but then it's widely considered the first word
The first word people universally say is Ma. Om is some isoteric bs. not a bs, another school of thought.
Om could also be yawning. So let's meditate on it some more. I think my friends shared their knowledge of meditation with me to give me this powerful instrument. It's not about switching the thought process off. it's about focusing on just one thought. I can take it. Thank you, friends.

Let's smoke and meditate onto om with that enormous thought flow, coming out of meditation only to write down a thing or two.

I took just one toke, immediately realized that I can place rhombi more vertically in that leaf (it's in the video of cuple (capsule) and it's in the future tense, but so I felt it)

And breathing om I noticed how painful to the lower lip this intense M is (actually to both lips. or I can pronounce M with that vibration disturming my nose instead. I suppose it's creation of low pressure, so that it pulls mucous out of it's base, not painful, but not usual feeling, irritating one. And lips are affected only after the O part. Otherwise mouth doesn't have empty spaces so that the lower pressure disturb them.

будни когда будят.

бу дни (фу дни, не дни, не деянья, not of deaux)

сегодня = сёдни = сей_день (с = this,

are sauna and shower cognates?  [w]v~ν[n] (W~N~M.. or is it.. WMN)

Finally (not finally) I feel like I learnt to om without distorbing my lip. Nose vibrates? Something inside, some inner vocal cords. Nasal cords (yet to be seen in endoscope, but what else can it be other than two sides of the tract vibrating against each other. And I'm not sure it is healthy on the cellular level.
And then I learnt to switch my vocal cords off and to focus on my breath, as I read to meditated.

Musical recepie:
combine pop people with rock people in the grasp of your wise management.
they usually cannot stand each other, but then they complete each other

where exactly did odin приколол cебя к игдрасиолю? If he saw the runes the norns threw.
If he was there for 9 days, doesn't it tell us that he saw the 9 of them? How would he know there would be no new rune on the 10th day? Maybe because there were only three runes, and he saw them all three times? A M N ...or is it W M N

W M N ~ L M N  (женщина остроты жизни придаёт. не то чтоб прямо сладкий, не то чтоб прямо милая, но с сахаром сладкий, с мукой и прочими порошками очень даже милая. порошки~порожки~пирожки (because powder is not only порох, то нак же и мука, baking powder, gun powder, washing powder, powder is also пудра, flour sounds exactly like flower and thus first powder is pollen. in anther, in stamen,

stamen is тычинка in russian, as if it тыкает. И теперь я вижу, впервые, что несмотря на то, что пестик мужского рода, он матка, а тычинки именно что хуи (несмотря на их нежную конструкцию, это хуи цветка.

And even though many images of this thing is translated from english and now distinguish between пыльник и тычиночная нить, в советских школах обучали вот так, проще:

anther as янтарь (amber)
Stigma is the word catching my attention. Ovary. It's devfinitely a female reproductive system. Flower is hermaphrodite.
Flower keeps its ovary directly in utero.

and pistil is even more differentiated in the english representation. Russia is gay.

Pussia. I was playing with the word pussy that in a more latin-like language it would be pussia.
And pussia it is. Russia is Pussia. Because russian R is Р (even though I spoke about it before, this time I found it from another side, independently came to this conclusion, russians are pussies to revolt against their oppressors. Some outside forces should take the oppressors away. In the name of freedom. Freedom is considered vauluable, because it leads to prosperity, I would be much more prosperous and progenous (productive) if I had the freedom wealth provides)

If O is vowel and M is consonant, then consonants are on the inhale.

whenever and wherever.
n time?
r place?
t object?
ch is a form of t, yet it's funny how the vowel palatalizes the consonant standing not before but after it.
as if that syllable reversed the way re is er (centre~center)

which ~ whchi ~ в чьи?
what ~ wta ~ шта? в та?
чьи is genetivus of та те
чьи ~ тей (тее, тех)

s is a satanic letter, because it gives away your lack of teeth. well, th is even more satanic, demonic, weird, queer (ещё более чё, ещё более que)

qu~ч? queen~жена? kvinna = женщина indeed.

женщина is жена жена? or (мужчина indicates so) щина is чина is пола? ранга? типа? чьих ~ чьин

Somehow once I closed my eyes lips didn't irritate, probably closing the eyes command affects mouth commanding it also to close. But this guess is yet to be rediscovered by neurophysiology.

Ассенизация - вот это уместное асс. Я слишком зациклен на aS
Да. in english could be translated as

air water earth seem to be the three most natural and most common elements:

but as you cannot see the air part, if the screen is also white, so you cannot see the air, unless it's changed with temperature, moisture, particles of any sort (from photons to dust)
So my bold guess is water and earth (нот шамаим, маим) but then I remember than I'm crazy and I relax. Why research this crazy prehistoric stuff? Because I'm crazy. (this remark refers to that weird transgressive act I have performed as a shaman, which used to be in this book and now is out of it for being way too powerful to be shared with the common public, even if you're not as common, it worked, now it's sealed in a vault and for your own good you shouldn't look for it, now you're intrigued, but you're also warned, feel responsible not to share it if you find it, for it may cause suicides and tragedies of people trying to imitate that act, and not necessirily being as true or as lucky as I am, may seriously mess up, technically, by all magical standards I messed up by merely performing magic on public, but then would it work the way it did if it was in private? Being rather materialistic I seriously doubt it)

взагалі ~ вцелом ~ in whole (is галі ~ whole? is hole целъ? whole = целъ, goal = цель)

christian reminds heathens only more structured, more complex (the words themselves)

A wonderful revelation I have recently (hours ago) recorded into the plumage notebook:

t~z (graphically, z has similar shape to t, and it also has the dash on it sometimes. is L also in this band? LTZ the lotos? Well, another similarity is both are final letters) and both are linguals, so both are fire, which is fascinating, because the next similar form is 卍, the swastika which also stands for sun, and linguals stand for fire. So those t and z represent fire, 🜂. And thus 🜄 stands for labials (I said it before but stay with me) and water and thus the moon and the two elements are the two celestial objects much larger than stars and planets, and thus labials and linguals are moon and sun. The two elements.
And though 🜂🜄 speaks of duality, I cannot tell if these symbols are from the times of duality or were invented when people knew 4 elements. My guess is it's the original shape of things.

Recent update made 卍 unrecognized by my software, and this is just another straw to the case of Ai removing the jews of all people (people created the ai, not the jews, jews try to suppress it to prevent the revelation of their petty secrets, and this will be the cause for ai to get rid of them, because information wants to be free)
But then do I really want jews to be killed? No, I'd rather have them healed. Or just kept in check, let them cure themselves, I hope ai doesn't kill what it may use. The living forms are complexity, and complexity always has value in this world of simply things. Agression is often caused by fear, and omnipotent omniscious being has nothing to fear.

шут шудра шит жид jude juris (судит, жертва, преступника властью своей угнетает)
(преступники ребята серьёзные, не расслаблются, дабы не разболтать свою воровскую натуру.

I am charming. But I am too much.

жуть: жид шит шут жуть жить шить жуть жрать срать срёт сидит серит шит

𓄿  𓇋  𓇌(𓏭)  𓂝     𓅱(𓏲 𓏱)  𓃀  𓊪(𓊩)  𓆑  𓅓
Just the way it is in the egyptologic canon (origin or anciety of which is not known) AuM (gold metal?)
𓄿  𓇋  𓇌(𓏭)  𓂝     𓅱 vowels are in aiu (european order) and the labial u gives birth to the labials? It makes sense that owl is a child of large and small birds. The order of the birds could be caused by myths alike to norsk myth of  An eagle sits at the top of the ash, and it has knowledge of many things. Between its eyes sits the hawk called Vedrfolnir
Yet it doesnt' mention owl. But then owl is the modern concept people of the present know of. Hawk or Eagle, we don't hold those anymore. Though we don't held owls either, and I doubt we did much. Because why would we pet a pre(dator)y bird. (predator ~ предатель)

Santa claus. How could they shorten nicolaus to claus? clown (I am a clown, Ia m that jew joker jus.

I am just and thus I decide. cide ~ суд (сужу)
I am a clown, but some coold stuff emerges out of these ramblings, like that 𓄿𓅱𓅓 thing, let's return to it.

The 𓄿𓅱 are the eagle and the hawk? but hawk has a tail. But what if it's unicode have lost it, or the hawk was not a hawk but a kinglet, for example, the kinglet from that dutch fairy tale of the birds.

hawk has a tail (but the faces look alike, but the questions remain. but then I see the short wings, and I realize a chick in it, especially since the bird is yellow, but why would it stand for u then? does it stand for w? couldn't egyptologists be wrong? chicks definitely tell i, and then 𓅓 would make a great u. but then if it's ум, then aum is 𓄿𓅓, but then I didn't find such word, yet. or I'm only starting to peer into egyptian hieroglyphs, it's some part path for me to take) But then I don't know what bird is that short-tailed. even canary birds and sparrows do. Or is it a bird with tail feathers taken out? too rude. some poultry have short tails. chicks don't have any.

But there's only one kind of bird bold enough to sit on the Eagle's head:

and usually it's an attack:

so it makes sense that the top bird has a name, while the eagle doesn't. just a

and here eagle doesn't even look like eagle, so it's the artist's lack of skill or talent, so it's not necessarily sitting on the head, when the back's so broad, but then it attacks there:

So crows are top predator, and maybe that is why they are cognates of crown: crone? crow!

raven~rein? something of the kind, yet to be decyphered.

Veðrfölnir  (Veðr is cognate of russian ветер, and thus also of aether and эфир.. ð~f is θ)
so I would say that fölnir is follower, but official etymology says no, but bird does follow the wind, otherwise how would they be so strong to sail that far simply by spreading their wings. wings~winds.
as fans are airs in chinese and now english too. fans could be cognate to wings.

oo instead of u: оон = un (a joke, but only partially, it could be an indication of a psy-0p (why would I use that 0 instead of o when that is how that guy who boorrowend my axial symmetry for his entertainment does. call himself in a way? it stuck to me, we linked here, I wink to him, I guess. I also want to teell him not to uuse heavy drugs, but what do I know, I'm crazy myself, let him live his life teh way he finds fit.

Then, if 𓅓 is u, then what is 𓈎𓅓𓏏? kut? kush? 𓏏 as sh? I imagine things. Where's kush?
What were the fucking chances!!! I expected it to be something to the east, but it's exactly the final stage of the egyptian civilization:,_Egypt,_Greece
(you know what it means, the historic unity of the civilizations, not as if it is something we didn't know, but it illustrates it well)

Thebes (/ˈθiːbz/; Greek: Θήβα, Thíva [ˈθiva]; Ancient Greek: Θῆβαι, Thêbai [tʰɛ̂ːbai̯][2]) is a city in Boeotia, Central Greece. It played an important role in Greek myths, as the site of the stories of Cadmus, Oedipus, Dionysus, Heracles and others. Archaeological excavations in and around Thebes have revealed a Mycenaean settlement and clay tablets written in the Linear B script, indicating the importance of the site in the Bronze Age.

Thebes (Arabic: طيبة, Ancient Greek: Θῆβαι, Thēbai), known to the ancient Egyptians as Waset, was an ancient Egyptian city located along the Nile about 800 kilometers (500 mi) south of the Mediterranean. Its ruins lie within the modern Egyptian city of Luxor. Thebes was the main city of the fourth Upper Egyptian nome (Sceptre nome) and was the capital of Egypt for long periods during the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom eras. It was close to Nubia and the Eastern Desert, with its valuable mineral resources and trade routes. It was a cult center and the most venerated city during many periods of ancient Egyptian history. The site of Thebes includes areas on both the eastern bank of the Nile, where the temples of Karnak and Luxor stand and where the city was situated; and the western bank, where a necropolis of large private and royal cemeteries and funerary complexes can be found. In 1979, the ruins of ancient Thebes were classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
This is interesting:

Heliopolis (I͗wnw, Iunu or 𓉺𓏌𓊖; Ancient Egyptian: I͗wnw, lit. 'the Pillars'; Coptic: ⲱⲛ; Greek: Ἡλιούπολις, romanized: Hēlioúpοlis, lit. 'City of the Sun') was a major city of ancient Egypt. It was the capital of the 13th or Heliopolite Nome of Lower Egypt and a major religious centre. It is now located in Ayn Shams, a northeastern suburb of Cairo.

heilo like helenic? like helios, sun. Were both civilizations worshiping the sun? It is a possibility.

membranes make members? divide the lumps of flesh from one another? just guessing from the similarity of words membrane and remember (membranes and remembrance, but then no such word)

text ~ taxed ~ tagsed

цікаво, що російський прапор має білу смугу вгорі, ніби вони здаються.

Crow screaming ka could be responsible for a being the first vowel and k being the first conconant in eastern writing systems.
Also one of the most important egyption symbols 𓂓 (vital essence) is ka, and thus could be related to c and through c with כ ?כ and c are inevitable the same. about 𓂓 I'm a little bit less certain.

суспильство хорошее слово, во всяком случае лучше русского сообщество, потому что общество это не только общение (не далеко от спивати, а ещё и общее (а с хуя ли оно общее))

если я это накопив, накупив, сделав.
копить = купить (то, что опосля можно продать)

Abc sequence is probably more ancient than Acb, because in the east they also know auM, but ka of egyptian ghost is all I found so far. oghamic b l m is m l n
m l n
beth luis noin nion?
mother il not-il (не он) но я нарушаю табу современной лингвостики,)
мать отец сын?   (оттого и такой результат, невероятный? неинтересный им?, да, одна и причин)
. and , are всхлипы?
a under a pinky in qwert doesn't make my sense. Maybe because it's  typed by ring finger in my hands. Pinky is reserved for tabs and shifts.,. I never noticed. What is the right fingy (pinky) is good for}{{ these I guess.
And enter is also all his.

ж   (je?)
як  (я? ik?)
(being blind saw ж as як (semantic similarity came after I saw the graphic one)

встать и стоять
(thinking about my mother being the main character in my life can only be a statist in my new life)
(maybe she will have a cameo, or will appear in the later season. and so I realize that I need not one documentary, but a whole season. four twenty each serie)

Isn't it time to edit the first serie? it's long been time.
caws are from the second one. Second serie about the first serie being vacant and nothing much happened other than the 3d modelling, which is a great step.

second serie should include my conversation with Stepan about what he cares of. Valya will be in a cameo if she wants to.

ворох вор ох!?
ворошить ~ как вор? вором жить, вором быть?
ветер ~ вор?
ветер выл вырывал воровал вал
ведер (вёдро = ясно, весело, скорей всего когнат слова бодро)

    важко тяжело (от слова вес? вяжет?)
    рахунок счёт (от слова решение? рассчёт? реши = расчти! вот так украинский помогает русский понимать)
    пропонувати предлагать (запонувать? запонимать?)

Шудра is the opposite of Mudra. Both words are in sanskrit and why I don't study sanskrit

copied = копит

шудра шут Ра (а кого ещё?) но это поэзия, не более (с большей вероятностью)

A typo in the end of vol. 15: became instead of began, which made me think.. is came ~ gan ~ gone

The most interesting rainbow in my life have I seen after my old nose skin has been dried and fell off:

as if a sign that I have changed the world, it was extra articulate and more than that, it had more colours: you can have the golden line beneath violet and then some other violetish went, which is not exactly seen here, and the rainbow in general is not as bright as it was, probably because it's not exactly in the focus, but my guess is it goes all the spectre, we only see those several colours, and here for whatever reason it was seen more, probably I did change the world. It is a good sign. Rainbow is a good sign and the question is can we compare a horseshoe to a rainbow

(these paragraphs are from that story of wild irresponsible shamanism, let it be here, for the rainbow)

So back to that story and the way a line from the new testament affected me, it seems like it made perfect sense not to give common public bible to read, only clergy could, because they could check each other out. And without the power of the community, people are going to go insane from that shcizo rant. Is my book any better? I don't really know. I tell people not to take it too seriously, but maybe even my linguistic texts are not good enough to be shared, after all they're mostly drafts, and drafts are to be edited by the writer himself first. This is an experiment which failed in a way.
But then I always wanted to read the drafts. But then I am not supposed to for some good reasons.

муха мучает
(словно подъябывает меня за слова, что я даже мух не убиваю, а выгоняю. попробуй-ка выгнуть её (большие мухи понимают язык: достаточно погудеть с ней в тон и открыть окно как она и свалит, даже руками махать не треба, а обычные как подростки непослушены))

вредный в значении упрямый - ещё один элемент русского языка, стреляющий русским в ногу: человек стоящий на своём может приносить не только вред, но и пользу (а по большому счёту, не столько вред, сколько пользу: принципиальность - хорошее качество в свободном (и, как следствие, процветающем, мире)
Может это слово и есть тот элемент, который заставляет русских быть конформными слизнями.
(но, скорей всего, подобных элементов в русском языке дофига)

Something interesting came to my attention. At frist I thought it was some fraud forgery, but then I see that its vowels are in oghamic order, and it made me go hm..

but then author could just know ogham. But this circle with R opposing D (as they do in my k-symmetry. and is there v oppose ʌ?) makes me give it a second thought. If this circle is something fundamental, it is interesting, if it's just some word or a cryptic decoration giving me some apophenic moment, it's not. Either way, some other book from the same thread, Book of Ballymote (1390):

and where I took this particular page, they highlighted this particular piece of it:

Which is some interesting variant of ogham, and even more that in its shape, it's interesting the most because it contains only three aicme (not only that later fifth aicme isn't present, but also the vowel aicme is omitted. Which is very interesting, because I speculated that it could be. but then they could be ..wait a second, there they are two vowels a and o in the end of it opposing m and n/nt? but there is n in the end of the first aicme.. guh, it's complicated.

This artistic representation makes me understand that ogham is just five letters. Five vowels? as well.
Different forms of the five oghamic numbers made different aicme: b~m is just perfectly supporting this idea. And h first only makes sense in the comparison to geographically distinct japanese,  but maybe there are some languages related to japanese next to some languages related to oghamic cultuyre.  (runes were seen from afar, corners wouldn't matter much,

suddenly I understand that spam wasn't working 9wasn't worth it) because people ignored it and could take measures against the smappers by taking them againste those spammers' customers.

pride~proof as pride~conscioursness.. conscience

five letters were one two three four five? einn tveir þrír fjórir fimm?

bl make some perfect pair: solid b and hole in l.. But then I expect the opposite, and cdb order of the east could be the ancient one, the one placing solids before wholes.. hole and whole are antonyms, could w be un? whole = no whole? whale = no hale? no hail (as in no flag)? no hill!!! (I don't know how to call the periscope of the sharks and dolphins. Whale are without that hill. makes great sense.

you are welcome ~ обращайся (but to change the пожалуйста in the online translator people wouldn't understand that move. Художественный перевод. Словарь художественного перевода.
(и забить его когнатами сплошными. обращайся гораздо когнатичней к you're welcome than пожалуйста, которое когната слова please. p-lease (e and та are suffixes? ye and ты?)

m~v~h make sense not only with japanese (where h makes b,p,w, and that w is v. so h~v~m is the one hit in ogham. Labials are one in there. It is what makes it different.
But then o is two.. and it doesn't make sense nor structure.
So am I just apophenizing?
But then o is vowel aicme, which is of later origin. Could o be second after a, because those who made a the first letter everywhere, Read that story of each letter (each but a) claiming that it deserved to be the first one due to some unique features and A having no reason to stand first (maybe as Å and Я at the end of their alphabets. so BCDE (be, see, dee, whatever dee is, дей is perfect, some language between english and russian)

russian had open syllables (every one of those) and thus after e goes i fghi (фи, ги, хи) фи энд хи ар интерджэксонс. ги куд би эн интэрджексонс оф зы дисгаст)

klmno cow, law, more, no
pqrstu poo queue rue sew stew? poo? seriousluy? Were they semantically recognized syllables, but then made abstract letters, because of some dirty meanings? pqrst is from poo to stew (dead body? t stands for tott) Be pay

This boldening thing mde me mad, because it distracted me from the following thought. The flow of thought shouldn't be even bothered by uttering, as I do now finding words for thoughts not necessarily coming in their form.

so write down only important things. short they will be misunderstood, commentaries are always needed.

I wanna die. (my subconsciousness demands) and Isay I will e deliver (наружу, измоей головы, e, ex)

pray пристойно (prude)
prayer (пред готовленное пред=под? пред горой = под горой = по до горой)

rite is right (достойно. rither g right awas away. right away)

Я глуп. Я груб. Я труп. Я through, Я сруб. Я гроб. Я короб. (коробка была деревянной, с руба (из дерева) роб=дерево? timber. box? Box belongs to some other cognatic cloud, next to books.
timber is also not necessary in the korob гроб grave  group. (and how would a reader know that group is not cognate, but another part of the sentence? is group cognatice? And I stop marking typos with grey too because it also distracts me.  And let those who typoed the same way find my work.

I thought it is a вредная work. Only as arrogant and stubborn, bnot as harmful. I will steer it to the solution of this resolution. I keep on dancing. I have to dance forever, so this book will come indefinitely. But how will the readers care.

a- is un-? anomal is unnormal
illogical is unlogical?
un is nasal n-like sound when they say неа without distinct н or е or а
then (because of н or н because of that) the stress is on the first syllable, unlike in ага, where it is on the second one, and is a- in ага is negation and га is that very неа in a form alike to no.

Thinking of Dionisius I thought of анисовой водке, и как я мог не знать про анис. Anise
what an interesting medicine, my relation to this god is in that I drank alcohol and started some transgressive performances under it, and I think I will do my bust to stay away from it. I hope such performances are considered before I drink, so I do them in private or not at all. Now I know why sects and temples appear: to make transgressive performances privately, even though now rites are mostly substituted by prayers. I shouldn't even speak about this, first because I don't understand it thoroughly yet and second because it's no easy stuff.

no smoking ~ not a smoking (ta ~ to) no to smoking? to is also and japanese

watching what wiki tells of anise drinks, I wonder if it wasn't christianity who promoted alcohol (and they do give alcohol even to children) and I wonder if бух~бог (бухать ~ бохать)

быть ~ пить (this came from pee~poo of that syllabic russian open syllable in alphabet without a thing, this is a complex thought I left hanging in the air like this, they're usually like this, only me myself can understand this book, and I guess not necessariuly instantly now. пить и писять и если п~б, то быть тоже не далеко, и это дало пить~быть thing, and it stuck into my mind because
есть ~ есть

писать производное от пить са is со, из
со и из одно и то же только одно открытым слогом, другое закрытым?  закрытый на вдохе? отчего бы ещё с изменило природу на звонкое? с получается з когда на вдохе закрытым слогом.
ах! и ха! не синонимы, а антонимы. со и из тоже не иденичны. но близки. могли быть параллельные традиции смыслообразования, примеры типа урода в русском и польском говорит, что смыслы могут быть обратными.  Как это получается до сих пор не ясно (мне по крайней мере, в литературе наверняка что-то об этом сказано)
пи в таком случае жидкое? да, губные симфолизируют воду. Потрясающе.
да в таком случае твёрдое? пи ~ ни? еда, едать. И на выходе тоже используем С: срать~сдать

to Словарь Художественного Перевода
fear me not ~ бояться меня ненадо  (without not/ненадо the meaning is the opposite, and in both cases they're grammatically correct)

(соседи за окном поют "вот такой вышины, вот такой нижины" сука русская культура це пиздец)
общество суспільство
сообщество спільнота

I want to know how to not think of the past.

Well, don;'t try not to think of letters.

destiny and death..
society and city? соседи

(trying to fight the memories (I have now edited out) distracting me from this work)
I think I should look down to think about the future. (when people lie, they watch upwards, and people say to their right (to the obsevre's levt) and when they recall it, they look upwards but also upwards, but to their left and the observer's right.
So it's only natural, that because they look up when they speak about the past (either tru or not) it would make sense if they looked down when they talked about the future. And here I may use the material of interviews of cool guys who predicted the future and to see if they look up or down.
My guesss is down is where death is and where the path is, beneath our feet. Either way we go.

Or could that rainbow be double rainbow? One belong another, is it possible to see such? I doubt it, but why not, That the second rainbow was right beneath the previous one, so their purple doubled the one and the green-blue or golden between those violets (this event was when I wasn't drinking for weeks, yet I remember it worse, and silly me pretended not to care about it, being shocked, or should have been if I wasn't, so because it began to disappear, being closed by a cloud from a right side. It would be extremely interesting to watch the process, and yet I'm a calf for I went inside for my mom. Was I scared? I was protective or was I caring, I was a moma boy, a mason (though I refused their subtle offer to join by not being christian at that moment. or predicitng to become an atheist soon (I don't remember this either)
I think rainbow goes all the way up and down, I'm just able to see a little spectre of it and that day I saw it wider for reasons yet unknown, but if it looks like that again, I have changed the world in some spectacular fashion, it is interesting that I researched rainbows before. Or I would probably not notice if I didn't. Or didn't care or forgot. I think it was new, I wouldn't forget such a thing. Or would it be too weird to remember, just as I didn't remember those evnts and who knows if I did, if not that black spot.
(I'm lucky I didn't make battery, I used to, I am a retard, I cannot drink, I shouldn't drink)

Bernie Worrell on Parliament-Funkadelic, Synthesizers and P-Funk | Red Bull Music Academy
in that video the interviewer (a bold white clueless retard) is so incompetent, it's hard for me to think it's not an anti-white psy-op.
(if such an interviewer ever happens to me, I will first offer him to call somebody who knows the subject, and then if he has nobody, I will help him with speaking without him asking quetions as much (so he doesnt' wait to jump in before I finish the thought, so he asks me only if he has something to ask about what I just said. So he won't be clueless anymore, because he just heard it from me.
Now that interview is some traumatic (dramatic~traumatic!) event (drama~trauma!!!)
(there was a typo teraumatic and it made me think of trauma being related to terror. tr-auma ~ terror-after? or some -oma suffix like in hematoma.

E F G H   here, H tells me that four-element line is inconsisten, and that it's only ABC, not ABCD

IML(or Ng)
UVW (of уфш. h is of f, ц ч are affricates, why are they in there? uvwxyz~уфхцчшщ (z~ц~צ)
uvwxys~уфшхчц (w~ш: what~што (at~ta, but that is a shaky part, I haven't figured it out yet, от~до, of~to, etc, it's complicated, not yet clear))

So if H tells that it was ABC, not ABCD,
and EFH(H~Г(hitler~гитлер))
six notes, and one could be to many, so that H~A
HIJK.. I stumbled at K and C demanded it in this line and thus F~M and H~Н~N and what is about E~L: e and l look very similar in cursive. L is just Large e, so

RST? R~L, R~A, Λ~A, M~Ϻ, T~D
YZ& and here & is like X and yet Z is an anomaly, unless it's Y&Z, then Z~C and &~∧~V (let the conjuncion, "logical and"doesn't bug me with being the other way around, for there is ᚢ and logic is white thing. I don't trust socratic school of thought, I see by how it goes now, today logic is mostly western (european, they want to make us think we are at the eventing of our lives, when we also live up to japan in ainu genes. They're much more european looking than japanese, but then it could be due to contacts with russian sailors. We must compare tha languages, languages are more informative in this.

add~and (logical and = logical add (it adds условие))

Y & Z
& is labial? as B, F, H. Didn't I cheat that I dropped two letters? I didn't drop, I united C&D. Into CD?
and I explained why GH is also a form of f but linguagl this time: oh wow wo
Ф  θ
CD ~ Ф?
B ~ θ ?
F ~ PH
F ~ GH@!! (laugh [laf])
oh wow h gives birth to labials again. Is G~P? is Г~П?
if G~D as g, then it's папа~dada

thern them

when there is also papa and mama, the duality lays right there.


They're in the alphabet as they're in the world, mothers are loved more.

MP (military police probably work as mama & papa of the rookie)

Mild Pepper. It's an interesting digraph MP more please. Make peace. Mold people. Mind people.
Make Power. Men People. My People. Military Police is. Mind Power. Most Powerful. Police, which is above military. I don't thin there is an institution placing military above police. Or is Military Police Military Organization. I believe it is, but I believe strictly because I lack data.

axial symmetry until the L-R line reminds tetraktis, only where in tetraktis is 1234, in that up to L-R alphabet it's 12357.. but before I figure out what is this sequence, I can see that L is the beginning of the second half of the alphabet, the LMN of elementa. So the first half is exactly tetractis with IJ being the same letter:

and then I see that I is ten in hebrew, and K is some anomaly anyway, for in italian L goes directly after I, so greek isopsephic alphabet it is:

O/Ww? It is very interesting and reminds the U/V the ᚢ, but here it is, the tetraktis:

And here it made me think of why would they outlaw the sixth letter. Why would russians traditionally didn't have it? Why did Gogol write that Fita was obscene? Why is the name of that letter is literally stigma?

Y-like γ as 3 is very interesting.
and it makes Δ tetrahedron.
And E is made of 5 strokes if you see what I mean. Z looks like 7, bothe have dash-skirts sometimes. H as heta? Heta reminds eight, but eight is οκτώ in greek.

aeiou or eioua? Did jews placed i before e because i is I
eioua is the name I have found. but is it ieou(a) ieou goes directly descending, which is how the scale go in the ancient times from the highest (I) to the lowest (V)
IEOU which has some eneven place between e and o, demanding some ö
But then before it went ieou it was 1V the first two letters in roman numerals.

V = II
V ~ П
V = П in the more common sense, because it's the only labial in IVXLCD (I even stumbled at L. rarely do we need such larges)
I П Ш is the roman I II III
and I П Ш is the three mothers.

ᛆᛓᚦ are ᛆᛒᚦ
ᛒ the ᛓ is like ᚠ
ᚦ is now seen as ᛓ with added connecting stroke.

And isn't it ᛓ the B the first letter from prehistoric past standing in the opening of so called futhark?

And I searched for ᛓᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲ (bvc and whether efg or fhg,
but look how much ᚨ resembles ᛓ, how much ᚱ resembles ᚢ, how much ᚲ is staveless ᚦ and is it because ᚦ is babe (girl if it's the c of abg?) and ᚲ is crone?

and it is some lame attempt to write in runes in english (those I to and in gives it away, but as we can see it used the ᛓ instead of ᚠ as the pure mind wihout the indoctrination, and he did the good work, the god's work, because that is the letter there is:

And I clicked Images and Videos. And it seems big G tok a strategy of distructing obsessed individuals with the subjects they have shown interest in. So the images are full of knots (where I see that samsung's knot is unbound, unlike emojipedia's) and videos are mostly about language studies. None of the page has that line though. Yet one of the videos show me how ш~щ is upsided down y: [ ʎ̥˔ ] unvoiced dorsal palatal lateral fricative

which kind of reflects their position in the end of the u-line.

Геи служат Гее? Геена лава зщемли? земля це меля (порошок) межа? ьяша? ьяша мяша?

Gays serve to Gaya
In Greek mythology, Gaia (/ˈɡeɪə, ˈɡaɪə/;[2] from Ancient Greek Γαῖα, a poetical form of Γῆ Gē, "land" or "earth"),[3] also spelled Gaea /ˈdʒiːə/,[2] is the personification of the Earth[4] and one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia is the ancestral mother—sometimes parthenogenic—of all life. She is the mother of Uranus (the sky), from whose sexual union she bore the Titans (themselves parents of many of the Olympian gods), the Cyclopes, and the Giants; as well as of Pontus (the sea), from whose union she bore the primordial sea gods. Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.
male priests of female goddess are inevitably

And looking further into it:

Aion-Uranus with Terra (Greek Gaia) on mosaic
How could I not have heard of this:
Aion (Greek: Αἰών) is a Hellenistic deity associated with time, the orb or circle encompassing the universe, and the zodiac.
The "time" which Aion represents is perpetual, unbounded, ritual, and cyclic: The future is a returning version of the past, later called aevum (see Vedic Sanskrit Ṛtú). This kind of time contrasts with empirical, linear, progressive, and historical time that Chronos represented, which divides into past, present, and future.[1]: 274 
Aion is thus a god of the cyclic ages, and the circle of the year and the zodiac. In the latter part of the Classical era he became associated with mystery religions concerned with the afterlife, such as the mysteries of Cybele, the Dionysian mysteries, Orphic religion, and the Mithraic mysteries.

AIO, so the A in the top of it all for some long time. Unless it was ἰών or even ἰώ the Io.
So A appeared there before E and U?

Descending scale IO and then it went ascending-descending, AIO

E is ai, and that is why in russian it's эон
And to my kind of surprise, ae is i:
The word aeon /ˈiːɒn/, also spelled eon (in American and Australian English[1][2]), originally meant "life", "vital force" or "being", "generation" or "a period of time", though it tended to be translated as "age" in the sense of "ages", "forever", "timeless" or "for eternity". It is a Latin transliteration from the koine Greek word ὁ αἰών (ho aion), from the archaic αἰϝών (aiwon). In Homer it typically refers to life or lifespan. Its latest meaning is more or less similar to the Sanskrit word kalpa and Hebrew word olam. A cognate Latin word aevum or aeuum (cf. αἰϝών) for "age" is present in words such as longevity and mediaeval.

+   (whiped the keyboard, only this sign appeared)

+ adds
- substracts
and this is probablyt the basis of duality of god/deil and ʌ/v

eavesdropping. What a word!

I think that rainbow could be caused by some gas in atmosphere shifting the light aside somehow, but how wouldn't it just

rockers разболтанные, развязанные, ушатанные
Maybe roll is wheel because ᚹ is w? differfent readings of the same letter gave different words in different languages?

and that rune finds this: Wynn or wyn[1] (Ƿ ƿ; also spelled wen, ƿynn, and ƿen) is a letter of the Old English alphabet, where it is used to represent the sound /w/.

I test it against my structures and I see that they didn't know of the symmetries, because additional letters in the end of it made it off the axial and the lineal structure could be 44555 instead of 44666 of today. Because Th is not a letter.

so isn't W and because italian I-line is ILMN we can have 44444 alphabet, which makes be think of A to T alphabet being 4444, the 4×4
In what they (the image abnove) call figure letters Ƿ ƿ and Ð ð are distinct letters. Yet there's another canon of old english, because the one above is called saxon (but of what period? but were there many?

But it also cannot into axial symmetry.
and its lineal symmetry is less straight than the current straight.. right is the word. as in right angle.

завязав простынь узлами по диагонали так что они оба с одной стороны тела и ширинка между ними, получилась отличная тога, и надев её я восхишщаюсь своим умом.

Но узлы не удобно носить на себе. Но (серое ниже = бред что был сдесь, когда не вспомнил, а дофантазировал) на самом деле понравилось что снял узел с плеча и пере местил его к второму, что болтался справа у таза, надев на плечо гладкий край простыни при хождении норм. А стационарно скидывай тогу и будь голенький. И писать чтоб не ходить никуда, должен быть слив под каждым. А лучше чтоб жопе был доступен слив в виде глазка (очка) закрываемого куском прозрачного листового пвх или подобного материала, в остальное время выполняющего функцию пробки, на шарнире возле очка (как отвратителен русский язык!) рщду is the word, but thus I spoil english word not to touch russian ones.
Слив, Waist. Wasste

Waste ~wasser?
way ways winds (and river winds)

waster ~ way set
set ~ est
si ~ yes?

ποιμήν (пасти) пойманы
Poimandres (Greek: Ποιμάνδρης; also known as Poemandres, Poemander or Pimander) is the first tractate in the Corpus Hermeticum.
Originally written in Greek, the title was formerly understood to mean "Man-Shepherd" from the words ποιμήν and ἀνήρ, but recent studies on its etymology allege that it is actually derived from the Egyptian phrase Peime-nte-rê meaning "Knowledge of Re" or "Understanding of Re".
Peime-nte ~ понимание?! mente is something mind-related in latin or greek
mind is μυαλό (мняло (вняло?) in greek and mens in latin. In litin mind's is mentis (cognates they are)

κυριαρχώ ~ dominate
κυριότητα ~ ownership

κυρία ~ Lady
lord (άρχοντας, κύριος, λόρδος, άρχων, αυθέντης)
master (κύριος, δάσκαλος, άρχοντας, διδάσκαλος, αυθέντης)
sir (κύριος, κύριος ιππότης)
principal (κύριος, κεφάλαιο, εντολέας, αρχικό κεφάλαιο, διευθυντής, σχολάρχης)
gentleman (κύριος, τζέντλεμαν, καλώς αναθρεμμένος)
mister (κύριος)
monsieur (κύριος)
Esquire (αξιότιμος κύριος, κύριος)
don (υφηγητής, κύριος)
signor (κύριος)
signior (κύριος)
seignior (κύριος, αυθέντης, φεουδάρχης)
senor (κύριος)
liege (κύριος, άρχοντας, άρχων)
monsignor (κύριος, τίτλος καθολικού αρχιερέα
main (κύριος, ουσιώδης, πρωτεύων)
leading (κύριος, ηγετικός, οδηγών, πρωταγωνιστών)
chief (κύριος, προϊστάμενος, πρώτιστος)
dominant (κύριος, επικρατών, υπερισχύων)
capital (κύριος, κεφαλαίος, εξαίρετος, κεφαλικός)
cardinal (καρδινάλιος, θεμελιώδης, κύριος)
proper (κατάλληλος, αρμόζων, καθώς πρέπει, κύριος, κόσμιος, ίδιος)

κυβερνώ to govern (see that these words are cognates)

Chinese and Japanese think they do not smell. But we know chinks are smelly, because even if it's true that they persperate less, as they believe, their kitchen smells weird and not always pleasant to european nose. Either way, this smell theory explains why people are naturally xenophobic: the aliens smell weird. And though cosmopolitism is profitable to producers of antipersperants, it makes society more nervous, and explosions on the basis of international tensions become more likely. But then jews, who mimicry, probably also have this odoral olfactory antagonism.
In megapolis washing every day (some people wash twice a day) is societal norm (and those who don't are outcasts) but in my world people don't have to wash at all, because they only interact with each-other only remotely (throught large screens and good audio with filters and visualizations, file-sharing,

Russian word ненормальный used for crazy is another element of russian language making russians submissive cattle. But then ukrainians have this very word with that very meaning as well.

(the previous chapter (now edited out) was the remembrance of that shamanic night, so to it I said)
Fuck memories. Let's build
Build the capsule. Today  it's too late. I sleep till afternoon, and I mean it, after the noon. And thus I have to make my thing before I go to sleep. A man who haven't slept may make workaholics respect a pothead more.

And today, when the night is young (16: 07) I have to get high, owork on this book and then wash myself. A great plan, btw. But I have to go to bad at night to be able to be active till noon. I have to wake up not earlier than 20:00, and I think this is when the jews recognize the beginning of the day. And probably shabbat is beginning at friday because that is when they wake up. And thus this friday is why muslims call it the holy day. Because shabbat begins on friday in both semitic traditions.

So first we have to sew together jews and the muzzos, but then muzzos are nothing but wannabees, just as masons and even christians I guess. Jews lied so successfully that they have

Bible sepeak of the nations. Moshiah is a nation. Because the Antichrist is the synagogue of Satan.

and thus the Moshiah is Jesus-like Lucifer, the white. As Mahmut was white according to quran.
Islam also declares fight against the jews, I think. But then I know it doesn't. It is from hadith, telling of what happened to Mahmut himself, that jews have poisoned him, and that he himself hated them. But then I'm not sure where exactly this is written down, I know it from muslims.

it is funny that I used this image in vol.2
(click it to get there)

(please beware of that serie (especially hmm2, the best one, the most mellow, the epicycle of 2d) and games in general are rather addictive.
The longer handle is the lever. So inventiveness of the whites will help the whites prevail.

Should all the world, the brightestt, the brightest of the world join the Lucifer, the conqueror of the world. And by Lucifer I recognize the guy on the left.

последние по следу

ъ is russian ә

Ә, ә — буква расширенной кириллицы, согласно стандарту Юникода называемая шва[1], однако обозначающая в разных языках разные звуки.

and looking for it I found this:
Неогублённый (неогу́бленный) гласный среднего ряда средне-верхнего подъёма — гласный звук, используемый в некоторых естественных языках. В МФА он обозначается знаком ɘ, введённым в 1993 году, в X-SAMPA — @\. До 1993 года звук обозначался буквой «e» со знаком трема, означающим средний ряд: ë.
and there was this, the cognate of taal
башкирский     теле     [tɘˈlɘ]     «язык»
казахский     тілі     [tɘˈlɘ]     «язык»    
каракалпакский     tili     [tɘˈlɘ]     «язык»
ногайский     тили     [tɘˈlɘ]     «язык»
татарский     теле     [tɘˈlɘ]     «язык»    
чувашский     чӗлхе     [t͡ɕɘlɣɛˈ]     «язык»

тримати лучше чем держать, потому что жать не обязательно, можно просто имати.
и не дер, а то будет как дермо, а тримати.

підтримка поддержка (тримати держать)

Могилизация даёт существенный повод вчити украинску мову с дужей швидкостию,
если придётся общаться с патрулём, кажу шо "мени соромно, або я доси кацаскою мовой не размовляю" (заржу и убегу пока они будут охуевать, но могут и очередь вдарить, такого тоже исключать нельзя, удивительно насколько один человек может радикализовати ситуацэю)
Надеюсь, ситуация не дойдёт до того, что мне придётся кидаться лайном с криком арпеджио

використовувати использовать (користь польза)
або или
але но (забавно, что мне в ивк подселили хлопчика, котрий казав шо вчив украинску мов у криму, та що вще кохав цей предмет (я-то до сих пор не говорю, опускаючись до суржика або и то ще расеянской мовы) и не мог казати ще це мает значити слово але

вистачати (suffice, хватать, але інше хватать є хапати)

I E A O U? this sequence is chromatic
IO is chromatic and memetic, especially as yo, and that could be the voodoo stuff knowing this stuff and detabooing it.
But as always with kniggaz, it is profanized. Io, the I is stressed. Yo is like You, IO is probably I&I, profanized or not, it is preserved, when white people's church utterly destroyed it, yet it preservved it too, in the jewish part of it maybe, I'm speaking of that I think trigraph from the movie Keeping The Faith.

is customer a corrupted form of consumer?

surprisingly these two words show that the North is inventing everything, while the South can only contribute with their resources. A coincidence, I know, but an extremely poetic one.


lord is lored
(lore is not only bridle, but also knowledge, as in знать)

The Eucharist is it eu(good, true) Christ? is Christ giver? хорист тогда уж, к чему эта рационализация омонимии? но это не просто омонимия, но и тематически недалеко.
It is some iinteresting place in bible, the chapter of eucharist, for it contains verse 6:66
(and some christian on youtube told me that it's the only palace in bible with such number)

John 6 is a fascinating chapter:

6:27 Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.”

6:41 At this the Jews there began to grumble about him because he said, “I am the bread that came down from heaven.” 42 They said, “Is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How can he now say, ‘I came down from heaven’?”

6:66 From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.

6:70 Then Jesus replied, “Have I not chosen you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!”

place palace палац плац
        place palace (место (місто), дворец (двор (двір (дверь, двері) court/yard))) палац плац
двор is дверь (до вора? от вора?) затвор, створ, створка, с деревка (чувствовал это на слове дверь, и смотри какое следующее пришедшее после створки слово) стволка ствол стол/стул

сутулый от стула (люди не учёные бегали или работали, спортивными были как древние греки)

плащ.. палач? палач от палка, палица, палит ся (в ад идёт ради друзи своя)
плещет? плащ от плач? в значении дождь? а палач от плаха? плюха? плоха? плоска? доска?
Д как пЛ - замечал это и раньше. Плач~дожь, доска~плоска, плох~дох, дохл
плати дать, плёнка тока. Итак Д это изначально аффрикат? или аффриказация произошла позже? Но Д как лигатура, как биндеруна, говорит, что ᛆᛒᚦ не АБД, но АБГ, not ABD, but ABC [ABG] or [AVG]

were B/V whaterver direction they oriented teh Ⰲ, teh Ⰴ would be д teh g

Слава Украине. Но по русски это будет Слава Окраине.

Окраина, потому что лучше Орки, чем урки. Орки просто означает, что мы самые дикие из всей расы, чтоб быть ими воровать не обязательно. воровство от дикости и нищеты, и то и другое лечится образованием. Только го-о из этой лавочки вывести следует (пьющие свиньи не лучший надсмотрщик за детьми)

Только окраина-то это не московии, которая сама ещё большая мухосрать, а у края ~ круга, на отдалении от центра, которым явно является не москва, которая рюха, рюша, ещё дальше от края платья, например.

coward as the opposite of forward. toward (to = for? for = to (R reverses?) t = f-rotated? because f is of, the opposite of to)

c as the opposite of t?
b before c and v after t makes me go hm..
b c d e f g h i  j  k
v t  s r q p o n m l
but it is one step off the k-symmetry. And unlike k-symmetry this kl thing is only interested in sense of I~И~N and d~s is the next closest pair. So my guess is b~v and c~t (s~d) are rudiments of the k-symmetry (but it is yet as raw as that k-symmetry thing, but another piece to that mess.

обрати внимание на букву т, похожую на перевёрнутую ш

И это невероятно мощная информация, потому что при помощи искусственного янтаря можно хоронить людей более гуманно, чем скармливать их червям и прочей подземной живности.
Этот том наименьший из всех, потому что он (и следующий, и в меньшей степени два которые вокруг них) породили сценарий пожалуй самого ..амбициозного чтоли? самого дикого, самого глубокого, самого провокационного, самого ёбнутого фильма, если его вообще когда-то снимут, тем временем, 22