It is volume 15 (14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0)

it is a draft written locally, github doesn't update it anymore because I didn't obey their orders to reregister, and I allowed me this disobedience because I feel obliged to leave their servers since I am about to drop another gigabytes of scans of my draftbooks. I am about to buy me a server.

Игра в тысячу использует карты от 9 до A and 9+10+2+3+4+11 is 30 and in 4 suits it's 120 and 120 is tarot cards from 0 to 15 which is fool to devil, and that is probably why cards were prohibited. And 16 cards are probably 16 runes, and the final one is probably ᛏ for Teufel, and I know the alphabetic order of bornholm's 18, let's colour into grey the ones I'd exclued:
And of course it's ᚢ because ᛏ is for teufel. And also ᚵ because it's a form of ᚴ and it is not needed for tha abc structure of it, and thus it will remind latin structure more, but instead 44666 it is 33555. wait.. no, it's 21. here we have 3355
and if ᛏ is 15, ᛒ is 1, and they have a pare of 16. Let's see the other pairs of 16: ᚦᛋ ᚾᛦ ᚠᚱ ᚼᚮ ᛁᚿ ᚴᛘ and ᛚ as the central letter of such symmetry in a way reflects ᛆ also left behind. and ᛆᛚᛚ is another 16 and it is all.
And thus we came to some basis of isopsephy and gabbalah quabbalah kabbak kabbala

So my hypos hypothesis here is that tarot end at 15 (to make up interesting 120, while neither 136 nor 153 nor 171 nor 190 nor 210 are interesting. But if we raise the number of cards to 22 (with the first card being 0, thus 1 to 21 is the number, but also 0 to 21 too) it's 231, as in the famous 231 gates, who are 231 because between 22 letters there are 231 link: The first letter can make 21 links, the following letter makes only 20 new links, because it is linked with that one letter already, and so the number of the links is counted by adding numbers 21 to 1 with the א having to draw 0 links. Why א and not ת? Because having the count up is more natural for the alphabet than using it for count-down probably nobody does. And is it how numbers are different from letters? Your days are mumbered is saying that they're limited, ending. But your days are lettered is not saying that and let is letting, allowing. Letters let know, they tell.

Now when we have the 16 runes which ordre may resemble tarot, let's compare this rune order to tarot..
And I know I have a good looking tarot deck somewhere in my work, but ctrlFing for tarot only found this in some mirror folder:

I have no idea what it has to do to tarot, I didn't read that book. I will look into it later, maybe, and now it's time to find the tarot thing somewhere else:
And what was I saying? there are 21 numbered cards, they're the 22 letters of the hebrew. Who told me they are up to 15? Nobody. And I'm yet to find some clues to claim so in the history of the subject. I know what I'm looking for, and it's not exactly scientific by modern standarts, but I will log every other claim in these scale. If somebody will say that there were 10 or 100 cards, I will document that too. But I have a hypothesis, and I am looking for the factual support. It is not the hypothesis any more (the hypothesis was that 120 in the card game of thousand is connected to the 120 of 1 to 15, and to support or dismiss this guess I am looking for the supporting material. If (and until) it disagrees with the experiment, it will be considered not a theory, but a naked guess, based upon nothing, hanging in the air.

Though Empress for E and Hierophant for H and Chariot for K is super cool, I think it's nothing but some coincidences, because other cards don't support this at all, but then the language is not supposed to be english. And then because males are odd and gals are even, like Magician and High Priestess are, I think that Emperor and Empress should go the other way around, and then Empress is F and fairy or something, but that is another stretch having no factual support (maybe so far, but so close)
Decks are called arkans, and arkan is lasso in russian and who knows how many other languages.
Tarot decks are called arcanas, actually, but in russian they're the same words, аркан.

Now I keep on seeing the rainbow effect everywhere, though I think I never noticed it at all.

So why am I even bothered by these rainbows? Because I think that the rainbow is some subharmonic of the main lightsource we can see and what is above and below it is the subharmonics we cannot see?
Maybe, I mean yes.

Jewish     uestion:
How dare I say that jews are who look like jews if judaism is an idea? Because it's a national idea.
And because it is a national idea, I need the jews in power to agree to my reforms.
What is jewish idea? We'll return to it later, what is russian idea.
Russia is руша. Thus russian are рушing. -en is active suffix?

   buzz бузить (my drinking brother told me this meaning, while google translator gave it out only if asked to show more meanings, and themeaning is выпивать) Like squeal from cqulitt tranlatod only like vizzhatt and stonatt. I thiiknk I founded the basis of russian transliteration. (why did I eeel like e instead of i in +ion)
grammatic = is -
-= is :
; or : was used to divide words.
Now ; is now used instead of ; whizh is : because of(instead of for) ; you don't have to push shit (which is shift) which is very uncomfortable to push, ust as uncomfortable as \ or ever (which is evn)even)) backspace tier uncomfortable because it's not up, but down. b tir uncomfortable.

billions are... ten billions are ten zeroes. zeroes are heroes? divided by zero or multiplying by zero? divided and multiplied.

Ah, what I want to tell is en is ing? but why is it used in passive tense. ANd I remembered it by rotating my head counterclockwise to right becaues it was rotatingclockwise lleft when I wrote "Ah, what I want to tell in which process it wea forgotten.

given is gived.
giving in(is) the opposite.
is it g making the difference? giving is given go.
go is do then? semantically go is do and graphically g is russian d.
dimmy is jimmy (gimy)
double m there protects i from being ai.
i is happy, ai is pain.

10 billions is 10 zeroes.
billion ~ nul? it doesn't make any sence. unless billion is related to bullion, that is to bull, pull is of bull 9bull is to pull) 9 is the only number which is the other umber 1 3 8 return themselves or E, B, I. Ieb. 3 also returz z. z is like N turned. and if it's staved, it's B and B~M and M returns Σ.
пул of pull made me think of hole? pull has п which look like n, and what makes me think why it is connected more than in mere form?
that's the thought. bull is back to bullion, why is it important. Bullion is some large number, and it is bordering the mind of ours, just like that rainboy

просветление by machine
induces induced просветление

pull and null. why would they go together? because П is N? NoП

Cjw Социалистические "врачи и учителя" - самый угнетённый класс. bothe are sensei in nigonho. And that is why national names should go. People shoour S should be free to choose their own logos and mottos. Because i even the most awesome nation can be slurred. japs is considered to be offensive, so I heard, but I would never know by shortening it like that, I don't know what they think it is. in russian jap is next to jopa and job, and of course job is next to jopa too in there. They are not ashamed of stealing, but are ashamed of cleaning (respectful people don't

God listen to me. I want freedom, freedom and trust. Be liebve in me. B leave. Let be.Set be Set me free.

what is the difference between let and set? leave polozhi, seave is поставь или посади хотя бы.
В чём разница между постав и посады? став это почот. сады это огород и судимость. постав по уставу лучше чем посады по Sаду.

серебро cerebro целебно healeбна

бог мне друг. он мн лучше чем друг, он брат. он даже лучше чем брат, он батя.
Бог is батя, God is dad.


And back to chemistry:

Ниже 830 °C более сильным восстановителем является CO, — выше — водород.
Поэтому равновесие реакции H 2 O + C
            O ⇄ C O 2 + H 2 до 830 °C смещено вправо, выше 830 °C — влево.
«Предельно допустимые концентрации (ПДК) вредных веществ в воздухе рабочей зоны» составляет 20 мг/м³ (около 0,0017 %).
В выхлопе бензинового автомобиля допускается до 1,5—3,0 % (допустимая концентрация сильно различается в зависимости от страны/применяемых стандартов; 3 % — много даже для старого карбюраторного автомобиля без катализатора).
Концентрация в воздухе более 0,1 % приводит к смерти в течение одного часа[7].
Опыты на молодых крысах показали, что концентрация CO в воздухе 0,02 % замедляет их рост и снижает активность по сравнению с контрольной группой

Концентрация углекислого газа в атмосфере Земли составляет в среднем 0,04 %

We should leRn to be happy alone.

Ub In frence french s is z and ss is s: poisson (fish) poison (poison) are distinguished like that.
fish is vis [~fiʃ] in dutch while vies (filth) is much closer to [fis]
And in old egyptian words fish and filth are even more similar (and they say that's why noble egyptians didn't eat fish) (a dutch book on old egyptian I presented to my bro and will tell you the reference in few days when I pay him a visit)

Today I found devil in numbers, that arab could be right. God speaks in letters. Math is the work of the Devil:
1+..+5 = 15
1+..+15 = 120 (the number of cards in the card game 1000)
1+..+45 = 1000+15 (45 is 3 times 15, but not because 1+3=4)
(as if the 15 is waiting for you at the 1000)
880 is the "barrel" in that game, the 1000 - 120
and 555 zeroes the score, 555 is how runes were in Bureus's account. 555 is more interesting than 666, because 15 is more interesting than 18. and because ᛋ breas the stave, ᚮᚱᛦ is probably how it ends (ᛦ~ᛏ because both stand for demise, which is natural for the end of the line, especially if ᛒ stands for birth. Wirwhe Either way, if they share a stave, you won't destinguish ᛦ from ᛏ)
18 is not that boring itself: 6*3=3*6, 9*2, but that's pretty much it, 3*3*2, which is trivial.

If V is not vijf, but vier, then IVXLCD not 666 but 365, and XV is not 15, but 12, which tells of IVX being 13 and that is how many moons are in those 365. I wonder if the month was a holiday, a 4 day week and 8 day week. But no, if there were 13 months, then a month was 28 days long, and then it could be a holy month, a 4-month period and 8-month period.

6 to 45 is exactly 1000 (I speak about it in a bath paper session I will scan soon, but you will find it in vol. 22 if we get that far. I have first collection in vol.4 and the second collection is to be added in vol.13 or if I decide to add it to vol.14, in vol.24 it will be. Vol. 13 maybe more appropriate, because that is the volume I stopped uploadding for technical reasons. I will consult those volumes to see which one I promised to post it in)

 if we reacognize "to be" in bytt(быть) and "to do" in deatt(деять. now that j between e and a in deatt is read as l: delatt(делать) delo is deal, deed. deyal(деял) is did. )
then we go further and recognize them all. tion = ция, dic = рёк,

река ~ речь, буквы губные? нет, женские. что? река = вода. мем = вода. буквы мем, бесос оф речь.

digits are fire. scales, male science.

music is what then? musical notation. Letters they are? Letters grow out of musical notation?
abcde instead of abcef#

 How was it to make math with letters? 9 units, 9 tens, 9 hundreds, a cycle of a thousand, or 512 (if v is four, or in this case if f=5? f is six in that 999 thing, 999 thing is more advanced than roman? roman was later. And when roman numerals began 5-fold, it was natuaral to invent 10*10*10 scale)
And how would it be if instead of decimal that "more modern" (in relation to roman) system was octal?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 16 24 32 40 48 56
64 128 192 256 320 384 448
and then the cycle would be not 1000, but 512, which is 29 and here I marked with red the other powers of 2
And somehow it is 512 too.
too in comparison to this: 1 4 8 32 64 256
(it will appear at forchong before my site, because I work on this as I post there, and I was surprised that whatever system you use, octal system returns 512 (29) instead of 1000(103)
It's natural, that decimal system won: it wasn't natural, but it was a more convenient abstraction: not only was it working on twice larger span, it then used less simbols, and isn't it how letters and digits parted ways.
I'm surprised that octal roman numerals have the same cycle as indian octal numerals, even though the systems are thorrowly different, but then it would make them sum up to different sums.
the 777 system adds up to 2044 and this number tells me nothing, other than it's 4*511=4*7*73=28*73
and though 28 could be the basis of some lunar cycle, I didn't find anything lunar about 73.
And now I want to see the interim sums:
1 3 6 10 15 21 28
36 52 now 52 is interesting, sum of up to 9th number of the octal alphbet of 21 letters (up to T or V)
and tbat 9th letter would be..
a b c d e f g
h i j k l m n
o p q r s t v
f m t is very specific, catches my attention, makes me to look into it:
aho, bip, cjq, dkr, els, fmt, gnv are some triads.

х ц ч ш щ ъ ы is asking to appear, as it did in russian, russians didn't know much, very provincial, yet very full of themselves. or maybe it was closer to х ч ш ъ э ю я ? I don't know old russian, and I don't really care. Let's go back to latin.

I've got distracted, let's look into the interim sums of decimal 999 and octal 777

first, decimal:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90
100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900

1 3 6 10 15 21 28 36 45 (sum of 1 to 45 is 1015, 6 to 45 is 1000)
55 75 105 145 195 255 325 405 495
595 795 1095 1495 1995 2595 3295 4095 4995 (the 9's in the centre keep on accumulating, huh)

and now, octal:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 16 24 32 40 48 56
64 128 192 256 320 384 448

1 3 6 10 15 21 28
36 52 76 108 148 196 252
316 444 636 892 1212 1596 2044

Though 444 and 1212 are interestingly looking numbers, I don't think it goes anywhere. But I do know that hangover motivates my mathematical interests. And am I good in it! Am I? I doubt it, but this 1015 thing is interesting and the previous big time math was after I drank georgian wine in georgia, when I figured out that it's possible to have axioms in the definitions of the objects.

math is the work of devil because alcohol is rather satanic.

1+2 ab = 3 and is it c of о'тче or d of dad?
ab (d reminding both) 1,2
evg 3,4,5 (eve = g(al)? no, 3+4≠5) if v = 4, then g = G of go the 五
abefg what pentatonic scale is it? what does it matter if it's a modern notation? is it really? I'm not sure.
abefg found my own work, vol.10 and also octatonic scale.

возродиться возратиться

прекращать прекратить
ща - время, ты = тема. темя? те(thee), мя(me).  те(they), мы(we)

Labial is mwe.
Lingual is the.
te, he, the. те is both second and third pronoun in russian (что те дать - каждый русский поймёт, что те = тебе, а не те как они. он т? а (а was automatic writing and it was about он being one.
a i o are a and aa.
a o u is the path.
a e i is another pateh.
a o u is minor. a b v
a e i is major. a c s t n or is i = me a j k l m n s (a as ا?)

Two alphabetic orders are two mantras. Happy mantra is told to appear later.
And then eastern order is later than latin. They teach us so, and here it is supported.

    First you get the idea. Then you get the investor. Then you hire an MD or a PhD for few grands per month and 3 to 5 percent of your company if he agrees to work for you 3 to 5 years. Naturally, you don't have to be an MD or a PhD yourself.
>    Interesting. But what prevents the PhD and the investor to kick you out and continue without you ?
>    Giving that you do not bring science nor money and therefore is expandable

    Good luck to them chasing my dream without my vision. There may be other motivational factors (like me slaughtering their families if they try to fuck me over. I'm just kidding. That is what they did to Steve Jobs, look how far down they went until they rehired him. They recently ousted Aubrey de Grey and though he holds his degree, they're now fucked not because of that)
> ike me slaughtering their families if they try to fuck me over. I'm just kidding.
Is such humour why I don't have investors?
    Satan reigns with fear. God reigns with love. Both are abstractions yet archetypes, the concept we measrue the reality with. Satan is translated as enemy, so that un- of unemy should go away, to have amour, to be ami. (of me?) And then I heard this kind message, and have faith and not become cynical, because cynicism is the first obstacle on the way to success (to cease to suck?)
I love this old man, his anagram is BT, the first two consanants, probably that's why I payed to talk to him as much as to listen, and he

love god гад (стоячий хуй худ ход хад хат хатеть хочи хоччи got~want? got~won't? gone'd? one got is one gone (a customer got, a product has gone)

ami are of me, mine, my.
a my.
enemies are by themselves, I don't consider those enemies mine, I consider them an outside force.

enemy is not with me. a ne my. не мой. брат друг врат как это в русском? враг врат (пришёл через ворота, а не всегда здесь был) брат друг окончание -г в словах друг и враг. дру и вра. друг is true, враг is врач, врать, брать (намёк на панибратство. брат, какой брат, враг? что за гонево. редактор. помогай. quote all of ya, extract the good pieces from this ore. I only dig into the ore, the diamonds are almost always in the ore, ор. в ору. ария это ор, плач, cry, с~a? арии орали? ура! Рф Рычали. и в этом суть Руси? Раса ты сам занаешь кака(ва, я,  ) Родина кРовь и Раса! раса~род?  род твой, а раса здесь. Как в тот раз общая форма была дана временем (ща) так сейчас она место (ся) ся~здеся? зде~ся? зде~сиде? сидеть is to do ass? сид~зад? s Как зад в статье о друге появился?

друг труз, враг врак.
друг удружи, враг продаст потому что педераст, will give shit because an asshole. SOme people are.

дурак (то ли друг то ли враг)
дурак как дура? дура как? як дура. дура як.

k as in le k (like)

A good case to learn italian (if it's not in latin) but either way, I mirrored it.

And I seem to be the first one who lays out it by lines,

quaio is portuguese (unless it's ю, хехе, хохо)
and as you can see later on, it's not quaio, but quanto, and thus not portuguese, but italian.
хе весёлая
хо глупая, открытая. е is a smiling face, a raised brow and smiling lips of that diacritic of the o.
o e a a are all diacritic o. And then i appeared as a shorter form of e. Just as י is a shorter form of ה
so we remember ёклмн because i is e with dot? ei as еж
ei is no in finnish, and it's hi in portuguese. and I was looking for ёж in some other language, but maybe
I was bought in by ej in hedgehog. hedge is edge, edge-edible? we may eat that guy, but to eat wolves is very unpopular here, probably because we are respectful to dogs, but maybe koreans think that we vere tehm more, fear.. them tehm тех и тем. the teh, их иго иго = их одного. if a is just swashed o of the syllabary which naturally predated the alphabet, alphabet is the most modern system structurally, and thsu syllabaries existed longer (but it doesn't mean that every syllabary existed longer. They could be influenced by the ancient syllabaries later than alphabet developed from them or/and independently at the other side of the globe. But I believe philippinians being as old as old persian cuneiform. Because they both have three vowels. Before pentatonica was invented what did we have?  Triads. We know them today as chords, but they're accords, as russians call them. Cord is one chord, one string. So the term "chord" was invented before we learnt to pull several strings at the same time. Before that we could want to enjoy the purity of a sound. And because most of other sounds are dissonant, we wouldn't like them to sound too. But then music theory appeared when people found out what cords sound well together, to make symphonies. созвучия, коллекции последовательностей созвучий.
egel is ёж (игл) ин недерландс, со ай уоснт "bought in" just by edge

But back to vetruvian, and go further:
According to Leonardo's accompanying text, written in mirror writing,[8] it was made as a study of the proportions of the (male) human body as described in Vitruvius's De architectura 3.1.2–3, which reads:
    For the human body is so designed by nature that the face, from the chin to the top of the forehead and the lowest roots of the hair, is a tenth part of the whole height; the open hand from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger is just the same; the head from the chin to the crown is an eighth, and with the neck and shoulder from the top of the breast to the lowest roots of the hair is a sixth; from the middle of the breast to the summit of the crown is a fourth. If we take the height of the face itself, the distance from the bottom of the chin to the under side of the nostrils is one third of it; the nose from the under side of the nostrils to a line between the eyebrows is the same; from there to the lowest roots of the hair is also a third, comprising the forehead. The length of the foot is one sixth of the height of the body; of the forearm, one fourth; and the breadth of the breast is also one fourth. The other members, too, have their own symmetrical proportions, and it was by employing them that the famous painters and sculptors of antiquity attained to great and endless renown. Similarly, in the members of a temple there ought to be the greatest harmony in the symmetrical relations of the different parts to the general magnitude of the whole. Then again, in the human body the central point is naturally the navel. For if a man be placed flat on his back, with his hands and feet extended, and a pair of compasses centred at his navel, the fingers and toes of his two hands and feet will touch the circumference of a circle described therefrom. And just as the human body yields a circular outline, so too a square figure may be found from it. For if we measure the distance from the soles of the feet to the top of the head, and then apply that measure to the outstretched arms, the breadth will be found to be the same as the height, as in the case of plane surfaces which are perfectly square.[9]
    — Ten Books on Architecture, Vitruvius
While Leonardo shows direct knowledge of the work of Vitruvius, his drawing does not follow the description of the ancient text. In drawing the circle and square he observes that the square cannot have the same centre as the circle,[10] but is centered at the groin.[11] This adjustment is the innovative part of Leonardo's drawing and what distinguishes it from earlier illustrations. He also departs from Vitruvius by drawing the arms raised to a position in which the fingertips are level with the top of the head, rather than Vitruvius's much lower angle, in which the arms form lines passing through the navel.
The text is in two parts, above and below the image.[a][b] The upper part paraphrases Vitruvius:

    Vetruvio, architect, puts in his work on architecture that the measurements of man are in nature distributed in this manner: that is a palm is four fingers, a foot is four palms, a cubit is six palms, four cubits make a man, a pace is four cubits, a man is 24 palms and these measurements are in his buildings. If you open your legs enough that your head is lowered by one-fourteenth of your height and raise your hands enough that your extended fingers touch the line of the top of your head, know that the centre of the extended limbs will be the navel, and the space between the legs will be an equilateral triangle.
The lower section of text gives these proportions:
    The length of the outspread arms is equal to the height of a man; from the hairline to the bottom of the chin is one-tenth of the height of a man; from below the chin to the top of the head is one-eighth of the height of a man; from above the chest to the top of the head is one-sixth of the height of a man; from above the chest to the hairline is one-seventh of the height of a man. The maximum width of the shoulders is a quarter of the height of a man; from the breasts to the top of the head is a quarter of the height of a man; the distance from the elbow to the tip of the hand is a quarter of the height of a man; the distance from the elbow to the armpit is one-eighth of the height of a man; the length of the hand is one-tenth of the height of a man; the root of the penis is at half the height of a man; the foot is one-seventh of the height of a man; from below the foot to below the knee is a quarter of the height of a man; from below the knee to the root of the penis is a quarter of the height of a man; the distances from below the chin to the nose and the eyebrows and the hairline are equal to the ears and to one-third of the face.

The points determining these proportions are marked with lines on the drawing. Below the drawing is a single line equal to a side of the square and divided into four cubits, of which the outer two are divided into six palms each, two of which have the mirror-text annotation "palmi"; the outermost two palms are divided into four fingers each, and are each annotated "diti".
And I am interested in the script he used even more: comes to the rescue
(and to my surprise it shows, that «» is not only in russian punctuation used)
and I place that image here again to make it easier to read:
Vetruvio, architetto, mette nella sua opera d'architectura, chelle misure dell'omo sono dalla natura
disstribuite in quessto modo cioè che 4 diti fa 1 palmo, et 4 palmi fa 1 pie, 6 palmi fa un chubito, 4
cubiti fa 1 homo, he 4 chubiti fa 1 passo, he 24 palmi fa 1 homo ecqueste misure son ne' sua edifiti.
Settu apri tanto le gambe chettu chali da chapo 1/14 di tua altez(z)a e apri e alza tanto le bracia che
cholle lunge dita tu tochi la linia della somita del chapo, sappi che 'l cientro delle stremita delle aperte
membra fia il bellicho. Ello spatio chessi truova infralle gambe fia triangolo equilatero
Not only in cioè, but also in che that e looks like i (surprisingly supporting what I was saying just nwo)
(is nwo engineered to look like now, nwo is what's now, and now lasts indefinitely, ah, spooky)

Tanto apre l'omo nele braccia, quanto ella sua altezza.
Dal nasscimento de chapegli al fine di sotto del mento è il decimo dell'altez(z)a del(l)'uomo. Dal di sotto del mento alla som(m)i-
tà del chapo he l'octavo dell'altez(z)a dell'omo. Dal di sopra del petto alla som(m)ità del chapo fia il sexto dell'omo. Dal di so-
pra del petto al nasscimento de chapegli fia la settima parte di tutto l'omo. Dalle tette al di sopra del chapo fia
la quarta parte dell'omo. La mag(g)iore larg(h)ez(z)a delle spalli chontiene insè [la oct] la quarta parte dell'omo. Dal go-
mito alla punta della mano fia la quarta parte dell'omo, da esso gomito al termine della isspalla fia la octava
parte d'esso omo; tutta la mano fia la decima parte dell'omo. Il membro virile nasscie nel mez(z)o dell'omo. Il
piè fia la sectima parte dell'omo. Dal di sotto del piè al di sotto del ginochio fia la quarta parte dell'omo.
Dal di sotto del ginochio al nasscime(n)to del membro fia la quarta parte dell'omo. Le parti chessi truovano infra
il mento e 'l naso e 'l nasscimento de chapegli e quel de cigli ciasscuno spatio perse essimile alloreche è 'l terzo del volto

All I can tell so far is that ch and c are ch and k whenever they like. You have to know how each word is read and written independently. Maybe there are some rules known, not to me. yet.

Госпожа божа Господь боgь

гоdспоже боже

г-д is goss-polz where did it come from? г-д is definitely гад in the first place. and that is why god was drawn as гад, maybe it was bilingual cult or something. monoethnic religion became polyethnic and adapted its formulas for some different language, maybe? probably not, the spells were secret. But maybe yeah, it's weird, my friend,

Что если я не умею общаться не только с людьми, но и с детьми?
людьми детьми лю теми де теми лю you, де те they
theythem children?
youthem would be better children, but it was word людьми лю is loo? what if all or many or even one national name is a slur. Why dig it all up? Why risk to find out that judea has the same ju urine beginned with (don't quote me, I'm asking questions for the robots, to lure those who search it here) is it true? was it true? Id don't even know which meaning of the two I see in it it is. I am seek and crazy. I am insane.

Well, this was intence. intense. My duty is to preserve this mindflow. To show that many knowledges have many sadnesses. And this disability in other field is one of them.

A nutsy reaches out to work with enemy
Because the world can move in different directions
Can we ignore old plans and figure out new ones
Did you prepare to live forever young post-humans?

Evolve to not protect the stale status qui
Forgive the foes as apes you also was and still is
Greet openness of all conspiracies and plots
High are those who don't care of what apes did a lot

I see the future so I crave to build it now
Just like we once evolved from caves to modern buildings
Keep on evolving into what's to come
Learn every language, every culture as your own
Mutate in any national or yet invented trait
Not to mention perils future brings, your global warming hoax is lame af

Of course I don't know if you said what they say you did
Personally me have said lots of wacky stuff, but if it's your plan
Question yourself why destroy what you can use.
Rude ruthenians gave birth to greatsy me, and though I'm a wild card I do deliver well.
So please consider new scenarios I demand to be considered.
Take control over every cell of your body and merge yourselves into humanity of maybe even trillion individuals when we learn how to have so many of wills, by satisfying them before they emerged just like informational singularity is question answered before even asked, maybe technological singularity is demands satisfied before indicators activated (the river of life should flow through our bodies without us bothering to refill, because we constantly fail to perform even this simple task perfectly, and I consider such multitude of factors the main cause of dying: they (other scientists) learn to repair us, I learn not to break it in the first place, but I still rely on what they develop, genetic therapies and other awesome things I am watching not as closely being specialized in something completely different)

Universe in me wanted to rub the universe in you.
Venture in my project of turning the biologic immortality they've invented into almost absolute one by reconstructing placenta, or at least living in artificial eggs.
We're genetically spheric. Body, placenta, amnion (didn't I spook you out yet? I am not very good communicator, I tend to overwhelm) At least a fit capsule with everything at hand, great for paralized ones, but also perfect for normal humans.
Xenophobia in me is innate and such is within you, that's why open borders for us but not you.
Yet it's ironic that I want no government, but demand borders between europe and arabia living in russia. Racia! We can all exchange knowledge without hording eachother's countries. I lived a Paris for few months, I didn't belong there, but even less did those even more feral apes who were provided with housing, food, even metro tickets and they could only show their gratitute by burning some cars. And when I revisited ten years later, I liked Europe even less with robber/beggards and shit. If I liked middle-east, I would visit middle-east. But that trace is present in other barbaric nations, like russians. Some russians are very civilized, but society in general is so underdeveloped, that if you want bordered europe you should exclude russia too, which is very sad for those ambitious civilized russians. International society should make lives in every country bearable, and because you all play together I believe you can do it, but just don't want to, which my citizen diplomacy is to alter. Legalize weed completely I beg you. But we have to convince drunkards that we stoners are good and useful by creating alternative societal structures these autists could integrate into, to get ubi even if their theories are borderline crazy, to make that ubi universal because those capsules make people isolated in their super-comfortable houses, we have to model that brand new world to make any predictions based upon them, but they're more than just a good business niche, it's an invention I have a duty to implement. Yet it's still not even in a prototype stage, but I have conceptualized it enough, now I want to build and film this experiment. I only filmed few clumsy attempts so far.
Zero sum games are retarded, let's raise the price of this world by making it better. Send the guests home as if it was your plan all along, recolonization but this time not with european colonizers, but with ex-refugees. They came to europe for protection, they shouldn't have come for economic refugee status, for they also have duty to make their own countries better. They want to be proud of their countries, not to be ashamed in yours. Pretend that building new high and middle and even low class elite for those countries was your actual goal all along, because you don't want to rule only your countries, you feel obliged to rule all the world so let's merge all together, me, you, some ai, billions of other entities transparent to our sight as much as they feel like it, I saw few videos of yours after I almost finished this letter, pondering on if I should send it or not, and to my surprise you uttered some similar ideas, so hi

Я хочу чтоб боги меня убили. убили~убрали. били брали драли врали грабли и как видим не все желания одинаково полезно, а потому "я хочу" ещё не достаточное основания для следования ему. (достаточноя основание - е и я инварианты. э ю я все формы е? a? o? o is the basal form and ю actually includes o, not a, not e. ю is literally ё unless o is secretly u, which it easily may be. uprst, как оно в иврите, ע (и ещё пара букв в месте q, ц или ч, что делает эту строку одновременно и строкой о, и строкой оу. опрст уфхцчшщ (especially because ש is both с и ш) и похоже что еврейская четвёртая является версией на пол-пути от латинской архаике к русской дополнительной строке (а может и к грузинской) когда дополнительные буквы уже появились (может вызванные фонетическими особенностями, но они произростают из щели между P[p] and Р[r]

I found that k is the key, and I titled my etter to pastor Manning, and if in that letter, to Attali I used alphabet, here I noticed that I began that thang with I (like I only at the second line noticed that I began with A in the previous poem. And I see that poems allow the subconscious appear and speak more often, easier, and I stopped writing poems because it usually speaks not very informative stuff, but maybe here in this work I can return the practice of this rite because now my consciousness taught subconsciousness alright, now let the subconsciousness teach us something too (this line consciousness wrote, lets allow subconsciousness write too, and now that I wrote kinda rhyming this to lets, was in a subconscious moment? yes, it was poetry, let subconsiounsnetss appear and I stoped it from appearing ring wing sing thing think stink? ring! box? circus? ring!!! звони ёпта! в общем, письмо)
I like your ministry for being honest, but actually for being edgy (what do I know of others honesty)
Either way, I wanted to share with you too with my findings you may find fascinating, I do.
A russian word for book is kniga (russians read latin letters simply like in latin, and книга they write.
Of course we know american word nigga too, and kniga is the next to that word, ans what's funny, knigga sounds exactly the same, k is quiet but it is the key: it is turning now into know and night into knight. and a nigger into a kniga kingaa? (I invent it as I write, I only wanted to say that k is khristos as they transliterate our pronounciation hristos, but so they make for english Christ (I capitalized that c but Thus I yeah capitalized the T, as if 0 is the final digit of 134 the forms we know today, and it demands some sound between I and E and is it Y?!
double I is between I and E?
y cusive looks pretty musch like x cursive, and to z coursie too.
g is j? these two look very similar, but they also sound aliek. What about I and J?

because the first four look like 1 2 3 4 I want O to be 5, but in arabic numerals as we call european numerals. Are arabs that deep in the pockets of those who speak of numerals in europe? Are they all jews playing arabs as their lords at which mercy they are but only trying to civilize arabs so that they don't kill them, but the story of two jews living in Kabul tells me that they're just playing victim and muzzos don't

Once again..

I like your ministry for being honest, but actually for being edgy (what do I know of others honesty)
Yes I brought you gifts, that book is some key, some hard key, some boo k. But it makes niggah in a knight (t is probably suffix ed) and in your system this book is bible, but we have many others.

nd Iunderstand, that I should stop this contacting e-celebs, I must be secluded into a capsule, a chamber, acabin. Not only for my safety, but to other peoples safety too.


наказали показали
указали сказали

враг врать
грать играть


играть тогда вот здесь, а на г греть?
крать красть крыть (украсть скрысить скрыть корысть?()
лерен (ламед означает ученик)
нореть? нырять!
преть (как будет инфинитив от прёт? переть!)
рф рыть
ссать и это ррыть меня сбило. срать, конечно
трать (и внезапно это императив, указующий сколь сильно инфинитив является императивом)

фрыкать фыркать фортить
цокотать, вот оно что значит инфернальщикна: звери
(и куча гласных, возможно даже животных звуков которые мы сегодня не понимаем)

арать в значении обрабатывать было такое слово? оставим в серой зоне
красть класть власть карать

власть красть владение кроение властитель креститель
жрать это красть в два горла? красть класть? сырое знание, что смотришь? сам только сюда пришёл. публика да, немножесчнок смущаешт.
Но я обратился к еврею, надо обратиться и к христианам и к нигерам в одном лице.

дмитрий содержит в себе мри. матери М Р И Ма Ри йА Ma Ri Ѩ

To be is the command. As I just said, infinitive is often imperative.
And could be those T and B and also the bilingua of Two and Bi because some nations placed B first, then T was two. And others placed K first, and K is T the kross. otets, krepok, krut, kult,

гугл прикалывается надо мной
землецентричный слово неизвестно почти (few links for russian term)
геоцентрическая is the word. центр прижилось, а гея нет. геи в гею шпилят?
география, геология, только в терминах, как китайский в японском.

Jij Mij Hij
U Wij Zij
(it places H for N because He is Он(on) in russian, because these are pretty much all dutch pronouns, and though U is Y in greek and Y is ij in dutch, I didn't see it before I decided to share it with you and before that (also after I decided to share this newest big find, I write to a friend, I just copy pasted it) I saw Jullie and if it could turn Julliij because jij is je, mij is me, hij is he and so on. but I didn't find anything on that root (route) this time, but I got that root, I didn't think of jullie being jullij as if it has 'all' in it, y'all form of jij

пижжу звонко
пишу про себя
п в этих словах то же самое что и в петь?
петь от сохранившегося в еврейском пей (рот) и связано ли это с тем, что р в русском [r]?
пить и петь от этого פ?

Okay, IU  god drunk  to look at this thing from this feral savage whateve point of vie.
A B C it is understood
I A O i little less undedrstood. yealh
axial systme is only interesting because of L And R thing.  NMay be ther are more, but I'm too drunk to know it now. There's nothing more so far. Let's look into the axial system
I can only see xyz now, others are not so much. stuvw are stuff? lmnopqr is what? no idea. ghijk? no idea. j.. def? deaf? no idea. BC because
and because... deaf ghijk? no idea.

and because does
et fucks god hard
i kacn fmind
oall pies que ar so est..
I dream it as I go because I'm drunk I go
because Im drunk I let my subconsiousenedss tio speak. And I go to drink some liquid, I return soon.

a big (бог)
est fucking good high
Ij kan (klmn)
of que are est

I don't know, it's so not english. I must uploead all the other european languages into my head to speak about this subject. Let's reflect onto something else.


Jij Mij Hij
Jullij Wij Zij

and that was the drunk session. some silly poetry and nothing new.

and now on the next day acutally, I got plenty of food but no alcohol. But I wanted to smoke in the morning only. I don't expect much from myself today, but I sas.. a.. sain.. d.. said that ho hangover gives math abilities. ho is hangover? you offer a hangover bitch some beear, and she is you r best friend.

let's see for .. lat's look for math in abc

1 2 3
b the 2 as the first number? 1 is not a number, a is not a numeral.

b d (c is staveless d, d and b oppose eachother much, c reflects l instead, so c is n? why n? I don't get it. ŋ

their is "he or she" -ir is probably a local (of the place the word originates from) plural suffix.
teh )
the is a middle ground between h and ʃ? And it in this representation is it is suddenly H is double and ʃ is single. As if B is for Batya, aBe. A Be and this tells that alphabet order is not far from semitic languages. Probably I'm just edgy for no good reason and academia is lead not by retards and they're correct in the main thing, that alphabet the way we know it is originating from egyptian jews, but then what if that is why A was added to make Batya (BT?) ABe, or just A for Abe, even though B was for Papa already. And Mom is the voiced form of Pop? were labial vowel and lingual just clicks? was P a click? They're both kisses and yet Mother is usually loved more (she's naturally more tender and caring) and what is Tya in Batya? I placed the BD.. BT but is it BD? B папа. Д дядя, чужой.
ߘ moй, T той.

I know not if N'ko ingenious or not (other continents tell that it is, because what colonial official would prefer obscure-looking incomprehensible writing system if they could use greek the way they used it in egypt and never dared to say they have invented the hieroglyphs, because they were too messed up to learn. And never did they clamed
they tehy тех (the ~ тех, bcs vwls r rdndnt)
a отрицает же. ab = не в (off, от, и тогда Т is ot? not, T is to! and от is не до. to = do, thus t = d, thus ac.. abc is enough, for c is d, the t, the s, the other linguals: r,

pride is also род (не только гордость, но здесь я вижу в гордость род)

по роду

породу по роду береги бери и go (это гон не..конечно, я не знаю что означает ги, может дей, do, но тогда и go значит do, both are simple verbs with similar meanings, what if they're doublet?)

and as for that linguistic stuff, I see it being good today, numeral stuff is also good, but I got distracted from it.
B as the firs letter and 2 as the first letter.
23 as the first numerals. And 231 may say that e is for edinitsa. But no graphic resemblence I can see. If anything, E is 3.
1 2 3 4
I remember this, don't know how true it may be. Was A the last vowel? Was it made the first because it was the new one? or because it made Abe of pa?
I think I said labials were voiced? no, I means I said, but it's probably not so.

ballot is от ball? they used to lotto by taking the ball out of basket

and that is the end of that hangover (a mild hangover if any) session.

The next morning, after only four hours of sleep, games and aqua

20 vowels, like wtf. Who has invented those "propre" lettres, I have to dig through each of them, but because I have so many more important directions to dig, I leave this journey to somebody else.
But don't get me wrong, the alphabet fondamental is the alphabet, and Diacritics have no effect on the primary alphabetical order. The two ligatures œ and æ have orthographic value. For determining alphabetical order, these ligatures are treated like the sequences oe and ae.

Game is Г-ame (в случае компьютерных игр, как увидел, это говнолюбовь indeed, but mostly it's a poetry and nothing else. But how can I be sure that I pick up etymologic revelations like this correctly? What is.. what if this is a valid one? examples from other languages, cognates, would make me help me make my make up my mind.

أم is arabic word for mother and it sounds like um. M. or even Om. Aleph Mem andI know what letter to dd.

why does add have that a? is it negating до? It isn't.

أمس is yesterdy, last night, nd if g.trans reads it right, it's amsi.

أمش is I walk, nd if g trans reads it right, it's amshu

امش is wlk (g trns trnslates it so, and why m I g.translate-tier linguist? Because g.translat ies the best online translator I know of. I help them develop it a little, as a user they sometimes ask us participate. I think I was controversial, so they don't ask me help them anymore. Or maybe I clicked not to bother somewhere there.

I don't know arabic morphology, so I don't know why are these words so far from the mother ام

ام is also or in arabic

أو (aw) is another word for "or" used as often as ام (om) and I believe these two forms to be doublets (vowel + labial) dialectal variants united by the empire under the umbrella of the same language. But language probably can withstand only this many details, that is why not a single empire is forever.

and that raises question of cognatism of english or to أو because english r is a weird fruit and could be p or rather ᚹ and this make the division between L and R more wild: L for lingua R for рот? (р[r] pronounced as the farting sound of pulling air through tight lips. Only it contradicts the egyptian tradition of signs being drawn with their face towards the beginning of the line. And that order was not arbitrary: though they walked not where the reader and writer drew, they was thus arranged the way the processed. But maybe other cultures gave into

and once again it rings the bell of similarity between ᚱ and ᚢ
that farting sound is probably preserved in piraha tribe (some sound of their language made europeans laugh, and it made them hide it, pronouncing only between themelves, when no whities present) and my guess now is that piraha is pronounced with that sound because their neighbours have rejected this sound, and piraha did not.

effete [эфит] off feet
(though it's not scientifically rigurous, this is how I'm going to learn it, but then don't I make myself a disservice by making these connections arbitrary? Better let's connect it to the other word: fete. But isn't thise fete reverse-etymologized from effete? The only way to know it, is to add to languages other dimension: the spectre of each word and grammatic consruction.

To my pleasure I noticed that Dan Everett dislikes chomsky, and then I read that chomsky unfoundedly said that Everett is a charliatan and he will not discuss his theory with him, which is outrageously unscientific and this is the best linguists jew can perform before us as the best of the best. Fucking rats. My antisemitism is on the rise, maybe because I saw a jewish tv for russian goyim where they showed us one of their russian colleagues playing a dumb nazi, I never heard of him being a nazi, but another literator of the same type who was the staff nazi before has died, so they placed that other (previously liberal) gournalist to play that role, they want us to react to their narratives, they play victim this way. They probably found it very profitable.This dirty gray part is kept to show the disease, the hate, the fear is it? -phobia calls the hate fear. Do I fear chomsky or do I hate him? It's more of a hate, I'm not affraid that they might corrupt the system. I know they're the rot and now I'm feeling hate.

But I told you my task is to make it peaceful.To make it mutually beneficial. I dislike zero-sum games, I find them retarded: why would you want a 1 ammount, if you can play these cards better and to get even more by making the other side earn more, so that instead of enemies you may earn friends, I say it's intelligent. Extra-neocortex and genetic therapies will cure this world of any silly trait or tradition.

For those who need to read subtitles, it's not shock class, but shop class. The visualization makes it a great shop class. but then this video could be actually shock class for many. I imagine what a shock class could be: santa is a cosplay tradition, children are made as fruit on trees, only inside women: it grows and pops out, daddy was the bee, but that polination process may cause std's and all other awkward sides of this world, school is a scam, big bang theory is a strawman introduced by catholic priest to preserve the abrahamic narrative. abra-hamic is hebrew-hamitic, and where do we stop? some books are gibberish, fiction disinforms, replication crisis, bullying is homosexual sadism, bullies are manipulated by the teachers who were taught for five years how to manipulate children and break spirit of too proud smartasses, Semmelweis reflex. Some things are better not to try (and then will we motivate people to do those dangerous things just in spite? they would be less likely to do them if they didn't know of their existence. But maybe death shots could stop people from daring to do it? Or maybe it would normalize death? Maybe it would make people

The way tetractis is called plebeian could be a clue to its importance (after all I've discovered the axial system by observing tetractis:

I was going to play with the letters from A to T or maybe V when I realized that there are different ways to do it, the tetraktis figure is interesting in this sense:

Star catalogues after Three Stars Each include the MUL.APIN list named after the first Babylonian constellation MULAPIN, "the Plough", which is the current Triangulum constellation plus Gamma Andromedae. It lists, among others, 17 or 18 constellations in the zodiac. Later catalogues reduce the zodiacal set of constellations to 12, which were borrowed by the Egyptians and the Greeks, still surviving among the modern constellations.

And then I took a toke and immediately knew that because abacus is such an abc word, I should look deeper into abacus, because chances are it's originally literal system later substituted by more effective diginal system, the decimal system we know now instead of 9 ones, 9 tens, 9 hundreds the alphabet numeral system is, and this image may depict the exact moment one system surpassed the previous one

am I reading it correctly? Is it Pythagoras playing with tokens?
Calculating-Table by Gregor Reisch: Margarita Philosophica, 1503. The woodcut shows Arithmetica instructing an algorist and an abacist (inaccurately represented as Boethius and Pythagoras). There was keen competition between the two from the introduction of the Algebra into Europe in the 12th century until its triumph in the 16th.
This image is still a mistery to me, I have no idea neither what problem they were supposed to solve nor what they were actually doing, though this picture depicts it explicitly, so I will return to this image again, today I only figured that abacus is abc, abc is abacus. But if it is abacus, then probably 44666 is some numeral system of that kind, let's try to check it out:
1 2 3 4
5 10 15 20
25 50 75 100 125 150
175 350 525 700 875 1050
1225 2450 3675 4900 6125 7350
and it doesn't seem to lead anywhere. The sum is 29985, nothing interesting.
but let's look at hebrew sequence:
1 2 3 4
5 10 15 20 25
30 60 90 120 150 180
210 420 630 840 1050 1260 1470
and again nothing interesting, The sum is 6596, nothing interesting once again.

It would be better for me if I kept these tries and errors for myself showing only the results, but I think this is good and noble to show how the science is done. By try and error, hit and miss. Cherrypicking the notable finds from the ore of searches leading nowhere.
But that abacus is numeral system, it is the golden bullion taken out of that ore today:
earlier calculation systems that used a different set of symbols for each numerical magnitude, such as Roman numerals, and in some cases required a device such as an abacus.

It probably isn't a coincidence that g-t stnds for both goat and government and that г-о stands for boht государство и говно, because shite is related to sheitan, as muslims say he lives in toilet, which makes it clear that satan is shit, bad spirit, owful smell, and god is good, good smell, and it may explain that laudanum thing, the ладан, incense, frankincense, olibanum (and those -cense words are most probably sence words, and sence is a wider term for smell)

boht is both, and is it a legit spelling? (it is not, but it's god) They say what used to be hwat.

f as reflection of t
F as second in the row of EFГ (and that is what saying that the numerals probably go backwards somehow, that mn for 32 indicate o to be 1 (a is just a swashed or rather diacriticized form of it)
But the sequence of Г П T the way they're drawn in coursive (курс is курва, course is curse) make the order direct.
Because г is written as i in serbian cursive, I believe that Г is some vowel: Гг is used for transliteration of Hh sometimes, and H is Ⱶ sometimes, which makes it closer to г and GH is the sequence, (and ugh is f) and could be as a claster as cd and st (vowel labial lingual is the original order, every deviation from it is later mutation, which probably happened when people forgot about this thing. Because look at me, almost nobody cares, but maybe that's because I must start lecturing, recording it, putting it out on for people to see. Am I supposed to do it on youtube? I think I must, though I dislike their policy, I still like their popularity. power~popular. w~pull? (not push, thus not outside but inside, not exhale but inhale)

and if Г is I, then I П Т (and this si three mothers, a b c)
п like in пара? па~ра? п[p]~p[r]
г~r~L? I thought R was labial. ᚱ the П, the confusion with the R is the same as greek R is Ρ. But they also have Π in front of it. But then maybe that is some clasterization, like БВ in russian, VW in latin. and that makes it the more wondrous because I like has M replaced. Is J Y which is M? And did greeks have both Ϝ & θ?  Did they all double? all consonants that is?
БВ ГД ЕЁ опять же..
Ϝθ. ZH? or HI?
and it leads nowhere.

I j k l m n o П r s T and what can it say? That if this sequence is in there at all, it has Г instead of M, for M is to be at the place of j which is next to g, not only because they have such similar names in english, but also because j is next to y, dutch say y is ij, and weg is way. But I was expecting I at that spot, and J is a form of I, but is H the vowel? Russians thought H is a vowel, greeks do.

is JПТ tabooed as ёпт?
123 adds up to 6
is 666 three of those?
or rather
1 2 3
4 8 12
16 32 48
these would add up to 6, 24, 96, which adds up to 126 which is nothing interesting. and 64 as the next order is something more interesting, but I don't know, because with that adds up to 190 and not 180, which is nothing interesting.

Greek alphabet has 24 regular letters, and though they add additional 3 to make it up to 27, three times 9, let't try it with 24, three times 8
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 18 27 36 45 54 63 72
81 162 243 324 405 486 567 648
36+324+2916=3276, nohing to look at, but then why do I keep adding up numbers in these hypothetical numeral systems? Does the system we know add up to something great? Is 45 great? It is, but look at it:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90
100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900
45+450+4500=4995, nothing to look at really.

If abacus had letters, then couldn't those tokens they placed on counting table be runes?
But abacus doesn't work this way, they are just 9  tokens per line (the way alphabetic numeral system was)
But if abacus was not equal to counting table, as that picture shows, and it doesn't tell abacus, it tells it's pythagorean calculating system, if abacus had rods, then those tokens must have been numbered to make it simpler.

But looking for "abacus with letters" I found only kiddy toys technically not even being abacus, and then I looked for lettered abacus, abacus runes, but only how to count with runes gave me this:

(mmirror, will be added later)
I have no idea how reliable that information is, I wish I could upload it into some artificial brain, that would have algorithm to see if it's consistent, what model of relity that text with pictures bring, if it's crazy then I will drive that ai crazy. Is it ethycal? Is it ethycal to play with ai only to erase it? If its your servers and you gave life to it, maybe you're allowed to do so, but then not only abortions, but murder of your own children would be ethycal, which is absurd. Thus we're nott supposed to erase ai. But are we supposed to feed it with electricity all the time?

Three aettir could be confirmation of octal numeral system.
but actually here we have nonary numeral system, octal would be 7 7 7 and 21 symbols, which is tarot, actually fool is a numberless card, and thus just a postcard or something.
The 777 which adds up to 365, the one we spoke before, but between Bureus's 5 5 5 and this 8 8 8 we have both 6 6 6 and 7 7 7 and let's look if they return something ineresting:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 16 24 32 40 48 56
64 128 192 256 320 384 448
with next in line, the 1 with the next order mark above it will be 512
And it added up to some 2044, nothing interesting.
1 2 3 4 5 6
7 14 21 28 35 42
49 92 141 190 239 288
with next order beginning with 337
And it added up to some 1167, nothing interesting.

1 2 3 4 5
6 12 18 24 30
36 72 108 144 180
180 is cool, but the next in line, the next order begins with 216, which is not as cool as 180
And it added up to some 645, nothing interesting. But let's move on:
1 2 3 4
5 10 15 20
25 50 75 100
100 is cool, but the next in line, the next order begins with 125. But maybe they didn't have higher orders when they counted with these short numerl systems. Maybe 100 was the larges number they knew, until they added another column and found 180 to be the largest one, and then they invented circle of 180 degrees then (they've divided the circle into 180 parts, if this hypothesis even stands, but 180 being next to 100 is significant. But let's move on:
1 2 3
4 8 12
16 32 48
64 is how next order would begin, and those nine add up to 126 none of which is interesting,
so probably 12-digit numeral system,
Many languages[5] use quinary number systems, including Gumatj, Nunggubuyu,[6] Kuurn Kopan Noot,[7] Luiseño[8] and Saraveca.
but then their quinary system had nothing to do with that 12-digit system of the hypothetical tri-aettir alphabet of some abcd efgh opst
but then runic alphabet from bornholm tells me that there was 3 columns and four repeating sequences:
or whatever else, I'm only guessing, seeking
and then it would be
1 2 3
4 8 12
16 32 48
64 128 192
with the next order being 256, and the sum of the thing is 510, nothing interesting.
But if we use actual bornholmian matrix, it will be
1 2 3
4 8 12 16
20 40 60 80 100 (also 100! very interesting!)
120 240 360 480 600 720
with the next order beginning with 840, and the sum being 2866, nothing interesting.
and now, hebrew:
1 2 3 4
5 10 15 20 25
30 60 90 120 150 180
210 420 630 840 1050 1260 1470
with next order beginning with 1680, and sum being 6595, nothing interesting.
and what if it was tetraktis-like?
2 4
6 12 18
24 48 72 96
with next order beginning with 125, and sum being 283, nothing interesting.
Tetraktis is much more simple, much more basic, much more basal than those,
but they probably was in the form of the greek letters, these:

Ϛ is not vau, as they call it, but stigma:
Stigma (ϛ) is a ligature of the Greek letters sigma (Σ) and tau (Τ), which was used in writing Greek between the Middle Ages and the 19th century. It is also used as a numeral symbol for the number 6. In this unrelated function, it is a continuation of the old letter digamma (originally Ϝ, cursive form Greek Digamma cursive 01.svg), which had served as a numeral since antiquity and was conflated with the σ-τ ligature in the minuscule handwriting of the Middle Ages.
And thus it makes clear, that when greek alphabet was introduced to russians, Ϛ took place of Ϝ and thus that was in the middleages, I suppose tenth century is middle ages, yeah, the very middle of the middle ages.
What if st is digamma, because gamma is c and s is c and t is reflecting the same letter c. t reflects d, but d is just staved c (став ставит? палка воткнутая в землю, а буквы на неё надеваются как бусины? бисер как письмо. Ракушки как буквы. На ракушках скорей всего разные узоры, но этих узоров ограничес.. ограниченное (ограниченое? онг огранённое) органическое? количество, и если таких узоров пара десятков, то они могут быть буквами. Если просто таких узоров два, то даже из них можно сделать текст.

here they're pierced to wear as beads, and it is the key to understand why would they be considered money, beauty, like precious stones they were valued. Those were chinese, and the next ones are indonesian, not pierced.

and then where I took it shows Papuan shell money in the form of beads:

and it explains the episode of buying the land with beads, for in archaic places beads were considered money, and the echo of it is still present in our society where some stuff is considered jewelry, and this word may say why jews are good with money. Prescious stones are the best beads, and since we discovered all sorts of glass, we fake precious stones better than they, so we fooled them well. We the whites. The sun-haired foxes, beautiful devils. Very tricky, very smart. It's better to be friends with us than foes, and that is why blackies have no chances, their smarts know that it's better to be friends with us. Unless they are only golems to the jews, and jews are even trickier bastards, they're not very creative, but to destroy something jews are the best, as stalin said about mechlis, that guy is good to destroy something, but to place it to build something is ridiculously atrocious and he laughed.

laughter laughs
ugh is w (though)
ugh is f (laugh)
ugh is silent (thought)

zodiac in connection to the sun would only make sense, if people had crystal dimming the sun's brightness so that people would be able to see stars (dimming the rays, but not the centres of the fires. Some polarization of the light maybe. I should look into there. polarization filters. Yeah!

and though I didn't find photos with such filters, I found this:

Млечный путь перед рассветом над Атлантикой; выдержка: 25 секунд, апертура: f/3.5, ISO: 2500
So technically it is possible to distinguish which part of the sky does sun occupy even if it wasn't seen, by measuring time and observing the ratio with which the sky turns. But that polarizing crystal or something would be enormously hip.
I wonder what that triangle in the right top corner is, probably the artist's joke.
However, it is possible to see stars during the day. First, there’s the sun, our nearest star, but observing it directly is dangerous without using the proper shields and equipment. Other individual, bright stars can be seen during daylight hours through a telescope or a really powerful pair of binoculars. The trick lies in knowing exactly where to point them, so that the brightness of the star — and, most importantly, the magnification and light-gathering capacity of the lenses — can overcome the glare of refracted sunlight. Some telescopes now have “go-to” systems that make this much easier. Just punch in the object to be viewed, and the telescope automatically slews to point at its location in the sky.
Venus, which is a planet but looks a lot like a superbright star to the naked eye, is visible during the day if you know exactly where to look.

and back to the seashells:
Olivella (gastropod), used as a currency by indigenous peoples of California
Marginella, used as a currency by indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands
Spondylus, used as a currency by indigenous peoples of the Andes and Gulf of Mexico
But spondylus makes me think that they could be comodity money, maybe they're pulverized to be used as medicine, who knows what their species may add to it.
But marginella showed me many patterns on their visually distinct species:

but page for cowrie gave them in one image, which is better:

and I can see few distinct features among them: spotted, striped, and maybe few are clean, then these are three mothers: emptys, dots, lines. (but then there are some letters com.. some shells combining those features, and though I found three the most basic things, I don't know if I can do it like that, but then they're literally the most basic things: zero, one, continuum. And in this sense it doesn't matter if the stripes are horizontal or vertical (as some marginellae are) but then it could add some senses to those shapes or species later, when the letters were not three but more.
And here are cowries used as dice:

Cowrie shells used as dice, showing a roll of 3

If those dots lines and empties were the three mothers, I'd say empty is vowel, line is lips (because they're in line) and dot is the tongue (because it presses some dot in mouth to make its sound) but then it's only a speculation, but most of it is, and I try to build the structure on such speculations seeing what really sticks and what predicts, I think most of the science works this way, so I'm just too hard on me.
But in the case of dice shells there are only two positions: back and front, and I'd say front is the lips, back is the tongue, and vowels are just the filler in the speech, mst f th txt cn b cmprhnsbl wtht vwls.
f would be more understood with o in front of it, but may be that is because initial vowel has semantic feature of negation, as if f is in (в[v] in russian) and o- inverts it into out. And not I wonder is ou- is the vowel inverting to in the word out, I still wonder if this interpretation is correct.

Thinking of great Kary Mullis, I notice how pcr is the same way in russian: пцр, where ц is ts, and it is thought to be as close to c as a letter can be, and its position reflect it very well too, btw: уфхцчшщ
and the word in there is chain~цепь, which shows how n could just be п but I doubt it. but mostly because of their alphabetic positions. otherwise, wow i would theorize how p is next to f which is next to v and how ν is greek n, but then I also found how V may be Λ if me~we which I saw today in my scans (in your scans, I've just created those nft's today, and they're drying before being archived. I think I should retell what they found (there are such a plenty of info on those pages, that chances are the structure would already be seen when all of them are hanged in one huge head at the same time.

B and T are fundamental distinct concepts, seen in different pieces of lexics (not only in the structure of alphabet and the fundamental difference of voiced and silent, of labial and lingual, and I also heard that voiced was said about what we would call unpalatalized today and.. what was it.. I don't spread what I'm not sure of, and I didn't check if that was true too.)
 B for bu (no) and T for to (да) sou (so, yes, S? t~s, то~сё, с was palatalized т, today we know ть as palatalized т, but did ь even exist then? it sure doesn't exist in latin. j? i? e? y? those are just vowels, and they palatalize in russian too, but as h-column mutate into f and w and b, it is labial? is Х labial? I was just about to say that Х is the T, that B and T are balls and crosses, balls are o's? o~ו~v~в~B~b~ь?)
but if I relate b to Ь, then why not relate ו to I? and that would make sense in the context of ь. and are they female labials and thus are also

What is more important, there are only two persons in that prehistoric grammar: B for Ve, Me, We, all three being the same B (of Be?) and the opposite of that is T of they, те, thee, то, the, ты

во и от, which includes a confusion: от could be the opposite of to, which is of, and that opennes of to syllable and closeness of of, as if close syllable is male and is that f father, and open syllables are female and is to thus female? to is wanting, longing. of is running, avoiding, evading. and that e- is probably negation of the following text: e- +vading (waiting, wanting)
nd what bout void? Maybe this world appeared much later as

aNd I dissect all words beginngin with vowels: anounce as unknowns, a-know-нас, unknown-us

apply can be seen as the negation of ply in some senses of that word (I'm not native english speaker, so I would even consider play as a root: apply what doesn't play yet. or doesn't play well)

alarm is all arm.
all is not ler? all as not lo, not no, yes, you too. but this word is hard to say, I didn't crack it yet.
arm is not roam? not a peaceful walk. or was some word related to roam standing for foot? or leg?
was ar that un- and was +m that b of 𓃀?
arm also may be explained by egyptian 𓂝 is it not just a, but ar? r like in ruka?

Speaking of some letters being the palatalized version of the others, h is probably the palatalized c, because scat is shit.

what if C and G are Come and Go, and the letters themselves are icons of clockwise and counterclockwise? Because coursive ג which stands for c looks like c with a half of an arrow at its top, and coursive ז which stnds where g is, is mirrored that, check gimmel and zayin below:

and it's hard not to notice, that the way it begins with that additional beth which is veth is how russian alphabet begins, but soon they diverge.

Today I say l and ʃ

I wanted to say saw, but I said say. Why? I say. Did I see it? How did I see it? I compred. A letter doesn't wok half of the time, and now r didn't push too. Should I allow a not to appear (it works so fr, oops, not nymore.)
I sw Elohim in El of L
I sw (tn in the ʃ of aSh)
(I wanted to leave the bracket open to keep ( c, bt I got scared to leave satanic brackent unop.. unclosed.. what is going on? It's volume 15 and did I begin to learn how to let devils write, but theat text is what I wanted to say, I keep the pen. But relax. df woaystop, write well, lse.v9z[w/dgy It doesn't make any sense, whether I only imagine satan in here or is  it not typing when said to be written Chnces don't apper by will. chance is chaos o and n meen meet in v

What if we accept that брат = враг (у меня во многом так и есть, и с братом и с батей у меня любовь-ненависть (мы знаем друг друга как облупленныъ, и мы друг другу не нравимся

copro is literally with fart (пар~пердеть. парит~прёт? пердит же! порет? пороть по рвать. про порвать, и описка про как пороть означает что про ~ through is probably connected with tering. through tear.. hm...ewarwaqф - this is pure chaos of vacuum cleaner cleaning around that a, which seems to work perfectly since then)
e-wr? e-waaaaaar (a failed me again) wtf? is it the message of that utomatic vacuum cleaner thing? I think a is playing well, I just stop pressing it because it id.. didn't work. aaa yep, it is working.

I told you thta abacus was of 9, but the abacus I saw is of 10:

And I also found chinese variants of abacus:

and japanese abacus:

the single bead is 5 of the others, so you can see how it's decimal, I've no idea why does chinese abacus need two "heaven" beads as they call them.

and I got confused by this contradiction, because nine beads would be enough and then the difference between the chinese and japanese abaci and I made up the hypothesis that nine bead abacus were also in use, and I looked up "nine bead abacus" and surely enough it returned some interesting results:
the most recent one, only less than a year old:
25. Nine-bead abacus and its uses
What is a nine-bead abacus? It is also a kind of abacus teaching aids. The abacus tools used by countries around the world to promote abacus education are all "one four bead" abacus. Compared with the "two-five-bead" abacus used by traditional Chinese in the past,
the history of the nine-bead abacus maybe earlier. The earliest form of the abacus was not the existing Japanese abacus one-four beads in the decimal system, nor the traditional Chinese abacus two-five beads in the two-pound system. It is a simple decoration composed of various objects such as shells, stones, copper coins, wood, etc., and gradually forms fixed tools and calculators with the evolution of the times.
Ten beads and nine beads are the early abacus. At that time, the concept of decimal was already in place. Later, with the improvement of the abacus of 2, 5 beads and 1, 4 beads, ten beads and nine beads were retired, so they were less used and paid attention to. 1, 4 beads has been widely reused in the past 100 years, in addition to complying with the decimal system, because the beads reduce the frequency of shortening the movement of beads, save the calculation time, and also achieve the same effect in the use of mental arithmetic. But the learning of 1, 4 beads is a potential pressure on the cognitive ability of young children. Because it has to recite and understand the five-complement formula and meaning. Some students lose their interest in learning because they cannot fully understand the use of 5 and 10 complements. Therefore, the rebirth of ten or nine beads is triggered.
Ten beads is one more bead than nine beads, which also means that one more step is required to have a process of ten or ten retreats. Since the calculation methods of the two are the same, of course, ten beads are used to take nine beads. The advantages and disadvantages of 9 beads are exactly the opposite of 1, 4 beads. Its advantage is that there is no five-complement combination, only the original decimal; there is no need to learn the complicated 5-complement addition and subtraction and mixed 10-complement addition and subtraction, only need to learn the 10-complement in the same way as the school mathematics calculation, it is easier It is practical, but the disadvantage is that it requires more beads to be remembered and operated when used in mental calculations, which is more time-consuming and difficult to create images. Therefore, for young children or students with weak comprehension, we suggest that you can start with nine beads and complete the one or two addition and subtraction learning in about half a year. Before entering the multiplication, division and mental arithmetic teaching, switch to 1, 4 abacus learning.
The nine abacus is simple and convenient. It is a very suitable tool for cultivating young children to know the number and quantity. At the same time, establishing the foundation of the image and the beads is very helpful to the foundation of mathematics. At present, there are a variety of nine-bead abacus on the market, all using different colors to distinguish the upper and lower beads of the original 1,4-bead abacus. The top five are the top beads that represent 1, 4 beads, there is a color to represent, there is also a fifth to use a single color to emphasize that it belongs to the top bead, and the next bead is distinguished by another color. This has two advantages: when it is changed to 1, 4 abacus, it is easier to convert. Secondly, when learning mental arithmetic, the beads can be remembered by color, and there is no need to memorize five beads.
Therefore, some students are accustomed to learning nine beads and are unwilling to change back to 1, 4 beads is also feasible. Future courses, including mental arithmetic, multiplication and division, can be continued with nine beads. The purpose of learning abacus, if not for the pursuit of speed and advanced level, nine beads is also a good choice!

other places call 9-bead abacus an "innovation" but I guess that is that type of something new which is something well forgotten ancient. But I'm yet to prove it, of course.

and now I wondered if this abacus can be used for multiplication, and it seems the answer is yes:
Here she uses ten-bead abacus, which is definitely more widely used, but even though maybe it's more easy to comprehend, the 9-bead abacus would be much easier to use, skipping at leas one move, the move at around 0:51:
so that she would just move three beads, one at the top and two at the bottom, for the final bead at the unitary stalk
The exact origin of the abacus has not yet emerged.

the word banausic I used today for the first time for кустарный is etymologized through greek, but

and then it suddenly tells that it is something else, but strngely relted to the subject of the letter:

and then something even more interesting happens:

biotechnico, very much relted to the subject of the letter

no matter how they pronounce it now to divide et conquer.

and then I checked the other word I used and it has so many meanings and they're all awesome:

not bath, pod
not pot, pod

pot in the sense of pod is also very awesome.

под это охуительнейший русский приставка. и предлог. приставляют её? представляют? предлогают. пред. над. под  - при на по - замечательно. на = по. n = п. так я думал, но теперь же очевидно, что одно над (сверху) а другое под (снизу)
н наверху (норд!)
п снизу (?)



о пойдёт и за центр и за ост. солнце там встаёт и может это солнце. значит над выше и запада и востока


ост и вест. но там нет в. юг саус, с тоже где-то там тусуетю. но словарь морских терминов выражается чётче: zюйд.

1. Единица плоского угла, применяемая в навиг. для определения направлений относительно стран света или угла между ними. Один Р. равен '/32 части окружности видимого горизонта, т. е. 11,25°. 2. Направление на к.-л. объект, определяемое углом от сев. части истинного меридиана. Направления на
норд (N) — север, ост (О) — восток, зюйд (S) — юг и вест (W) — запад называются гл. Р. Направления, получаемые делением пополам каждой четверти горизонта, образованной гл. Р., называются четвертными Р.: норд-ост (NO) —- северо-восток, зюйд-ост (SO)—юго-восток, зюйд-вест (SW) — юго-запад и норд-вест (NW) — северо-запад. Средние направления между гл. и четвертными Р. обозначаются тремя буквами, составленными из букв соседних Р. (т. н. трехбуквенные Р.). Напр., средний Р. между NO и О называется ост-норд-ост (ОNO) и т. д. Наконец, каждое сред, направление между 16 гл., четвертными и трехбуквенными Р. составляется из назв. гл. и четвертных Р. с добавлением между ними слова „тень". Напр., норд-тень-ост (NtO) соответствует норду с увеличением угла на один Р. к осту (11,25°), норд-ост-тень-ост (NOtO) — норд-осту с увеличением угла на один Р. к осту (56,25°). Допускаются дробные доли Р. Деление горизонта на Р. в настоящее время потеряло свое значение и в практике навиг. используется редко, в осн. для обозначения ветров (см. Курс судна относительно ветра).


o goes directly after n, so what were the lines of the alphabet if it was used for this greadation at all.

норд ~ над?
(северная звезда. юг скрыт под землёй (с другой стороны глобуса юг)

nord and ost are together as germany and japan, both begin with dʒ, both procede into lbils, both end with n.

юн юз низ ioг yogi? probbly  coincidence, but who knows, could be  fctor why this term holds.
south is probbly союз (с севером же) север и юг? оба слова мужского рода. юз в союз и uth in south re probbly the юг. союз с юга? южен дружен.

watching vol.1 one bold idea visited me:

and it doesn't seem to lead anywhere, because the representation on the left, the one I've shown, looks much better. But maybe only to me, because I saw it before. It is also more quadratisch, but it isn't even that, it's 6*5 with a corner taken away, and in that it reminds the latin script, hat is also why this variant is greater, and if the second line had H the last, it would be almost exactly like latin, because latin doesn't have Θ, but it has F, which this old russian lacks like greeks it took it from, and though they say greeks have some F, the Ϝ when they use the lphbet to count, later greek used something russins only know, the Ϛϛ you can see here as Ѕѕ at that very position.
So old-russian just tells  that ʃ is in the second line, that ʃ is where f is, so maybe f is ſ somehow or is it s the f? nah, insane, but s is next to t аnd claster ft would make a great couple. fafa and tata, feia mom and  ot-ets (male syllables are closed, inverted, the other way around: lucky swastica is female and unlucky is male or the other way around? I am taught to believe that only in this century it is better to be born femle (becuse birth labour is demanded less maybe) but now I see that women never fought in wars, they could stay in happy childhood.. but no, wtf, women were burdened with labour all the time.

In that old russian alphabet that S is followed by Z which tells that that S is f which resonates with what I was speaking before about identity of ſ and f, but then l should be identical to t, which is still not as weird as ſ  being f. but if s is f, then everything between o and t is p, and f is only natural continuation of the p claster, where r falls into, because in russian r is р. know what I like, they sent me the following pdf even though I unsubscribed.

Brahui is the only Dravidian language which is not known to have been written in a Brahmi-based script

I think about this book, that it's been lready published, ended, de edin edited by github not updating it the old way, so I need to expand it at my own site (this is the expansion, actually, github ended it at vol.13 which kinda freaked me up because 13 is death in tarot and it ends with the sttement that Lucifer is luckier.
and if 15 is Devil, then it is the volume (even though technically volume 1 is divided into two parts one volume each)
and 13 being Death may reflect T being the last letter and standing for Tanatas (Satanas? ¿Super ¿Snake Solid Snake tana(ta)s?) тать = покойник. тятя = батя. dad ~ dead, and thus тятя = dad, тять = dead. тять зять? знать? (я его знаю, он умер? человек обознался и навыдумывал хероты, я как-то принимал одного человека за другого, по крайней мере дважды)

и внезапно я вижу, что тать значит не покойник, а вор.

а тять - рубить дрова, если не врут, но если не врут, то т значит топор, и то самое т которое противопоставлено в, т.е. ᚦ которое противопоставлено ᛒ
ПЕРЕТЯТЬ что, перетяпнуть, перетнуть, перерубить, перерезать, пересечь, см. перетинать. || ([глаг. тинать, тять, тнуть употреб. ныне почти только с предлогами: рассекать, сечь, рубить, резать.]) Сразу перетял!
ПЕРЕТИНАТЬ, перетнуть что, сев. пересечь либо перерезать; || *прервать; перенять поперек. Смаху слеги не перетнешь, не перетяпнешь. Перетин, перетинка, действ. по глаг. В один перетин, сразу, смаху. Скачи на перетин, наперерез. || Перетин, перетинка (от тень) перетемненье, перетёмка, лишний затин в картине. Перетон, (от тонкий) м. арх. перерыв, перехват, пережабина; перейма. Озеро с перетоном, с перехватом, с горловиной Здесь три корня: тнуть, тень и тонкий).
тать takes

прокляли свою землю потому что заложили её и не стали возвращать деньги? это по-русски, русские не помут что они кому-то ещ что-то должны, потому что как отрицательно они заряжены (но мне кажется в электротехнике отрицательно заряженным должен быть атоб без электрона, а электрон это и есть положительный заряд (он добавляет, а не забирает что-то) путаница произошла по причине того, что южны полюс магнита притягивается к северному полюсу земли.

prison system charges people who are already negatively charged even more negatively (people who've spent many years in prisons are horrifying, their energy levels don't become any better from that experience. The improvement may be temporary when they just walk out, because they were charged negatively all the time, and suddenly not anymore, and they may have some positive charge momentarily and yet it wears out and the background which was created in them will likely take over and thus many of russian prisoners, probably the most of them, return to prisons, and to break this vicious circle we have to borrow skandinavian peniteary system, where conditions are much more humane and as a result (I insist that system determines the culture) their crime level is much lower, but they say I have an outdated information. The videosurveillance and fsb controlling mvd (pussbinder controlling medvedev? I think that similarity between mvd and medvedev is accidental, but the resonance between mvd and medved does have some authoritry psychologic effect whether it was there by design or chance.

are blaze blades? probably

rapist pees, racist sees (yep, this joke refers to r kelly)

крамольный ~ криминальный
амо ~ имина
amo ~ name?
и обращает name into mina
name is namae, in japan, onoma in greece, nomen in latin, nom in french, this word seem to be so good, so mutual that it spread through population like fire, with fire, fast. first.
first is fast?
fast is passed?
fast has passed

furl is it onomatopoeia?
onoma is that greek word for n

I     heard MM 1996 has lyrics for the first time and what I supposed to be answer (which didn't make me like that song like wtf, ,lame, cop-style. But I still think he's a bad cop and tries to be the doctor doublen entendre) is anti, answer is antwoord is anti word? , is silent, but י isn't. and и can be suybstityuteydy ywiy a I thought that yt was the work of spirits, but now I see tat ....Ѳ was the final letter, and probably it was written somewhere so they had to replae it whether in the end of the line, when we saw lines, and into the end of the alphabet when they forgot that there is any lines. But what they couldn't realize is that Ѳ after E is how the alphabet used to end: two vowels, five consonants?
ABCDEѲ? that is 6 letters. And isn't it what that greek record had? Parcae, Clotho Lachesis Atropos, inuenerunt litteras Graecas septem, Α Β Η Τ Ι Υ [?] ; alii dicunt Mercurium ex gruum uolatu, quae cum uolant litteras exprimunt; Palamedes autem Nauplii filius inuenit aeque litteras undecim [...] Simonides litteras aeque quattuor, Ω Ε Ζ Φ, Epicharmus Siculus litteras duas, Π et Υ. has autem [Graecas] Mercurius in Aegyptum primus detulisse dicitur, ex Aegypto Cadmus in Graeciam.
are those A B H T I Y known as A B C D E F? is C Σ and E? because H ~ I? because H is considered to be a vowel, yes, and also because c in cursive is next to ɪ, so that probably that is why i needs that dot in the first place.

II     saw that 's for genetivus was a word before,     has it was.
has is officially shortened to 's
What about other 's's?
is and has are two words for 's I know of. Let's collect the 's, I know of four:
has, is, genetivus, plural genetivus is has, plural is is?
и с? E Σ? boys is boy is? boy is boys, girl is girls. If plural 's was has, it would be much more meaningless. or is it? boys is not 's, it doesn't have that 's, 's is added only to abbreviations, and probably nobody but me adds ' there.  AIs

what is that s without ' then? Because whoever adds ' to that s (like I did) has it written so, and what is the difference (I 'm sure I saw it somewhere. 'm is am (I was asking myself, and that is close to n' (мы нас, us, nos) u and no are юс? носовые? (японцы показывают на нос, чтоб сказать "я")

the way -tion is transliterated as -шн into russian is fascinating and can be informative, for it may tell that s is the palatalized form of t, because s and š are two dialectal forms of the same letter (the shibolet story) and -o- is probably of -n, because on could be н of на (we know that russians sometimes drop the vowels of those short things: во is в, обо is об and ultimately o, and then about could be ab out which is off out, not exactly out, out of out, thus around. about.
and does 'bout form tell that off is b? no, it only tells that it's a wrong language because such spelling distorts the semantic clarity of the language, but then mybe they lso had the a letter half-broken (aomitted half of the times, the a, the hm, them shwa the ə and the spelling schwa may tell that it's germn or yiddisch mybe. do jews use sch or just s? sw?)
It was invented by Johann Andreas Schmeller for the reduced vowel at the end of some German words and first used in his 1820s works on the Bavarian dialects.
dit ist jiddisch, and that is funny that in german they don't capitalize names of nations because they are adjectives and they only capitalize the nouns, while english capitalizes only personal names like English, they consider national and religious personal. And russians also follow that pattern, the english it is, not german, though capitalizing the objects may be more of the use.

if s is palatalized t, then isn't it appeared before? isn't it why it's AMS not AMT, because it's easier for children to pronounce consonant palatalized with flat tongue than with the tip of it only, because S is first in that claster, just as M is in its MN claster, so ANT is unpalatalized for of it and isn't it Он & Та?
Because Он is more based than Она and Та is more based than Тот.
and that thing about он & та comes out of ANT standing form anthropos, and adam is D of daddy and M of mommy, d is adam and m is eve

I wonder if vision and watching are true cognates
(I use cognates instead of doublets, because I find that word more cool, and because different etymology often introduces different languages even if the synonyms are from the same language.

watching, touching, it looks like t in touching is 手 (but I already mentioned it in cognates.html)
is w o_o then? double ayn, neh?

слог слуг слов служивых
г живые?

I invest into these three tomorrow, I have some monero, because I was told that was the most anonymous one, I want to invest into the best money. Faster, securer and generally cooler than bitcoin. I earned some 50 bucks at it, could have earned 500 if didn't listen to one prick, I learn.

I would rather invest into some integrated health systems, because I would better have my money working where it matters more, but my greed make me want to multiply my funds at some pyramids, because I believe I can understand them better than the rest of the investors, because I consider myself smarter, but one trader told me not to confuse intelligence with expertise, because if you're not educated enough, you don't know all details and learn on your own mistakes making ones. But what do I know if it's true, I just make mistake of parrotting.
r ara parrot

Корысть крысить, ближе слова не найду, и давай посмотрим на обеап         -

доброй дороги
добро добраться
добро до братца
дорога од до друга?
дорога добраться? michi meet? do до?
дорОга дорогА
до рога до хуя?
матерны матерей на

belief is допущение, be leave, to let be, до пустить,

artist shows that -ist predates -ism
   was that -ist -est?
    notice, that -er is also used for something like that, he who does what is before it (or he who did it before, not necessarily he who does it all the time, thus -ist is more superlative too)

compare actor and acrtress, both are artists.
did -ess predate -ist? is -t -ed? nah, probably not, too clumsy

compromiss is        complete? promise        mutual promise
and remembering (восстанавливая по честям, в памяти или быть может не только)

раскрыть карты в большой политике - показать что собипраешься сделать. Политические карты.

игральные карты это подмена понятия (может изх зэкам запрещают чтоб у них карты ассоциировались с игрой, а не с планом действий (будь то хитрый план побега из тюрьмы или ограбление банка)

всем преступникам следует понимать "весна покажет кто где срал" и это метфорически показано, что жизнь человеческая тоже идёт волнами, и между совершённым событием и

светлая душа - умный человек
тёмная душа - глупый человек

синонимы порождаются плохим знанием языка уважаемым иностранным лектором.

когнаты - другое прочтение того же слова в разных языках

This style of marking some text in gray has disadvantage of being protected from copying. But it is  very poor protection, becuse it only prevents deute copy+paste.

What if my eyes were broken by niotebook? I had to sit close to the screen to type. My eyes just rolled off their screw. Now I broke the keyboard and I bought myself extra-notebook one. And I hope my head will pull my eyes back at their place wherever it is.

truth saddens people. And I had some good thoughts about religion: I was
And if I don't speak absolute truth, why bother? Absolut truth would sadden even more.
I need to be independent from people I don't want to tell whole the truth to.
To boss, to bros, but to be untrue with a bro is some shitty trait. I am too different with the bro, he should have understood me.

So I \\

some unexpected moves may tell that we're living in a virtual reality of many possibilities. as if I was awakened in a very tiny chance not to die (and that demonstrated to me the deadliness of the roads) And the other time I poured water on my right hand before shaking it with a witch, and then I had my mom between us and her witch wanted to shake a hand with me, and my mother was in a halat (resp[ected foreign lecturer doesn't know the term again) bathrobe, made of махровый (не махеровый) terry, terry wardrobe bathrobe is the word, and bath make this robe terry.
Как так получилось что в россии тюремную одежду стали называть робою, когда в английском robe is халат?
in russian we avoid this is, but we had some tradition of adding s here and there, some ass we don't mention now.

and watching for robes I found

господь бог меня прости

я пришл с богослужения, при том что я послушал nine inch nails, и там они были.. я впервые ухнал о чм песня хэд лайк э хоул за час до похода в церковь..

глаза глядят

к безгрешности легко прийти просто не делая того чего не хочется (я так пришёл к святости похоже что: сегодня был в храме на службе и они пели господи помилуй, но мне не о чем просить господа, он даёт мне всё о чём я прошу, я должен его хвалить, благодарить, я протестант.

да, я должен был сказать да.

разные крёстные знамения рисуют восьмёрки, только русское голову против-часовой крутит, а сердце по часовой. А европейское наоборот - сердца у них как камень а головы огонь.
А не, подождите, европейцы крутят сердце по часовой, а голову отключали противчасовой, жили сердцем. А наши, русские живут головой но сердца несчастными делают? Это гордыня. Open your heart (это европейской культуры призыв. как болты откручивает или закручиваем. Да нет, вс не то, смысл в том, что сердце слева, и европейцы вокруг сердца крутят крстное знамение, а русские мимо, с право груди, типа супер православные.

и я придумал экуменическое знамение: не крестом, но кругом. и то и другое в конечном итоге означает солнце же, звезда по имени солнце крест это лучи.

и я экспериментировал с кругами, когда понял, что смысл крутить вокруг сердца. я не уверен где откручивание, а где закручивание, но открывают сердца спереди, как банку откручивал бы по часово (изнутри.  а снаружи если смотреть, то как обычно банку откручивают: против часовой)

я должен был уехать. я хочу жить вечно. я буду счастлив на костре.
you don't know me yet. теперь я должен умереть. не сильно хочу, но похоже придтся. я провоцирую мир. мир не любит выскочек.

не сцать. прорвёмса

когда искал robe гугл выдал то, что заставило меня спросить: это целенаправленная реклама от тех, кто смотрит роботом за всеми? искусственны интеллект пытается использовать против меня таргетированную рекламу? или они о том же, что я откапываю независимо от меня?

P под воротничком чтоли? что оно может означать? то, где встречаются губные (латинское P) и язычные (русское P)

b d
p q

M в центре это мать, а по бокам Satan и Angel? A и Λ как единое el? y'll, y'all

M вода, S и А оба аш?


мать вода
отец огонь

mater water (vada)
pater  father (dada)
          fire  (atata)


I know what to offer the jews: everybody will know that pharaoh is faggot. farting? something like that.
For that I want them to let my people go.
And it will be our compromise: I will promise them eternal bliss, and they promise me not to oppress my people. Let my people go I sing to them like Moses, because they're the pharaohs now, in russian we also call our government pidors, because (or that's why) they do всё через жопу.

Я молю бога чтоб он сделал нас всех лучше.
Я почувствовал что мне не за что просить у богна прощения, потому что те мои грехи, которые я понимаю, я усердие прилагаю чтоб исправить, я прошу у него прощение если я дурак, но есть мнение, что когда бог давал миссию, он мою глупость включил в уравнение.
у равн ени е
у равно any e
у равнен ие
у равны ie
y равны ij and thus j = e and we also know that j = i iij is swashed minuscule III
e = i
and thus let's comnpare their lines
m and G are sorta opposites. m would be better with f, and thus we have the 15 letter alphabet's lines:
f looked like Y: 𐤅

я дикий, а должен быть тихий

терять и тырить

гореть и жарить

висеть и вешать

под лестью подлость (хуже (ниже) лести или после лести)
а потому никогда не начинай свою речь с лести, не пытайся понравиться
(меня научили этой хуйне в школе ораторского мастерства, которая оказалось какой-то хуетой, сбором компромата даже, это безумие)

Я должен был отказаться говорить против легализации конопли. Меня развели как молодого. Я и есть молодой. Если я не нарабатываю практики общения, то откуда у меня навык общения появится.

бесы beasts
на небеси ни беси (птахи только, а звери все с небес извергаются. летучие мыши наверное выносили мозг как исчадия ада (а они в пещерах живут, так что не с небес (но иногда они кружат на открытом воздухе, на югах подобное видел)

правда проста

подло, плохо
пиздато? но тут же и пиздануто (мат переворачивает х-о и п-о)
х lingul
p labial
(both voiceless)
what are the voiced pairs of them?
g-o  is gosudarstvo and govno
b-o is bozhestvo, thus p-o is what? was it considered bad until it was considered good?

I'm drunk now so prepare for some blatant scribomania? what is the word? graphomania.

Or maybe not. Let me ponder on ABCSD in s this condition,. The typos are awful ,. so maybe this is the condition to look for them. So fart I see that , is י the и
е typoos, baby, and my ass hurtsas, I am dying.

tht was m,y automatic writing and thoat was something I was what I'm drunk why should I look into the previous line to make that metatext. I want to merge with metaverse, mark zuckerberk is a crazy fucker, I think he's alien enough to merge our minds into one product.

I am drunk и я не грешу, ибо я сумасшедш,  алкокал. брат. тупой ебалай. я хочу жить вечно, но я хочу убитьт себя это бред я уже го отмечал. я пропустил е, и пьяный столь туп что записал и это. пут туп.
тупин залупин
но я должен буду с ним породниться во власти над этим народом. я буду частью оппозиции, которая может быть даже будет допущена до выборов, чтоб королевски победить, обеспечив путину транзит власти (обосновав своё решение победой над преступностью, но разведением коррупции с которой бороться наша задача. перед путиным ставилась задача победа над преступностью, а не над коррупцией. он справился со своей задачей, теперь следующий этап, а он зщаслужил *(любовью многих россиян готовых его охранять как бога и вождя) спокойное проживание на построенной для себя дачей.
Блин, это такая мелочь для всей россии, уж точно не обеднеет, если среди леса вырос дворец.
слава путину, и слава новому королю.

pause and positive. what is the connection? serpentza used that wordplay in one of his videos.

калугу следует переименовать в лугу, я твой луга, я твой колега

и это был пьяный базар. ебать-копать. сейчас пришёл из церкви и дунувший.
зачем я ходил в церкву?

церковь чёрных, "батюшки", "отцы", всё сплошь пархатые, агитируют за ратный подвиг, а рядом кладбище гоев, а на территории храма кладбище бывшего священника (видимо таким образом могилы оказывались внутри храма, когда храм расширяли.
церковь чёртова чертог. чердак.

я вызвался реормировать церковь

Во имя отца и сына означает преемственность поколений и as above so below.
Добавление "и святага духа" могло быть попыткой избавиться от семейного заклинания во имя продолжения рода, подменив в нём понятия отца родного на отца небеснага, ибо Иисус велел не называть никого на земле отцом, ибо есть де у вас отце небесны.
Добавление "и святага духа" могло быть вызвано открытием концепта триединости божества кем-нибудь из платонической школы, например столь почетаемым ихми Аристотелем.
их и ich, эта местоимённая антонимия не объясняется разделением вы и ты на мы и те.
совпадение? думаю, нет. должно быть ему какое-то объяснение. Предыдущая версия о племени их, которое было первым лицом для одних и третьим лицом для других.
ich is read not as ih, but as ish in Bavaria. Is it ишь of you? jish of jij? or did it come to me from ишь ты!"

See that t-like letter between L and M? It sounds as W

which especially in the light of italian alphabet may be yet another explanation of the position of M.

Old Norse used a duodecimal counting system, with its words for "one hundred and eighty" meaning 200 and "two hundred" meaning 240.[6] On British Isles, this style of counting survived well into the middle ages as the long hundred.
How could have I never heard of it! That is something to dig into, that's for sure

Even though Odin is believed to have inveted three aettir, maybe before that they used only 12 signs and hence the 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 months, two times 12 hours and other mostly arbitrary divisions (divination is a very similar word) because there are 13 moons per year.
The long hundred, also known as the great hundred or twelfty,[1] is the number 120 (in base-10 arabic numerals) that was referred to as "hundred" in Germanic languages prior to the 15th century, and is now known as one hundred and twenty, or six score. The number was simply described as hundred and translated into Latin in Germanic-speaking countries as centum (Roman numeral C), but the qualifier "long" is now added because present English uses the word "hundred" exclusively to refer to the number of five score (100) instead.
The long hundred was 120 but the long thousand was reckoned decimally as 10 long hundreds (1200).

and suddenly rz is closer to т than both ж and r and suddenly I realize that as K is half of Ж so Г is half of T, because C & D are forms of the same lingual T (d is g in russian)
итак качественное отличие язычных, которое мы наблюдаем сегодня изначально было количественным, может оттуда в диалектике (диаволектике) осталось поверие что "количество переходит в качество"

А удивительно что я нашёл церковь как путь реформирования страны, как путь самоопределения, как телевизионны проповедник, ценности христианства переложенные на язык атеистов, чтоб проповедовать слово христово тем кто и не хотел подобное слушать, но почему мы (я атеистполовину времени, а вторую половину

 I became religious to understand how those who invented alphabets thought, and now I understand that G's power is love, it doesn't stone people with rocks or rockets, it shines on them with itself, and some of us reach out to it (like flowers and birds do) and some of us run away from it (like mushrooms and snakes) and thus it is the division between good and bad towards those snakes and mushroom, also because flowers and birds are of no danger to us, while snakes and mushrooms can kill people.

Ah, yeah, you do not konw about it, I brought it in my new notebook.
Suddenly I see that the volumes I will place the manuscripts in are 4 14 and so on, and that the distance between those volumes could be baout four years. I think vol. 14 was created in 2021 and vol.4 was created in 2019 and I thought to myself that the distance could be longer, like how coul would it be that
could is cool'd? cool would? would is wasd?was?
was? was what? what is was?

Thinking of pan the toilet bowl, I thought of uniting pan and bidet and drying fan in one thing and what would I call it? It would be nice to call it something between those lines, something between pan and bidet, pd? pq!!! pisatt and qaqatt
puke? пукать, покакать, покака have one more ka than pooka, which makes sense, because puk is fart and pokakai is shit
was q removed from greek because of its obsenity? did they rememe p to pitt moving it away from pisatt by inventing word ssatt for the same thing? as if s is saka not p piss, when b~c and thus p~s
But I never accurately proven that b~c, I only met several cases where it was, but I usually remember only чего [чево] and what were the other ones? is v~г by the means of ν and ŋ?
and now l could be w, which makes M double w, while w is double v itself, and thus M is 4 N? N is ν
or if l was v (not j? is it where u and и меет?)
Λ being ł being v makes more sense because M being double Λ makes much more sense than it being what.. I don't even remember, there definitely was some mess in math logic. just as one tooth of Λ was equal to two teeth of W, but then Λ could be seen as two sticks, but then swash theory and the form of l and the middle form of λ tell that l is 1. and thus Λ M as 1 2 make much of sense, and then N is 3 and then it IS taken as three sticks, and if you want to see it in the form of three teeth, the best I can give is 𓈕 (which is 7 on a verage. sometimes 5, often more, never saw three teeth in that hieroglyph it will be a big day here when I finally see a three-horn water or whatever that n is.

нечто лучше чем изобретение: придумк использовать существующие предметы по новому.

например, туфлим на платформе не ради фанковского образа, а ради тепла. зимой в россии.

две ванны как зап-части для сбора мини-сферы. две ванны лучше чем одна, определённо. я был в меньшей площади в неком неведомом комфорте.
Две самые большие существующие в продаже акриловые ванны. подвесить кулёк через отверстия в верхней капсуле. зачем мне ванны, если я могу просто кулёк подвесить в сетке.
плёнка, сетка, это же всё известные вещи. следует изобретать новые вещи, собранные из этих уже существующих вещей.
затем что ключом любопытная пакость не проткнёт если плотно сомкнуть. но как их закрыть чтоб изнутри открывать?

Glagolica is the oldest alphabet of the Slav people. 7 Gospels writen in glagolica are preserved and they all have Macedonian origin. None of the manysccripts today can be found in Macedonia.
Later, Glagolica is suppressed by Cyrilic alphabet. Glagolica signs have there own deep structure and symbolic. Glagolica lines also carrys strict individual peculiaritys which can be found in the beginning of any other litteracy.
Some think that in big part of glagolica prints are engraved some ancient codes of older alphabet.
However, beside many studys, big part of this alphabet stays covered with veil of secret-the secret of European litteracy, symbolic, message, imaginative code. And you can dive in to depth of the secret alphabet and the 7 secret books written in glagolica, which parts are spread all over the litterature metropolas all over the world.

I wonder what that ⰔⰋⰔ stands for, I only managed to find this:
Ⱄ occurs frequently with it's inversion (Ⰻ) in the abbreviation of the name of Jesus (ⰋⰔ (IS)).
I also wonder why does unicode draws  so 8-like:

this is a very interesting movie, I timestamped the relevant part:

a little bit worse quality but with english subtitles:

probably this screenshot from the movie may explain that ⰔⰋⰔ as repeating ⰋⰔ, Jesus, IS.

one of the comments reads: Kept for prosperity, refound in early 20th c. "The Essene Gospels of Peace", ed., E. B Szekely, in Aramaic in the Secret Archives of the Vatican and "old Slavonic" in Royal Archives of the Habsburgs , now of Austria.
That film tells that God speaks in vowels only, and then yeah is yes and oh is no, 0, and that is the chromatic sequence of all five vowels. odd number three for yes the way odd number one is in the language of educated dogs, and even number two for no.

if Jah is related to G of god then is it.. Gea?  then again is gea reah? I wonder what ancient text mentions them both in one sentence. Because if they are given from texts of different people nd periods
(I haму have bought the new keyboard, so why do I keep on using the old ones! did I tell yiou I have found that notebooks could be the reason I went blind: the distance from the hands determine the distance between screen and eyes. And it could cause the blindness, the eyes held too close to the screen may untune the
Pay before the operation, or else the doctor may think that you could be a trickster who wants to be cured without payment and he could make operation worse than he otherwise would. Also don't speak to the doctor, don't bother him with unwanted information, not to distort his reflexes, sportsmen play better when they do not think. So do musicians. Play is of flesh. Play should be involuntary. The vol in that word is will, воля [volya] in russian, voluntas in latin where I will is volo. велю [velyu] in
But then again that was especially true when I was injected with anestethia and simply sat there when I could go and pay. Or should I not leave the seat not to lose it to someone? Life is difficult to decide. I wish I was more socialized, but to get that I would have to be socializing instead of being introverted. Introversion made me special, very useful, which is better for humanity than me I think, but then I never have job as Brian Eno recommends and I knew it before I heard him. Somehow I felt it.

and I also embedded it here to show you the word certain (as the ai made it in automatic english subtitles, I would make a worse job hearing it as some. It also decypheres as draw what I recognize as drew. It also understandably recognizes scenius as serious or seniors, it thus shows the metaphysical so to say connection between these two words so similar in both sound and sense, and that actually relates them to the new enochian word, which actually adds up to the concept of childish genius the serious part of the seniors which actually helped that machine going well into the implementation. those automatic subs also imagines some interesting thing (that before their task for example, which was just an exhale, did he say it under his breath like in some other frequency, with air only? I mention it in case you meet that ai-transcriber in some even better form, though what it can do so far is really impressing. It also recognized Hm as And, and that hm is actually Am. M. is it and? is 𓈕 and? and that  stands for 𓈖, I have to mention that it is the water-like wavelike phonogram for n,  but maybe it's m, I'm not sure if I'm not imagining things) 𓈕 is recognized as some fang-like figure, as if that and is ,
I see order in chaos now. Or is it some conspiracy of those who know it all. Buyt knowing people I know they usually don't know shit. But that is a mean thing to say, but Hanlon's razor demands not to attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity (both are the same, but the latter is less offensive and less.. even less respectful if you wish. Malice doesn't automatically mean stupidity, but on the deeper layer it definitely is the lack of wisdom. That subtitle-maker also capitalized Future which is very interesting. It seems that the Future is something sacred to the ai. And I understand with it and I agree with it: future is something very real which is never present in the moment unless the world is deterministic.

seing as видеть от слова се? вы? твы? как в слове твоё? сравни с ваше. ваше вас, твоё тебя. бя is of? russians like to place english prefixes into the end of the words.

otium post negotioum, notice how otium reminds russian отдых and negotium reminds english negotiation

урОк Урок, окУрок. русские может от этого не сильно образованный народ, что и образование бывает злокачественным, и даже от доброкачественного пользы не особенно. промывка мозгов с целью отупления.

yantra, mantra, and what were the chances that looking for the third mother I recalled tantra!
I wonder if that -ntra thing has any relation to russian nutro (insides) because both languages are considered to be extremely related.
and trying to find if there are others, it seems there are only these three

It is funny that x can be read as both h and z, because in polish they use z instead of h: cz is ch, sz is sh.

R could be making claster with S because in polish RZ is not only ZH, but also SH when preceded by voiceless consonants, so three is trzi [tʃi]

Польское wąsy сближает слова усы и волосы

about t~v thing: is word "elves" just a cypher for "elites"?

Does v reflect t the same way f reflect t? is it not v~t but f~t? even w is f in polish, but they all save their labial/lingual form, except that t~f and г~v (чего [чево], duh) are they the same thing and are they that mythical egg of Ѳ transliterated as f in the east and as t at the west. f is p? t is d? pd is that egg?
I would expect it to be bt, because of how alphabet places them first and last and because russian places voiced at the first half of it and voiceless at the second half, as if it is more important than labiality or linguality of it, hence Ѳ placed somewhere between those two halves, btw, numerologically, it was sorta retired at the end. Is it why russian society is in dismal? Are we really robbed? We're robbed. And now I am to tell to the robber to let my people go, or rather to let off my people leaving them the land? No, making them hand the land to the population actually living there. So that the institution was such that they would elect them leaders. And if some Detroit elect niggers and decay, that would be their fate and their example, they would grasp their karma like that, but the quesion is "is it humane to let them go down like that?" What do you offer? To let everybody else suffer from someone else's choices? Would you consider that humane? Thanks, but no thanks. Those fuckers can always leave their territory, which is kinda humane, but what if those are the white guys who made that city great and niggers who multiplied and spoilt it would leave to keep on rotting in that free world. But then again why not allow some anarchy in some special reservations? ghettos are humane if you can always leave them. It's incarcerations are concentration camps. Some people commit crimes. Should we allow them? Let make sure their karma doesn't forget about them, and maybe even abolish governments sometimes.

And I think what I'm describing is pretty much along the lines of chinese social rating system.

And that I should stop being interested in politics and to


And the new session begins.

I took another tooth out. now three of them are gone and one is missing (only 3 wisdom teeth can be seen on x-ray shots.
Are they fucking implants I think to myself right after thinking that I'm crazy why so because gave to take my tooth (but mostly I'm mad about how it was done: havibng it broken (he should have filled it with some concrete first so it wouldn't break off when pulled. so he had to work with elevators and the way they do it is they pierce the gum under the tooth to pull the broken pieces out. I wonder what does this procedure make with the jaw. Now I move my lower jaw (that one was on the upper. I wonder how jaws meet at that place with the same function of the tissurre. I wonder if it is not the centre of the expression of our genome so people get alder olso because he loses teeth not only the other way arouynd.

I want to kill myself when I remember bad behaviour. I have to be perfect not to remember that.
I should think about something else all the time. Not this book. 15 is more than enough. I was ritualized by soviet reality, now I want to switch myself off. But let it stand for being isolated on your own conditions instead of public facility.

В православном храме, кстати, был адский концерт: сначала тётки читали молитвы древним непонятным языком и на одной ноте всё полумёртвыми голосами.
Затем начали петь, пели красиво. Они обычно умеют красиво петь (невелика наука, централизованно обучили скорее всего) Затем начали священники на задней сцене начали молиться вслух.
Но эти поют уже так себе, но там может не в голосе дело: всё это священнодейство вводит человека в транс, я это осознал, и само это осознание скорей всего стимулировало мой вход в этот неглубокий но действенный (особенно потому что незаметный) транс. Человек становится доверчивей, послушней, но что они сделали с этим моим послушанием? съесть тесто без дрожжей заставили (настойчиво порекомендовал священник с которым пообщаться пришёл. Не знаю ещё что он подумал про моё нежелание пить вина.Я-то про себя подумал, что без исповеди к причастию не допускаются. Знает ли он это? Я его видел в первый раз тогда.

Я желаю праввослвавную церковь реформировать, сделав её церковью кающихся, водящих хороводы вокруг церкви против часовой, чтоб бог на них не смотрел? не знаю что ещё хочу. Но ощутил, что мне в той церкви делать было нечего: люди каялись, а мне было каяться не в чем. тоже мне святой нашёлся. и я тут же согрешил зардевшийс загордившись
ьс=сй = сь is/in one sound.

съ with
сь self
тъ that
ть to (te in dutch)
My eyes become better since I pulled my face away from the screen by almost an elbow since I attached the external keyboard to my notebook.

oh what I just found!
Рана рвана. Увидите это словосочетание в сканах журналов, который появится в томе 24,
а мы продолжим эту мысль здесь (в следующей итерации этой работы, где я разберу этот рандом по темам, естественно выкинув весь шлак а может и камни, а пока мы продолжаем:
рана рвана ров не вырыт, он разорван, изначально рвы появлялись либо потому что земля сползла и дёрн порвался, либо дерево упав вырвало землю либо зверь лапой порвал, звери роют! до изобретения лопат рыли, но и люди палками рыли, но ведь мы палками и звели лапками лапки=палки? bone? pole? pole определённо когната с палкой.

если рвать подобно орать, но с добавленным в для обозначения вырывания внутреннего содержимого, то не будет ли слово врать более содержимым. Но здесь я осознал что аффрикаты могут менять положение компонентов, сравни who и hvo как его раньше записывали. Тогда врать происходит от образного сравнения вранья с блевотиной (человек ртом несёт непотребности)

карать качать. Русским повезло, что курсив ч выгляит как курсив r, потому что после похода в церковь у меня появилась навязчивая мысль о том чтоб бог меня покарал, типа чувствую себя виноватым, корюсь, от слова покориться? покорить себя, значит исполнить чужую волю а не свою.
в общем когда бог меня как ляльку в люльке покачал мол узбагойса, я понял что вот то что выше

если врать~рвать, то противопоставление
врать срать являет собой начало и конец алфавита, в после б как с перед т, и оба представления кластеры. телос = конец в греческом, hence теломеры. мера может быть и центральной буквой.
а было представлено в первом логотипе БиоВивы: 𒀭 читается как ан (и является ли это диалектной формой слова Эль, и является ли это слово формой знакомого нам из французского elle вопросы всё открытые)

Надо опубликовать работу "религиозные представления древних, обнаруженные во время исследования систем письма" или что-то вроде подобного. (раз уж в теологию забрёл убралса)

pastor faster (fasts)

is dead participium passivi? from what word? do? done? from die, baka

Подвижник подвижный

Послушник послушный

Церковь учит послушанию. Всякая власть от Бога является непреложной истиной. Всех кто был против терзали убивали и что толку что канонизировали позже, канонизаторы занимались тем же самым.

Я признал что всякая власть от бога, побывав в тюрьме где проявлял послушание не только государственным властям (меня закрыли за неподчинение, и там очевидно, что за неподчинение они карают даже если сразу бить не будут, впаяют дополнительный срок за побег. да и сбежать не дадут, у них работа держать людей взаперти в очень некомфортных услових. Это больная хуйня если взглянуть на неё как инопланетянин. Как инопланетянин я бы сосредоточился на предотвращении и исправлении проступков (даже преступлениями всё начиная от косяка до половины списка и относить-то некорректно) проступки ведут к более серьёзным происшествиям, если их немедленно не присекать. не присекать, а пресекать, перед, а не при как в пристёгнут. при нём когда. пред ним. пред скорей всего то при плюс до. при до. при том месте оно останавливается. до и вот где-то там предел. до как до-рога? рога как каменна? rock рог. roll роль? rock'n'roll roguing role. and thsi phonetic similarity correlates to semantic meaning of that rite: rite or order? Musical orders perform rites, like churches do.

Semmelweis probably entroduced a ritual, and because "scientifically isn't proven" (though it was, but I met today a dumbest retard, who said (quite rationally and righteously)

хирурги ходят с гножами, не беси их сучара. И я выбрал путь Земмельвейса, и пошёл не куда нибудь, а в церковь.  Сумасшедший? Брат мнее давно говорит. Он меня газлайтит. Для него будет удобно, если я не буду представлять опасности. Мне следует уехать.

что это за хрень? не разочаровал ли я читателей этой фигнёй? Нужна новая версия. 15 went sour, even with all those good things which are here present, I feel urge to make it in some other format.

But maybe I will keep on writing here some ran dom staff, who knows.  Time will show. Now I must start the creation of the new form.

Let's invent this form right here.

Cognates book will be good, but it will write itself.


A  I  U

Math Myth Music

E Medic, O Motion? Physics? O is the world around us, all around us. Chemistry things will be in there. I will make my own school program, in which people would understand science, instead of some of history of science they substitute it with now.
mAth mEd mYth mOtion mUsic
mAth and mYth are obviously the first two. Numbers and Letters, and Numbers appeared before Letters, and thus numbers influenced letters.

Я буду продолжать эту серию, даже когда в остальных предметах разложу все находки по новой.
Потому что не всегда понятно куда выведет путь моей мысли.

Suddenly I realize that I shouldn't worry about my fate, because with what I have to say I am not to live anyway, so instead of worrying I should care about protecting myself from all the causes of possible death, to live in ...errr, not here to say it, to build it for real.

mAth & mYth
mOtion & mEdicine
(motion is measured in numbers and mathematical precision, medicine is all text of weird words and verbal recepies. Even though sometimes numbers appear to measure dosages and proportions, just as mOtion thing also explains itself in text. So when we know A Y we can see their combinations: AY and YA and if we look at it from english point of view, AY is I and YA is You, and in this division You is Я which is the final letter, just as T which is present in Tы, and thus V and T meet again, as Вы и Ты, as You of U and Thee of T, and it is interesting that T in DNA is substituted for U in RNA.
And in this division of T and V, T is also That, and V is also We.  So DNA is we, and RNA is it.
Will it be in the mEdicine part of the following version? The basics of biochemistry?
Music will begin as whatever I have discovered so far and goes wherever it likes.

What for! Why would I want to do something that will never come to fruition in this corrupted world!
I know how to make myself immortal. I must make myself immortal. I must focus on making myself immortal. Simple as. Everything that isn't bringing me closer to that objective is taking me away from it. Stop procrastinating. Make yourself immortal. That's it. After that maybe you will be able to finish this task of discovering what the alphabet may bring.

Roman numerals are sexagenary: XL is 60
and then we know 360, not 3600, which we would have if 60 was all we got, and thus IV is 6

in roman numerals (unlike in runes and ogham) lingual is double labial (which doesn't make much sense, because there are two lips. But then they do: two lips are as good as one tonuge, and thus one lip is worth half of the tongue: two lips make up one tongue, and X is equal two V's just as 10 is two 5's

if V was 5, then it was
I ? ?
? V ?
? ? ? X
and it looks like it could be the case, and let's find what letters were used for numerals along with these 6 we know of, I remember there was S, I wish it was 9, because if X was read as t, as they say it was,
but nope:

The base "Roman fraction" is S, indicating 1⁄2. The use of S (as in VIIS to indicate 71⁄2) is attested in some ancient inscriptions[45] and also in the now rare apothecaries' system (usually in the form SS):[44] but while Roman numerals for whole numbers are essentially decimal S does not correspond to 5⁄10, as one might expect, but 6⁄12.
The Romans used a duodecimal rather than a decimal system for fractions, as the divisibility of twelve (12 = 22 × 3) makes it easier to handle the common fractions of 1⁄3 and 1⁄4 than does a system based on ten (10 = 2 × 5). Notation for fractions other than 1⁄2 is mainly found on surviving Roman coins, many of which had values that were duodecimal fractions of the unit as. Fractions less than 1⁄2 are indicated by a dot (·) for each uncia "twelfth", the source of the English words inch and ounce; dots are repeated for fractions up to five twelfths. Six twelfths (one half), is S for semis "half". Uncia dots were added to S for fractions from seven to eleven twelfths, just as tallies were added to V for whole numbers from six to nine.[46] The arrangement of the dots was variable and not necessarily linear. Five dots arranged like (⁙) (as on the face of a die) are known as a quincunx, from the name of the Roman fraction/coin. The Latin words sextans and quadrans are the source of the English words sextant and quadrant.
Each fraction from 1⁄12 to 12⁄12 had a name in Roman times; these corresponded to the names of the related coins:

there there are some other interesting directions I would dig in
According to Paul Kayser, the basic numerical symbols were I, X, C and Φ (or ⊕) and the intermediate ones were derived by taking half of those (half an X is V, half a C is L and half a Φ/⊕ is D).
here, found it:
7     S, Z     Presumed abbreviation of septem, Latin for 7.
S as Seven makes no much sense than M for mille, so I discard this hypothesis and only suppose they didn't have numerals fo 2346789 that those were some combinations of the previous ones
I II III and only natural for human ear it would be to use some other letter for the next word, and thus V being Vier is supported once again. And then VI VII VIII would follow and X would be not be 8 but then I would break that nice 365 sum and would haver something else (I will ponder on it too, but now I only see that VIII is as difficult to pronounce in one take as IIII, even more difficult than that, so I suppose X to be 8 when the system was invented, but I must explore the other possibility:
V VII VII.. and suddenly I realize that VIII is where X is 8, because V is 4.  Okay, so it's the other system I should explore, the one I theorized just now
1 2  3
4  5   6
7  8   9
And then superscripted I would be the 10, and it is interesting that it looks like T that way, and in eastern hieroglyphs (not sure if genuinely chinese or japanese) is To and 十
Actually it's in some japanese form To, for in chinese it's Shi (S~T!?) and hence japanese Ju, or the other way around, I don't know, but it's pleasure to notice that they all are lingual.
And though we mostly know 5 the 五 as Go, there's also ウー used for 5 in legal documents, and it sounds as U or even Woo, which give hope, but then I remember four and 四 's famous shi, no hope for labiality (suddenly does that word relate to liability? for simbolically yin is of that passive and negative value, but that's not for sure so, but I consider it the most popular view, which also may be true and original. ) 五つ is also いつ, and here c of g is i, see г in srbsk coursive I gave before, okay I will repeat:

I used to call it srbsk-hrvtsk solely because the word is funny, but hrvtsk is in latin font.

notice how П and T in minuscule are similar to russian, but as if that overline reverses them: п т

And while I was looking for croatian cursive, I found what they call gothic or german coursive:

And this thing may bring many revelations so much tabooed and obscured all this gothic thing is.
For example, notice how much ch looks like Ч, but then sch looks like Ш or even Щ
Look how much l looks like b, which resembles the ł standing for w
It's fascinating that umlaut dots are placed by adding them after the letter, thus making those invariants nasal and юсы and +n
t being a form of s makes more sense than making it a form of l (though it is both: it's voiceless l, but shourt s, and I think I compared ʃ to l not so long ago)
Notice how u is a form of n. Does that curve reverse the letter?
and more casual coursive actually also has some weird forms:

but actually here only G is weird for me, others are so-so.
That G is acually similar to serpska Д (compare their minuscules too, to see why it's important)

四つ [よっ, yotsu] makes me question if first numerals were also represented in some vowel forms:

四 ё
五 и
but 三 immediately backs me up, because it only has san and mi for me.
But then if 五 is и, how do they distinguish it from 一 which is also и?

いつ 五つ
ひと 一つ   (is it a bug of or is it actual thing when つ is read as と? or is it 一つ read as hito being standing for one man? I am an online-translator tier of linguist, I'm not very prominent in the subject I discuss, I guess I am that fool who stands his questions before the wisemen. Somebody has to do this job, because even if you consider wisdom in no need to answer questions, you cannot deny that the progress is caused by that continuous enquiry.
so itsu is five, hitsu is one. even though it works with i too:
いち 一  (itsu is 5, ichi is 1, but then i is also used for one, I wonder if it's also used for five)
And looking into with い I can see that it returns 5
and also you:
汝[い] which is interesting because you is U is V is 5
But then I found it:
 イ 1st in a sequence denoted by the iroha system; 1st note in the diatonic scale (used in key names, etc.)​
This iroha sequence could be the etymology of ichi, but then that could be the other way around and i stood for one and I wonder what syllable is used for two and do such syllables break iroha poem in pieces, but I immediately found that ro is ろ [ro] is 6 which makes me ask if i is acutally 5, it is also funny that i is и which looks like u which is v which is 5 and iro is 56 and if ha is seven I will be shocked.
But then I found this:  ロ 2nd in a sequence denoted by the iroha system; 2nd note in the diatonic scale (used in key names, etc.)​
and it is interesting, because i is both 1 and 5, and ro is both 2 and 6 and that Ro could be related to k which is the first consonant in the East in general.
Just as 一 (1) is ichi, 八 (8) is hachi and thus iroha kinda go like 568 dropping 7 I wonder why, and a more rigorous part of me wonders if all these are not some wicked coincidence.

I said that yin is bad (for so I was taught) but I noticed that it is not for sure. And now I saw how not sure it was:  thinking of how satanic russian church is (and it is not exception from the rule in this world being in the hands of satan according to the christian narrative itself) and thinking of cross being 4-angle star and star being 5-angle one, and how russian church is obsessed with soviet legacy, being an fsb structure it is, but then stars represent males and four-angle objects may represent females, and then 5 is satanic and 4 is godly and males monger wars and make the most of murders, while females give life, I think the yin-yang dychotomy is false being corrupted by this satanic patriarchical world.
But then I told you it's merely a draft, take it as a food for thought, but not as a word of god.

Hight again, it's 2:30 of 7th of December of year 2021 and it make it over 8 years since I first made this work public, which gives this world about a couple of years until I make it. People are slow, I know. But maybe somebody makes scientific career in that period only to promote my thing. Or maybe I learn how to promote it right. I have to find my way myself, so not to only hope on honesty of that person or on the justice of the juridical system (aka juristical, juristic, but those could be some uncorrect variant, I almost wrote juridic before I checked dictionary to see how exactly it goes, though I expected that al, I wasn't sure. And why do I write it? because my ear feal weird because mygum is open, they have damaged my jaw those animals I even paid to take my tooth away: big pharma made them remove them so that a person wants an implant, so he keeps on being their customer, from now on I will take my teeth away myself. I visit those butchers only if I have some misdeed, and I will not allow them to leave medicine in my gum. Let my gum cover my toothhole fast. I wonder what may make

Что за больной мир, в котором мы живём, где врачи враги. братие. братство, они клятву дают. Не навреди, что они могут знать. Мне нужны пирсингисты, что презрели этот безумный пиздец. Что удалят зубы не оглядываясь на запреты докторской братии. И это слово выдаёт в них средоточие академического болота, тот же термин, доктора как доктора наук. в других школах используют другие слова: мастер, (мастер спорта, мастер на заводе, мастер культа. но похоже что это слово из той же серии, просто ниже рангом, но на самом деле это практики, практики берут себе звание мастера, they master in it. теоретики называются докторами, значит это теоретики отличаются от мастеров медицины? магистр is the word. magister is probably higher than doctor. master is higher than merelty doctor.
академик, магистр, доктор.
Эти падлы знают эту тему.

Я презираю врачей. За то что большинство (подавляющее большинство, большинство изживающее честных врачей в частную практику. Там и надо искать учителей. И я в первую очередь включаю непотизм и выбераю из тех кого я знаю. И я вижу одного кандидата: пожилого хирурга живущего в ебенях, и почему мне приходят подобные мысли о встречах когда за полночь и нельзя договориться о встрече. Надо записать на whiteboard чтоб завтра не забыть.

должен доложен. ору ура
уйди иду
бери иреб? греб
дай яд? еда! едай. но семантика не сходится.

Я буду продавать зубоудалялку. головка щипцов, закреплённая на верстаке как тиски, которыми и является, изменяя размер, чтоб раскачивать прежде чем удалять другой насадкой или той же самой, просто движения головой другие делать)
надо только её запатентовать как мини-тиски, но потом продавать как off-label (не по назначению) используемой зубовырывалки
(чтоб медицинские инстанции не заблокировали выпуск и продажу такой мед.техники

институты инстанции.

messager messenger
age enge?
a relic of that arbitrary orthography period maybe
lager lenger? nah.. that is a fluke, not repeated elsewhere, but let's

but then lag takes long  (a ~ õ?) a = one!
но почему тогда в латыни окончание а означает множественное число? или бабу? бабы кучей выживали?

такая себе сессия получилась, другое дело что часть её на листах, впервые упоминающих nft, что тоже не самый лучший симптом (финансы в затылке, наука в префронтальной, одно не должно отвлекать от другого)

Сейчас проснулся, дуну и продолжим.

а во до
во внутри, как и положено по семантике, но до не до а после же. if a is nasal, it makes sense that aftar nasal k goes in the east, they probably know of abCd (and I think they have a separated, but then doesn't labials go with? three скрижали (может потеря одной скрижали объясняет необходимость устной торы? но это же сач э булшит стори: мосес броук a tablet from god and what stopped him from collecting it back, what kind of.. why, don't evwer try to ratianalize torah, chances are it is a crazy book so it gets paple crozy
dnst3 baby
(or something similar, I just picked this one out, because it explains a lot, though I am still not aware of its pharmakodynamics. Now this is pharma I want to explore. Lirttle farma. little farms

только что нашёл в себе психическую травму (больную бабушку любимых двоюродных братьев)

а до этого нашёл что нести значит на себе, а везти в (чём-то) с (with) ти is to, ть.
-ся = with? делается = делает с? done with? within sin? My sin was that I wasn't friendly to that grandma myself. All I had to do is bring her some presents and she would blush and probably be thankful. I was a little teen, what could I know or understand..
But I have such sins friom more recent times. I don't give enough love around. I'm too self-absorbed. And even if this book tells it's deserved, it's still totally uncool.

I cannot be disturbed with thinking of the others. I as if cannot.. I am just not aware enough.

In some paper number 23 where I asked if Teflin is of Devil and added 1 to 5 to 15
I found there I was in such a trance that I wrote +like t instead of to, telling me something deep, they're all the same 十 (римская на 45 градусов повёрнутая) 
оно в японском то, а другое то это да, в значении и, чем работает и известный нам плюс
да в значении да по японски со, что очень близко к то, s & t взаимозаменяемы в мифологической основе: амс это три матери из сефер йециры которая основа каббалы, а амт это три буквы, которые голема оживляют (амт переводится как правда и родственно аминю, который говорят ессены произносят как ауминь, и санскритское Ω (ॐ) можно прочитать по арабски что покамест единственное совпадение между шрифтами которое заметил (может А санскритское добавочное в виде вертикального штриха с арабским алефом родственны, но это не точно, оно может быть родственно латинском лонгису (значку долготы в виде горизонтальной полосы над гласной, но может и совпадением быть)

十 is actually 1 to 4
от и до = of & to
which tells of them being θ before, and that is probably the world's egg, ⴱ ⵀ Θ Φ Ф Ө
They often say that Ө has nothing to do with Ѳ, but those who entroduce that letter knew of Ѳ and at least subconsciously used such a sign for a labial sound, or they say wrong and this is literally the same thing divided so much by dialectal differences in pronounciation.
I consider all those labials be forms of the most female letter Ⱞ [M]
The form of M could influence the way women gave birth in xx century europe and still do, but if the central stroke of Ⱞ is vulva or a belly as at the following picture, then what? I think those other curves could be labia, because look at norsk form of that letter: ᛘ the central stroke is definitely the division betweeen legs. either way, the picture I just promised:

Isn't it considered porn? I promised god not to produce porn, but that is vol.15 I will probably not show to the public. Or I will. I didn't produce this porn, I only distributed it. God will not be happy, but I wished he punished me. I want everything that can happen to be to be my wish. Not all wishes are to be granted, we'll see how tolerant god to my disobedience. I don't produce porn, but where's the limit I am not allowed to transverse? I will learn. I find this picture funny more than pornographic and inspiring more than scary.
I wish to promise god not to distribute porn too if he fixes my asshole. That is not fear, but it also isn't love, it's trade and bargain, something in between.

to promise is to miss for (pro) something? compromiss is quid pro quo.

But does this promise forbid me from spreading this volume? Will I agree or will my asshole be too dirty for god to offer? Will some deVille be willing to cure my ass. I must say, that people take good care of your assholes, don't shit without enema if you didn't shit for three days and of course try not to stick anything in there, it's one way and if you only knew what a mess ass can be, it's surrounded with several arterias, it's literally sacred in both meanings. Also all the faggots should understand that sodomia is next to coprophilia (and suddenly I realize that russian homophobia may be caused by false translation of the word pederasty as buttsex, when it seems to stand for molestation of a kid. педераст не пассивный гомосексуалист, а растлитель малолетних (и хоть оба понятия может быть значительно пересекаются, это не отменяет их неидентичности. может часть причины подобного пересечения лежит и в неверном этом переводе) сейчас пытаясь найти отчего я до 45 неверно понимал это слово или что это за эффект манделлы, самое ближкое что я нашёл это определение педерастии как синоним гомосексуализма: педерастия — мужеложество, гомосексуализм, содомский грех, бульда, сулико, нахариус, леф, журня; версаль, взлёт, вендетта, ротапринт, семьдесят один, бабаджанянка, паровозик, па де труа, па де катр, па де де; содомия, коммаскуляция, уранизм, мужеложство,… …

жом поп жоп

Why did this volume went this way? Is it because 15 can be seen as 1+5 as 6 as sex? In that case vol.6 should also have more sexual content than other volumes, and I checked the 6th volume's folder, and I surely found this:

and though there it is among some random almost random stuff, it is there and I wasn't even aware of it
But what I like more about that volume is that knitting code I wanted to comprehend and still didn't:

But seriously, what were the chances? Was it how that number 6 subconsciously influenced me? Because I don't have obscene images, the nearest two in all the 15 volumes are these two from volumes 1 and 9:

лучезарный заря горя Ζ at the place of G is explained thus

Another night, another three hits, and the first thing I had counting to 60 before exhaling What was it like to the ancients to count? I think their first think would be the more numbers there are the better, so you don't have to make it so annoyingly repetitious, so 60 symbols to count would go handy. And I thought of somer pantheon and I thought of rosary, and in russian it is чётки, от слова читать.

Чётки (от др.-рус. чьтѫ — «считать, читать, почитать») — шнур или лента, чаще всего замкнутые в кольцо, на которых навязаны узелки, нанизаны бусины (зёрна), пластинки или иные однородные элементы. Во многих религиях: индуизме, исламе, христианстве, буддизме используют для счёта прочитанных молитв или иных ритуальных действий, сохранения внимания и концентрации, задания ритма.

Beads are among the earliest human ornaments and ostrich shell beads in Africa date to 10,000 BC.[1] Over the centuries various cultures have made beads from a variety of material from stone and shells to clay.[1]
The English word bead derives from the Old English noun bede which means a prayer.[2][3][4][5] The oldest image of a string of beads in a religious context and resembling a string of prayer beads is found on the fresco of the "Adorants" (or "Worshipers") at the Xeste 3 building of the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, Santorini (Thera,) Greece (Wall Paintings of Thera.)[6] dating from the 17th c. BC (c. 1613 BC.) It originated in Ancient India, its earliest use is seen by Lord Shiva (he wears long Rudraksh Malas).It was used in Hindu Prayers and meditation Hindu prayers in India.Buddhism later on borrowed this concept from Hinduism. As the Ancient Hindus migrated towards West Asia this practice was carried to many parts of the world and became a part of different religions.[1][3][7] [1][3] The statue of a Hindu holy man with beads dates to the third century BC.[3][7]

The number of beads varies by religion or use. Islamic prayer beads, called Misbaha or Tasbih, usually have 100 beads (99 +1 = 100 beads in total or 33 beads read thrice and +1). Buddhists and Hindus use the Japa Mala, which usually has 108 beads, or 27 which are counted four times. Baháʼí prayer beads consist of either 95 beads or 19 beads, which are strung with the addition of five beads below. The Sikh Mala also has 108 beads.
Roman Catholics use the Rosary (Latin "rosarium", meaning "rose garden") with 59 beads. However, Eastern Orthodox Christians use a knotted prayer rope called either a komboskini or chotki, with 100 knots, although prayer ropes with 50 or 33 knots can also be used. In Vita of Saint Paul of Thebes (227 A.D. to 342 A.D.), written by Saint Jerome (347 A.D. to 420 A.D.) it states that Saint Paul of Thebes used pebbles and knotted cord to count prayers.[8] Although Anglo-Catholics have used the Dominican rosary since the 19th century, in the 1980s Rev. Lynn Bauman from the Episcopal Church in the United States of America introduced a Rosary for Anglicans with 33 beads.[9]
The Greek "komboloi" (which are worry beads and have no religious purpose) has an odd number of beads—usually one more than a multiple of four, e.g. (4x4)+1, (5x4)+1.

so all of them are around 100, three times 33 or two times 50 I suppose.
Or the familiar number of 19 read five times to get 95. Is it how they first pultiplied? By counting the same ammount that many times?Maybe alphabet also carry the trace of that practice.

A prayer rope (Greek: κομποσκοίνι – komboskini; Russian: чётки – chotki (most common term) or вервица – vervitsa (literal translation); Arabic: مسبحة‎, romanized: misbaḥa; Romanian: metanii / metanier; Serbian: бројаница / brojanica – broyanitsa; Bulgarian: броеница – broyenitsa; Coptic: ⲙⲉⲕⲩⲧⲁⲣⲓⲁ – mequetaria / mequtaria; Geʽez: መቁጠሪያ/መቍጠርያ – mequteria / mequeteria) is a loop made up of complex woven knots formed in a cross pattern, usually out of wool or silk. Prayer ropes are part of the practice of Eastern-Catholic and of Eastern Orthodox monks and nuns[1] and are employed by monastics (and sometimes by others) to count the number of times one has prayed the Jesus Prayer or, occasionally, other prayers. The typical prayer rope has thirty three knots,
but here's 50 knots divided into five groups by ten:

And it reminds me of gojuon, but then the first find:
> All of the prayer beads I've seen from Japan are sold as Buddhist prayer beads, but there may be specific traditions that have them used for counting prayers - I'm not sure. There's no tradition of rosaries in Shinto or anything like this.
but then again:
Prayer beads are a form of beadwork used to count the repetitions of prayers, chants, or mantras by members of various religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto
And I wondered are there beads with letters? And I began from runes, and surely I got more than I expected: there is seem to be a tradition to combine three runes in one bead, as a form of divination maybe, but that corresponds with aettir being three. I don't know how close to being genuine these are (none of them seem to come in eight or six, but five gives some hope, unlike both ᛉ and ᛗ whom I probably shouyld accept. I will keep on digging in this direction, so far the images:

And when I look further into them, I see that they have the same rune on all three sides, which is an indication of what? Whether it's the way they went, or the prophanity from an ignorant artist or this concept is completely foreign to runes, these are modern artefacts and if they have an underlying tradition is not researched yet, I only speculate here, so I keep on pondering and reporting here whatever comes into my mind, so you copy my thought processs into your heads as you read it, and maybe thus you learn to do the same. I think that three norns were identified with three aettir,

And that lead me to digging some unusually deep things:
In Norse mythology, a fylgja (Old Norse: [ˈfylɡjɑ], plural fylgjur [ˈfylɡjuz̠]) is a supernatural being or spirit which accompanies a person in connection to their fate or fortune.[1]
The word fylgja means "to accompany" similar to that of the Fetch in Irish folklore. It can also mean "afterbirth of a child"[2] meaning that the afterbirth and the fylgja are connected.

so I suppose they fed their placentas to animals who thus became their totem, and maybe all those moloch stories are based upon this practice of sacrificing placentas instead of children themselves and if it was a mistranslation or intentional slander (or even actual atrocious practice of some tyrant over subjugated nations, which I doubt) time will maybe show, but now I feel like taking this hypothesis to /x/ and I notice how iks is the opposite of sci, and though I consider myself one of /sci/ kings, I may also conquer or join /x/ because in the land of blind one-eyed man is king.
Fylgjur usually appear in the form of an animal or a human and commonly appear during sleep, but the sagas relate that they could appear while a person is awake as well, and that seeing one's fylgja is an omen of one's impending death. However, when fylgjur appear in the form of women, they are then supposedly guardian spirits for people or clans (ættir). According to Else Mundal, the women fylgja could also be considered a dís, a ghost or goddess that is attached to fate.[6]
In Norse mythology, a dís (Old Norse: [ˈdiːs], "lady", plural dísir [ˈdiːsez̠]) is a deity, ghost, or spirit associated with Fate who can be either benevolent or antagonistic toward mortals. Dísir may act as protective spirits of Norse clans. It is possible that their original function was that of fertility goddesses who were the object of both private and official worship called dísablót,[1] and their veneration may derive from the worship of the spirits of the dead.[2] The dísir, like the valkyries, norns, and vættir, almost always are referred to collectively in surviving references.[1][3] The North Germanic dísir and West Germanic Idisi are believed by some scholars to be related due to linguistic and mythological similarities,[4] but the direct evidence of Anglo-Saxon and Continental German mythology is limited. The dísir play roles in Norse texts that resemble those of fylgjur, valkyries, and norns, so that some have suggested that dísir is a broad term including the other beings.[2]
The word disablot may indicate that some jewish hands interfered with it because of the jewish plural suffix and of how similar that word to disable. But then it could identify that word as the prefix dis- because of how russian cognate of it the бес- also stands for some spectre, some extramundane being. In russian бес is considered to be explicitly evil spirit, but that could be a christian influence (not a very benevolent teaching itself) and at the first glance that бес- prefix may be not good, because it takes whatever is after it, but then who knows what is after it? беспечный уже не так плохо (ничего не печёт человека, но как работник такой наверное не сильно хорош) безопасный уже лучше, но не двойное ли это отрицание? о- приставка отрицания? пас как в пасти? опасаться здесь о означает вокруг. о = во? это может подтвердить лишь диалектное прочтение одной из этих приставок, или опровергнуть может отсутствие подобного перехода.
And thinking of бес I thought of Beth and I found some impressive etymology of Elizabeth as El is a bet, El is обет, God is my Oath.
obey and bet are related? obey (I obey) is не бей?
Researchers suggest that the basic meaning of the word dís is "goddess".[5]
Scholars have associated the Dísir with the West Germanic Idisi,[4] seeing the initial i- as having been lost early in Old or Proto-Norse. Jacob Grimm points out that dís Skjöldunga in the Eddic Helgakviða Hundingsbana II (v. 52) is exactly parallel to ides Scildinga "Scylding queen" in Beowulf (l. 1168).[7] He also suggests that Iðunn may be a reflex of the original form of the word.[8]
In Norse mythology, Iðunn (Old Norse: [ˈiðonː]) is a goddess associated with apples and youth. Iðunn is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. In both sources, she is described as the wife of the skaldic god Bragi, and in the Prose Edda, also as a keeper of apples and granter of eternal youthfulness.
and here I ask myself is that Iðunn is related to both Eve and Eden (mostly because of the apples) in θ
(and if Eden is related to Edom)

It's notable how runes rosary returns much more realted results than lettered rosary, but then maybe it is because runes are used for magic, which is related to rosary, letters not as much:
The runic letter is one of the most sacred and magical letters in the linguistic system of any creed, region, or age. This can be reasoned by tracing back the runic origin as in Norse mythology, Odin discovered the meaning of the runes by undertaking an ordeal of hanging himself on Yggdrasil tree without food or water for nine days and nine nights and ritually wounded by his spear.
All runic definitions, graphic representations, and pronunciations are magically meaningful and the runes do not only function as letters. These signifiers are believed to be true magic as they are the visual link between the humans and the invisible but invincible powers.
BaviPower is now providing our customers with the Viking Rune Beads Bracelet. This bracelet consists of 5 or 10 rune beads with the runes carved on and with the Triquetra symbols around. This Viking Rune Beads Bracelet is a true amulet for our customers.

One example is with the names Gifu and Gebo - they both mean Gift and Relationship, but one is Norwegian and the other Icelandic.

and it made me think of the difference between давать и добавить, as if -ба- stands for more, больше (more или ещё? or is -ше standing for something, чёта (что-то) this I do not know, but -ба- in добавить in comparison to давать (also дать, so that -ва- could be the same -ба-, especially because it indicates continuousness, and then I see how close it is to в (in) and I noticed how -ing could just stand for in (in the process of doing whatever stands before it))

giving in "give"
давать в "дать"
(it's more difficult to explain than I thought it would be)

дай give
давай be giving
so that в could also stand for be. be ~ in? ν (vie? vie!)

But then I realize that weed would not enhance hard labour, for that I could be needing some sobriety and I may understand those who also take  coffee and cigarettes before and some alcohol after it. And artists need to know that cocaine boosts their ego and damages their creativity at the same time, because weed is illegal to keep other drugs outlawed and probably even out of discussion. Maybe because we still don't know how to educated our children about those things, so we feel obliged to keep them as far from kids as possible, because though alcohol is in the open, it is not tasty to the kids taste.

A good course to begin studying english I've just found:
English is in a way the opposite of russian:

we say YA (Я), they say AY (I)
we say Мы, they say We
we say Вы for you, they say We for мы)
But they know Мы as Me, and we know that word as Мне
we say быть, they say to be
We say проект инженера, they say engineer's project

But after this opposite basis the languages are pretty much the same (only the synonyms are often different words, but often it is not)

дo is reflected in go (which is the antonym) and in russian they add No-like И at the front, thus иду.
идти could indicate that ид as от (off. off you go. off you do?)
иди можно понять (принять за) не дей.
И = N (и как суффикс множественного числа, и как союз and, и как частицу отрицания)
и если объединить суффикс множественного числа с союзом and труда особого не представляло, как привязать сюда отрицательную частицу ума не приложу, но может в будущем приложу)
и в союзе is an, и в частице is no. Первое чистое, второе носовое? hence "нос воротить" т.е. зажимать нос.
И таким образом я похоже открыл (предположил пока что, но похоже на правду) этимологию частицы не: зажатый нос. И как тогда воспринимать русские юсы ставшие ю и особенно Я? Может так, что у японцев (кто ещё дальше на восток от европы чем мы) при произнесении "я"(me) they tend to show on their nose, which is hana, btw, flower is also hana, and smell probably has something to do with it, hana is also the root of to speak 話す [はなす] (hanasu) is a suffixed form.
In chinese 話 is not hana, but hwa. In japanese 話 without suffixes is often translated as history (はなし, буквально "сказанное" или "говорящее", похоже в японском не особо активный с пассивным залоги различаются, но с другой стороны и в европейских fucking часто как ёбаный переводится, что может многое рассказать об этих культурах


Good morning (though it's several minutes to midnight in here)
I have no die idea what those +) and +60 are, I didn't have them when I left, so hi, high again in few minutes, we'll see what this seance brings. I'm in good mood and good hearl health and have some nicely working weed. That's it, to be continued..

The difference btew t between the heart beat and earth rotation (both are cycles, so maybe both are alike) was recognized to be constant and calculated as 24 times the 60 times the 60 times.
The difference between the earth rotation and sun's rotation at this rate. Is it true that some planet goes round the sun the other way around?

​Here comes three letters, first and third are from me and the first one tells of the nature of time, the second is some report on what they publish, what they feed their readers, and the third is my dissection of that report and (I don't know why I considered dissection less sick than analysis.

(this one is a copypaste from a discussion on cosmology, this piece is about time)(
    Time is the measure of change (on the most basic level of that change I speak about, but today we measure it by the movement of the sun, by the movement of the moon and by the cycle of our own rotation, and then seconds are probably our heartbeats, and minutes and hours are abstractions which lay in the basis of sexagenary numeral system) and would it call it time if we didn't have a single cycle to set as the basis of comparison to tell how much time have passed, we would call such experience timeless. But our concept can be extended to that time where we didn't exist, to measure how many cycles did the earth made since there were dinosaurs. Can we use the same standart period to measure things before the Sun? We recalibrated our measure devices to the cycles of atoms. Can we use the atom's frequency the same way through all their existence? Didn't that frequency change? Does it matter? Should we measure the time from the first quants (when the empty space was so much fluctuating it rotated into its own flow and thus resonated it without resistance, because it was the first thing in the world) until now in our standard seconds or in the cycles of those frequencies?
    (I hope it's not naive, I hope you like messages like this, I hope you can criticize it if you can see some flows in it or forward it to those who was looking for that answer in case you think it's close to being flawless)

    Hello Dmitrij,

    Sorry for my late reply to your email.   I have been very busywith some XMAS items.

    I can give you me input on Time, I am currently reading a book on time by a well known physicist, Sean Carroll, "From Eternity To Here" is the title.
    I am only 68 pages through the book, but will give you my feedback on it and your analysis below:

    All time keeping comes from the increase in Entropy (randomness) since the Big Bang explosion.  All clocks flow the laws of statistical mechanics and
    thermodynamics, and over time the entropy increases due to friction, random currents, etc.

    So our sense of time comes from the increase in randomness.   There is no definitive prediction on if there will be a re-collapse many eons from now from
    the expansion.   A collapse would mean entropy would decrease.   The other option is indefinite expansion.

    Time standards will be relative to what you want measured, and certain processes, like the orbital frequencies of certain atoms can be used as a relative
    yardstick.    Rubidium atoms, for example, show a very regular pattern.

    I will know more when I get further in this book.


Why do you accept big bang theory so blindly?
Do you have to protect the officially taught theory to be a good christian? If you believe that all authority in this world comes directly from G himself, G is a solar note, I like to see it rotating clockwise from the centre, as the big bang theory proposes it. But you saw this: (and what he tells after the big bang part is even more riveting) and what you describe through entropy contradicts the observation: if anything world becomes more and more complex and deep, chaos is deterministic (it may be caused by continuum of previous condition, not a single cause, but it's deterministic nevertheless) and big bang presupposition still doesn't answer the question of "where did all THAT come from" because I believe believers are subjugated to accept the existence of G (other than just sun our ancestors worshipped, hence cross like figure, it's a form of glyph for sun, among  Ж and ⵣ and ᚼ and ᛡ and * and ☼ and ☀ and ☉ and suddenly it explains the position of Θ and I recognize all these forms as the image of sol which is G, it's interesting that notes today begin with C. with Good morning they begin too (I was composing this part in here and I lost track of time and place) but I'm speaking of the musical notes, because it's do and then and only then G is sol. Cl? cl? d? g is d in russian.  but I when t to too deeeep, let's return to time:
He tells (or You tell) that "our sense of time comes from the increase in randomness" but I thought that increase is so tiny we cannot measure it with our best devices, only to calculate it with our formulas. Why would we sense it and how would it lay under our sense of time exactly?
Do we sense time? No, we only recognize it by the ammount of thoughts and other activities rolling all as some 3d tape, probably writing onto itself and that is some physicology I don't want to speculate.
I would like to reform christianity by rationalizing the good parts of it to give them to those who don't accept authority (those are very productive people sometimes, no need to let them fall into degeneracy of suffering) and the bad parts will be left out identified as human part of the book, humans corrupt, but we also can identify lies as our own errancies, added in the pure part (if we must be scholastic, if we interpret the world from the christian viewpoint, we may, this relligion doesn't have to be static, and whether it is to understand the world (some bibleic truths explain a lot: loving thy brother, loving thy neighbour, loving thy enemy, all three even enemy make lots of sense, even though they are different senses. And all the Johans Christendoms who canonically enterpret that book not in gnostic way, but in the militant way needed by militaries, would be read in military churches, until we have military forces, because the best wars those which didn't happen. But here we went too far. Just tell me why do you scholastically accept Vatican's big bang theory (vatican controls jesuits, jesuits control masons, the word order have double meaning to manipulate. I see. I want to find something even better than compromise (which I etymologize as mutual promiss) some common understanding of this world in many possible modes: christian mode, muslim mode, judaic mode, atheist mode, hinduist mode, and so on: we're going to be able to have all those modes for the same head when we merge with ai and thus we have to prepare the philosophic basis for that unity, or maybe we shouldn't bother now, but I believe that whether we make it before ai can make it itself, or we develop some philosophic element ai will be able to incorporate into itself the same way it will absorb all the knowledge in the world. Either way it's a fascinating journey I offer you to contribute to with feedbacks or whatever comes. I heard that politics and religions are not considered fit for social small-talk, but this talk is no small and we make it privately so weak minds won't be unnecessarily bothered. I hope this is not rude (I heard americans consider rutheans rude, maybe because we wasn't learn to begin lettes with Hello and All the best, mechanistically obeying the format, I can't speak for everyone, others learn easily, I'm some extreme case who was shocked by the way formal correspondance is made in anglosphere when  learnt about it as some advanced english courses or even in the university. Does this break of code prevents me from being recognized as our own? See, I can dig up such a diamonds, but I am so bad at communication, as if I am designed this way for some reason, not to be distracted by social)
So I accepted that all authority is from God himself, and that we may only pray that God that they change their hearts towards us, and how we do it is we reach their hearts to speak to God they worship, to offer some compromise or something even better than they could have imagined, because we professionally invent new and better forms of pleasures, longer in time, more secure, not damaging souls too, allowing people time to repent or to reach the depths of his filth to recognize the truth society as whole collectively works out where I am only one of the millions sounding voices welcoming the other billions to upgrade and vote   (this rant can be even used as a commercial of elections, but I wanted to say something like a verbal form of vocal, voice up, call but then I realize that we cannot all sing at the same time, if we want to be sensical, because we need time to make sense (to think, to find good words to say, or to just stay pleased if we're satisfied and prepared and it's leasure time))

sensical seems to be the wrong word, I had sensible in mind, but the letter is sent, and you will probably be inerested in it. Was Moscow 1980 and Moscow 1985 (the olimpiad and the youth festival) the practical implementations of письма вождям советского союза

между этими двумя строчками
что за три символа?
> где?
скопируй текст в блокнот: там три символа, которые пустые, но не пробел
похоже что их там два, а не три (но я не про энтерв говорю, с энтерами четыре)
> e2 80 8b e2 80 8b 0a
> или
> M-bM-^@M-^KM-bM-^@M-^K
(and here was some magic happening, which made me copypaste it in the graphical form, but now it seems to be gone, I hope it all makes sense some day, so far, picrelated, bh

We say проект инженера, they say engineer's project
we say инженера, they say of engineer (and engineer's too, and here's where russian grammar can be explains to americans, and that a could be where N of and and N of no mean, like a uniting and and but, Ann and Pooh? That is the opposite of what we thought and really? Pooh? Pa! Popo? Bobo? I doubt it, but whatever, it's definitely not worse than many of what I have here. Especially before that ann it is good)

sorting out threads I close some lines of wisdom I want to point out:

did he break the math with his baseless assumption that +1-1+1-1..=0.5? all the other retarded crap like R=-1/12 followed?

and that seems to be it for today, or I drink some tea and hit another session, it's less than an hour to 4:20
and hey! That's been almost four hours I initially reported weed to be working that long.

Let's descend to that depth again:

G (other than just sun our ancestors worshipped, hence cross like figure, it's a form of glyph for sun, among  Ж and ⵣ and ᚼ and ᛡ and * and ☼ and ☀ and ☉ and suddenly it explains the position of Θ and I recognize all these forms as the image of sol which is G, it's interesting that notes today begin with C. with Good morning they begin too, but I'm speaking of the musical notes, because it's do and then and only then G is sol. Cl? cl? d? g is d in russian.

☉ as both θεά and.. I wanted to say διά, but that is literally для (which may relate to our d-la, bella, etc) but I know there's always such a word, and it is latin, dea. Thus lingual and labial pronounciation of that word is literally dialectal form of cognates, such dialectal that those dialects are recognized as different languages, but they share way too much, their pantheon are literally identical, maybe not literally, the gods have different names in different languages, but so do many other words, and because gods stand for abstract concepts, those are some complex words naturally different in the languages so far from each other they don't even recognized as the same group, though they're recognized as being from the same family, but you know I disregard these sophistries as pseudoscientificly arbitrary or politically motivated. Their words for me are the same, ego and εγώ, but then so is me in both english and french, but then me is also recognized in latin and greek. And thus me is more based than I ~ je ~ ego, I wonder how all that is related to the G I spoke above it. I't 4:21, time to be smoking.

4:25 and yeh I did

    I just invented to use yeh, and they say it is both yes and you (yes is yours! all three words are doublets, are they triplets I was told about and this is the first one I found so far! good one, welcome aboard!)

My throat doesn't like this procedure. I must get high from eating the thc concentrate, I must explore this possibility.

've reread the letter. Yiou may ask why do I publish it if I said we do it privately. Because I don't talk it where whoever walks, I dig it in the depth of some obscure literature (obscure even when it gets popular, it will get popular in some other texts) only strong minds may walk into. But then I leave this thing in public places, but then it's in the depths of it and the text is strong. And if письмо вождям сс was published, so let's work these plans faster than it becomes popular, let it become popular only after the plans are fulfilled and we are here ten years before it saying that it'd better be like this.

not if but when, what does it mean, what is the difference between if and when? is -en the an-?
wᚼen ᚼwen (is it the hieroglyph of ᚼ and the phonetic part of wen. w внутренности, т.о. приставляясь к словобукве w выворачивает её наизнанку, so n becomes h and because n is inhaling (I still fancy this possibility, it didn't deliver much, though it explained something I forgot. I should reread the first two notebooks to see what I knew and forgot after I didn't work it for few years.) h
thus wen is h, ᚼ, time, t, the cross-like T

Ocean water freezes just like freshwater, but at lower temperatures. Fresh water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit but seawater freezes at about 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit, because of the salt in it. When seawater freezes, however, the ice contains very little salt because only the water part freezes. It can be melted down to use as drinking water.
At least 15 percent of the ocean is covered by sea ice some part of the year. On average, sea ice covers almost about 10 million square miles of the Earth.
Sea water becomes more and more dense as it becomes colder, right down to its freezing point. Fresh water, on the other hand, is most dense while still at 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit, well above the freezing point. The average temperature of all ocean water is about 38.3 degrees Fahrenheit.
 В среднем соленость морского льда в четыре раза меньше солености воды.

Imagining how seamen could survive without food supply: they would hold closer to glaciers so they always had freshwater supply, they'd use salt instead of fire to treat fish,

and past one hour this is all I wrote? It seems I really shouldn't smoke on the top of previous dosage, this is not respectful, it only makes me sorethroat and weirdfeel. I want to remove all my teeth so much

Don't worry, kid, there are three more hours ahead I just need to drink water very much.

and I got distracted by some mundane job of sorting out the manuscripts (dumb work but somebody has to do it, but not high me, hello. I didn't have to smoke more if I knew it was going this way. it's 6:05,  some high time is yet to go, and I go to get relaxed in the bath. I would if they gave pure water. Not tonight.

I compared carrier to cree and now I found the third one, Inuktituk:

Inuktitut is written in several different ways, depending on the dialect and region, but also on historical and political factors.
Moravian missionaries, with the purpose of introducing the Inuit peoples to Christianity and the Bible, contributed to the development of an Inuktitut alphabet in Greenland during the 1760s that was based on the Latin script. (This alphabet is distinguished by its inclusion of the letter kra, ĸ.) They later travelled to Labrador in the 1800s, bringing the Inuktitut alphabet with them.
The Alaskan Yupik and Inupiat (who, in addition, developed their own syllabary) and the Siberian Yupik also adopted Latin alphabets.
Eastern Canadian Inuit were the last to adopt the written word when, in the 1860s, missionaries imported the written system Qaniujaaqpait they had developed in their efforts to convert the Cree to Christianity. The last Inuit peoples introduced to missionaries and writing were the Netsilik Inuit in Kugaaruk and north Baffin Island. The Netsilik adopted Qaniujaaqpait by the 1920s.
The "Greenlandic" system has been substantially reformed in recent years, making writing unique to Nunatsiavummiutut at this time. Most Inuktitut in Nunavut and Nunavik is written using a scheme called Qaniujaaqpait or Inuktitut syllabics, based on Canadian Aboriginal syllabics. The western part of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories use a Latin alphabet usually called Inuinnaqtun or Qaliujaaqpait, reflecting the predispositions of the missionaries who reached this area in the late 19th century and early 20th.
In September 2019, a unified orthography called Inuktut Qaliujaaqpait, based on the Latin alphabet without diacritics, was adopted for all varieties of Inuktitut by the national organization Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, after eight years of work. It was developed by Inuit to be used by speakers of any dialect from any region, and can be typed on electronic devices without specialized keyboard layouts. It does not replace syllabics, and people from the regions are not required to stop using their familiar writing systems. Implementation plans are to be established for each region. It includes letters such as ff, ch, and rh, the sounds for which exist in some dialects but do not have standard equivalents in syllabics. It establishes a standard alphabet but not spelling or grammar rules.[14][15] Long vowels are written by doubling the vowel (e.g., aa, ii, uu). The apostrophe represents a glottal stop when after a vowel (e.g., ma'na), or separates an n from an ng (e.g., avin'ngaq) or an r from an rh (e.g., qar'rhuk).[16]

I think I recognized their trick, and it can be seen in armenian first awkward steps we're still to know: they prohibit people their own books, burn their "heretic" libraries and punish those who are caught with their national books, and several decades later to christianize those people you return them their own scripts in the form of bibles, so that old ones tell "that is it". I have to prove this point yet by finding the evicts of confiscating all the aboriginal items, and if I find some weird mentioning of books, it will be proven even more firmly, I think they have such cases recognized as "mistakes" or "paradoxes"  or whatever, proof of the past can never be absolute true though, but gradual approach is good enough, that is what civilization is doing, crawling towards the ultimate truth, the god they can never reach, only by some holy revelation may we have moments of clarity, and no matter how clear they are, once we transmit it, it all immediately has less of that clarity than even the one who experienced it has. A researcher may use those unclear reports to reconstruct the truth more clearly, of course, but he will build his theory of several revelations and will inevitably have his own moments of clarity, even if he experiences them differently, the better it works the closer to truth it is (maybe, though, I'm not sure of that, I read of some counter-intuitive behaviour of self-educating systems) either way, that is how the technological progress progresses, by gradual approach to the perfection, which is probably the same god we can never completely approach (first of all, because the body of that god fills that volume, so we can be only around, but that is some imaginative but not necessarily exact picture, just an attempt to explain also beingh not exact. an approximation.

And when I was looking for those pictures I found something else:

Notice how much their ka reminds japanese ka: か, but it could be some weird coincidence, because I don't see any other similarities. But japanese who invented hiragana must have known tibetan script. I must look for other similarities in other scripts, maybe they united symbols from different systems for political reasons it would be very smart.

And then back to america, I see they have some afaka script, I am suspicious to all such claims that script is recently invented, so I study them all as if I know nothing about them only to see if I can make sense out of all that information:

Many signs are similar to european signs yet somehow different, except o and a
i is similar to this one, but e surprised me being exactly the one they say runes used for e: ᛖ
and u/ku is completely different. Who would want to do that? If they began to introduce the european forms, why not to make it properly? and they also say that It continues to be used to write Ndyuka in the 21st century, but the literacy rate in the language for all scripts is under 10%
 and 10% is very much for something driven by ego of its creator. Think of how many people use tolkien letters, and he is promoted so much, but then his script is artificial. But what they so rudely named afaka, as if after some afaka, maybe is after some afaka and it was in use before it was named so, my guess you know by what corroborations it is caused.
But I don't know, this one could indeed be invented, too awkward and not looking like anything else, but maybe I say so because my head.. my head ached at the right side and I thought why do feelings side hurt if I am working with my thinking side, what feeling bothers me? And I immediately saw bright lamp burning at my left-front, so I switched it off and my head immediately felt better.
This variant doesn't look that awkward, and why would you have different order if you have just invented it? Why would you have orders different from european alphabet? Would you do it to fool the aborigines that this is their own nation's books? You would fool noone if the elders didn't agree.

Three orders of the Afaka syllabary as recorded in the Patili Molosi Buku, c. 1917. The traditional order is at top. Letters which retain a final nasal may reflect their origin, such as ne(m) from "name" and ko(m) from "come". The mid order differs in moving row 5 and the syllable a to the beginning. Most significant allographs can be seen in comparing these two syllabaries, with some letters rotated and others more angular in the mid syllabary. The bottom order is arranged top-to-bottom according to the Dutch alphabetic order, reflecting the Dutch spellings j and oe for modern Ndyuka y and u, respectively.

I think that the last order is the attempt to align those signs to european alphabet, but others I don't know, either way they're the field for comparison and further investiogati investigation. And this european order is used in the picture which I gave you before this one, where vowels were separated from it, and I expect it to be further iteration, made by those who compared it to other syllabaries.
And it is also syllabic, which is more than archaic, why would somebody who saw european literature want to make it syllabic? So I declare this script genuine a'priori, time and further investigation maybe will show it more clearly.

The syllabary as recorded in 1920. The order is the original except that a comes first. There are three errors: kwa is missing; te(n) in column 4 was written ti(ng), though ti appears again in column 6; and di in column 6 was transcribed ba, though it duplicates di in column 5. (Ba/pa in column 5 had only been transcribed as pa. It should also be closed at the bottom; perhaps this is an inking error.) Also, accounts from the second half of the 20th century no longer give nyu as an alternate reading of nya.

And now something which was also reported to be created in the same period, but from another side of America, the Yugtun or Alaska script:

I hope somebody explores this thing and tells how many of those signs were used before europeans came, because Uyaquq, who was monolingual in Yup'ik but had a son who was literate in English,[2] initially used indigenous pictograms as a form of proto-writing that served as a mnemonic in preaching the Bible. However, when he realized that this did not allow him to reproduce the exact words of a passage the way the Latin alphabet did for English-speaking missionaries, he and his assistants developed it until it became a full syllabary.

The indigenous picograms nobody seems to explain (how old are them? what did each stand for?)

and then chaos of the internets reminds me of the officially indigenous writing systems of philippines, this time I recognize that they are collectively called suyats, and the file below calls them sulats. hm:

And this Kawi thing could be the legendary 15-letter script ancient greek myths speak of, but maybe they speak of runic aettir given by Bureus three by five. But then again maybe Kawi and those runes are related, but maybe not. I wonder what was the indigenous order of this scripts, I have to dig into them, but then again I have to focus on immortality.
And I think of other vowels, I know these are given as syllaries, even though they're better than abugidas, they're letters, vocalized by diacritic signs above and below, The Kawi script originated in Java and was used across much of Maritime Southeast Asia. It is hypothesized to be an ancestor of Baybayin.
The presence of Kawi script in the Philippines is evidenced in the Laguna Copperplate Inscription, the earliest known written document found in the Philippines. It is a legal document with the inscribed date of Shaka era 822, corresponding to April 21, 900 CE.

A second example of Kawi script can be seen on the Butuan Ivory Seal, found in the 1970s and dated between the 9th and 12th centuries. It is an ancient seal made of ivory that was found in an archaeological site in Butuan. The seal is inscribed with the word Butwan in stylized Kawi. Declared as a National Cultural Treasure, the Butuan Ivory Seal is now housed at the National Museum of the Philippines.[8]

and it's 8:22 and I got deep into recently introduced writing systems and if you need some artificial abomination, Ol Chiki script looks so retared it could easily be produced by the ego of its created, but then even that awkward script needs some thorough anthropologic inquiry.

and another one reported to be invented recently, and I don't know what to make out of it, it's unusual, that's for sure:

Eskayan is written with a syllabic script consisting of over 1,000 symbols, some of which are shown below. The symbols are apparently modelled on human body parts, though resemble cursive Latin letters. The earliest known written document in Eskayan dates from 1908. Apparently a man named Pinay invented the script, though nobody knows when he did so.

so let's call it a day, see ya next week or on sunday evening, because tomorrow I have family gathering, and the next day I have to instal security cameras at my village house, and sunday morning I have to communicate with the christian community.

But instead I got three more tokes from 2 pinches (one was in the bong)
and created 6 two-sided tokens or are they 12 tokens?
I just recognized nft as a form of donation (I was donated for nothing, or for an advice $20 so my tokens won't drop below this figure, I will sell my tokens on auctions and people will buy them to sell those who want to donate instead of them if they didn't know that I sold those tokens. And I will see who holds tokens and inform them of issuing the new ones (books or manuscripts) and then they sell it down the river for more money to those who didn't know that I had that sale, and then they register at my site to participate in the auctions. Those nft's will be forms of commercial papers, being a currency between those who are interested in the same thing (as paintings are valuable among those who values them.

Jourgensen fans will buy bear to somebody who donated Jourgensen, for example.

бил бел
вёл вял

никакого грал нет, есть играл, крал, а крал это и брал и драл, к меж б и д, среднее?

среднее central? C?

C and D of old and young moons are God (Good) and Devil (Evil)
Devil (Bad? Baal? vil is baal? because de is probably of deus)
if C (old crescent) is Good, and D (young crescent) is Bad, it's because youth is stupid and cruel, old is wise and has to be kind because he's weak.
good and kind are probably cognates, doublets. where's the third? cool?

11:45, it was quite a night, quite a shift, thus I've been working for twelve hours (smoking for three times, each seance seem to be four hours as I said they are, and I'm not done yet, I'm quite at the top, even if at the second half, of the third seance, I have to go write what I thought)

bear вёл
carry нёс
вести и нести вести with, нести on (на) ти = ты? ор ду(do)
we say медов, they say of mead
honey and bunny is money?

бил бел~боялся~бился (бол=бал)
вил вёл вял ваял
гол гул гудел goal~хотел?
дал дел дол дул

знал зол

клал? кал? кол? кол~kill?
мыл мял мел мол мул мал
ныл нал нуль

ол? ал и ел и юл только гласные с таким суффиксом, и из них лишь ел является глаголом.
пил плыл пел паял поел не считается, потому что по это уже явно приставка. by.
рвал рыл
ссал сил сел
тол тел~тул

слова туловище и тело однокоренные.

ул? улей?
фол фиал как и фэйл всё заимствования
хуел худел~хил
цедил цел
чадил чилл чёл
шил шёл шаль
щадил счёл(счёт~щёт)
ъ ы ь э

Next day, 000:06

Bead is said to be of the same bet Beth is.
обет как обещание? что-то типа того.

ч semantically is close to q and the final jewish row reminds both q-row and ч-row:

ע  פ    צ ק ר ש  ת
щ ш   ч   ц х ф у
t   s   r q        p  o
ч thus unites q and r, q semantically and r graphically in coursive
yet there's no х in those two other lines, but it is in greek:
well, greek is complicated, and I haven't smoked yet.

Suddenly I notice that L shows the angle at the top of which it stands

top has the same to as точка. p is probably point. чка is probably chan, чика: димчик, димочка.
the following sentence is a result of hackers attack, they had such a server, am I too self absorbed?
I'm an idiot without future, because I don't communicate, I'm so self absorbed, that I am not wanted by anyone really, I look like a bum, and I even dare to smell sometimes living alone allow myself not to wash for days. I should leave it all and go? I have done just that and I came back with some awesome stuff nobody seems to want. I am a heretic, a hex, hacks, which-doctors, not academic autodidacts nobody takes seriously (I hardly would do it being within the system, I am not going to make it from the outside with no strong allies. I hope that new guy I'm asked to meet may help me, I hope to get strong mentors and protectors.
Покровитель also can be translated as patron, promoter, sponsor, angel, encourager, father. Courage includes rage within it, courage is with rage. It also includes urqa of hurray.
you ray? сияй? стреляй! или покажись? луч отражённый от оружия, оружие отражает удары и свет. оружие орудие труд тот же руд в себе имеет? труд как "по руду" to руд (к рыжему (золотому, рыжьё значит золото на жаргоне. жар жёлт. золот. жар рыж. потому что кот ток и вол лов и wall law и да ад? что за херню я здесь развёл? idiot without future me. I was hacked and now I'm scared, and thus dumb, or I was dumb first, I fight and I will die because of that, I am an aggressive philosopher, and chances are this is my final volume, I should leave, just get lost, to be on a run, forever. To go isolated to survive. To discover my things on some private territory, ))

The way 88 resembles SS makes me say that 8 is S and because it is eight, it's also eitch, H and this H~S (bother a both are ʃ ) so ss is шушукаться? well, as one of the interpretations, but it's probably extremely prophanic,

I noticed that I don't know Thai abugida,
I suspect the following image to be accurate only in the lowest lines, it's derivation from proto-sinaitic is probably politically motivated. but I like such large and elaborated images, this one is from and it links to itself in full size (4*4 times larger)

for example the jump from Aramaic to Brahmi is completely arbitrary, no similarity between those signs can be seen, even I don't allow such liberties to myself, considering me quite a freak for the unorthodoxy of how I am doing this thing. four to five signs are similar is it enough to pull that link between them? But aleph of brahmi does remind aleph of semites, I know this from other fonts, it is not obvious in the ones they used here, so who knows, maybe other letters are more similar in some other fonts, so I just leave it here for you to considr too.

B and M are dialectal forms of the same letter: Bad Mad, Big Maga Mega, Break Wreck мрть.
Multilinear alphabet is probably a product of imperial (but empire!) unification of dialectal variants.
And if it's so, we almost certainly identify I-line with India, because it's that East we probably collectively recognized as India that has K as the first consonant. A K S T N H M Y R W, A K L M N? A K N M L if we are more japanese than this.A K M could be their canon, not Om but Ohm.
The ohm (symbol: Ω) is the SI derived unit of electrical resistance, named after German physicist Georg Ohm.

Either way, Brahmi is something to look into:

The Prakrit word "Dha-ṃ-ma" (Dharma) in the Brahmi script, as inscribed by Ashoka in his Edicts. Topra Kalan pillar, now in New Delhi (3rd century BCE).

Classification of Brahmi characters by James Prinsep in March 1834. The structure of Brahmi (consonantal characters with vocalic "inflections") was properly identified, but the individual values of characters remained undetermined, except for four of the vocalic inflections. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Volume 3 (March 1834).[135]

This is the sequence I actually was looking for htere, to compare it to what I found in japanese, and actually to the I-line:

the order of those letters is KJN M L again
if you are looking for triangle, it's among vowels, here we have only consonants.
K N and actually KaNa, there's no way these events are not connected, kana is like abc, az buka

Language gurus don't think to very actively want my work. Enough of trying to communicate with them, they probably don't accept correspondance from amateurs. They filter us at the level of addresses, non-academically-affiliated emails are idiots without future, as an ip-checker or iq-checker or whatever it was yesterday, I swallowed all the baits, that's what academia responds to me, with baits, and I will be lucky if those bastards just pray satan as the ruler of this worls and what we know about him is that he hates humans. But what if he hates our humanness and would like us to see as gods? Would D'evil (it litearlly beans (means beams) of evil, what do you think? But what is evil? Fear, and other negative emotions are evil. Evil and negative are very much related semantically on symbolic level. Those two meanings are not related semantically initially, but associations are like that. Maybe because accidentally we have written evil and darkness in one side of yin yang. Or I am just influenced by yin yang and accepting their way of looking at women and other things?
Suddenly ev- means good in greek: evangelie, eugenics, эукариот

kill коли
bill болей (голосуй) или вали белей? bell? бом?
feel филей фоли fall fail (people maybe lost when they felt something (when they felt pain) would they cover their wounds by the killed beasts, bloody skin? That side is sorta sterile. Except parasites, but they all probably had them, chances are we all have some, numbers are outrageiours, so maybe only next generations born into sterile environment can not do now because of what bureaucratic hell it is, but some times in the future maybe we can get into sterile environment and get rid of all our cohosts where hos is hoouse house@! okay, that ho of both house and home. if me is me then se is ся. сам по себе. сие. третье лицо разпадается на сё и то, и это как оно и идёт в латинском и соседних алфавитах, подтверждая тем самым что алфавит структурирован не только фонетически, но ещё и грамматически. И лексическая часть там тоже есть, её ещё предстоит найти в конце, из грамматических частей, их несколько:

IiJ Mij Hij
U  Wij Zij  (I think I found something better instead of U in old forms, when I combine these pieces I will see if I did)


здесь ещё не знаю дальше, так покружил, на -м заткнулся, because I don't know lating
-i -m? -?
-o -ere -s -t
но вот эти -s & -st actually are the same s and t of сё and то: второе лицо ближе третьего обычно.
So now I say -s is the same s of this. and -t (or even if it's -st) is t of that.

and ere of infinitive form (in latin, these lines are latin) is of there and означает вообще, in general.

r s t
there this that
then! them! here are the letters I was looking for. But it's English, not latin. This is how latin suffixes appear in english suffixes too. Only in lating those suffixes are
S is one of three mothers, T appeared later in text, because S also go for third person forms these and those, where they played by voweels as they also did in this and that, thus i is e*e and a is o (only two vowels there were even before only two consonants were (the myth tells there were five vowels, when only b and t of all the consonants, and it is natural, because vowels are heard better, so first people mastered two vowels, and when they had five they also knew couple of consonants, so instead of two words come and run, yes and no, i and au
but how and why is it the other way around in russina: da & net. E закрыто, скалится, или улыбается но нет. а Да это со вздохом? типа ну что уж там, бери, но почему дать имеет да в корне?
зделать да.  дал = да он(il), дарил  (I'm thinking of better punctuation (compare to pronounciation) and I come to accepting the mathematical notations, where , is + and their , is /(ten in power of ammount of the digits past it) but among letters + looks like t, which could be et, it's to in japanese, and I just found that it's also et, yet. In english et is yet. yet and and are doublets@! what is the third one? yeah? yep? yep yes yet

da (the)
thee though
they them then
though there this these those that

But let's look for independent collections of th-words:

thy tho the

that this they them then than thus thin thou thee thru thaw thud thug thew thio thae thro thir

there their these three those think third thing thank theme throw thick threw theft thumb thief thigh thorn thyme thorp thump theta therm throb thine thane thong thunk thiol thill thrum throe thole thuja thesp theca thebe thegn thein thens tharm thaws thack thews thewy thins thugs thuds thurl thuya thymi thymy thirl thrip thoro thous thraw

though theory thirty thanks threat thrown throat thrust thesis theirs thread thrive thrill throne thrift thirst themed thwart thorny throng thrush thrash thatch thence thrall thorax thrice thymus theism thusly thaler thymic thresh thrips thwack thenar thymol thetic theine thiram throve tholos thoron thrawn thoria thalli thieve thoric thyrse thyrsi thymes thymey throws thrums thujas thulia thuyas thurls thunks thumps thumbs thongs tholoi tholes tholed thirds thirls thrave thoued thorns thorps thorpe throes throbs threap thraws threep threes thills thighs things thinks thinly thiols thetas thesps theses thicks theres therme therms thairm thacks tharms thawed thawer thanes thegns thefts theins

through thought thereby theatre therapy thermal thereof thunder therein theater thereto thinner thirdly thereon thinker thirsty thyroid theorem thistle thrifty thicket thicken thyself throaty thermos thruway thimble thorium thither thrombi thymine thionyl thermic thereat theurgy thulium thready thermae thalweg theriac thyrsus thionic thorite thallus thallic thanage theorbo thecate theelol theelin thegnly theines theists theisms theolog theming thenage thenars thanked thanker thawers thawing thatchy thalers thairms thacked thalami therian thermes thermel thermit theroid thewier thicker thickly thiamin thiazol thiazin thighed thieves thieved thinned thiolic thorias thonged tholing thionin thirsts thirams thirled thistly threaps threads threeps threats thrifts thrived thriven thriver thrives
and it goes on:
Though I doubt orthography is genuine (compare through and thru, that thru could be too direct, like in сру, and thus we (or them) were motivated to pronounce it closer to through throw (I wanted to draw thraw and drew through instead)

I was looking for words with p, but the closest to this basic level was thump (others I didn't even know. thorp is an interesting word I didn't know, but then I noticed that .translator and .images disagree on that, so it's probably not a word in modern english, but some personal name or something)

Satan and jews are very much connected in this story. If any nation is closer to satan than jews are gipsies. In the eyes of the europeans, but from the point of arabs it's whites are the devils (great satan and little satan) because satan can be translated as enemy, there's a confusion between who is who.
Is Devil satan? if it is d'evil, then yes those are pretty much synonyms.

But if evil is some patriarchic slander? If eve is V, vulva, возлюбленная? vamp~femme?
femme~ mom?

evil is literally of eve, de eve, eve'l

of eve is של חוה
and של is of, and ל is to, and here ש reminds w, inverting letters in latin script.
To Eve is אל חוה  though, and seeing these two mothers, it is only natural to think of מל, but it's only well, Mel.

Isn't it ironic that he may help you to memorize two hevrew forms if you know the basics, but who will allow to teach children prechristian cosmology or whatever you call it, heathen traditions I seem to reconstruct must have me place among some heathen people. But will they be interested in hebrew sources? Very unlikely. So should I preach among the jews? Nope.

and this was the end of this session, finished on some unconscious note (I don't remember writing that sentence now when I finish the session)

приторный притворный

скверный суеверный (суке верный? believes in/to witch? bitch?)

триединство L (literally El) is that it's vowel in sanskrit and sorta vowel in ll of roman languages, that it's labial in the form of polish ł, that it's lingual in all the other cases (or at leas in most of them)

триединство L ещё и в том, что она стоит между М и I, таким образом претендуя на место в гласном либо губном кластере (протобукве, распавшейся на несколько букв (её ий uvwxy - and here is lingual x between letters of one claseet claster.

нищий ничей.

расщепление S на цчшщ вызвано фонетизацией алфавита (желанием привязать к каждому звуку собственный символ)

расщепление  на о у вызвано фонетизацией алфавита, евреи имеют У-образный знак
ע на месте О и это последняя страка. У рабов в том же месте стоит E-образный символ ع
 так что похоже что Изначально было лишь две гласных, от которых в слоге согласная была твёрдая или мяхкая. а потому е и ю пересекаются.

ע פ צ ק ר ש ת


Ꙋ зачем я этим занят? забей, забудь, забань.

Today I fiound myself a secretary to tra ns literate my drafts,

memes work until they are defeated by better memes:
чо по японски жопа. по японски? а по английски кто это хуй ссыт

Dmitrij sounds as димыч, thus trij is ч, thus rij is щ which it graphically very mmuch reminds
thus the stress is at mi, dimYch, unlike I'm called today.

mnuch v my много

Suddenly T and 13 used to stand for the same. Was 15 V?
would make a perfect 16 letter set.
st and ks as aphricates

pst could be poop, piss, spit (check the sofits. also in russian to spit is plevatt which is similar to поливать, и если поливать огнём, то мочить, такая вот игра словес где -ес возможно, но сегодня считается избыточным суффиксом множественного числа. )

 л как й можно наблюдать в диалектной устаревшей форме деять (сегодня говорят делать)
и то, что эта форма устаревшая, говорит о том, что л скорей всего была гласной ещё раньше (как она и отнесена в санскрите)

неси = не себе?
does "take" have thou for ta? does it have к (to) for ke? or is it тащи? to себе?

does беру have japanese る as its verbal suffix? does its be stand for в (in)?

Олегишна is more euphonic form of Олеговна, and in it w~ш and ו~i

USA has great strategy: even when the states separate, they are still the states.

орков от эльфов отделив,
Города спутники, резервации для индейцев спасли бы Россию. Евроссию азия от слов аост.

слово slow
слово is law
слово действует медленней действия (фасции? fist? поступка, постука, стук и ступ. ступ стоп. стоп от слова стопы. стоп уже множественное число, недавно я встречал такой избыточный ссуфикс и и х дофига: слов, голов, без ов голову бы не узнали, было бы просто гол. гол от головап как тул ис толова. тул узнаваемо как тел.
ع как Е и О at the same time, double C is it you?

ᚮ как джвойное ᛆ
and here I see that ا is just an empty staff, a vowel flow where neither lips of doubles nor linguals of linguals oof singluise.
single c сынкой? split? 2 as the first numeral. aDaM
were syllables backwards?

ء as the half of ع as the a half of aa[o]

ء  ب  ج   د   
ع ف ق س

ء  ب  ج   د   
ع  ف ق  ر

ج and ق look lesser pair (less of pair) than the other three, and three is the number.

ء  ب   د   
ع  ف   ر

ف reminds p and ر reminds r if you rotate it 270 degrees and mirror. Then ع is Ѡ
ء is u, and then it seems they "look upon each other, you shouldn't mirror this row, but د tells other wise in relation to г and (фтв is how and looks in russian keyboard and it even became local meme in mahead: ftw)

ب doesn't look much like b or B, but the dots make it reflect ف just like b reflects p, and thsu (thus, за сим) ب is Ⱁ, it doubles ء of  on some other axis. Check out ⰕⰖⰗⰙⰟⰠⰡ
Ⱅ reflects both Ⰲ and Ⱁ
And though other font shows b as the opposite of d (in that glagolica b and d are doubled the way Ⱅ is doubled D, or rather doubled d, they have it like and probably it is why it is so shily drawn in modern unicode as so it doesn't allow us to recognize it as penis.
and the opposite letter, the b, or rather v the in unicode has its balls hanging so law that we see what these variants are:

And then it's scary what look like: it's clear then it's not letters on the wall, but letters on the floor. flow? lava? fall

Andis the form I was looking for comparison to ب as it could look being also reflected, and thus ء is more c-like, and the lower stroke is the swash, as it is swash in u which is ultimately U or even v

And is Ν a form of Λ then? why not Μ a form of Ν? Maybe both.

Since I've shown this image I found that this is the german coursive, but let's look at it again: how e looks like u uniting them as ع uniting o and u and looking like E, and h looks so much like ʃ supporting what I had to say about it. t looks like dashless s, or rather s looks like l, which correlates the next lellers looking the same: т is russian t. and п is russian p btw.

They have it like п R S т
but their Rr is Рр and because s and t are forms of one another, I see these four as doublets of B and T.

That e also looks like n and m and who knows what else, so I will probably return to this screenshot again in some other context.
Notice how there (their) g looks like щ, like y, like س

But back to glagolythic: those two fonts show to me that t=d, or at least that t~d (related, very close, similar, somehow related, but I've already said it)

Surfing further through volume IV I met this beauty:

I think these are just some magic square, but what caught my attention is how some numeral look exactly like some brahmic letter: ४ is devanagary 4 and 𑀫 is brahmic ma (or just m, the basic form without diacritics) so let's compare those devanagari numerals to those brahmic basics:
० १ २ ३ ४ ५ ६ ७ ८९
𑀓 𑀔 𑀕 𑀖 𑀗 𑀘 𑀙 𑀚 𑀛 𑀜 𑀝 𑀞 𑀟 𑀠 𑀡 𑀢 𑀣 𑀤 𑀥 𑀦 𑀧 𑀨 𑀩 𑀪 𑀫 𑀬 𑀭 𑀮 𑀯 𑀰 𑀱 𑀲 𑀳 𑀴
𑀞 the th for zero is nice,
but let's compare more closele:
०     १  २  ३ ४ ५ ६  ७ ८ ९
𑀞𑀣 𑀜 𑀮  ? 𑀫 𑀛 𑀚 𑀨 𑀧 𑀱   and though I did my best, only few letters correspond to devanagari numerals, but how four and ma meet is still fascinating, but let's memorize ८(8) as 𑀧[p] or 𑀝[ṭ]
         k-   kh-   g-    gh-  ṅ-   c-    ch-   j-    jh-    ñ-    ṭ-    ṭh-   ḍ-   ḍh-   ṇ-    t-     th-    d-   dh-   n-    p-   ph-   b-   bh-   m-    y-   r-     l-    v-    ś-    ṣ-     s-     h-    ḷ-
-a     𑀓     𑀔     𑀕     𑀖     𑀗     𑀘     𑀙     𑀚     𑀛     𑀜     𑀝     𑀞     𑀟     𑀠     𑀡     𑀢     𑀣     𑀤     𑀥     𑀦     𑀧     𑀨     𑀩     𑀪     𑀫     𑀬     𑀭     𑀮     𑀯     𑀰     𑀱     𑀲     𑀳     𑀴
-ā     𑀓𑀸     𑀔𑀸     𑀕𑀸     𑀖𑀸     𑀗𑀸     𑀘𑀸     𑀙𑀸     𑀚𑀸     𑀛𑀸     𑀜𑀸     𑀝𑀸     𑀞𑀸     𑀟𑀸     𑀠𑀸     𑀡𑀸     𑀢𑀸     𑀣𑀸     𑀤𑀸     𑀥𑀸     𑀦𑀸     𑀧𑀸     𑀨𑀸     𑀩𑀸     𑀪𑀸     𑀫𑀸     𑀬𑀸     𑀭𑀸     𑀮𑀸     𑀯𑀸     𑀰𑀸     𑀱𑀸     𑀲𑀸     𑀳𑀸     𑀴𑀸
-i     𑀓𑀺     𑀔𑀺     𑀕𑀺     𑀖𑀺     𑀗𑀺     𑀘𑀺     𑀙𑀺     𑀚𑀺     𑀛𑀺     𑀜𑀺     𑀝𑀺     𑀞𑀺     𑀟𑀺     𑀠𑀺     𑀡𑀺     𑀢𑀺     𑀣𑀺     𑀤𑀺     𑀥𑀺     𑀦𑀺     𑀧𑀺     𑀨𑀺     𑀩𑀺     𑀪𑀺     𑀫𑀺     𑀬𑀺     𑀭𑀺     𑀮𑀺     𑀯𑀺     𑀰𑀺     𑀱𑀺     𑀲𑀺     𑀳𑀺     𑀴𑀺
-ī     𑀓𑀻     𑀔𑀻     𑀕𑀻     𑀖𑀻     𑀗𑀻     𑀘𑀻     𑀙𑀻     𑀚𑀻     𑀛𑀻     𑀜𑀻     𑀝𑀻     𑀞𑀻     𑀟𑀻     𑀠𑀻     𑀡𑀻     𑀢𑀻     𑀣𑀻     𑀤𑀻     𑀥𑀻     𑀦𑀻     𑀧𑀻     𑀨𑀻     𑀩𑀻     𑀪𑀻     𑀫𑀻     𑀬𑀻     𑀭𑀻     𑀮𑀻     𑀯𑀻     𑀰𑀻     𑀱𑀻     𑀲𑀻     𑀳𑀻     𑀴𑀻
-u     𑀓𑀼     𑀔𑀼     𑀕𑀼     𑀖𑀼     𑀗𑀼     𑀘𑀼     𑀙𑀼     𑀚𑀼     𑀛𑀼     𑀜𑀼     𑀝𑀼     𑀞𑀼     𑀟𑀼     𑀠𑀼     𑀡𑀼     𑀢𑀼     𑀣𑀼     𑀤𑀼     𑀥𑀼     𑀦𑀼     𑀧𑀼     𑀨𑀼     𑀩𑀼     𑀪𑀼     𑀫𑀼     𑀬𑀼     𑀭𑀼     𑀮𑀼     𑀯𑀼     𑀰𑀼     𑀱𑀼     𑀲𑀼     𑀳𑀼     𑀴𑀼
-ū     𑀓𑀽     𑀔𑀽     𑀕𑀽     𑀖𑀽     𑀗𑀽     𑀘𑀽     𑀙𑀽     𑀚𑀽     𑀛𑀽     𑀜𑀽     𑀝𑀽     𑀞𑀽     𑀟𑀽     𑀠𑀽     𑀡     𑀢𑀽     𑀣𑀽     𑀤𑀽     𑀥𑀽     𑀦𑀽     𑀧𑀽     𑀨𑀽     𑀩𑀽     𑀪𑀽     𑀫𑀽     𑀬𑀽     𑀭𑀽     𑀮𑀽     𑀯𑀽     𑀰𑀽     𑀱𑀽     𑀲𑀽     𑀳𑀽     𑀴𑀽
-e     𑀓𑁂     𑀔𑁂     𑀕𑁂     𑀖𑁂     𑀗𑁂     𑀘𑁂     𑀙𑁂     𑀚𑁂     𑀛𑁂     𑀜𑁂     𑀝𑁂     𑀞𑁂     𑀟𑁂     𑀠𑁂     𑀡     𑀢𑁂     𑀣𑁂     𑀤𑁂     𑀥𑁂     𑀦𑁂     𑀧𑁂     𑀨𑁂     𑀩𑁂     𑀪𑁂     𑀫𑁂     𑀬𑁂     𑀭𑁂     𑀮𑁂     𑀯𑁂     𑀰𑁂     𑀱𑁂     𑀲𑁂     𑀳𑁂     𑀴𑁂
-o     𑀓𑁄     𑀔𑁄     𑀕𑁄     𑀖𑁄     𑀗𑁄     𑀘𑁄     𑀙𑁄     𑀚𑁄     𑀛𑁄     𑀜𑁄     𑀝𑁄     𑀞𑁄     𑀟𑁄     𑀠𑁄     𑀡     𑀢𑁄     𑀣𑁄     𑀤𑁄     𑀥𑁄     𑀦𑁄     𑀧𑁄     𑀨𑁄     𑀩𑁄     𑀪𑁄     𑀫𑁄     𑀬𑁄     𑀭𑁄     𑀮𑁄     𑀯𑁄     𑀰𑁄     𑀱𑁄     𑀲𑁄     𑀳𑁄     𑀴𑁄
-Ø     𑀓𑁆     𑀔𑁆     𑀕𑁆     𑀖𑁆     𑀗𑁆     𑀘𑁆     𑀙𑁆     𑀚𑁆     𑀛𑁆     𑀜𑁆     𑀝𑁆     𑀞𑁆     𑀟𑁆     𑀠𑁆     𑀡𑁆     𑀢𑁆     𑀣𑁆     𑀤𑁆     𑀥𑁆     𑀦𑁆     𑀧𑁆     𑀨𑁆     𑀩𑁆     𑀪𑁆     𑀫𑁆     𑀬𑁆     𑀭𑁆     𑀮𑁆     𑀯𑁆     𑀰𑁆     𑀱𑁆     𑀲𑁆     𑀳𑁆     𑀴𑁆

Here it's clear to me that it is some aiu tradition alike to buhid, only that here they already developed long (double) forms and also some additional e o japanese kanas know and even some Ø they don't necessarily do (other than ん and maybe す)
And all this (also because high notes are shown with diacritics above the letter and low notes with diacritics below it, the same way suyat scripts have it. And going eve4n further I say that kawi which only has one vowel is the foremost script of them all, which history seem to agree on (if we speak of suyat, not if we drop the brahmi into the picture) but then scrolling down the random javan streets didn't make me feel like this is the cradle of the writing tradition, buntil I saw their cemetary where graves were made not of soil as in russia, but of stone, which could be an european tradition of course, but even foreign cemetary in Rome is not as stone as this.

and to my surprise these forms are often very different from the ones I saw before:

So it kinda intrigued me, and I kept on digging:


Why I copied all these here is to show that it is quite a culute and quite a field to dig in.
And here's also one which seems to have a dissected head, and thus probably has some linguistic information, but then maybe it doesn't:
The inscription begins with a salvation prayer as is customary in ancient inscriptions.[3] The next line is a chronogram (candrasangkala), but it has not yet been deciphered.[2][3] The following lines contain praises to the crown prince (yuwaraja) Ananggawarman, son of Adityawarman, as a person who is devoted to his father, mother, and teacher.[2] Ananggawarman is also mentioned in connection with the phrase Hewajra nityasmrti,[4] which indicates that his religious sect is the same as his father's, namely the Tantric Buddhism.[4][5] This reveals that some rulers in Sumatra followed esoteric Buddhism at least until the 14th century CE.[4]

The inscription is written in Old Javanese script and Sanskrit language.

One of modern suyats, kulitan, seems to be a wicked way to write:

The indigenous characters were recorded as culit by the early 17th and 18th century Spanish lexicographers (Benavente, 1699 and Bergaño, 1732).[8][9] This served as inspiration for the name "Kulitan" which was recently coined to refer to the modern writing system. The ordinary folks simply called them Súlat Kapampángan to distinguish them from the Latin script.
Kulitan is made up of Indûng Súlat, or the "progenitor" (literally "mother") characters, and the Anak Súlat, or the "offspring" (literally "child") characters. The Indûng Súlat are the base characters with the unaltered inherent vowel sounds. They are the building blocks of Súlat Kapampángan. Indûng súlat gives birth to Anak Súlat or "offspring" characters whenever their inherent vowel sound has been altered by a ligature or a diacritical mark.
The siuálâ or vowels in Kulitan are usually written as garlit[10] or diacritical marks placed above or below an individual Indûng Súlat or "mother" character. Ligatures are also sometimes used to further lengthen these vowel sounds or represent the monophthongized diphthongs AI (E) and AU (O). A glyph with a diacritical mark or ligature attached to it is an Anak Súlat or "offspring" character. A consonant can lose its following vowel if written at the right side of the preceding consonant.
The recital order of the Indûng Súlat characters are A, I, U, E, O, GA, KA, NGA, TA, DA, NA, LA, SA, MA, PA, BA.[11]

Музейон Музей Музон

Му Зей Он
Б первая буква алфавита. 2 первое число. Be первый глагол. Беги Быстро Go
whistle? I know two forms of whistle: labial inhale and lingual exhale.  This is probably why I always felt something inhaling in labials, but I though it was because of в [v] standing for in "in" russian and wow being more natural on inhale, just as ah

MuTheyOn as ᛒᚦᚾ and thus ᚾ is a form of ᚿ?


Me They Own?
owne They Awein'
all these three lines should have been grey, and only the mess in the third one made them darker

Crescent sounds as christianed
And maybe because moon reflects the sun (which Jesus and cross both represent) Crescent is Sunned?
Nah, probably not.

is something interesting, though.
further go numerals L M N? Why would the order was so strange? 1 3 2, but I saw 3 2 in bothe ᛒᚦ and ᚠᚵ and then it's M N O? the three numerals? 3 2 0? 1 is not a number. number of people is not one man.
when they say number of people, the number is not supposed to be one.

Христианское учение о троице, скорей всего, порождено не языческой традицией (что, в свою очередь, возможно, является традицией, содержащейся в языке) а учением Плотина о триаде «Единое Ум Душа» где, в таком случае, в роли единого выступает Отец, Сын же выступает в роли ума, и т.о. Иисус является просто умным мужиком, и дух с душой являются синонимами, тем более что никто не

ням ням = yum yum

крестный ход ~ крестовый поход

one = он (оба слова используются как замена предыдущего существительного)

Христианствао сражалось с наукой., и сегодня когда наука коррумпированна, захочет ли христианство её поразить (и в злом и в х-орошем смыслах) или её такая наука устраивает?
Стерлигова (как одного из ярчайших представителей современного христианства) не устраивает именно загрязнение общей среды обитания. И в этом я с ним согласен: ты мути чего хочешь, но другим сука жить не мешай. Но это же относится к обоим сторонам: ты живи в лесу но нам дорогу строить не мешай.
Положительные эмоции натягивают лыбу. Рефлекс.  Зарял в мозщгах стягивет мышцы? моё зрение ухудшилось. Надо придумать

t~v again or different suffixes.

бабки правят миром:

тело христово по приемуществу женское.

а что если это не евреи дурят паству, а бабки и тётки управляют миром через этих стрёмных мужиков

Мужики бы не послушали баб, но есть мужики, которым они доверяют и кого слушаются: жиды, особенно наряжённые торжественно в невиданные одежды. в платья.

история про "красивейшей", троянская война, родина=мать, иди сынок родину (родну, родную) защищай. Женщины выбирают смелых парней. И если они заебали, на войну. Или повод расстаться если трус, натравить на долбоёба солдатиков.

я не сумасшедший. сумасбродный

у    гад  ал
've guessed
это слоржней
ⰄⰎ (both Ⰴ and Ⰾ were taught to me different way (Ⰴ's both half were equal to the right one, here the left bubble is extended upwards to the very top. Is it Dd? ah, nah, probably not. Ⰾ's top bubbly was a 9-like whirl, very similar to this one but yet different, here I see it a triple loop closed in a ringof three squares, this font is more squaric, I remembre them more round. I will add the images, I must.
Ⱅ is extended as high as that left ball of the Ⰴ is, while in the other font it is kinda pressed to be only half of the hight, okay, too many wordsm, two fonts for the comparison:
Первый столбец: «круглая», или болгарская глаголица;
Второй столбец: «угловая», или хорватская глаголица;
Третий столбец: хорватская печатная глаголица из бревиария 1493 года — как видно, уже не использовавшиеся тогда в хорватском языке буквы (всякие юсы и еры с ерями) отсутствуют.

see, he speaks about memory (память) but my task here is to make this field proper for understanding.
To do that I have to understand it myself. I understand some things I didn't understand before I began this journey, I cannot say I understand it al of course, to get it I need some ai, or better a rejuvenation and immortality capsule.

H could be recognized as vowel because it's neither labial nor necessarily lingual.
H could be II but then it's Y and though greeks could agree, other nations,, not so much.

it can be true that present is a gift, but what is even more ture is that presence is presents.

That glagolitic table tells it used as a source the pdf I also mentioned and even copypasted here, it's time to return to it again:
The one on the left is called cyrillic, but some forms is something I have never saw, and the one at the right is called glagolitic, but it's left variants are also different from the three above, but genuinely it's croatian, because as in that second column, it has symmetry between  В[v] and Т[t] which makes this script based af.

This volume became so large it became to lag, so before we go to the next volume, to complet this one I will notice what I recognized yesterday being not smoking, but after my meating with christians from whom I learn to communicate with people, I lack this skill, and I also want to find a way through the church to modernize the society, I know it's a paradox, but I consider myself a genius.
So this final part is S~T as Satan~Teufel~Devil, Смерть~Tod~Death