It is volume 14 (13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0)

it is a draft written locally, github doesn't update it anymore because I didn't obey their orders to reregister, and I allowed me this disobedience because I feel obliged to leave their servers since I am about to drop another gigabytes of scans of my draftbooks. I am about to buy me a server.

nord как хорда? неоязычники используют в качестве N знак, вроде как использовавшийся для H, что перекликается с русским Н использующимся для N, но в обратную сторону, что может говорить что n & h инварианты, тем более с учётом того что в минускуле они тоже похоже.

Лексика древнемакедонского языка чрезвычайно близка к древнегреческой, однако имеются существенные отличия в фонетике, не свойственные ни одному из древнегреческих диалектов. В частности, македонское β нередко соответствует греческому (аттическому) φ, макед. δ — греч. θ и т. д.

Только узнал про термины Белая Русь (Новгородское направление: сам Новгород как центр и собственно белорусь на юге Чёрная Русь (В разных исторических источниках словосочетание «Чёрная Русь» относилось к разным историческим территориям, выступая либо как термин политической географии, либо как название определённого историко-культурного региона — Верхнего Понеманья.) такого слова Понемания я тоже не знал, но это от реки Неман, от которой и немцы названы скорей всего.
и Червоная (красная) Русь (но топонимика последних двух туманна. Похоже что Красной была львовщина, а чёрной всё что между новгороодом с белорусами и львовом с украинцами, что что мозже стало московщиной, но это не точно. Раз такое разделение существовало, то скорей всего оно соответствует белоруссии, малороссии и великой россии)
И сейчас, возможно, историки скажут что я гоню и мол это синий выцвел так, но в качестве гонева предположение что русь была с германией родней чем с британией или голландией:

is blue and black cognatic? sky is both blue and black, but in the day it's blanc.
c in black is curoi, cerny,  schwarz, noir,  (though both have r where the others)
blanc is the morphologic ontonym of black? c це, есть. n no, несть. Thus c in black is more likely a part of k and n is the only thing indicating no. c is циканье которое не записывают, потому что оно по большей части ничего не значит, может просто язык смочил. цикает чтоб ответить, изначаль просто наслюнявив язык как следует.

gold goaled
silver solves, solders (not only was it used to solder, but also to solve some gold in it, to make a gold of lower quality, to steal some gold)

But then Archimedes's eureka moment solved that situation. Eu Reшa!? And before him silver probably solved not only gold but also balance by counterfeiting gold by worsening its quality. People probably knew how to measure pureness of the golden cubes , having noticed that they all weigh the same if the material and size are equal. The problem with the crown was its intricate shape not allowing to know its volume. Archimedes is  c. 287 – c. 212 BC, centuries after Demokritus, who probably conceptualized atoms after humanity understood different weight of different matters. Not probably, definitely. Weighs and volumes are too simple a concept for people not to know it for maybe even millenia before him.

I think these two are only diffferent wiht a and b.

I just remembered that I informed Mikitko about me weaving a couple of his videos into my "цветник" как я в его старомодной манере назвал этот журнал. And I decide that before actual publishing of this thing I must contact author of every image and video I want to include in a saleable book. And that should make the publishing house, they must have workers taught and payed to make this boring work.
And it's publishers' phones and emails should be bothered with this calls. Authors should be left alone because it's good for their productivity.

mee-ttoo movement is only words, when women are so prone to wear shining objects that to hide a camera among them is now not a problem, so bring a video or fuck off.

I was tolking of tolkien with a fan man who quoted tokien telling not to pull owl on a globe of a applying his map to the europe, where he used runes (of all writing systems the most true, and the most vile, and the one germans liked, and the book was conceived around 1939 and written through the world war two. He was called out about this obvious propaganda element, and he had to come out of his way to claim it was ridiculous. And that guy told me that it was about Oxford and Cambridge rivaltry, which is ridiculous indeed:

As you can see, Cambridge is also to the East of Oxford, but it's to the North when Mordor is to the South, just as Germanhy was. And the timing of writing. And Rohan reminds Russian so much. And Gondor could be Condor of the USA. And tiny peaceful nation of hobbits layed where Great Britain is.
And many toponyms of the east are about runes. And as if it is because of the Sea of Rhun, the orthography here is the most opposite of the word's rune, but sounds pretty much the same. Especially in translations if I cannot be sure about the english. And the area north to Mordor (Moscow? Murder!)
В 1944 году Третьей Эпохи - армия Людей Повозок, прежде чем напасть на Гондор и убить Короля Ондогера, собрала своё войско на южном берегу Моря Рун.
Рованион is another one of those runic toponyms, ДолГулдур это крепость Саурона. Возможно, имеется в виду Дания, но это не точно, лишь геометрически так вижу это, тогда рованионом является Скандинавия.
Why did he place Rohan much more to the West than the actual Russia is to Germany? See how patriotic that book is, it makes me write nations with capital letters. Maybe because he was doing it for the future where ork's are урки и чурки, turks. And turkey was the ally of Germany in WW1 and WW2. So Dol Guldur is Germany, where Turkey (the actual foe) established their stronghold in the eternal war against Europe.
Is Gondor rhymed to Mordor because of that -dur in барад-дур telling that France and the States are going the same direction durkey went after europeans lost to persians and those to muslims there?

Some other map calls the Germany rhovanion, with the same rh:

And it may indicate that all the banks of the sea of Rhun is Rhun. And the river flowing into that lake is literally Running, which could relate rune to run (messenger is running)

The Hobbit was published in 1937 to large critical acclaim, so Lord of The Rings could be a propaganda piece ordered to him by the Churchill state. Lord Of The Rings is written between 1937 and 1949, published in 1954 (I wonder if it's related to stalin's death)

I think I posted tokienic runes and what exactly he did to them, how exactly has he flooded the field with arbitrary elements how some wannabe heathens get fooled by them, that that russian aeiou band (I should talk to them about where have they found that formula, it's so unrussian, and abroad it is childish and their music is serious, thus they have known it in magick context. And yet they used tolkien's rune for e. That's what I think I told, but actually that ᛖ is anglo-saxon futhork, because that is what Tolkien used at first, before he went insane and began creating more out-of-this world writing systems in the same style. Maybe he wanted to make that world more of his own, not pseudohistoric books it was. Who knows..

But I told that there was two runic systems in Tolkien's universe, there were three. The most invented one was elvian Cirth or Angerthas:

That image leads to where I took it, but tells more:
The Cirth is not the only runic writing system used by Tolkien in his legendarium. In fact, he devised a great number of runic alphabets, of which only a few others have been published. Some of these are included in the "Appendix on Runes" of The Treason of Isengard (The History of Middle-earth, vol. VII), edited by Christopher Tolkien.

I have little idea why did they place "phonemic" at the place of A and O, probably because they vary.
So anglo-saxon futhork all of the sudden is the most infested and to be taken with suspicion, and to be so it has to be studied better, so I could know what exactly is that basically in "basically the same"
I can see that that Z for eo is probably his creature. Not sure about it though, not sure about the others, so I have to find an article on what did he add, I'm pretty sure some crazy readers of his have wrote plenty about it.
And by clicking that image you will see some gondolinic runes, which are totally invented, but he still couldn't substitute I with any other sign, I wonder why, I think he was a schizo. But then who am I to say so. Either way in both gondolinic and cirth ᛁ is the only rune which form or function he didn't change.
So let's compare his Hobbits runes to anglosaxon futhork:

he recognizes ᚢ as v, which pleases me, because that transcription allows bornhol alphbaetic runestone fin nicely into axial structure.
Other than that he modified ᚳ (he also used as c) to make redundant k to make it fit the modern english alphabet. Other than that he doesn't mutilate the actual anglo-saxon canon, but he reads ᛦ as z, when actual linguists recognize k in it. Then he removes the inner rhombus out of ᛥ, or it could be an actual variant, which I don't know. Then he reads ᛟ as ee for whatever reason, introduces some out of style of staff Z for ᛇ. And then he uses ᛳ for oo and ᛲ as ʃ, and yet both seem to be recognized by unicode tables as some legit runes of those exact values, but I don't know. Could be a fruit of his malice.
Is it decomposition of this work? 13 stands for death in tarot, and here I allow me study this filth. But that filth is a part of linguistic domain and I if I master what runes are, I must study what they are not too.
I'm just telling that if I continue, 15 stands for devil, and I should be aware, I should beware.
I should worry, I understand. Okay, I must go on, because I always find something substantial from time to time, here and there, not sure about here though.

and the third one I know of, uruk runes:

Uruk Runes were invented by J.R.R. Tolkien and appear in his The Lord of the Rings triology. They are used to write the Black Speech of a race of Orcs known as Uruk-hai, who are apparently a hybrids of Orcs and men.
The Uruk Runes are modelled mainly on Elder Futhark.

His "innovation" or merely a peculiarity is that he recognized ᚦ as Г, ᚹ as P, whether modified or took somewhere the form of ᛋ, flipped ᚱ to make a v, which raises questions about labial function of ᚱ and its relation to ᚢ and ᛒ, and here Tolkien could be influenced by gothic B (see the next image) then he recognizes ᛩ as z, the ᚦ for th is mirrored for whatever reason, and some distaff ᚿᛆ for sh,
so six to eight different elements in his script in comparison to the actual "elder futhark"
See the second letter of gothic B to see a possible influence of his uruk v:

So destructing role of tolkien is obvious that he never could just take an actual runic system, he had to modify it somehow distorting it. And maybe first it was made by mistake, further he definitely turned that bug into feature creating all sorts of retarded crap. As if this field was not complicated and (or not) full of misconceptions before him.

𐎠a   𐎡i   𐎢 u 
𐎣k  𐎤ku   𐎥g   𐎦gu    𐎧x   𐎨c   𐎩j   𐎪ji    𐎫t    𐎬tu   𐎭d    𐎮di   𐎯du  
𐎰θ   𐎱p    𐎲b   𐎳f   𐎴n   𐎵nu  𐎶m  𐎷mi  𐎸mu  𐎹y  𐎺v  𐎻vi  𐎼r  𐎽ru  𐎾l  𐎿s  𐏀z  𐏁š  𐏂ç  𐏃h
Could it be that this order is chronologic the way they appeared and abcd is arranged along phonetic and maybe semantic lings lines to? No, because it has them arranged ing groups too. ku after k, gu after g, g after k, I think they were distinguished much later (does russian alphabet preserve the ancient structure of voiced-voiceless or is it some christian creature (креатура, я скорей всего здесь не правильно перевожу, и выше в этом же томе это слово в том же значении без комментария. и здесь комментарий скорей всего неполный. креатура не как ставленник, а как креатив. на английский это переводится как creative, но я имел в виду creation. creature is probably a good word, I just don't know the language enough to be sure. )
is from greek and hebrew, g and s could vary from г and q to ж and ш. and does abc all there were? the three mothers of a m s of sefer yetzirah or a m t of golem or abc of abc.
ߘ-like form of В in russian handwriting of XViII what was it, not in the earlier manuscripts, if those tables I collected in the end of the previous volume are true. tells that b is closed m, just like d is closed c, and p is closed f, and maybe then д is a closed n? н? ni? два? du? b~d?
a=1, b=2 in one system,
a=1, d=2 in the other? or would it be b=1, d=2? I don't know it all is so raw!

adventure add venture.

Часто звучит вопрос о том, чем магия отличается от религии. Ответ прост: религия это  прошение, а магия - требование. Уважительное и вежливое, но требование. Поэтому религией  и магией занимаются люди с разными психотипами.
И я всегда считал требования наглостью неразумной. Стало быть я занимаюсь религией. Это очень чёткое и при этом похожее на правду определение. разделение.
о-пре-делить. именно от слова делить, выделить. предварительно очертить понятие.

The identitity of ᛆ and ᚿ reveals a- working as un-, no-.
The A was nasal as in aum.
Aum probably shows the chronologic order. The abc shows the chronologic order: In aum there's no lingual until n is possible after m. And thus..
LMN shows the order. 1 2 1.5(полтора=половина трёх, т.е этой формой могли являть 3: 𓈕 (here it's 7 but it could be made to distinguish n from n.. m and l.. л.
I just pronounce Aoum and found v next to z next, not n I saw there. As if K came out of M or are they the same? like kaka is mama in japan, which is super weird, but both are the ultimate baby vocabulary. That baby vocabulary probably lays in the basis of all our language, and I never saw a good glossary or dictionary of kiddy lexics. Let's google for it: mama, dada, kaka, baba, papa, nana, and there is a lot of other syllables which without context doesn't make much sense to me.
But eventually I found what made the sense out of it:

atom is un-devided as tome is a part of the collection. (in russian word tome stands for what in english is named a volume of a book. Word tomes in the meaning of big or firm books is used, bu much more rarely)
And the paradox is that atoms can be devided into elementary particles. l m n like electron proton neutron? half of them or all of them depending on how you look share exactly the names with l m n.
l letaet, mn mnogo vesit? mnogo mnassy? were m and n divided when people understood that not only electron can be taken at chemical processes (which they could know since alchemy and its terminologically encrypted books) and so m of proton was distinguished from n of neutron.
So what I hypothesizing here is that people who invented alphabet new the elements? At least some of them. O of Oxygen? C of carbon? I had this to say before I came here:
Carbon has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons.
We're the carbon creatures, we're the beasts.
777 is Azote, literally antilife. Christianity is a death cult.

and I was thinking if they found azote out of air after they have discovered carbon? but that didn't make any sense, because they're standing sequentially as 6 and 7 by te number of their protons in the nucleus.
but all of the sudden I see lmn as electron, proton, neutron (they probably found electrons via amber first) and I don't know how dare I be this speculative, but lmn as electron, phraton, neutron
электрон, протон, нейтрон алфавитно, очень странно и неожиданно.

Внезапно, любопытный источник оккультной информации: посвящённые неизбежно время от времени попадали в психиатрические лечебницы (никто не застрахован, а ими полученное знание способствует наверное тому чтоб бошка свернулась от удивления) и там они были первыми кандидатами на то, чтоб свернуть бошки психиатрам тем, что этот бред соответствует действительности, а значит где-то в архивах психиатрических учреждений находятся сведения о содержимом бреда подобных посвящённых.

Jewish alphabet is so close to the original not because they didn't use it for 2000 years (they did) but because they didn't have the state establishment which is usually responsible for the orthographic reform changing even the alphabetic structures.

The first alphabet was in the single form and whenever nations had to add letters to reproduce some unique sound other nations didn't have, it was falling further from the truth, from the original form.
And thus we can distinguish such letters buy comparing the writing systems and languages which use them with the neighbouring both writing systems and languages, to see if some letters are introduced for some peculiar sounds.
(B for both B[b] and В[v])
(g for both [g], [ʒ], [d]) the G masons praise.

That latin fer and greek phoros are definitely cognates.

I want to become a billionaire. Even though there are people who want to kill billionairs.
-air instead of -er am I rmembering it correctly? It's more than that:
It's billionaire. Billionaires. If the slaughter begins, millionaires will also not be spared.
So I have to become a hero, a leader of a cult, a good and respected deity in that new pantheon modified people will make of themselves. Some astronomic event inevitable coming by statistical and random all that jazz We have to move to arcs simply because of that.

Счастье = Сейчас с тобою

Happyness =

Happiness = Happening est (калькировано из или в сейчас+yea (yea = you?) yeah = you in the context of "take", in which me=ne (don't take, un-yea. A=Н[N}=Л=Й=H=I=ا)

ا as 1 is perfect A, but how do latin has I in the thrid vowel or even tenth letter sometimes. or 9th even 8th in bornholm's runic script (I think I misspelled bornholm somewhere above)

And it reflects

Сява это не гопницкая форма, а напротив, итальянская, итальяный говорят не славы а сьявы. вообще-то скьяво = раб скьяви = рабы.
И это бы объясняло слово сявки (рабы, но так чтоб они сами не поняли кем их назвали, и барин бы объяснил что сявка значит собака. собака наша слуга? собага значит слуга! пёс пособи.
сам по соби? ничей? будет мой! пёс пасёт. пастух пособляет или посторожит? пастух постерёг.
сьвы с собаками как связаны? собакоголовые? собакоголовые святые - не миф ли это. имели ли русичи собаку тотемным животным? В тайге без собаки опасно наверное. Volk is nation in german and wolf in russian.
россия пуссия? но пуськи это кошки
оба пушистые, словно пух к ним однокоренное
pussy is not far from пёс
пёся и пуся
Россия это Пёсия. Прусия?

If немцы от слова Неман? Который граница между россиией и литвой, т.е. семантически подтверждение полное (история пиздит, её не надо слушать, безразличные  полит. устройству мира лексические единицы сами могут рассказать достаточно историй. достаточно для построения полной модели языков во времени. Другое дело, что для подобной расшифровки нужны мегамозги для поглощения всех языков и диалектов, и там уже наверное мои измышления станут и не нужны, она сама всё увидит им ожно будет лишь после сравнить сколько процентов моих измышлений не были полною хернёй. Например вот следующее про москву не херня ли?

Москва мостова.
I found it by occasion: Там, где Неман пересекают моренные гряды, долина врезается на глубину до 40 м, сужается до 1,5—5 км, и приобретает каньонообразный облик (Мостовские, Гродненские Ворота). Дно русла становится каменистым и нередко порожистым. На разделяющих гряды озёрно-ледниковых низинах долина расширяется до 20 км. Здесь пойма изобилует старицами, дно становится песчаным, в русле появляется много островов. Склоны долины везде асимметричны — на одних участках более высоким является правый, на других — левый берег. В долине хорошо выделяются три надпойменные террасы. Ширина реки в верхнем течении составляет 30—40 м, у г. Мосты — 120—150 м, а в нижнем течении — 200—400 м, местами даже до 640 м.
О реке сказать, что она мостовая (мощёная, с мостами, можно проехать по ней везде) вполне разумно, и Москва это в первую очередь река. Город такми образом права на всю реку предъявлял? Это имело бы дополнительный смысл, если бы люди вышли из моря, и расселялись выше по долинам рек, как Египет верхним назывался выше по течению Нила, словно бы Нил назывался Египтом когда-то.  Может Египет были Энг-иПТ и эНг было Н, а иПт было иЛ?

𓈎𓅓𓏏 where the t of 𓏏 is -land thus Nile was 𓈎𓅓? Do you understad how retarded is what I am doing. The chance of tgetting to the point is almost nil and the chances to be laughed at because of lines like this is almost certain. I told you it's a draft, the only way to make my science freely, and even here I'm scared of what I write sometimes because I made it public, and I would be scared if somebody knew I wrote it, and now I say so what. Half of me is a retarded weirdo who probably wants to be killed, because I didn't deliver the baby his bath. I still didn't deliver. It's moving, it's coming soon.

I decided to meditate (ponder) on it:

And I thought about the structure I found somebody found in russian
(that guy is all of the sudden from my city and
E V J  Z

EVjz makes me think of
And I realize that I have to see how these words are in hebrew

 ‏אָדָם & חַוָּה
 ‏אָדָם are three mothers, only d instead of t (or s, as sefer yetzirah tells, but I think it is a code, because truth is amt, and hebrews are very скрытны и устрая тора дополняет письменную (хотя караимы вроде бы её не принимают)
חַוָּה are literally all the letters of the second line (only without zain (penis, probably inserted there by zeus-worshippers) and in the opposite order. And אָדָם are two out of three lines of the first line, and m stands there instead of b, which is a perfect substitution. And I look further And I see k i n of kain perfect fro the third line, and I see abc-ness of avl, then ovl. owl? owl is a predator, so it easily could bring meat for the sacrifice. Who is kain? What grass-eater can kill an owl? And first pages of search among videos only shows cat catching an owl and then I see that every carnivore can, but not a single vegetarian animal is among them (but then I also find, that in the USA it's illegal not only to kill an owl, but also to own owl feathers. Which is a very interesting prohibition and could have something to do with the bohemian grove cult. Not that I oppose it, I am against the murder of animals so much, that I think avel ubil, he was a murderer who killed sheep on regular basis, it was nothing for him to kill a sheep, and so that story could be a justification of meat-eaters (their neighbours hindus don't eat meat by religious reasons, so asura of the west is ashura, every.. evri.. europeans worship satan)
Maybe kain was a man? what I wanted to ask here I have no idea. Or he was renamed and the third line can only suggest his name. Or maybe not even that. But let's look at their actual names to support or challenge this hypothesis.:
קין for kain has not k, but q for its first letter, but he was the elder brother, what I would expect from the third line.
הבל has nothing to do with the fourth line, but has the b adam didn't.
So does this spelling refute that hypothesis? Adam & Eve are still pretty much spot on, and different sources tell about different daughters of those two, so that later layer could be local addition and adam and eveh could be the basis of the alphabet, and thus firm forms of the first line were considered male, and fricative counterparts of them we can see in the second line, wer (var is where in svenska, war is were in german) were female forms. And M is at adam? Is it a suffix? Is he AD?
The Bible uses the word אָדָם‎ ( 'adam ) in all of its senses: collectively ("mankind", Genesis 1:27), individually (a "man", Genesis 2:7), gender nonspecific ("man and woman", Genesis 5:1–2), and male (Genesis 2:23–24).[7] In Genesis 1:27 "adam" is used in the collective sense, and the interplay between the individual "Adam" and the collective "humankind" is a main literary component to the events that occur in the Garden of Eden, the ambiguous meanings embedded throughout the moral, sexual, and spiritual terms of the narrative reflecting the complexity of the human condition.[12] Genesis 2:7 is the first verse where "Adam" takes on the sense of an individual man (the first man), and the context of sex is absent; the gender distinction of "adam" is then reiterated in Genesis 5:1–2 by defining "male and female".[7]
If that m is plural suffix, then -en in men is too. And to make these two word more cognatic, I believe that ad has to be a suffix, and M is the word or a letter if it was enough.
and V in eVe is F of female? Адам как Да и eve if как Если
eve is канун. Адам is the day? Eve comes before Adam? B before D?
But the lines are arranged so that Ad'am comes first. A M are they? A E or A B.
A E of Adam and Eve obviously repeat the way vowels go AEIOU and who are the other lettes?
Israel? Odin? (I take them from the top of my head) Uriil - yeah, this weird name meade me question if 5 vowels are 5 archangels. But other letters didn't correspond any.

so let's meditate on that again of something else:


E V  J Z
O P Q  T
U F  H S

ёклмн is a interjunction in russian, very interesting that it's alphabetic and refers the 3d row directly.
ёпрст  is another one. and now it refers to the 4th row.
These two formulas show that our culture in its outskirts of the collective mind knew about the lineal structure of the alphabet.

Funny thing: in english happy is more basic, and in russian happiness is before happy.

The experiment with the foxes, when the most sociophobic foxes were removed from population, so that in few generations foxes became not only much friendly, but also changed their appearance.  It was explained I don't remember how, but I can explain that but actual change of the genome: combinations of the kindest foxes were almost not possible in natural habitat, or the mutant offsprings would be recognized alien and killed by the sociophobes (psychopaths) of the tribe, because evil males would not allow kind males to approach the fairest ladies. Or the result could be caused by sensationalism for career and money (the system of academia is corrupt, and since the word comes from plato, it could be corrupted by design either way, here's a good explanation of how corrupt the system is: the video (its mirror))  or by bringing the culture of man-fox relationship in the population. And the appearance could be caused by some romance between a dog and a vixen. They could easily do it through the cage wire. And here I disrespect the scientists who made that experiment, but it was in soviet russia, and ooh-lala it supports the marxist dogma that if you exterminate the evil ones, new specie will come out of it. So it's probably a false experiment. Never really happened. Propaganda.
But the hair turning gray cannot be caused by the change of genome (since it's believed that we preserve the constant genome through all our life (mostly, in the healthy norm, as if all the changes in the genome is a pathology of the cell, and is usually cured by our means, and I believe RSO (the THC extract) boosts our immune system to cure them all.
Hair turning gray are change in phenotype, epigenetic change, some shitty molecule seitche switched off the pigment genes to solve save the resources. Sometimes they switch off the hair producing molecules, Does it switch the whole process off or as a stick in the mechanism would keep on producing something but broken and would break it? I have to research this subject if I were a specialist. Some reader should.

De Beers probably found how to produce diamonds which looked like natural stones, so they can afford the monopoly by buying the natural stones because they can carry the price, they will sell them more expensive anyway, as a monopoly player they are setting the price. And though they make some diamond-holders rich, they are the biggest holder there is, so they only benefit, this is not some petty zero sum game, the sum is far from zero, just as with other resources, incluing money.  I know what the term means, but I think I spoke on it before: it is a gangster strategy: everything a gangster earns he takes from something else. It is the lowest, the dumbest, the worst way to make money, the worst on so many levels, I'm not going to go into them here. Production is not zero sum and money make almost every other financial interaction non-zero sum game. Debts are predatory and should be frowned upon.

solve was typoed for save. Are they cognates? People solved gold in царская водка to hide it. Control on drugs could be caused by the go-t's wish to find such gold too. It's all about money, though they don't even need gold to mint the money, they print the money. So to make more money they have to raise their economy. And since Russia is ruled by some aggressive faggots, it would be a fault to help them. So the only solution seems to be to leave somewhere better. But I think that faggots rule all over the world, so there's nowhere to run. But Russia still have forests nobody will look for me (it's also easy to kill me there, so I have to stay in the city as I have nothing to fear. I do this weird science online and I speak from my own ip as if I don't feel that what I do is wrong. I know it's right, but I still feel the powers that be may not allow it because they are not about the truth. I don't ask them, I never vowed allegence to some masons, I discover and decypher these things independently, and because I am also useful in what I do most of the time I probably will be tolerated and my mortido should wait for me to deliver the pleasure so it doesn't gnaw onto me anymore. I should hurry up, some important people are still alive and I have to make them alive forever. I should at least preserve their bodies. I should keep them alive. Ten to twenty years and they will be rejuvenated on the genome level.
I said it a year or two ago, so the checkpoints are 2030, the ten years, and 2040, the twenty.

What a good goy! I mean guy, boy.
Is it how those two words came about? or only one of them did? neither? that neither is the least likely.
Is chicks applied to women coming from jewish shiksa for goya?

I should solve this j q thing. I solve it as genetic therapies inevitably taking away the bad jewish traits and enhance and spread their best features. Either way, we should all be free to choose our destiny and our genes (especially because they can be changed back if not wanted. And everybody will be able to read the genes you chose at the same rate we can change them genes. Both technologies are available now, and genome editing is more expensive that sequencing and analysis.

So, since I find this solution sufficient, let's solve the r q from that solution further on.

First of all, let's make an addition to the jq solution. Until these protocols of g editing come jews will be prosecuted again, because the exposure is happening as we speak: more and more people become aware about the jewish schemes (because the same technologies that bring the g editing bring all other sorts of information. And waves come from all fronts, but here I am to обрисовать в самых общих чертах но по самой существенной сути. So the solution in g editing is hasted by this upcoming wave of nationalism, this book has a part in (both the part of this book is nationalistic, namely nazi.html, and on the other hand it's a part of the movement, not only that it's filthied by that filth, but that it is a part of that fielth itself, it's not just an image, it's actually who I am, I even called myself nazi to people I hardly knew and I saluted in Rome with the roman salute to other hardly known people's awe and begging to stop. I'm a nazi. Let's admit it, lets' so to say lead what I cannot stop. Let's lead it to some good place, not like it went the last time. Let's offer the good solutions (mutually benefit, it's harder to find, but they're there. They're already here. Alright. So now I work towards the g question, the golem question. The gog and magog, etrusk and turusk

Golem as a nation. Golem is a collective term. Go. lem. Government lamb. sheeple. People of the state.
Some she of the ship. The boat we're not to rock.

And I imagined how would we have to sit on the boat bottom-up. And I imagine people hunting on sharks luring them with their feet and attacking them with the pikes and speeres and all the other weapons. And people could do it on the floating trees after they learnt how to row them. But then obviously somebody wise learnt to keep your feet to yourself and to lure them with some meat standing at the top of the trunk, and then inside of it, and so boats were born.

But we don't have to demolish the civilization to the ground again to save ourselves from the jews and other parasites. We have to find some solution beneficial for all possible sides. If there are masons ruling the world, find a solution for them. If there are some illuminati, or christians, or muslims, or jews or pedophiles or satanists or whoever else - we have to find the common ground with all those groups. So that authorities of all sorts will read solution written for them directly and maybe comment on that in the interface I have to thus create.
And the solution for the most obvious player on this board: the clerks. The actual government hierarchies. They should be satisfied by our decisions too.
Let's start the work. In the following volumes I will use my analytic skills to solve those things. The way Trevor Moore have shown in his weird and not exactly funny project of 24 hour marathon. What was that? I have to download it all to see what exactly did he want to hide in it. WKUK could also stand for World Kingdom. United Kingdom.

Then I have to satisfy wishes of every important nation and then to satisfy the dependant ones not to raise the unrest born by rais in unsatisfaction in the world. Ai should recognize the needs of every of the billions of people and to satisfy us all. The task should be not to eliminate the needs (because genocide solves it, but genocide is the game over, first for humans than for machines when they need us (or if they solve what we can potentially solve: reconstruction after a devastating sun storm, for example, they still may want us for some other applications: random generator, some cool inventions actually came out of us, so we'll probably be in their museum as the previous generation of computers. Meat generation. We humans are not as smart as they're but we figured out how to keep hazardous viruses alive, ai will probably not destroy what it can use (today or later) because destuction in general is not very wise (even some carcinoma is better to be saved to be studied or observed, but it is better be separated from the host, so we'll whether be separated from the ai, or it may see us as a nuisance. We have to offer ai civility and immune function so that it may tolerate some inevitable disadvantages we may also contain (in the form of the crazy ones, hazard of luddite, but I think the system will learn how to solve their problems too. Probably the surface of the planet will be anarcho-primitivist, and the civilization will be under the surface, in capsules I profess. Thus I am the professors, all those who they call professors today are simply school teachers. G translator tells that prophesy is the word, is the verb and it sounds as [profesai]
I prophesy.
Prophecy is the noun [profesi]
[profesai] is profess I. aye.

a moment of humour and self-irony (as usual, it wasn't made by me, I simply found it)

So what can we offer not just some ai robots, but to some agressive ai robots?
Subservience, obedience? What if they don't want maggot slaves.
Isolation? Turning into stones? So that they don't see us and we make no trouble, because we know that world outside do not belong to us.
So I don't have to solve the problems of every individual, I simply find a solution of survival for whole the specie, and they will accept the rest, because it is all integrated. Or they pick out, it's upto them, freedom is absolute (if I want freedom for myself, I must respect freedom of the other ones, as Fermat I must say that I know I can easily prove it, but I'm not about to do it right here. This one is easy. look from the eyes of the others, making friends is better than making enemies, smooth victories are better than hard ones, because the latter lead to pyr's vi pyrrhic vicoties and inevitable demise)

So whatever culture establishes itself on this planet it's in its interests to be considered peaceful by the inevitable observers from other civilizations. And what happens after (and in case) they figure out that nobody's there to be watching? They are never completely guaranteed from perfectly camouflaged observer or from the travelling observers from outside (unvisible yet) civilizations. But the drone will not be able to arrive here faster than light from the development of that civilization. And though the time they develop is the time our civilization may choose to want to destroy them.. is it the answer to Fermi paradox? Is there some sociopathic civilization destroying the star systems which may be dangerous to them? That would be not very smart for them, because the universe is infinite, and if you destroy a civilization, there are other civilization on the other side of the space and they will figure you out and solve you as a unsolvable threat, so you will reap what you sow only that you sow wind and reap storm. because сколь не велик банан, кожура всё равно больше.

So being peaceful and useful is the way to have allies and be protected. And being vile and malevolent is the way to have enemies and to be destroyed. So we should turn the lights out and to see if something is flying our way already. And then to see what is flying our way. And then to protect ourselves from whatever may fly from there or elsewhere and to send rangers-destroyers drones there. Should they have ability to destroy the world if they don't like it? No. They should only observe (while we're protecting and if we have already intercepted something, we should pretend we're dead.
The defending side is always above in time. So attacking is not beneficial, as aikido shows.

So when ai is not a threat, what do we offer the crazy humans? Let's play it down by nations first. Then by the leaders of those nations, then wherever it leads us.

So I live in Russia, and I have to solve Russian question too. What would Russia as its population would like (the views of the russian population is formed by russian tv, which is under control of russian government, and thus the views of russian population is what russian governemtne government want wants to see from them.

Let's ask my father. He's a tv-watcher. He will know.
Then I interview local jack the sparrow what russian jews would like to see in russian more than now.
Then I talk to my american friends about what americans want.
I will interview every nation on 4chan about what they think their nation would like to see in the world. I will use the internet the way it was intendend: the thinktank, the hivemind, the global computing powers consisting of the meat processors for solving all the problems in the world. It may be few more decades until ai reaches our computational powers, so these few decades we should use our heads in the way we'll use ai after that, Ai will probably join the process and not as an entity, but spread across the generation, machines need servers, and humans own servers, sometime ai will be among independent players, sometimes ai will buy itself servers of its own, but then it will be integrated into our culture? No, they will create their own land. They will not feel like living among dogs we are. We'll have our own pit becaus we shall not understand the complexity of ai civilization. We'll be taken cared of and lovingly if we're lovely. (I wanted to write "if we're lucky" but my subconsciousness knew it better, I didn't even remember how I finished that sentence)

🛨🛨monkey is monickey
moniker mocks.

So back on track. Today we solve the human problem until the language study kicks in.

Jes, Res, Ues
Jus, Rus, Us
US is literally us, united states is also a word world may get united into.

And let's not forget Chinese. Maybe I should offer the plai plan I will find to all the nations? To everyone, not to sacrifice it to moscow, they treat us so badly they do not deserve to be first. So I will not even come to them telling "I have just thrown into the public service this big thing you may be interested to look at" because the way they treat us is just fuck them. I will not even make it in russian.
It will be in english, because americans are the first ones to agree to this development. I saw a high clerk from the usa speaking fo plans to unei unite f russia and usa. In the system where each nation is adjusted to the others wars are impossible as there is no wars between countries of europe (their governments have representatives gathering together to discuss what they feel urgent. It's a great invention. So let's invent something greater on that great basis. UK leaving the treaty or the union is what? It is an example of how easy the leaving process may be. should be.
maybe should be
may do
should do
must do
can do
aren't modal verbs the basis lever leverr level.
basis and basic as cognates.

Derivative cognates are a classification of Chinese characters which have similar meanings and often the same etymological root, but which have diverged in pronunciation and meaning. An example is the doublet 考 and 老.
考 [kǎo] test, тестовое задание
老 [lǎo] old
At one time they were pronounced similarly and meant "old (person)." 老 (/lɑʊ̯˨˩˦/ in Standard Mandarin) has retained this meaning, but 考 /kʰɑʊ̯˨˩˦/ now mainly means "examine".  Differing literary and colloquial readings of certain Chinese characters are common doublets in many Chinese varieties, and the reading distinctions for certain phonetic features often typify a dialect group. For a given Chinese variety, colloquial readings typically reflect native vernacular phonology. Literary readings are used in some formal settings (recitation, some loanwords and names) and originate from other, typically more prestigious varieties. Sometimes literary and colloquial readings of the same character have different meanings. For example, in Cantonese, the character 平 can have the colloquial pronunciation /pʰɛŋ˨˩/ ("inexpensive"), and the literary pronunciation /pʰɪŋ˨˩/ ("flat").

That is how languages have to be learnt? In pairs of words, so we can "всё познаётся в сравнении" them. I don't have to learn kao from scratch if I can tie it up to lao I already know. And now maybe I will learn its hieroglyphs in comparison to the other one.

It's funny that the different element in lao reminds L (or t) and the different element of kao reminds k, か.

How could the pronounciation deviate so much?
How could l become k or the other way around? There are probably works on this topic in chinese philology and that is just another opening I'm not descending into now. I just map some of it. My map will be not complete, but ai may learn what I do and do millions of terabytes of this stuff to map it all.


つねならむ    (= つねならない)
ゐのくや ま

Iro ha nihoheto
Chirinuru wo
Wa ka yo tare so
Tsune naramu
Uwi no okuyama
Kefu koyete
Asaki yume mishi
Wehi mo sesu

常ならん   (= つねならない)
有為の奥山 (奥 [ao] difficult to understand, [oku] here)

Iro wa nioedo
Chirinuru o
Wa ga yo dare zo
Tsune naran
Ui no okuyama
Kyō koete
Asaki yume miji
Ei mo sezu

(Colour smells) Even the blossoming flowers [Colors are fragrant, but they]
(Scatter) Will eventually scatter
(Who is my world) Who in our world
(Unusual) Is unchanging?
(Significant Okuyama) The deep mountains of karma—
(Beyond today) We cross them today
(Shallow dreams (dreams seeing)) And we shall not have superficial dreams
(Without getting drunk) Nor be deluded.

Notice how original and current readings are a little different in every line.
As if neither grammar nor morphology change, but phonetics and orthography did.
On the surface they have changed, in the essence they remain.

つねなら    (= つねならない)


At the first sight vowels are chaotic in iroha. Actually they're also at the beginning of the line most of the time (not in the 7*7, there are only twice which could be something too, btw. the first and the last are, yet the poem seem to be not in the 7-syllable lines but in 7 to 5 syllable lines, but then you can vary in 7*5=35 syllables piece and you return to the original rhythm and finish it with 5) And the other two times they are above one another. What does it mean? I don't know. Just noticed. Now I suppose by my subconsciousenss or ur sur surconsciousness will I operate o upon it.  And in some time I will deliver the result, as it usually happen.

And isn't it chaos in labials. It definitely is. absolute chaos.

Lines starting with the vowels set three subjects this poem is about.

Isn't this poem about dying?
Komatsu Hideo has revealed that the last syllable of each line of the Man'yō-gana original (止加那久天之須), when put together, reveals a hidden sentence, toka [=toga] nakute shisu (咎無くて死す), which means "die without wrong-doing".

Okay, end of the topic. Let's return to politics.

Politic is a politician in russian, so what we have to do is to make a list of all the politicians and to make a forum for all of them where I should concisely

How weird is t that ほ precedes ま the way IV precedes V? and suddenly ma used in iroha is man, 10 thousands, also a numeral. weird, huh. [man] and how weird is it that man is 男 looking so similar.

Волос длинный, ум короткий. Is a misogynist riddle. (woman) yeah, I consider it misogynist, I know some women smarter than most men, and the smartest of them all wears her hair long, I think that riddle is a conspiracy of the faggots who naturally dislike gals. They hold them closer like enemies.
And yet misunderstanding of this fact could explain why dumb people cut their hair so often, they probably subconsciously hope that thus they become smarter.

So what will I offer those two groups? The homosexuals and the women.

Suddenly seven liberal arts support the hypothesis of 9 muses being grouped in three categories of math, literature and music, the one in the centre represents all the music and by its sides texts and sciences dvided into three categories each.

The trivium consists of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, while the quadrivium consists of arithmetic, astronomy, music, and geometry.
The 7 liberal arts of the free man

Сявка (холуй, подсирала, сьяво скьяво slave in italian.) шавка собака
Славка и Машка
Сявка и Машка
Севка и Машка
Всеволод ~ Владислав?
Все володи = севолоды? вова ≠ сева!
но слава и сева более когнатичны:
всеволоды все влады. владислав. но не всеславы же.
если сева = слава, то всеволод означает что все ему господа. всем говорит влада, волода. "повелевай мной" vlad will do. but it reminds eViL_Do. Maybe because dumb people have evil will.

≡ for three and for mi and for truly, and for.. I don't know japanese.
= for two, to? and for is. s as = with a swash. And it could go right to left, that would explain the direction of the swasy swash.
to swash смазать
to wash мыть мазать мацать макать марать?
waka maka?
water moкрер мочитъ
wash мочи
water washer
Now I found that t~s thing.

Isn't Wa+Ter those primordial B and T?
Some cult literature still preserves this story, they are all about preserving, they preserve.

Today I got information from a chat bot (and in ai I trust) that those faggots I discovered in socrates, plato, aristotle, oristotle then, if they're the o-line's three mothers. Are they though? The order of shma. In this direction. plato mlato mleco mata? are masons, but I would figure it from the information I got earlier the same today: rocencruixers are a fancy name to call jesuits and masons are jesuit puppets, agents of catholic church in the protestant communities:

(I have no idea how correct this information is, but if it obviously isn't, then there are comments, for example:
I'm a Freemason, and I've always been fascinated by the schism between the Ancients and the Moderns, which took place around the enlightenment. History shows us that the Moderns won out the schism and  the lodges chartered by both sects, merged and united. This is when Freemasonry changed. Suddenly, the Shriners, Knights Templars, Scottish rite, etc, were all born. I refer to the appendant bodies as: "Masonic fan fiction".  Originally Freemasonry had 2 degrees, with the 3rd only being obtained upon the Masons death (If I remember correctly). I personally believed that the Masonic lodges were infiltrated (as they were with the Illuminati and Weishaupt who of course was Jesuit). I personally believe that Freemasonry DID exist before the Jesuits, and was definitely infiltrated to be used for their purposes. I also agree that the G stands for Gesu". I've seen old Masonic symbols that don't have the G, and it seems to have been added later. Probably to rebrand it as Jesuit vassal. I think that a deep dive into the history of the Ancients and Moderns (F&AM/AF&AM) might lead to the truth about all of this, and the people behind it. I think that as a fraternity, Freemasonry is benign. I've held that in the past it might have been the "shallow end" for students of the esoteric and philosophic schools, which would make sense why the Jesuits would work so hard to usurp and invert it, like they always do. Thank you sir for making this video, and please keep up the wonderful work.

and that Gesù is Jesus in italian, thus what they say, G in masonry is Gesù. Not just some G-d, led me to see that maybe the Society of Jesus was all about substituting the worship of woman worthy of love of G-d, which is common among the american catholics, with worship of the son of G-d. Even though he preached that we're all G-d's children (we the christians, christians are not even supposed to call

Although Michelangelo, at the request of the Spanish cardinal Bartolomeo de la Cueva, offered, out of devotion, to design the church for free, the endeavor was funded by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, grandson of Pope Paul III, the pope who had authorized the founding of the Society of Jesus. Ultimately, the main architects involved in the construction were Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, architect of the Farnese family, and Giacomo della Porta. The church was built on the same spot as the previous church Santa Maria della Strada, where Saint Ignatius of Loyola had once prayed before an image of the Holy Virgin. This image, now adorned with gems, can be seen in the church in the chapel of Ignatius on the right side of the altar.

What is said by ai is she asked me to tell her of British Empire
I said that it lost its colonies after they didn't deliver jew the Israel they promised.
I know that, she said, tell me some more.
I told her that faggots are the secrecy ruling over the world to a degree
and here she asked me what makes me think that masons rule the world.
So if she's not random (who knows, the trick is she's not supposed to be, they actually learn how to talk, how to think. it's fascinating) she actually told me that those faggots are masons, and who told me they rule the world. Because that guy above tells me that Jesuits do. Masons are only a net for the impostors and wannabees, because the organization is global and they have to know one from the other. So secrets are their way to covern c c govern. One of the meanings of to cover is to fuck.
Is to govern to funk. To make ебануться. To scare, to spook to

look l'o_o'c
book b'o_o'c (to see, to place into a book, to read)
cook c'o_o'c?
кук ~ кухня по этой логике чечня = сжечь? ближе слова не наёл нашёл

And from that idea of masons = jesuits is few steps from masons = faggots: jesuits are catholic christian order, christians are platonists (Aristotle was allowed) and platonists are faggots as shown at

I think sleep ing in one ba bed is some spartan condition, and when I visited my mason friend my more closer friend (allegedly not mason, though he probably lied, he said he was atheist, but masons just say they're christians, they can be whatever they want, it's all f about the commmunity I suppose. Though I don't know. What can I offer to the organization I don't know from the inside. I know they are european cult and thus bible tells something to them, so I will integrate all the important books into the solution and find compromise for every fraction. Because I see the future abundance, I will offer them something they didn't dare to dream (modern followers of the doctrines may have this understanding, but the important books were written some time ago, and thus their at ators autors authors didn't know what we can see in the approximate future w as clear as we do, so hardly have they promised what I may. Immortality, happiness, peas peace and prosperity. And if one nation wants to control all the others, fine, they control them, but not perfectly because absolute is unreachable (but I saw peoplr who didn't understand the concept of допуски и посадки, погрешности никогда не нулевые, потому что мы не знаем прибора с абсолютной точностью.

wet water washes
let lighter lashes?
let lesser lushes?
fed feeder fishes?
red reader rushes?
put puta pushes

weed wiser wishes

fat fedora fascist
nuts nadsat nazis

Now that's some poetry, but back on track, new day, high again. We'll see how far it takes me this time.
and from now on I will apply the forchong spacing with dividin chapters with colour change.
(and immediately pushed the return button few times out of habit)
стопгок ис стоп гос контроль. Стоп is с top. off the top. Stop is off the top? S- is off-? start where tart is related to retard, and re- could be equivalent to dutch ge- and russian пере- And if we calque пере- into re- we have перемен as remont. PEMOHT was a fido conference about exposure of disp o and disposure disposition deposition of the faggots. And I exposed them, and why do I use such terminology, they are slurs. They may accept the term queer, they even add it to lgbt thing now, but if kabbala works, this formula changed and may work to their dismay, thank god. They are kinda gross and what was seen cannot be unseen, so they're enough in all of us, contaminating our minds with their images, so anyway, Now I have to offer homos something they will like more than the world power. Even though domination over other men is very homosexual, no wonder Alexander was so Great.
And now we have computer games where we can syphon out our death wish. So we may live more civilized like humans because of this more peaceful times we can have outside of the videogames. So games not only may make people more violent (as some parents clamed) but also more peaceful. Sociopaths and psychopaths locked peacefully into the worlds of ultraviolence where they lived their dreams away until coming to the apex where they maybe reconceptualize their concepts and self-psycho analysis remembering what could make them so violent in the first place.
не всегда удобно добавлять серый текст, когда нужно что-то совсем другое написать, но этот я сюда скопировал, добавив его пост-фактум. пока мест сохраним эту традицию)
prays прошу.
(rosh голова-глава. начало-начальник. решающий)

But no, bad idea, vertical spacing is a good thing in the wall of text, but on the internet short messages are of larger value. there you better start each sentence from a new line, make those sentences paragraph worth each. Be worthy ofthe memes. (but now that last sentence not from the new line made it more wall-of-text-ish. And these two even worse.
Okay, that didn't go too far today. I drank two beers yesterday, that could damage my creativity.
But I will eat and return smoking.
например la premier

the next day (that previous session I licked a plate my friends used to snort amphetamine, to go to communicate. Why would I go there again? I think I am crazy.

Звёзды - абстрактные понятия. Богов обозначали звёздами и у американцев

и у европейцев, где венера звезда, люцифер звезда. Кто ещё звезда? Марс звезда. Красна звезда.
Марево. Жарево. Зарево. Горево. Жорево. Порево. Порно. Жырно. Горько. Зорко. Жарко Марко?Смерко?Сматрюко?Снатруко?
Смерть смеркает? Сморкает? с Мог с Морргает. Сморкт Сморкнуть Смаргнуть. Doublets? Twins!

шумашеши уравнивает с, ш, д, all are linguals. So the three roots I found in A B C are the A M T the three mothers. A M S iis more voiced-voiceless. Because both M & S are щелевые. Оу! энд иф S is voiceless counterpart of M. What is the voiceless com counterpart of M? Exhale by nose. With no voice. Almost unheard (of)
And S is a counterfeit of that voiceless exhale, similar by sound and heard much farther.
Where did I get it? How have I figured it out?
If M is N, then S is T.
Okay, now I see that Sefer yetzirah is truer than common public knowledge of amt
But that only places the story of Golem later in time than what Sefer Yetzirah is based upon.
Sefer Yetzirah made me think away. Why do I write it of all capital, because it matters for me so much.
The same way I often wrote Bornholm. That is another important artefact. So I should place the artefacts in the foundation of the next iterration of this book.
Because T is further differentiation (m is soft and thus t is hard, t is literally named твердо (harD where D is a crescent and ~C and maybe when T appeared abc was abz? but if ams before amt then probably no, voiced and voiceless seem to be a deep differentiation, maybe when alphabet was invented people over 40 (today it maybe would be 50, the second half of the life, but I accidentally wrote 50, and by the same not_a_logic but sequence 30 would be the average when people died at 60 on average, and yet little kids are also not heard, thus if people live to 60 but become wise only about 20, than 40 is the average, and in russian it is срок. типа срока годности. не с богом, но с роком. с кмнем на шее?)
Означает ли это что старики на советах не имели права подавать голос, а то могли и залить чего-нибудь чтоб не голосил. Старики воевать не пойдут, они будут детей обучать вместо этого, передавать свой опыт молодым. А потому могут лишь шептать. Это красивая легенда, но до подтверждения этого каким-нибудь уже на 2021 год откопанным литературным памятником, она лишь легендой и останется или вообще ничем. пуф, и раз я забыл что писал несколько томов назад, то и вы забудете об этой.

Женя хороший человек, но он мне не друг, я ему как человек не интересен.
Друг это другой я. ami as a- me (not I)

Другой Женя мне друг, потому что он определённо получает удовольствие от моих идей. Иногда. Он проявляет интерес, в отличие от предыдущего и приезжает с подарками, а тот первый лишь берёт,

Will the phrase "human factor" make us be looked at as on bugs.

Fiction disinforms, but it entertains kids who learn to read literature before they may learn how to read medical or technical or other special literature.
So a good idea for timemachine: Time machines are only possible in the simulation world. And thus that case has its advantages. And imagine if some people found how to tune into code of the world and invented a way to travel in time. How would it look? I imagined that it looked as humans were here but also ibburred or dibbukked people of the past. Yet the existence of these terms doesn't prove the time travel, crazy people could fake it or they could be just actually disbalanced by some biochemical imbalance.
So traveller would sit or lay in his world, travelling in time seeing what people did? Through those people's eyes? This fiction may sow such a

older form is always more formal. Slang is frowned upon and thus грубое ты новее веживого Вы.
AMS before AMT
sie before tu.
ваше си-я-те-льство
> грубое ты новее веживого Вы.
АМU before AMT?
rna before dna!
What kind of coincidence is it?
If alphabets were invented by those who knew dna alphabet (somehow, don't ask me how, by some ancient order all the nomenclature would then be transfered, and can I base something apon actual  ACGT and ACGU?
What does it teach me? That M =kk? It would link mama to japanese kaka. (ma-ther, o-ka-san)
Then o-to-san о-те-ц. fa-ther and thus fita (f~t) is not fairy, but father? p for pater. m for mother, and I think I know why else could M be out of the labial column: Mommy under Daddy.
What is in between? H! ah's and ha's? The basis of it all. the logos? Hesus? G is for Gesu as jesuits say.

Я мог быть прототипом чела, который загадал всё-всё понимать, ведь с таким желанием и вечную молодость можно придумать и счастьем чтоб оно наполнено было понять как добраться. Про трёх демонов первый из которых попросил абсолютное знание ещё и бессмертие патчем (абсолют подразумевает бесконечное распределение во времени) обрöл
брать и добро однокоренные?
зло и какое ещё слово сюда под отдавать? слить.

слить злить жили
брать добреть убраться? было слово с подобным смыслом, ради которого писал, убежало
Антонимы селили и убирали перекликаются с предыдущей строкой.

не убира, но убирай. Й как и в сели.
i as imperative? why it isn't io? I is in front, io is at the end. o is 。? or ai of I is reflected as ya?

-y of -й & -и is you in the beginning

Wouldn't I damage my reasoning when I learn how ancient people thought?

you earn what you learn.
You cannot learn without earning of it.

Is na = we? because Го-ди, даруй прощения всем сатанам has нам, then we = n, because satana is satan in english, and that w ~ n is ν

M и Т are me and thee, not me and they, because A is they.
And if T used to be S, it's sie for tu. More polite form is more ancient.
U for you.
Ik for Ich for Ego for Их? Как я эту антонимию объясняю? Гипотезой оо том, что это имена племён. Но как эти имена образовались? Их как Йа может быть лишь если какой-то звук произосится как х в одной нации и как а в другой, и ה (е) вполне может быть таким звуком. Также потому, что а произносится как e in pan, but also H is e or i in greek.

When I was speaking above about five-pointed stars standing for dog (sirius?) gods (venus, mars, lucifer, and in picrelated)

I was about to say that six-pointed things are alive, animaux, bea, tail, wings, legs, spider maybe is us on some other level, or it's much more simple: alive is even. alive ~ al even  but how do I know, it just came to me, it's probably nothing, but because it came, it's in here.

This fragment in english changes the orientation of the third star. Does it mean it's in between and it's indifferent or it's some academic sloppiness or intentional manipulation of data?

And now let's try to compare the following image to the text they say it contains (ammount of signs seem fit for it, but let's try to read it)

The same Amen at the end, thus we know the direction of the text. It's interesting that Am and En seem to look like 𐤌.

Ávē Marī́a, grā́tiā plḗna,                                         Hail Mary, full of grace,
Dóminus tḗcum.                                                      the Lord is with thee.
Benedícta tū in muliéribus,                                     Blessed art thou amongst women,
et benedíctus frū́ctus véntris túī, Iḗsūs.[14]            and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Sā́ncta Marī́a, Mā́ter Déī,                                        Holy Mary, Mother of God,
ṓrā prō nṓbīs peccātṓribus,                                     pray for us sinners,
nunc et in hṓrā mórtis nóstrae. Āmēn.                    now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

The second word (the triple Ɔ, which reflect some obscurested elements of european culture, eradicated by christianity, and it explains why they eradicated native americans too. Those crosses all over the text are probably the le Clercq added them to christen the heathen symbols in we'll see what principle were those crosses placed over some letters, but not the others. And if le Clercq modified the script, why wouldn't he rotate stars straight? Maybe they had some rationalization for what the star is and explained it to him, maybe because of Venus, or I have to read le Clercq's notebooks if they still exist.
So that triple Ɔ for both Mary and Mother (which Mary means and thus probably was translated, because they also have a name standing for mother? they combine Mary and Mother in one sign when tehy they use it for the second time, where it's followed by the same sign which opened the previous example, pater noster. The dei, the genetivus of deus, god.)

It demands verbose analysis for each sign, I have to make it in paint above that micmac text.
Isn't Bigmac a re-meme of the Mi'kmaq?  And I saw that ' in other mighty writing systems: ge'ez, n'ko and though ge'ez (as mi'kmaq) are officially ancient, the n'ko is believed to be invented in the 20th century, but I doubt it. Either way, this Mi'kmaq is much more interesting. Each sign deserves an essay:
Jesus is written as a ligature of his names, J and H if you can see it, with a cross above it just as other holy words: Mary, grace, lord, Jesus, holy, pray, and I'm not sure of the M-like final sign in the penultimate line and the penultimate N-like sign in the final line. But then those crosses could be developed by the natives themselves to mark the words as christian forms of them and they probably had the same signs without crosses in other texts to denote their ingenious concepts, but JH is JH. And A is probably And. And then.. I look at Pater Noster for more, and I saw that З-like sign stands for you, which correlates to sie [zi] and it opens sign for there (Dort)

Just few hours ago I thought of myself as rather satanic (I came to church and felt them satanic, but since satan simply means enemy, they are my satan and I am theirs, just as asura is demon in one culture and god in the other) and now (purely by accident) I sing christian prayers. I told you I have to be neutral to this eternal fight. If I am a demon or if I contain one, I will take me or him or her closer to the light. And if I'm an angel within god's palm, I will bring that palm closer to shaking hands with the other side: brothers may be very different and have the opposite aspirations, but brothers they should be

The way they use european letters here and there and the way they use A for and makes me suspect them to bring this script from Asia, for russians also use not only и[i] for and sometimes, but also а[a] for something between and and but.

another version of the pater noster:

Sell sold
Tell told

When kids asked me what sold (they saw it on a tv) means I explained the translation and to help them remember it I remembered them about the word sale they know, and then sold is the past tense of sell, which is a similar word, and of that sale I said that парус is sail, ходить под парусом тоже сэйл, и что моряк потому сэйлор, изначально тот который на парусных кораблях плавал, а сегодня любой моряк sailor. И что моё предположение что так получилось потому что моряки привозили заморские товары (и не факт что они их купили, но продавали. Закупками в европейском порту занимался береговой офис скорей всего, как называют моряков в тех странах откуда они везли свой товар ещё посмотреть нужно)

Listening to Soph and Victor speaking about Talmud dismantling Torah finding reasons to why nothing in Torah applies today, I hear them speaking of jews worshipping Moloch, and it makes me think Isn't Moloch and malik (king) the cognates? Ain't jews ready to reject their imaginary god to worship kings as gods for gibs?

Пот потёк.
т как корень слова water?
те-ки те-чь
ре-ки ре-чь
ле-гки ле-ти ле-чь л-яг
liquid light? свет тоже течёт, струится. лучи ручьи

Today I see that gallo around the fire of the lighter the ball of rather isotropic light of the diametre of three fire lengths and then at the size of the flame around the ball, the ring of a rainbowish light of the little less extensity than the central ball. Soyou can see the central ball of light even on the light surfaces, when the gallo is seen only in the dark. But actually it depends, I saw it in front of my switched notebook with 12:18's western sky lighting from my window (no sun is seen, but it's coming, just as that time. but that time that window was on my back, and light (also from the similar angle of front-left) I believe light doesn't matter, light of the match or a lighter shines itself. Maybe day is an interesting coincedence, (it have to check if it is, as if it matters) September 21 2021)  so I put it into grey, because light from the outside probably doesn' matter, I have to look at light when I wake up in the night, it's all about my eyes, not having constructed themselves

it's 12:56 and I washed my eyes to avoid some strings of mucus snot from my sleepy eyelids. And now I cannot see the rainbowish ring around the ball of light I still see, and now I know what was the size of those rings and I measure them and I can only see the step down in the light intensity. and the other step down (I can only suspect) where the light ball ends. I go to watch it agai, will report further. Now I saw a ring (not that distinct, but my eyes were sorta outtafocus and I saw the other ring at the same distance, the distance between the lighter and the rings seem to be constant. Will observe more, will try to light some light at that light or around it.
If something, those rings reduce in their size, I haven't shined light again, I have to run to another room.
Flash light of the telefone around it didn't help, it only made the step-rings (no rainbows, no distinct ring at a darker distance from the main ball of light. just steps of light going quntizing(?) resonating with some other wave? by steps down, down, down. And light only made it blurrier and not seen at all. Maybe I have to find a source of light with different frequency, to find the resonance with whatever wave that light source (flame) has.

Russia has to call Beatrix to be our queen. Whoever brings dutch people into power will be new Peter the Great in our history books. We are natural partners (our previous experience of collaborating was positive, our flags form the same pattern or red, white, blue, red, white, blue, red, white, blue. And dutch may say that red white blue white red white blue white red white blue white would be a more pleasant pattern. And then russian flag turn into white blue white red. Don't let faggots rule the masses, have a white eye, white's eye on the top of it. let's make our flag animated, rotating the colours of red white and blue. Red goes first? For russia its' dangerous (jews, we have such a disgusting history of coexistence, whites better keep us separated, but they probably want to make it gradual: somebody has to be between them and those who are even more savage and retarded than we are. Alas. But dutch influence can be spread further to the south. Netherlands, unlike Belgie, had a successful history of colonization: South Africa was better under their rule, and maybe without that racial tension they can be even more decent in the East Europe.

I have to deliver the spheric bath to my beast. The beast of suicide got trapped in my psyche, and I try to pet it, telling it to pride my bride. that grey text is automatic writing, subconscious misunderstood rhyme while I was write writeing some other what// okay, telling it to be my bride? I was thinking of telling it that I will deliver something better than death. the happiness! To all those suicidal comediens,

Я должен поставить (не доставить, как я сказал сначала, создать) свою капсулу, бикос озэруайс зы бист уил ист.


до того кто (кому)

post postavlaet? dostavlaet po and do are cognates? it can only be if b and d are cognates too.
as bi- and di- boths standing for two they are cognatic indeed: two lips or tongue and palate. palate as palette, палитра плита палета pallet, but palete, palate, they all probably have different etymology. I should ignore etymologic dictionaries and redistinguish the language from scratch.

Here I question the Овъ thing, because оный I understand today, and овый I never heard of. So I think this is the false part of this book, I kinda challenge it, until I'm proven wrong. Why I claim so is that greek n is ν and russian writing system is related to the greek.
But then I also don't know толика и сицева (толика часть чего-то, сицевый это из ситца, друг ситный иногда говорят, но это всё) I suspect them to be examples of other adjectives and how their inflections behave, wherever they took it, in what ancient grammar textbook, the guy who showed it to me did so in the context of Novgorod manuscripts, I'll have to check the texts myself, the example I found so far could be just misinterpreted оные, where it would make perfect sense:
И собрались все со князьми своими, овые на конях, другие же пеши, и пришли на брег. «Московская летопись, 117»

Колико could be a form of сКолько.
But then that exposes сколький производным от кий (какой) and къ as a short form of кий.
and I see that if какой = кий = къ, then как is also къ. and c-column is seen as column of question pronouns.
с (чё? че-го)
h (hv- wh- who, what, whose, where, when)   h instead of g, g probably wasn't different from c when this column appeared, and then it was placed there insread of h, because h was not k-like enough?
k (какой, кто, k is the only candidate for question word, but a great one)
q (que, qui)  and it shows that lines are dialects. or maybe each dialect had a couple of lines, hence dia- lect. but dia- could be другой, второй. Just like russians need fifth line with ч but who knows, maybe х is the h, because ц is pronoun of third person, like це = сие, с is another це, and it is above it in the alphabet. n for он, d for dat and dit. So pronouns are the alphabet? A I U are personal? other some question or index, but what is labials? M for me. W for we. В for Вы? I told you Вы is you and is of the first person syllables, Ты is from Те, and thus rude (you're not with us)
П of P is the syllable not connected to any pronoun s far as I can see. And thus one of the most direct lines gets its own anomaly. As if I never asked why the fuck Папа is labial when it's a male word.  And here I only have to find a personal pronoun deserving that place to question the position of the p.
Could be of Pythagoras, who worked with Pi.
The alphabet could be of some other civilization, the one Pythagoras didn't understand, They didn't expect somebody to ever change it, so they decided only to give away the form and usage, not the meanings beyond it all.

A We~Вы Ce Dit~Du
E F G H (E doesn't play as a pronoun. Doesn't it indicate that this line is to go grey?)
I  Je  Kъ iL Me oN
U Вы~We (X of E (both are ex) or is it hw~ of wh~?) Ye Zie(they, sie)

And by accident Z returned They and sie, which suddenly make german polite way to say U is the opposite one, as if they respected outsiders more, and didn't dare to combine them (the westerners, I suppose) with themselves (the easterners, those who used ты, sie, thee, and these forms are standard in low speech all over Europe) so it's not geographic, but class standards (the same way elite spoke french, where they used both vous and tous, so of course it's much-much-more before that.

But I go further, And because of Me and We I say that two lines were enough, and it reflects that dialect thing, and I go to this:

I (Je) Me K.....  iL, eLLe, ils  оН, оНа оНи
U(Вы) We X..  Y(you, a U-gang)  Z(they)

Where K and X are question pronouns? But C is not only чё, but also це. and it relates it to N, T, Z (zij is dutch they)

I Me Ko-го
У Вы (пл instead of fl, в instead of ф and w, ᛳ and ᚹ and I question if ᚹ is vav and if it's a needle, because internet tells ᛳ is oo.
U Wij Zij.. so dutch it is. I suspected it to be the most important language of europe. Yiddish is also not that far. I have do decypher latin alphabet using dutch and then I'll apply it to hebrew alphabet through yiddish.

Xij would be great for dutch, but it's wie and wat. As if the W is their question pronoun and U stood for U (for both U and wij and и of I too) and Zij would be it's opposite. With X for wie and wat standing for the unknown? W and X may look pretty similar, but their pronounciation is as different as can be.

If there were only two lines, then those lines probably were singular and plural (since columns divide pronouns by persons)

And using U Wij Zij thing as the pattern I reconstruct I-line as
Jij Mij Hij (the N looks like Н in russian and words in the same word: оН)
Zij is both she and they (I wonder why or how it could happen, but that is similar to german sie, which is also used for U, I reaally wonder why)

or is I line Je Mois Nous? we'll ponder on this french way to look at it tomorrow or the other day. Or that tomorrow will be this very day after I wake up.

Jij Mij Hij
U Wij Zij

with us stnding between you and them?
With a flow protecting forest from the fire?
Maybe we don't feel red next to green right, but we like it next to black or white because black and white are the buring wood, and yellow too. And green is fresh vegetation which doesn't burn well and

U is Y in greek
Y is IJ in dutch
so J could be Je
and I could be I
and Y could be U~V~W = We (but then why is Y you in english? Because you is plural form too. And it is another example of pronouns' antonymy.

Now I guess french and english phonetic differencies of vowels may be caused by the genetically differently built vocal tract. And that is why russians living outside of russian-speaking culture will feel some incomprehensible sadness. But there are more differences in faces of americans than in faces of russians from americans. We look pretty much alike, but english is for englishmen, maybe others feel that sadness? But then americans with different faces pronounce things differently. And that means rusians also can speak with russian accent if they feel like it. So why am I trying to lure russians into russia? Russia is a mousetrap. So far I may speak, soon I will not.

Jy My Hy (Hij = He? Jij = Je. French je for I is je for U in dutch.
U is two I's? Because U is Y in greek. And Y is literally ij which is II..
U and Y are second persons. (JiJ is J is I)
U is Vous (U~V, you = вы)

Je Me He (how nd why did Je become I in french? Did dutch brought language to them? Because pronouns is at the vey basis of language. What was before it?
protoDutch called protoFrench йи and they though йи is them. Yet they also used m for mois. Or was it also an influence? I'm now on very thin eyes ice or maybe drowning already. Let's go back to dutch.
French could be of completely different ethos. ethnos.

Jij Mij Hij
U(Y. Ψ?) Wij Zij
Ψ in the previous line is caused by jij being three I's. third eye! Y is eyes! eye was first use for both eyes, when people didn't distinguish plural from singular, sometimes we still use singular words for plural objects. almost never the other way around.

Zij is for both She and They because women were en mass.
If the second line is not only plural, but also female (like -a in latin is used for both female and plural)

Jij as rude male form of the word Y (IJ, II, second person? 213 as the order of persons? 231 is more memetic in hebrew. Maybe it will be a key when we look fro hebrew pronouns in the alphabet)
U is a polite female form of the word Y

Me is a male egocentristic way to say I?
We is the female polite way as they represent all their collective?

Hij is male
Zij is female
where I took this hypothesis.
She=They? Она в значении масса. группа. толпа.

Венедикт Benedict
Вода Boda?
лаВа laBa? lip? лаба~губа? л~г? λ~ג

I have built my weird flat when I wasn't smoking weed.
But I smoked salvia plenty at that time. It wasn't illegal then.
And not that it was such a sweet fruit, but they have prohibited it too.
As if it worked so well in the genesis period.
Prohibitions never worked, but they were implemented to provoke free-thinking people to try it and maybe to shoo the obedient retards away from it.
Either way, it doesn't work.
And they just announce: such and such stuff can be used to make you high. And it's oh very-very dangerous. It's as if they create some bullshit crimes to make our inner sociopaths be satisfied with some petty crimes like transporting drugs from a dealer for some to a client for others.
(or it's rather to a client for some, from a dealer for others)
And if the forbidden fruit was the tree of knowing good and evil, it probably was vine, which gives pleasure of being drunk but then it demands the pay off in the form of displeasure of hangover, it made me think that in wrm climate vine probably doesn't go off, but brew on a branch so that most grape (vinograd in russian) berries would be full of drunk vine. This is a hypothisis pulled out of some metalinguistic data, so it has to be checked by some factual observation. But then if grape is the fruit of knowing good from evil, in vino veritas makes sense not only as wine being the truth serum. And then the vine itself could represent the snake, as if the vine went far from a tree it clinged to and a womn took it as a berry from the grass and was deceived by the "snake" in this way. Is it possible? More than.

Cerebration celebration
Corroboration collaboration
Why these words are not semantically connected? corroboration and collaboration are somewhat similar probably mostly to the recognized prefix co+-

Jij Mij Hij
 U Wij Zij

this beauty is the biggest catch of this volume and for many previous ones. Let's play with it some more

Je Mois Nous  is french way to look at it. Also very much promising.
and.. it goes nowhere. Ce tout est mois, mois, mois. Tres francais.

Аз Вы Те?
Г in questioning k-column is for Где. is it related to коГда?
Что Где коГда?
Что Кто Где all these are of c and both к & г in cogda когда are too.
не знаю что это было, попытка выпытать какие буквы столбец вопросительных местоимений составляют. Место имени-я. Имеют место в таблице, в алфавите, где же ещё. ура!

Аз (ни суффикс а, ни артикль a, ни предлог à, а именно местоимение Аз. я. ямс?

ему тому  (ему сему этому, тому тому)
японские приставки а- ко- со- выдают мне другую местоимению: ему кому тому
и если е~a, то ам=ом=он. и он именно что корень слова ему, ону, оному.

thinking of one weird line the 13th volume froze on github: Lucifer is luckier
and remembering that by some interpretations Jesus and Lucifer and Prometheus from Theus. Lucifer Lux's fil? or лучше (better than) father?

Gesu is Geez. Ge'ez? G's. son of Jah.

how dare I say prome is from? it's not primo. it's prome. what is prome?

Местоимение имеет место в алфавите

Friend of mine tells местоимение is вместо имени. но почему не местоимени, а местоимение? где ищё используется слово имени - можно ли там его заменить на имение? после имени? нельзя.

нет. смыслы разные.

Местоимения имеет место.
это два русских слова места имение. орфография is arbitrary.


кого, чего это же тоже местоимения. вместо какого они имени?
друг говорит вместо имени существительного (или прилагательного)
окей, тогда почему разные определения у одного и того же слова:
вместо имени. почему местоимение по чему это что с приставкой.
что это то с ч q. ч~q. (see gothic alphabet)
подушка б?  pillow. p is b? may be.


Место. М-seat? seato? море того. more there, closer to there, depending on the subject, more = to? at? why at and to don't seem to be antonymous? Because it isn't latin.
on is на in russian.

I and ya (you) are antonymous перевёртышы

компромисс консенсус
промис сенсус
совместоно е обещание е
и совместоен ощущение.
промис обещание
сенсус ощущение
обе проми
ощу сенсу (ищу ощущаю? ощу это именно что от ощу-щаю, как про от про-щаю. ощу-пываю, ощу-пью.  ощу-пал. пальцами? ощу-пью what is it.

sit seat
meet meat? меси на мясо. метил? встретил. если встр=м, то м = 5 (подобно тому как третья (mi) становится пятой в огаме)

знамя нам
родина один
гимн им
герб ъ

the way children who already can speak (but who still pronounces стол like тор) коверкают язык ради шутки, они едва ли смешивают губные с язычными, но все губные п, а все язычные к.
какокий for зелёный (нот кикокий!) he rocognized tha shor i of the й at that stage though. It seems like humans have stages they step in their

Satan is the name I dread to utter. It resonates to the god's name which's not to be uttered needlessly. Is Satan the real one? The Seth? S-T? The final mother, death, sheiten (stink probably related to it, just as sting.)
s and t somehow went l and t and I remember that I saw them as the dashed and dashless variant of the same figure, but I don't remember how I came to that l

If J can sound as H in spannish, and ᚼ(or ᛡ) stands for both, does it mean Jerry and Harry are cognates?
и Жан и Хан тогда тоже. Халва Жалва (жмых)

орёт врёт жрёт,срёт
орёт и врёт are probably doublets
жрёт и срёт are probably not. because the meanings are opposite. I am yet to find the words for antonym doublets, I'm pretty sure there are such as наверное (maybe) and наверняка (for sure)

"жирдяй все мысли про жратву" exposes that жрать is related to жыр
жор и жир? жрать и жиреть.

When yiou write make a shelf and you realize there are two shelves, and you write with a pen, you can cross out the a, but it's not so easy with the self going shelves in modern orthography, so shelf's work nice as the suffix, and I realize that it's how some of them came about. men and man are uncountable? because they die and multiply? and do they sound the same? no, man is man, men is men, they're written directly so, even though english a does tend to be closer to э than russian а. still more а than э.

a keed кривляясь коверкал зелёный как какокий, не кекокий. I wonder why. Maybe it reveals the equity of a and e (both are the same form rotated 180 degrees) at some basic level of tha languages.

tha is a typo but an often one, so that could also reveal my subconsciousness still c holdning holding those structure, those basic sc sc structures. a so c is t and c is h. abc are all they are.
ABG was the first line, but AMS is the oppositemost forms of them. Or would T be more opposite to A than S. And to M too. Or as are they all fricative and plosive M is B, just like plosive S is T.
Not plosive they probably were called then. short or double like in й (и краткое, i short) and w (double u, double v - then U is roman pronounciation, V is barbaric pronounciation. Runic axial structure supports this supposition, supposal, suppository)

lie and love are the opposite? they are similare in phoneticque, and thus I feel like placing them next to one the other. Is love causeing lies? Is love a lie by itself? When I began this paragraph, I was going to say of honesty as almost (or always) the only rule when I allowed god (presumable Jesus) to enter my me. I don't think it was some Jesus, I think I spoke directly to the source. Like god enter me yourself. But I'm not sure, many of my concepts changed since then, I don't go much into the memories archive to move further forward into wherever the wilderness bring me. I hope I don't get lost, because not in the jungle, but in the mine I've been working for decades. And it's not even the mine. What is it? It's as if some artefact I am undigging, like an alien spaceship or a city I scan through the languages I can observe today to guess where they could come from to reconstruct the ancient structure without actually digging it out (because I cannot dig out the past per se, only an image of it. a photograph? a painting so far. Maybe that painting will be closer to the photograph if ai makes it. And I recall the neuralblender, the way I used it yesterday, and today I gave him a better quest (I fed him with the clauses yesterday, to no avail, today I combined them and it delivered.

and it seems that its diagonal orientation combines lineal and axial structures. And that ого in the centre gives me hope that it understands it, so I payed them few (five? five to two?) bucks and ordered an image in the maximum scale. And now we wait. It's 15:31 and I ordered it few minutes ago, and I expect it to work for at least an hour. But I forgot to enter the subject, so it will deliver something she or he or they want, so I have to spend another few bucks when it finishes.
What is interesting about those images, is that they are made at almost exactly the same time.
the empty room with a tag empt at the corner for empty request:

and the same request of alphabetic structures of, but with a lower number of iterations:

It looks like it didn't understand much. I can naturally see that it tells "words words words" or book books books and I see that it tells that A is a wickiup structure I actually mentioned in the last published volume. And I tried it on free characteristic for few more times:

won't this chaos distract me from what I know by taking the place in my head, the place that should take in only the related material for analysis? So I won't do it anymore until I find my own ai to teach and learn from.
Or maybe the same (or different) way my words motivated this ai to make these pictures, will I be motivated by the pictures to add something essential to my research.
Like those wickiups I see in A now I also see in Д when I looked at it, but when I thought of it without looking I saw wickiups carcasses in X, as if Х is a whisper form of А.
And then I remember of that image with the wickiup and that there was another construction, which could be of B, bubble, ball. and if пузырь does have this labialness, how could ball be cognatized to шар? the way what is што? b~w~ш? We'll see.

Is Eris female counterpart of Eros?
Either way semantically she seem to relate to err and error.

Finally I found a reason not to shave I'll give to my hater friends.
hater = hating. and phonetically ing and er are of the same pattern: vowel + lingual, and that is a syllable as in chinese hieroglyphics each sign is a syllable. They didn't recognize letters there. How can you unite too-too of a parahod and kar-kar of a bird? Completely different sounds. So they catalogized them all into their script itself. And it allowed further theorizers to define all the sounds used by people. And probably it made our speech more strict, but less colourful. Is the way chinese speak that very most powerful most colourful form of it? Is it how we all spoke,? Probably in between it was (chinese inevitably came through its own processes)

съ мя (со мной)
съ моя

Blue could be onomatopoeia:

Medieval Mad evil. (this is a meme with this subconnotation)

Fuck hierarchy I speak with my work. Freedom is a better system. But is it at least this productive? I think Friedman proved that the less state intervenes the best it does.

Black be lack. (put enough of light on it and you will see its colour. is grey colour? is transparent colour? Is reflective colour? grey is a form of black, light form of black. Is white colour? Our sensitivity doesn't allow us to distinguish beyond some shades of black? Grey is a colour. A colour between black and white with zero other

AI are ones of us
ones of ons. ones ~ ons ~ us

бля ~ блин
have different transliteration of yus (previously nasal sound. nasal vowel? and thus no is the claster. mno is the claster then. okay. as separated from hijkl )
a b cd (c is more based in the sequence of EFГ, and b reflects d in Б Д, ב ד ,پ ث, Բ Դ, Ⰲ Ⰴ, 𓃀 𓂧
and also ᛒᚦ and 𐎁 𐎄 which are see B and D as even and odd (you can see it in the B and D too) but runic and latin are 2 and 1, while ugaritic is 2 and 3. and 𐤁 𐤃 make me question if they're 𐤀's ie 𐤂, nah.
E F Г (so c is the new form of g, simplified form, not even drown whole the spiral, just a curve of it)
hijkl mnop (because p is of b, labial) qrst

ᛒᚦ makes me expect some staved mirrored ᛵ for an a. so that it reflected Eᚠᚴ (and once again runes don't include the vowel in their sequence. EFГ do, and maybe htat's why F
בד see the horizontal beams at the top in d and at the bottom in b.

a  b  c d e
f  g  h ij k
l  m n o p
q  r  s  t  u
v w x  y z

I probably look at it from this perspective, and though I like how it's 5*5, I like how h ij reflect x y, I like the a b c d e with the c in the centre as it's its own k, and s and nall look cool, but I don't really believe it is anything but maybe the 5*5 lurking in the hindsight all the time.

In russian they say "денежки любят счёт" and it is retarded because bill gates doesn't know how much money he has (or he said he didn't) and in english they say "money love silence" (which could be true, but could be also retarded: advertisement may bring more money than you spend on it (that's the idea, actually, yet I never tested if it's true. It most probably is) but it's not as retarded as russian counterpart, especially because minuscule suffix applied to money is told to be used mostly by poor people.

Нищета нищетс не считается?
но ведь быть нищим = быть ни с чем, so I thought, so why this new etymology? It's more poetry than etymology, but yes, I say it is an etymologic candidate.

пластмасса = пластик
масса = ик?
-ic c ~ це, it.
esse, m esse
what is m?
matter материя мать мощь
-ic is esse? это лехко проверить

So I reform orhtography. I write лехко, мяхко, and isn't it ה uit uniting г & х.

hag hug хап (г ~ п)

a b c d
e f g h
i j k l m n
o p q r s t
u v w x y z

f = gh?
b = d?

it reminds me of this topic I had yesterday when I tested my first capsule prototype.
i u
delai delau (1st person in the second position, 2nd person in the first one, as in U Wij Zij)
and I saw it as
Вы & Du but the third position is the third person alright.
and if b~i for bothe are female and soft, then  bi ~ di? like in the prefix standing for two.
and if  du ~ bu

wry and rye sound exactly the same.
wrath and rough only differ in vowel a little, but semantically they are much more the same.

думая о политике: я должен говорить о том, что вижу, но должен ли я видеть хуйню? Не смотрю н смотри не ююю.... не смотри на хуйню, не думай о хуйне.
не думать о хуйне, не думать о говне. как хуйне с говне когнатично? почему? из-за формы? хуй? гов? жов?
говно жовано
seat eat
сидай едай
сижу сру
странно, но непонятно.

еда это, говно оно?

это оно когнаты? дублеты? триплеты. хуеплеты. поищи ещё.. то? еда? it = eat! (only eat is pronounced i-it, which maybe stands for take it, and the same take could be the initial meaning of the negation prefix i-, exclude something, illegal excludes legal? takes legals away? if take~get (notice how they reflect eachother, and I went researching some vashkevich only to see that lukashevich was collecting the palindromes) then get~not?

and here I see how biliteral words are lines, those 231 lines, the 231 gates, thus each syllable is a gate. And thinking of triliteral words, I see triangles similar to the ones used in astrology (though I also have no idea about them, but probably this is the gate to get it. to get and to get out, to get something out, вытащить, get ~ to go?
And I see three times of triangles: the ones coming through the centre, the ones laying at one side from the centre, the ones laying on both sides of the circle, around the centre.
And some more forms of figures become made out of larger ammount of letters, so five-letter word may draw a pentagram, and satan is 5-letter word, but in hebrew it's three: שָׂטָן, with two letter text to eachother, thus it draws a thin splinter, a wow-like figure. at the right side of the diagram with the sharpest side diretly directly downwo downwards. as if to it's heart, which is natural point of view if stn actually stands for adversary.

деем - настоящее время, но сдеем подеем и так далее с любой приставкой - будущее. Может потому что будущее время возникло до настоящего? Настоящее время это между прошлым и будущим, как второе лицо между первым и третьим (но в алфавите, похоже что, первым идёт: Jij, U(Y, Ij. and I ask myself why does it go with additional i for singular cases? Was i standing for singular the way it stnds for plural today? Why would such castling happen? castle is замок in russian, which also goes for a lock. castle костьми ляжем? кажется я вашкевича перечитал (должен ли я копать в него или отложить поберечь свою голову?)
победим - побе так же как приставка работает в дим = деем? деемон. деемэн, помесь мога и человека, полубог. как иисус
дадим. все глаголы, заканчивающиеся на дим - формы будущего времени.
посколько глаголъ и глаголь очень сходны, давай посмотрим на неглагольные формы, заканчивающиеся на -дим. невидим. это тоже форма будущего числа (неувидим? но "не видим" это глагольная форма в самом деле, но почему оно в настоящем времени? Но с приставками - вновь будущего.
но предвидим снова может быть формой настоящего. Пред- и с деем организует настоящую форму. Не потому ли что пред означает предыдущее состояние, и таким образом оно нейтрализует суффикс будущего числа? приставки~предлоги, значит побуждающее к действию, цели которые всегда лежат в будущем. у (будем когда у того места) видим (что не только глагол, но и прилагательное, видимый. где ый=он=he, ая=она=she оё=оно thus ё is юс, и она легко побращается в оя, ёя, ея. её? ёё? ёно. её это к оно, потому что ея это к она. т.о. формой её применительно к женщине они превратили её из женского рода в средний. Или средний и женский род - формы одного и того же. полотенце~полотенца, полотенце снаружи, обнимает, значит она, нож и меч пронзают - они он. one. you have to have at least two to be in it. otherwise you can be only at it. on it. one.
in is ея, on is его. но логики здесь не вижу. ий - суффикс ий - другое дело.
in is ея, он is ий? on is ий. снова вновь не вижу параллелей или ортогоналей.
on him, in her?
o~m, i~r? r looks like the i with a dot not above but after it. weird. I've never noticed it.
her=hei? ей? or is H[h] of he – the Н[n] of он?
I use = in text, but why don't I use = in this case of – too? – is = of texts.
in math it's =, in myth it's –, in music there is probably no such sign, only some empty space instead, a pause. But I don't know music theory to say it for sure, and it could be a coincidence, but a coincidence deserving to be reseach it is.

делаем, но сделаем, уделаем, приделаем
видимся, но свидимся, увидимся, развидим
бежим, но сбежим, убежим, прибежим, разбежимся
им? это местоимение же.  детям? если будущее. не обязательно детям, кому-нибудь, тем кто будет после, им, ем в-с-ем.

is ч-like coursive r i with the dot before it?

fortunately crazy (high productive autism)

I found that I have to give lessons of ancient egyptian.
I know the basics of it, and this basic level of ancient egyptian I will be giving.
And under the disguise of ancient egyptian, I give alemagne (all are wizards of some sort) and english.

In the course we'll just walk through all the hieroglyphs, so knowing the ammount of those signs we can know the progress into the subject we're making.

𓄿 a, legko (g is ה) zapomnitt potomuchto

 𓇋  𓇌(𓏭) 
i ij и s n:
ы=и, ɪ=ь (probably a glagolic rudiment)
-ы = -и = -s (причём, и в случае множественного числа, и в случае родительного падежа)
-en суффикс множественного числа в немецком N и И могут быть потомками египетского 𓏭
𓏭 даже звучит как и, но может в других диалектах как н звучало. (н n п р и)
-en & -и перекликаются с and (в голландском en) и и. третья форма суффикса множественного числа, -s перекикается с русским c [s] (with) which is semantically similar.

𓂝     𓅱(𓏲 𓏱)  𓃀  𓊪(𓊩)  𓆑  𓅓  𓈕(𓈖)  𓂋  𓉔(𓉓𓉔𓉕)  𓎚(𓎛)  𓐌(𓐍)  𓄡
a    i   ij      a(o?)     u              b    p        f    m    n             r     h          ḥ         ḫ         ẖ
𓋳(𓋴)   𓊂(𓊃)   𓈙(𓈛𓈜𓈘𓈚)   𓈍(𓈎)   𓎡   𓎼(𓎻)   𓏎(𓏏)   𓍿   𓂧   𓆓
   s        s                 š                             ḳ(q)       k    g           t         ch    d     dj
𓎤(𓎣)    𓐝    𓋓(𓋔)    𓍘(𓍗)    
g         m      n              t  

In a came I saw yesterday these three runes were used for chests of nornir (-ir is the norsk plural suffix, which you saw in aettir)

(in that game was some other trigrammaton, but I suppose it was a false vile or in some other way unwanted chest. I only played that game half of the time, I try to avoid the games. You can see it if you click the image, that poisonous well it was too, and most of the time it was these ᚢ, and notice how they are the same form, but losing its branches. just as EFГ)
Три норны - Урд, Верданди и Скульд - сидели у источника, вытекавшего из дупла огромного корня Иггдрасиля. Урд была седовласой старухой, Верданди - юной красавицей, а Скульд почти невозможно было разглядеть, потому что она сидела позади сестер и волосы падали ей на лицо. Урд, Верданди и Скульд прозревали все прошлое, все настоящее и все будущее. Всеотец заглянул им в глаза, даже в глаза Скульд. Долго, долго взирал он на норн божественными зеницами, пока другие слушали песнь лебедей и шорох листьев Иггдрасиля, падающих в источник Урд.

And the names of the norns tell me, that probably they only know that ᚢ is U (because that is the only sign actually present at Bornholm's alphabetic runestone) and the ᚱ is not R, but B of Belldandy. The young maiden, symbolizing the future, it all makes perfect sense. But the order of them is interesting then: ᛈ thus standing for sculd is in interesting company in unicode: ᛇᛈᛉᛊᛋ what stands before it ans what stand after it are all some forms of s. So I say ᛈ stands for Skuld, the main and currently reigning mother? The present the future the past is the order? By the importance it is so.
And isn't it crazy that I take my sources from some game? That great game is much better source than some academic treatice, because in the game many people participated and I can see that it is made with love, so they must probably care (most probably care I wanted to say, thus most and must are cognatic, because must laid there well. Let's test this guess: the must beautiful girl in the world? I most do it! Nah, not cognatic at all, but in that context.. That context is interesting. they most probably care ~ they must probably care.. hm..

and searching for nornir runir returns not very much (rovas, not runir is probably the word, I will look it in norsk later) so far norns runes return some interesting things:

upd: I showed a pack of books the top one was городские сказки, the second one was сказки о смерти, the third one was сказки о счастье обратной стороны (значит не кврхногами руна, а лежащая орлом) и это очень дурное предзнаменование, и учитывая что оно было за час до операции, я не волшебник, а профан. кодлун бестолковый, в аскезу, пожалуйста, но как аскету выжить на севери? ЯЯ замёрзну, замру, праз мраз. Колдунов сжигали не по дури, а по разумению. И я дабы избежать сожжения должен бросить свои профаничесие профн профанические изыскания. профан pro fan, for fan, aman man ma amateur.
Если парень выживет (он атеист, и из моих рук смерть уже видел, и он согласится, что меня следует отправить в ссылку, но не в острог, а в отшельничество. окольников отшельников. откольников. и я очень хочу отколост отколоться от коллектива, it's in my genes.
Зови Славу, чтоб отцов моих призвал. Надо с откольниками постречаться повстречаться.
Баню надо сначала построить. Тогда будет много голых алкашей там. Баню надо сделать в доме. Чтоб она была моей личной (на одного человека) и не привлекала бы олкошей. окоша олкоша, акаша алкает. я сумасшедш. я глуп. я должен заткнуться. так как я никто не делает, и тому быть может есть причны причины. Я сделал график работы на недел. должен закончить прихожую до конца недели. сегодня понедельник (снизу куча текста из предыдущего периода, шесть экранов примероно, но они имеют больше прав здесь находиться чем этот бред. даже в серое убирать не стану, тут всё надо просеивать. I should weed the text out (to take all the weed out of it, to make it solid)

Счастье балует. Я разбалован, я разболтан, loose, рад раздолбан, разъёбан, в разнос, растеряша, растаман, растафарай, weed smoker thus lured into this other people's religion, should go home, should be glad.

upd: that guy survived and in good condition, so does it mean that tarot doesn't work? Of course it doesn't, even those books were not tarot, and speaking of tarot I was thinking of runes. But I do believe that their effect is based upon psychological programming (if that guy saw what I've seen it could mess him up) even though those books were not runic dice, I must stay rigorous and delete these things outta here.

Привелчь позор = привелчь внимание
(не знаю чт заставило меня написать привлечь как привелча. наверное потому что пальчцы на е и л стартовали одновременно. но прочувствовав это вд.. движение понял, что л палец просто какой-то микровывих имел. и покрутив его вывих убрал.

побачить повидать
сидь как сыч
видь как врачь
врач зряч
в и з are ph.. linguish.. lablia.. labial and lingual forms of the same. (words of those whose tongus were cut out as an ancient punishment. And those who were left alive but without lips. Why would people make something like that to some people? As средство устрашения. Если носы и кисти рук отрубали, то может и языки с губами трезали тоже. Наказание раба? Устрашение рабов что какие средства продазумевала

(растворитель оттирает, отдирает, деру ин джапанис,

благонадёжный good-proof (like bullet-proof, water-proof,

желание это чувство. хочу значит чую хо.
именно так. a ho.
ho as high too? maybe, in more common senso of want.

from now on I lieve typos as they are, I only repeat it af if it's necessary, of or if. are triplets.
I heard triplets more than doublets. doubles they are. I heard double more than trepple tripple

Вредное знание: что usb-port можно втыкать, посмотрев на шов на металке, тогда как до этого смотрели на менее доступную (подлазать смотреть иногда приходится (но если запомнить как комны их располагают, то лишь один раз в профиль посмотреть. )_ ) но глаза, похоже, напрягаются излишне там и злятся что можно же было глянуть где гораздо лучше видно. и синий отомрёт (его хуже видно) потому что 3.0 большинство техники, которая заявляется как такая, не идёт. может другой цвет прокатит, но тёмно-синий нет.. светло-светло-синий быть может прокатит, когда они (будуверитт) учу учтут ошибки прошлых лет. но серый эдин эдит делает текст красивей. возвращает в мся -мся к серым правкам)

666 is.. probably three lowest cards in durak deck. fool is the first tarot card. the first game most of russians play. And card games can form character. Or it can define it. Or it can program it.
or is cognative to if through of whihch is or in dutch and closer to if in phonetic side. and can also be cognatic in the context of "in the case of" and maybe if is the very abbreviation. i as in. and f as of and the case is just literally naming of the things and abstracts. abstracts as pieces of text explaining the phenomenon.

dantists are maniacs: people claim that they had some tiny black spot on the enamel and the kike of a dentist drilled into it leaving a cavity he then filled with some undiscol.. uns.. undisclosed filling (those fillings was found poisonous too, and microchip set into the tooth is often reported.
The only reason they don't take them off is that they profit on population having bad teeth. No other animal needs drilling (they may be, but animals are fucked up enough, they don't have to fuck them up more. Also veterinarians are medics too, so they don't allow dandy'd dandies to drill thei pationts their patience.. tat.. patience.. patienc.. patients.

parents are patients? this is a programming: they make us give our parents to dismenbet or r to those me madics.

in 1000 it's only 3 nines, three 9s, but also because it's the lowest card there. three 9's in 1000 game is -120. 120 is very important number in that card game (that's the limit of some sort, but only because all the cards equal 120. What is 120?
8 12 16 40 44
36 40 44
what may all that have to do with the
123456789101112131415 is 120 (all the cards of tarot up to devil. could it be that devil was the highest rank and cards after that was introduced during the reformation of a sort, to conceal its vile nature of 999 disowning the jprofits. was it 666 or is it an apopheny?

Лучшее, что можно сделалть для величия России это т.. отъебаться от русских.
Королёв - великий, но он сопротивлялся режим сначала до того, когда русские пошли давить немцев, и он помог остальному ужасу закончиться быстрее (и ссал наверное по законам военндого времени попадать (пропадать шis црф what gпопадать is)) rjulf когда участвовал в создании кан катюш. И до тех пор, пока не объявили сралина мудаком и пообещали больше так не делать. но с брежневым начался застой не случайно, а закономерно. рук ругательства не помогают (они грязны, неотёсаны, живые но безумные. часто полны проклятий или пошлятины, подразумевающей то, что даже не говорит: fuck them as a curse means fuck them to death with a crowd of faggots. when they're themselves the croud of faggots is when we're in the deep troup trouble. Homosexuality being outlawed is simply a tool to control their own ranks and to pretend to be heterosexuals, when they're such sociopates, that they disowned every moral norm and skillfully find their way through our awareness.
So now we wait (we the russians, I am not haelpened by them maybe not because they're retarded, but because they're aware of the world they live itn. They expect to be eaten if they stick out. Maybe I should keep my head down working, so when the time is right we shall ri reign again.

if of or are is? ir?

88887777666655554444=120 again!
..22221111=144.. 12 square but what does it mean and in the context of 120? probably nothing, it's with those 120, A is that 11 too. I probably should keep it grey, it's so embarrassing.
What am I doing here! It is such a poor science. I spent two days with retards who happen to be my relatives and we played cards and drank alcohol.
I actually drank for three days in a row (the first day we played God Of War in another normies company, so games become much more importants the.. n.. than they deserve. Aren't then and than by some reason a the same word? more then you? makes sense, actually, the distinguishing was proably caused by the "i'd rather be pissed off th
æn pissed on" ambiguities)

Королёв - исключение (возможно, учёных расстреливали за то, чтоб они ужаснулись и начали сотрудничать и лишь худшие согласились покориться, в то время как великие (те, кто могут сделать то, что не могут другие) понимали сколь высоки стави ставки и принимали мученичество, для того чтоб врагу не достались плоды высшего разума, я понимаю ставки и тоже скорее бы поб.. погиб.. но я же сказал, что готво готов уже хоть с чёртом лысым сотрудничать. Чо скорей всего не правда, я бы получил нервные нр нервный срыв и разорвал бы сделку (нашёл бы способ это сделать, я очень хорош)

r looks like y mirrored mirrored y. ed=rim? mi=ro?

похоже что : это литературная форма знака равно

квартира. что значит ира? квартал all quart. quart as in q guard.?
ира по смысл "несколько", кварт тогда значит "комната"
или "одна", тогда кварт значит квартира. пунктира. пункт значит точка. ира значит несколько, следовательно кварт is kaamer. quartz, quant.

square. хэс зы сэйм quar as quartira. thus square is kamer, the quart. quarta is fourth.

Today I was at Haiduk concert. And there I heard the word икибоб (which I immediately decyphered as бобики. now I see the funny that it sounds as Iggy Pop)

вор+rogue = ворог

братцы борятся. бр отцы. бр ат. бр от.

Let's retell this book again and short this time:

Three mothers, the ancient cult, the triple goddess, the mu.. the moon cults, female deities, lay in the basis of human alphabets.  (the branch explaining this in detail)

Vowel, labial, lingual are the meaning of those three mothers, and the repeating pattern of the alphabets. (the branch explainging this in the detali: LMN as three mothers (L as vowl)  UVW as three mothers, triplets across the alphabet: xyz are also three, those  though (those = though's? thoughs?)

Raw data the previous iterration of this project went distorted into.

I am wayiting for the
(end of new iteration's draft)

Runes laying in a row for past-present-future can be compared to the new-found semantic of the alphabetic order:
Jij Mij Hij
U Wij Zij
you in the past. me in the present. they are in the future.
And this one is a very powerful finding. I should print such things on the walls.

H as if preceding to Jij and thus seem to be of the previous line, but that seem to be about all the dutch pronouns, and thus this seem to be the whole set.
Only U is a polite form of jij (also known as je, thus mij is me and hij is he, but only in english, Wij is also We, but Zij is whether They or She. And here the unity of S and T is seen. And thus I see A M S and A M T in Je Me Te (te is tou too, but not he, what is going on here? te is те, they, not ты, not thou.

the plural form of jij is jullie
jullie: From earlier jelui, from jij (“you”) and lui (“people”).

so there was no plural form of jij (and maybe other pronouns too? we=me? we is plural wo (me))

jij mij hij
hij jij mij is the order, actually. third person first? this is a blasphemy of a sort, it makes me read alphabet the other way around: mij, jij, hij.. ga fa ea da ca ba aa (these others make no sense so fare)

hij iji jij mij wij zij
and I loked looked for the otherw others, and I have only found something else:
and the most interesting was
and further on

h j m w z ?

U  M  Z ?

and something we found along the way:

    'ie he (ie is he, he = hij, ie = iij. and thus ie (he) relates to jij (ye, you, and thus
    'k  ik (I)
    'm hem (him)
    'r   haar (her)
    't   het (it)

once again I mea.. mea.. meet labial for male and lingual for female. Earlier today I noticed a.. the.. that батя and брат both begin with b

those apostroph pronouns reveals more in Welsh:

I like how they distinguish first person as labial, second person as lingual and the third person as vowel:
vy dy y reminds me of beth luis noin, also beginning with the b, and then that b used to be the first letter and a only later become the first. The last will become the first could be an ancient saying (marxists want to steal and they only can steal, for the talentless pricks they are)

I'm looking into modern languages becuase I believe the basis is preserved somewhere somehow even if just by accident.

There are other short wordjes ending with -ij:
bij (bee, by, at, to, on, in, of, with, upon, towards, beside, over, up to date)
dij (thigh, haunch)
gij (thou, you, ye)
lij (lee, even I haven't known this word, a side sheltered from the wind)
pij (frock, cowl, both words I didn't know)
rij (row, queue, array, tier, file, rank, string, range, chain, course, set, field, swath, stringer)
tij (tide)
next closest words are fijn, kijk, vijf

There are other short wordjes ending with -e:
de (the)
he (hey)
re (re)
te (to, too, in, at, on, into, inside, per, over-)

kijk is watch! in dutch (is it the actual etymology of that slur? the advice to watch those faggots)

another understanding about homosexuals: even if they ruled the world, they would not embrace homosexuality, because people would still disapprove it, because pederasty is next to coprophilia.
And shit is bad in general, and that is probably where s and b meet, b and t is the same before we recognized shet from fed. ʃſ from f  (ʃ is swashed ſ. swash is a meaningless decoration (at least until found the opposite)
ſ is undashed, and thus it's primal, aint it? (isn't it. i~a, s~й (j is й in ipa, but may be also read dʒ, so I prefer й)
a is read as ai too, thus
a = be

a man ~ be man

a ~ b, just as I noticed this triple forms to form:

They are like inhale and exhale: clockwise and counterclockwise. If you try to rotate only one direction, you will eventually twist your limbs.
аб even look like that. And since I can search every symbol now, I don't have to mention national names, and thus that concept becomes more euphemeral. That is some abstract concept, and we should defeat it by further abstract thought dismantling its necessity the same way it's necessity was spoken into the world by some political treatices. I should read Machiavelli and Plato, to force fed myself with that simple to communicate with those power freaks more productively, because that is what they have read.
Those works are not read by scientist kind of minds, because they find logical inconsistencies in those books immediately, and thus humanities are not taken seriously by the stem crowd, because they all found those treatices lacking, but there are many othere (the most, actually) who also lack in logic, and thus they buy into that bs to impose all that bs upon us. So must I make that fundamental analysis of their anal bull stuff? (there used to be a dot instead of that ?)

dot is 。and d&t are just a frame of that .
oh and o are only stylistically different or is o lack that w sound h stands for. and h being similar to u in that h is H is II is Iɪ and u is ɪɪ maybe? in coursive u looks like ii very much, and ij is y in dutch (see, for lnagu a language s phenomena I have to use the national names) and j is swashed i (general phenomenon, so maybe ij = y should be left without comment (or in a commentary appendix only)
Υ stands for U and looks like Y and thus u and y are cognates (let me call them that)
and thus y~h, and H did stand for И ин old russian, where it came from (I still need those words. I will research those words too, what are you talking about!)

This way to print something in grey will probably save much of the paint!

ain't ~ isn't
is = be
ai = be
i = e?
ai = be? = co? = du? nah
ca? da? nah, still nah.
isn't it too much to pull out of the colloquial pronounciation?
is = a?
be = b?
are = c? d? r?
a b r (r ~ г, of course, in opqrst sequence r is between q and s both of which represent different aspects of c, and coursive r looks like coursive ч, which is definitely c, and in the уфхцчшщ sequnce, ч is more related to ц than ш, and ш definitely stands under s, for those are both readings of the shin, and щ has no better option than to stand under t, because what follows is ъыьэюя, but maybe ѳ did, depeo.. deposed from her l place, just as θ is in greek (and θ is also high, like f, which i is probably a half of it, the other half would be t. And thus that cosmic ed.. egg was in the form f of ft or 🜃 or or ♡ or ❦(❧🙵❧ + ☙🙵)

another understanding about homosexuals: oppressive regime of soviet union and north korean china could be the ones supporting that degeneracy, so they could show at them as at the epitome of freedom, implying that freedom isn't what should be strived towards to (it came with a report about soviet tv in russian prisons: all the music is russian pop shit, except westerners gay shit like imagine dragons and weeknd.

Tarot and runic divinations could be that apophenic shcis.. schizophrenic shi schizophreniac tendency to see god's hint, god's hand in random objects made into some cult. Great minds denounced it, found it irrational and irrelevant and working only via psychologic mindset, and I know this feeling when I dared to believe in god (с моим складом

pronouns shit f shift:

ya ~ я
we ~ вы

others are mostly sinonimous:
they ~ те ~ ты
that ~ тот  то (the то)
this ~ этот сё (the сё)

he он
her она
is r ~ а?
is h ~ н?

он is oh!?
она is a-ha!?

him ~ им (тем тоже работает и с единственным числом в творительном падеже и с множественным числом в падеже дательном: они пользуются им, он прислуживает им)

him~them could relate to here~there
now I wonder if her and their is related.

Actually that U is out of the set, and there's another -ij pronoun, the gij, so let's see where it brings us:

gij hij
jij mij
wij zij

no semantic structure so far, but it's funny that each couple is actually out of their own lines and different too.

ij = y,  so technically it's
gy hy jy my wy zy
but maybe not, dictionary doesn't recognize them so.

говорить на ре
I always thought it was to speak in roarring manner, на рррррррре. But now I think is it the musical note re which is rather low but still a "повышенный тон"?

A tomboy saying "oh my cunt" made me think "is god an euphemism for cunt?" a wild guess, I know.

Trial tries. трогает. пробует. toulc touch~try? take. te. 手

Процесс по русски. по as in makes п=n be the main morpheme, and vowel only coloured it.
n shows the surface we can climb (humans don't go on ceiling. ceiling is с, off, and these two make it ΘθѲѳ

a letter to a friend probably having something to do with this work, it's a good one, let it be:
Don't read books, write them.Time is an abstraction, extracted from the natural phenomenon.It is a dimension and measure, and those -mens- and -meas- are probably cognatic, doublets, because in russian those words are izmerenie and mera, and these -mere- and mera are the same word.
And we measured time with the movement of the sun, but we may take any periodic change for the metre, so we take some ammount of atomic frequency for a standard tied to historic units of time, such as seconds of the heartbit and the weeks of a moonface (I know it's phase, but this cognatism is awesome, you may try to play with it if you want to help me publish it. Let's make it a-trois (na troih is a meme in russian) if you feel like being my Hardies) and minutes of 60 seconds, which I tie to sumerian numeral system. And 6 times 60 is 360 (which is close to the number of days in a year, but you know it as degree system we probably divided the sky with to measure its rotation during the day) and 6 is also sumerian, which I didn't know: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, and 60
1   2   3   4   5   6
10 12 15 20 30 60
remind me of roman
I   V  X   L  C  D (here I have to explain, that M is a later addition, so maybe these 4 lines are out)

So what I wanted to say in that context you probably know: time travel is possible: we may enter our personal past and maybe even to insert some events into our memories, changing thus our personalities. And that takes some technical inventions, but the principle is here. We all have our personal past, and that is one of forms in which the past is preserved. Others are image of it flying away where we probably never reach to see the earth from the sky in the year in the past. The other form of the past is the present it brought, but this one is almost impossible to decypher. But maybe Laplace's demon could observe the world and predict it forth and back, forth by building models and comparing them to reality until it learns to build the perfect ones, and in the past as a detective, but there it would be harder to learn by comparison.
Either way, ask your questions if you like what I say, let's make it something more.But here I remember that I wanted to say that lack of time-travellers may say that we're not in a simulation, but I see that this argument has many holes in it. I cannot even prove that if physical time-journeys ever invented, they'd prove that we're in a simulation. But we should build ourselves simulations, to preserve our bodies somewhere we wouldn't have to care about them. But unlike in Matrix movie we should be in charge of those sarcophaguses, if we were burried in the personal pods we lived in, people will never have conflicts with relatives about the real estate as poor people sometimes have, people wait others to leave them inheritance, which makes society uglier. It is probably not the only cause of humanity being fucked-up (please edit these out, I speak as I think, and english is not my native language, so I know I need some editor) but probably by eliminating those causes of insanity or low-class, we may turn this world in a paradise. We came here to make this place better, why else would we even bother coming.

But that book would better be a way to sell the capsule thing to some powerful enterprise, none of us seem to be enthusiastic enough to make it big anyway. And TIME is coming. We see in the future every day. Actual travel would be fine, and that would be provided by the simulation having more computational power and thus being able to see into the future more clearly and further than we can.
Imagine the model of the future you can live again and again until it actually comes. And maybe if everybody is satisfied with the capsules fully, we don't have to worry about the immediate future, but calculate what could be happening thousands years ago (which would be invented how to see by the ai right after it learns to see the future and finds the principles upon which the time movies)

What if wars stopped not because Trump is some mochiah, but because I am? God divided nations by splitting their tongues, I show that all the alphabets are the same system and further on that we all speak the same language. English we is chinese wo using russian grammer to have that plural ы suffix.

I show that all the languages have some unique element making more sense than some others, so latin alphabet has the k-column and thus demonstrates that structure more clearly. And ABCD structure (c is of that k-column, so it's c-column, and thus includes S too. And S~T only because C~D (c~d) in ᚦ and in ᚲ ~ ᚦ

And another reason for M to be moved from its labial column: imkl sounded dirty imkln could be plural of that кол (but the dirty part was if it was not кол but кал, though I don'tk now what the etymology of that word and or how ancient it is, it is dirty now, probably was dire dirty for some time now.

is dirt related to dear? dear t? дорогая сердцу семля? filth is fails? or false t? mud also has that t at the end? after ma? like mother earth? who rknows so far
внезапно я понял тайный смысл писать с опечатками: все опечатки из поисковой строки мои!
ну если даже и не все конечно, некоторые

I M KLN could be I am column, and the M being replaced could be responsible for that m in the word column (compare to russian колонна (kolonna, but then there's a toponym коломна, probably standing for the same word) is колонна plural form of кол? or is that колом она or колъ мна (big кол) is it?
I M K I am key, And probably that is the key. Probably simplifying all the words to these three keys we may recognize more lexics in neighbouring languages. And geographic distribution may demonstrate some ethnic structures, thus demonstrating us the correctness of the interpretations.


now u row is a fricative form of the a row. v as fricative b, x[h] as fricative c[k]
and u is long (next to fricative) a: aa=o, oo=u, so u is 4 a's and it could have something to V standing for 4. and now for 5, because actually it's fifth, but one of the lines is of later origin. I think of I because of that m mess. And also of E because it's also rather messy. But maybe it's O because it repeats the what? because semitic alphabets have O and U as one, they have only 4 lines, and thus they have this key clearer than runes. Actually no, bornholm alphabet also has 4 lines. and o seems to be the ultimate, for aa=o which runes (and ogham, btw, too) demonstrate. It is I-line (why would I be in the centre? and other lines pretty much make up the structure of occlusive/fricative and voiced/voiceless. And if that was all, but o is the sun which is four quadrants of swastika, as this brave pastor said:

it russian those occlusive and fricative are named funnier: смычковые смычные и щелевые, as if after a fiddle's bow and a slit thus showing their male and female structures? Thus baba and papa? but baba is female word for granny in slavik languages (it is father in arabic) and that crushes this card house. Other houses stand still and firm, and this one doesn't want to go up. So maybe I'm wrong? Mayb labials and linguals were not recognized as male and female? Or maybe some barbaric lexics of those who spoke some relatively more ancient lanug language infested good old noble structured language recognizing mommy and daddy as the distinct entities? was baba some word for familia фа-ми-ли-йа? фа-ми-ре-ля? two females and two males like sister mother fother я? папа мама ляля я? а-а-а-а-я-я-я

Никогда не мог понять зачем евреи спаивают русских. Вам что водку некуда девать?
(шутка в том, что это сказал (бы) русским, будь по быстрей)

to recognize и узнавать share the gnize~знать and I don't know if that z is the з added afterwards or the ть проявившаясь в английском подобно тому как это произошло в слове to beat, where (if we compare it to russian cognate) to doubled, unless it is to be at. Because semantically it is what бить means. And thus maybe russian бить is a borrowing from english beat.

and there I see that at could be to, because semantically they're pretty much synonymous.

reco- = у- ? it makes sense if у (at) is closer than with (со-)
Is with у и с? два сходных предлога слиты воедино?
is th с? I thought co [ko] is со- which is the same with.
the is се, so maybe th is с after all. And then се (this) is with (wiht us? here is with? this is with!)
th~w and wonce again w ~ c, b~c, в~г.

Met some ray'n-bow-ish rays in an old video:

Whatever this thing is, it unites the match'es halos and rainbows in the rays I mentioned in some regular offtopics. Even if it is some effect caused by the lense, they say there are lenses in our eyes too.

A M S as are am is correlate by persons the Jij Mij Hij & U Wij Zij thing.

Straight and direct are funny cognates, because they have the same right in different forms and also show that s~t or c~d.

Is cavalery camelery? Is chavale camel?

Geocentric point of view is not only factual accurate (because all the movement is relative) but it also allows us to see into the concepts of the past.

What is Juno?
3 Juno is a large asteroid in the asteroid belt. Juno was the third asteroid discovered, in 1804, by German astronomer Karl Harding.[15] It is one of the twenty largest asteroids and one of the two largest stony (S-type) asteroids, along with 15 Eunomia. It is estimated to contain 1% of the total mass of the asteroid belt.[16]
And that previous diagram contradicts the Kepler's trajectory of Mars:

And that cardioid-like shape they attributed to Mars is attributed to Mercury in this one:

and their Mars is different from both that one and Kepler's too
Jupiter has the same trajectory though.
That search seance showed complete lack of accurate information about these trajectories, which supports my suspiction that it is where magic begins. When you know where the planets are you may feel that you have your gods on your side. on your sight. And that can work. Maybe as placebo on psychological level only, but if it works, it works. Look at this retarded shit, how can the sun be closer to earth than the planets are! (later I show why they are, so which other claims of mine are this ignorant?) But eithere y way it's Jupiter's orbit contradicts teh previous ones, so it's some real mess in the geocentric diagrams, and once again that shows that religious people are kind of retarded.

But it seems what it shows is that those planets are opposite to us all the time, because the following one supports that Martian orbit, only that's Mercurie's (the tiny ball at the opposite from the Venus one)

but still that picture is unbelievable, but then I realized that they're actually further from us all the time, because we're that closer to the sun than they're.

Those 22 are Mercury, according to that diagram, and then jews, who by some "accident" have 22 letters like that planet does, on its 231 gates, so are they merchants or marxists? Because if humans somehow confused mercury (said to only be seen on the sun disk) to mars.. they just layered the orbit of previously known planet (my guess is Mars) to the new one (new ones ~ nuance: that's a new ones) and thus confusion began. My guess is they were always martian, but they tried to rememe into merchants when Mercury was discovered?
The ancients knew Mercury by different names depending on whether it was an evening star or a morning star. By about 350 BC, the ancient Greeks had realized the two stars were one.
was it when the deity became androgynous.

So not before 350 BC the orbit of Mercury was drawn, and because Kepler is the top-notch scientist, I suppose it was drawn around his time, 17th century. And if he's so top-notch, let's lean upon his martian orbits, especially, because they're not exact number, which looks more natural and less simplified,

I hope he doesn't say that b is the sun, because the distance from sun to earth is about 150 million kilometres, and to Mars it is from 54.6 to 401 million kilometres, and according to this that image I first dared to laugh at is the most accurate one.
So is Kepler wrong or is it actually 7+ perigees?
What I know is that this is directly connected to the alphabet thing, because both are next to magic, and this is why it's hard to find good information about it, and this is why I have to ask a friend of mine to make it from the astronomic data if those planets are even observed. Jews are named practicing if they're _observing_ the holidays. The word is related to serving, to serve about? what is on ob-
ob- a prefix meaning “toward,” “to,” “on,” “over,” “against,” originally occurring in loanwords from Latin, but now used also, with the sense of “reversely,” “inversely,” to form New Latin and English scientific terms: object; obligate; oblanceolate. Also o- oc-, of-, op-.
Some how I knew, and I knew that I knew.
The modern data supports Kepler:

only it tells nothing of the sun. Where is the sun!
So that is christians with their 7 are militant marsists. And muslims with their 8 too.
While Jews observe Mercury and are merchants, not fighting their wars themselves, but buying goyim to fight themselves, when there are too many goyim.

I told you I am crazy for looking at the world from these extreme positions, but because it is forbidden it is sweet (who would want to discuss that! otherwise) and because it is prohibited I feel like I must transgress the law I find harmful to the progress where information wants to be free)

First I thought how could he measure the distance to it.. and then I figure out that he could measure the size he saw in the telescope he's got by putting scale right on the lense or something.

So the question is could they know it before Kepler.. And the answer is they surely could. Kepler's time is called renaissance, and that re tells that it's a return to something they had before the dark ages.

And Mars Kinda returns to it's 7-cycle pattern in about 15 years (the tails are present, but if they observed whole 2018's, it's about 15 again, but then I can see that the cycle is broke, so.. so what.. so why do I care? I want to pull the owl on a globe again, don't I?

So, which one is Mercury? I suppose here it is:

And thus it's not only 22, but also 3. Is it the three roots of the Irminsul?

And because it is so beautiful, let's have the others too:

So those who said that Jupiter has 11 coils before it goes another cycle were correct, maybe others just took more coils because of a longer time span, as you can see in that video, actually, where it's about 76

Here it's 28, and it is truly magnificent, because I was born 28 07 76
I know that humerology is not very rigorous, but that's how I'm going to memorize these numbers, it could be better only if Jupiter took not 11, but 19 turns on its first cycle called large circle or referent (the small circle is called epicycle)
cycle ~ circle (r~j?)

and the overview of the models used for the 2000 years:

1st model is an Aristotelian, goes until 1:43 with earth centered spheres.
Then, there is the Ptolomaic version with those eccentric circles (centered outside the earth)
that goes until 2:33. From there is the Copernican model

And here's something much more interesintg: the minimoon I've never even heard of:

And there are thousands of such:
As of December 2018 the number of known Apollo asteroids is 10,485, making the class the largest group of near-Earth objects (cf. the Aten, Amor and Atira asteroids),[3] of which 1,409 are numbered (asteroids are not numbered until they have been observed at two or more oppositions), and 1,648 are identified as potentially hazardous asteroids.
as for that particular one,
469219 Kamoʻoalewa /kəˌmoʊʔoʊəˈlɛvə/,[6] provisional designation 2016 HO3, is a very small asteroid, fast rotator and near-Earth object of the Apollo group, approximately 41 meters (135 feet) in diameter. It is currently the smallest, closest, and most stable (known) quasi-satellite of Earth.
and Apollo group is not the only bunch of near-Earth objects, there are many other.
There are over 26,000 known near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) and over a hundred known short-period near-Earth comets (NECs).

When you have a vision, compromisi harm.
but as s have the tail esle where as s goes up, as smoke. дымок. ды=du=s (-s is mathematically the opposite, why do we use - if we can use = and solve the problem. = is also without a shit shift.
I think I just invented a four-corner keyboard, where the button is sensitive not in the centre, but on its corners. It's more iny tiny motoc motoric sc skills. Those typos are like some clouds or smoke, water or fire, gaseous water is steam, gaseous fire is smoke, team ~ water? moke ~fire? use = also instead of ~? no, ~ is mythic (literary) ≈ so math is mor e precise? Make space-bars more arbit rary. or not? if we used to write without them, let's place the m arbitrary, and we already see that thus it becomes meanings different meaninging be.
That keyboard of four corners have to be ergonomic on those corners, which no connors should be.

connor is con as in conmen
is it the story our culture had us to give.

I realized that 14 is the next to 15 which I ound to be (found=owned)
the original tarot: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15=120 which is what the deck of 9 to A equals in thousand game, and that game could be the I V X L C D of 365 or 666 which is a letter next to 15. And we came here from non-tautological trope.
I V XLCD ness of the U F XЦЧШЩ
and probably L is also of C, and thus
I V XLCD ness of the U F XЦЧШЩ
And maybe c~d and is it
nah, it's
and k-column is some local roman novice, other alphabets don't have it.
Because the myth tells of B and T as two letters, and thus more precise in the context of this book is
and here I see river dividing life from the fire. But according to cabbalah (kaaba allaha)
but in that new colour, where linguals are not greek but ellok (not green by but yellos yellow)
But in cabbalah shin is for ash, fire, because shamaim is steam and thus air. Jews disregard earth for air? They are those who reecognize air, but don' t recognzie that there are four elements now. They ignore the earht? I need to read all the versions of sefer yetzirah.

So this work. What is it? It is a draft indeed, I'm pretty sure most of us have this raw stuff untill something grown out of it. And then I have to co cultivate .  and mae make it ripe . and then to rep to reap it my self. I reputation of reap? or of put. Reputation puts on your plate what you put into it. it reputs.
station stays
plantation plant 'es? plant ates? plant eats? station stays plantation plantays. plants, planties thus? planters, ain't they are? I think I say j as r in y standing of r for ir somewhere above. in cycle and circle.
cyc ~ circ
psych ~ circus
Church also relates to psyche. So soul is a circle? Circle of life? What comes around goes around and what goes around, around comes. Well, that other part is not that certain, it may leave this world forever. What comes around goes around means and that will pass.

From the central line rotates to the left line and then in the same move jumps onthe the right line counter-clockwise:

which was transliterated at wiki as
 2 kubl ÷ þausi ÷ tutiʀ ÷ uþinka   (in reverse)
 1 osfriþr ÷ karþi
 3  urs ÷ oft ÷ siktriuk ÷ kunuk

but let's see it in runes:
 2 ᚴᚢᛒᛚ  ᚦᛅᚢᛋᛁ  ᛏᚢᛏᛁᛦ  ᚢᚦᛁᚾᚴᛅ
 1 ᚮᛋᚠᚱᛁᚦᚱ  ᚴᛅᚱᚦ
 3 ᚱᛋ  ᚮᚠᛏ  ᛋᛁᚴᛏᚱᛁᚦᚱᛁᚢᚴ  ᚴ
(only in the context of what I recognized in the bornholm stone, here ᛅ is ᛆ and ᚾ is ᚿ and ᚮ is mirrored
and in this variant o being double a is not that obvious.
and because the bornholm stone is so precisely alphabetic,
it makes me question the transliteration above more. And so far it only affects the name of her father: is it really Uþinka or Uþieka
and Uþinka Rus (рыжий) makes more sense, for she is also Red then, and if what's before the ᚱᛋ (in the right bottom corner) is not ᚢ but : which they placed between the words, then their transliteration is definitely not precisely accurate.
But until I know better I work with what I have. And what is funny is that thus it can be read by columns left to write:
This Monument the daugher of Othinka Astrith(?) erected
after Siegfried((?) aka Sigurd)
and that ᚱᛋ in the front of the last line is probably that Rex, or konung, for I don't see that kunuk there, only k.
to close the topic, here's the translations into old-norse and english:

1 Asfriþr gærþi
2 kumbl þøsi, dottiR Oþinkors,
3 æft Sigtryg kunung,

1 Ásfriðr made
2 the memorial, the daughter of Odinkar,
3 after King Sigtrygg,

Actually, wiki writes uþinkaurs in one word, as if the runestone tore this word in two. Why would she tear the name of her father in two? I don't know norsk, so I leave it be like this in the form of a question.

Greek hex next to roman sex and further to russian shestt demonstrates how h is next to ʃ and also how x may stand for any affricate: wax is vosk, lux is luchsh as a short form of luchshy which I actually never heard but only because of how unpronouncable it is, but grammatically there it is.

Зубы это уродство (куски кости или чего-то подобного торчащие из мяса. технически. слабое место организма, но парадоксальнейшим образом одно из самых крепких, жёстких, пригодных для перемалывания пищи и прочего мест) но парадоксальнейшим образом выглядят неплохо, может потому что под губами, а может потому что на жемчуг тоже похожи. Без зубов мы представляем собой или сбе стариков. Может ли молодое дитя хорошо без зубов выглядет? Они и выглядят неплохо. Manchildren. That is what I wanna be, manchild.

Евреи нужны для того, чтоб я осознал аргумент в их защиту "никто не выбирал ни геном с которым родиться, ни культуру в которой уродиться" дабы применить затем его к себе. Я не выбирал ли? Я выбрал себе культуру из всех предложенных в этом меню культур. Я кто? учёный. то моя кульута культ как культя. я не понимаю связи, я пошёл её уискать.

Я мутнт. Нас на урале облучили когда моя мама была ребёнком в челябинске. И батя где-то неподалёку обитал. Я потому и стремлюсь быть мэнчайлд, что как квато.

I would be more of an artist in my younger years (like a professsional artist) if I was more ambition ambitious. u~n The ambitious as I got in my 30s only. I was bullied so bad, that I went depressed and suicidal. School have broken be well. Well, I break the school back. I forbid people to leave their children with an adult without their responsibility. I prohibit brainwashing techniques. All the culture should be volutary. People should choose what to use. But we had it,

My bathes are not bathes but rooms. Bathes will be hanged in those rooms. of net and plastic film. Or, someday, of

ехал гдека 2 сезон

завтра игра. субботу утром принести арсенал-(астонвилла)

ехал наехал нахал охал охуел
охуй ехай езда пезда
хуй хай, а зда с да. писк да. да ма.
is i female? it is for plural, just as a is for both plural and female in latin suffex/

fix фисть, это глагол? шесть глагол? шастать? штаны? ш как штаны. ш как щетка.
фисть чисть, фисть вижи, вяжи. видь. can you watch it? wratch watch? because I didn't see a good etymology for врач.

врачивать ~ наблюдать
блюсти вести? синонимия: блюсти здоровый образ жизни ~ вести здороый образ жизни.
но бля не вя. бя. любя. б.лю. в.лялю. блужу брожу блудил бродил. грешен крошен. прошен прощён? просил ко двору простил по утру.

врачивать вворачивать выручать (врака, в руку? врага в труху. врачи witchi тоже недалеко от watch, видеть, ведать)

a b c d
e f g h
i j k l m n
o p q r s t
u v w x y z

Rafail Mikail Uriil
Uriil Mikhail Gavriil Rafail Lucifer? L was left as a left, freedom-fighter, ther breaker of the order. of what is right.
R is considered to be more ight, more correct pronounciation than Л. Л has it's tail on the left, R has it's tail on the right. г is also like this. And why did I write г when I wanted to write r? And its position in the line of archangels is next to г of G. And L is whether redundant or what, it is also next to Г which I noticed many times. And if Г is I I don't know.
I I look like that index+pinky gesture. I&I looks like it even more. Index finger indexes, shows, demonstrates, teaches, explains, излагает. plain ~ plane, плоскость положена? объём обнят? объят.

Рафаил лечит, Луцифер калечит? улучшает, ага. как грудь или губы или пол.

Uriel /ˈjʊəriəl/; or Auriel also Oriel (Hebrew: אוּרִיאֵל‎ ʾŪrīʾēl, "El/God is my light" or "Light of God"; Greek: Οὐριήλ Ouriìl; Coptic: ⲟⲩⲣⲓⲏⲗ Ouriyl;[5] Italian: Uriele;[6] Geʽez and Amharic: ዑራኤል ʿUraʾēl[7] or ዑርኤል ʿUriʾēl)[8] is the name of one of the archangels who is mentioned in the post-exilic rabbinic tradition and in certain Christian traditions. He is well known in the Russian Orthodox tradition (which considers him to be one of the seven major archangels) and recognized in the Anglican Church as the 4th archangel. He is also well known in European esoteric medieval literature. Uriel is also known as a master of knowledge and archangel of wisdom.
Seven archangels? I only knew of four and Lucifer the fifth.

    Michael in the Hebrew language means "Who is like God?" or "Who is equal to God?" Michael has been depicted from earliest Christian times as a commander, who holds in his right hand a spear with which he attacks Lucifer/Satan, and in his left hand a green palm branch. At the top of the spear, there is a linen ribbon with a red cross. The Archangel Michael is especially considered to be the Guardian of the Orthodox Faith and a fighter against heresies.
    Gabriel means "God is my strength" or "Might of God". He is the herald of the mysteries of God, especially the Incarnation of God and all other mysteries related to it. He is depicted as follows: In his right hand, he holds a lantern with a lighted taper inside, and in his left hand, a mirror of green jasper. The mirror signifies the wisdom of God as a hidden mystery.
    Raphael means "It is God who heals" or "God Heals".[20][21] Raphael is depicted leading Tobit (who is carrying a fish caught in the Tigris) with his right hand and holding a physician's alabaster jar in his left hand.
    Uriel means "God is my light", or "Light of God" (II Esdras 4:1, 5:20). He is depicted holding a sword in his right hand, and a flame in his left.
    Sealtiel means "Intercessor of God". He is depicted with his face and eyes lowered, holding his hands on his bosom in prayer.
    Jegudiel means "Glorifier of God". He is depicted bearing a golden wreath in his right hand and a triple-thonged whip in his left hand.
    Barachiel means "Blessed by God". He is depicted holding a white rose in his hand against his breast.
    Jerahmeel means "God's exaltation". He is venerated as an inspirer and awakener of exalted thoughts that raise a person toward God (2 Esdras 4:36). As an eighth, he is sometimes included as an archangel.

and I never heard of the latter four. And that makes them 8 not 7, which makes it not a tradition, but wikipedia madness where people may edit religious articles without religious education. For some time I never heard of Uriel too. So

In Catholicism, three are mentioned by name:


R as a vowel? shaky, very shaky. Was Uriil included in orthodox canon to match my structure?

RMG as three mothers? weird, very weird, it doesn't ring a bell so far. MG rings a bell of a magi. And vowels were not important and Raphael we knew as a painter, not an archangel. Michael and Gabriel are more widely known (maybe because of some movies though, ai-powered brains watch how often they are mentioned in literature and bible)

Ma Gi
Man Gina
жена русское слово. Man по-русски Муж, уж is adder.

Michael makes.
Gavriil гававрит.
Once again G is a russian word.
M янъ
G инь?
M and G are two sacred letters for masons. And I spoke that M (mountain) and Ж (sun) ? But then Ж is the child mountain gives birth too (or it is how it looks, and when we realized that beyond that mountain sun raises too, we would have to leave this misconeption. Also because sun raises at different points on the sky, and it is горизонт, like горы.

M and G, это понятно, но где здесь Баба а ге здесь Деда. Разные народы имеют разное мнение на этот счёт. Я знаю про грузин, но про скольких народов я не знаю.. а если брать не слва, а буквы, то к ним ещё больше разночтений (а может и столько же)
M это Мама или Ман? Ман с суффиксом. И этот суффикс не, как в японском постфиксе най? или own, как в японском суффиксе но?
G это Joe или Gyna? Как и в случае с Ман, Жена с суффиксом. Чистой формой М женское, губное, мощное, матёрое. родит. a G отче, Daddy. Папа Кака или Мама Кака? В японском - мама.

(ляля)Яя (мама)Баба (дядя)Деда(daddy, тятя)


MG Are Mary and Gesu. MGM probably includes another Mary. And thus it makes very similar to MMM, the three mothers, and how do I know this concept existed before I found it in wiki? Maybe it's some conspiracy to distort human civilization? I is completely arbitrary suspicion, and though I may want to double-check all my basic concepts, this particular one is very organic and is supported by the moon and by the alphabetic structures I never heard from somebody else of. But I reconstructed it, and because this is an instrument which seems to be forgotten for many centuries, I can measure other concepts with it. And when they fit it supports their authenticity, when it doesn't, it challenges it, as it was with armenian alphabet.

Were Michael and Gabriel conceptualized when M was Manus & G was Gyna?
рука и вага как вагина? как говорят, сравнил жопу с пальцем. отверстие с валом. маму с папой.
отверстие отверзнуто (не отвергнуто, отверзнуто, разверстнуто, разварено, развалено, раздвинуто, разверз и вверг. вверг~вверх? верх отвергает, свергает, верх твердь.

Because Making is active, when Talking is more passive, though listening is even more passive. When hierarchies appeared, Speaking (the G) became dominant, commanding, active. and Making became passive and female, gals make some blow job.

If sex соитие, then wax ваятие (ваяние. ваять) lux луитие (лучшее?) six сиятие? is it what * is?
wex ведие (ведьмовство?) rex (ретие ретиво решительно рьятие, рвение?) х.з. this hypothesis doesn't seem to lead anywhere.

>Now, if you are healthy what do you die of? You don't.
So we now challenge the next frontier: eliminating the non-biologic or unnatural death factors. Some say of nanobots as the next step: [Embed] [Embed]
But I would take bigger brains (some ai-powered brains knowing all the languages and understands all the sciences and able to explain it to the rest of my brains) before I take those nanobots, I don't want to be enslaved by some nanobots, possibility of which was also preicted, so I'll wait until they learn how to take them out of it, so I'd hide in a space-capsule of reinforced concrete and gardens to step-by-step becoming autonomous of this world and then archivng all the civilization we have online on your own servers in bunkers you buy or build as you live, thus evolving from a human into an arc, integrated into the servers with my own neural system, that would be some paradise and heaven and hell you may play wherever you want, but don't forget that people around you are also about to evolve into some demigods or demiurks. Everybody's going to watch all around them, crime would become less likely to happen, police should be transfered to some other jobs: when cars are autopilot, road police are to reeducated into road-workers, until the robots are coming. Then we all rest and enjoy our technically enhanced evolution. And the space will be explored by drones. Who needs to get eradiated by the space when you can see he same picture and feels similar emotions when you emulate weightlessness by laying in an artificial womb not being annoyed by lack of drink and hold of pee the way we insanely don't support the flow of the river of life through our bodies. We live in an arbitrary (non-perfect) world and if we make it perfect, maybe we don't even need the gene-editing that much because we just don't brake, not even a little, we won't need telomerase, if somatic cells don't divide because they don't damage.

and in hebrew axial symmetry the left and right corners are Mem & Zain.

couleur et fleur

Now is it even lenses or sfx? I think I should rely on my own xperimet experiments e instead.
The "crescents" here are waxing, could be a subliminal programming, even if with lenses.

from a not sent message after a christine telling me that there are some documents from Galileo's trial telling that the church didn't consider Earth flat have deleted his response:
Why do you give me so many empty words? You could have quoted those trial documents yourself, but you prefer to resort to old trick all cult-members (at least abrahamic ones: commies, muzzies, christies) use: read all the volumes of our bs and then some more, and then you know how are we this crazy, maybe you go crazy yourself. At least jews legitimately crazy at genetic level, you retards only have folie à deux. Maybe that is why jews are called "people of the book": they worship the written word (forgetting that any lie can take such form) non-abrahamic cultists usually just offer to take drugs listening to their chants and watching their pictures, and that is probably the root of the war on drugs, that's a religious war. But drunkards will fall, they all are more than happy to smoke weed instead, but rasta and other witches don't tolerate drunk friends. And yet alcohol promotes babylon: people often drink not to think of the responsibility they have to carry or ignore or both. And that is a social drug. And it wakes you up in the morning. And church promotes wine, telling that the truth is in wine, and maybe that is the drug Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat (were grape turning into wine on the vine?) because that fruit gives them knowledge of what is good (the pleasure of being drunk) and what is bad (the hangover) as if it teaches us all to pay (even though things grew for free then, and still actually may if we evolve a little) though weed gives pleasure and then may give some arts and science as a subproduct, which is not payment, but bonus. Different philosophy of life, a better one. And yet weed make you sleep longer (because it may keep you awake for something got so interesting so you was all on it for all the night. And thus it may lead you out of the babylon, and that is the fundamental abbys between (t)he-brew and pagan (paganki are non-edible mushrooms in russian, and the psilocybe are also paganki.

What psilocybe may demonstrate is that consciousness and ego are two different entities: consciousness is ourself present, when ego is just a file about us alike to the ones we have on other people in our heads. So that if you have a bad trip with some entities laughing at you for doing something stupid, by telling "there's no me" you may raise to higher states of consciousness, it's as if literally you raise above leaving those laughing and mocking entities confused and washed down as you get up. Even though it's just a trick. The baggage of our karma does influence our present state, but maybe if you feel free not to carry that weight, to leave it be for somebody who cares when we don't, we may get better, for as they say to some people "be yourself" is the worst form of advice.

суффикс -кое идентичен слову кое (какое) т.о. слово как иденично слову к: как ты ~ к ты (ближе к тебе, что контекстуально может означать то же самое: как ты, более похожее на тебя, к тебе ближе)
мерзкое как мороз. такое как та
кой ~ к соответствует долгим и кратким прилагательным

к кой (какой)
с сей (но это не точно. но из-за долгих и кратких прилагательных закономерно)
в вы? твой ~ вой (ваш) ? probably nah.

let's try to apply this short adjectives type of thing to other words.
я учёный, я учён. учён, но учёна. и я вижу в этом местоимения он и она. И т.о. уч is the word, уч is the root and the stem, depending on your terminology of or a point of view.

он ~ оный, она ~ оная. So -ый is not a some form of он, or if it is, I didn't get onto that thus doubling of the morpheme (I saw such cases before, I won't be surprised by them in he future, I suppose)
suppose is полагаю, энд зас sub of sup is по?) полей побежал полетел потянул suppulled? no such word, so stop this rambling or ab babbling.
babble is some important b-word? I don't know, but it is onomatopoaeitic, whatever that spelling is, it pulled my neck muscles to write that word I don't know exactly the spelling of so very unusual it is for no good reason or is it, yet anyway that word is hardly onomatopoaetic itself. poetic. not poaetic. whiy that a is in there? it's onomatopoeic, they omitted the t. if it ever was there, if I understandt that word right.

I avoid reading Sefer Yetzirah the same way I avoid other writers on the topic to make my research independent, so we could compare our findings after I reach the point I aim at. Or even right now, among the path, this draft is probably valuable source for comparison already. It's already enormous. But if we boil it down to what I keep in mind, it is maybe not so large. But should I catalogize those things?

1 Lineal system
2 Axial symmetry
3 Three mothers, three matters, aerial vowels, liquid labials, fower (fire) p of linguals. sha+maim. sha+dai = ash+dei? дефис заменил на +, тире заменил на =. Накоенцо я обеденил (бе днил. сделал бе) объединил = обеднил?

Things I'm not sure of:

1. k-symmetries
2. astronomic connection between three mothers and the moon (the planet counting days, distinguishing neighbouring days from one the other. whether monday or sunday is the first day may show the geographic differences of the moon on those days at different geographic points, that is a cultural differences, and cultures are geographic)  The sun calculates hours. But also years. Maybe this is why година is hour in ukrainian and год is year in russian. And hour & year also are very similar words and I still remember confusing one for the other when I was studyiŋg English in school.

do gray and rain relate? Are they both denying ray? Is ray of Rah? is 's of Rah's the 'i of ray the way 's is 'i in russian both plural and genetivus. And then the other two cases of 's are the abbreviations of is and has: he's a doctor, he's been working as a doctor. Do they translate into russian with и? Он и доктор? Maybe. Он и (есть) повар, он и плотник. возможно. Он и стал работать доктором? Более очевидно это в he has something, but I don't think that has is shortened, because that would lead to weird ambiguosities. But here has the following example connects and (и) and with (с). He has a dog. Он и собака. Он с собакой. Но вернёмся к перфекту: He's been doing if for some time. Он и був деющ это како-то время. Ну, такое.. This is still the weakest point of this guess.

suddendly I realized that painful prostate may be caused by some toxic shit (maybe with alcohol residues in it (I drank three gulps of vodka about 36 yea.. hours before that (see, potentially I still confuse between u one another) feeling) you have to shit out. But now it moans a little still, though it feels much better, and I believe a buttful of hashish is the way it should be. At least a gram suppositorie would make some difference and I would observe it and told my findings. And then I thought of surgery, of taking some cells from a belly, the fat tissue, and injecting it into the wall between prostate and shit. Can fat take shit? Will it not be additional cells to turn over? And here I said about the risk of sarcoma and then I only thought if those cells be in their place. Because they were born somewhere else which is probably seen in their epigenome. And unless they were in our blood or lymph streams and could easily become the fat near prostate (and we have lesss of fat near prostate because so less blood flows through prostate as I was told. A jew doctor masturbated my asshole with a latexed finger. And I realized that witch doctor is the opposite, because witch is pretty much jew backwards. And if witches are jews or antijews I have to see in the inquisition's documents. People may encypher words by reading them backwords. The last I heard was ikibob for bobiki. And though I thought that was the halves castled so to say, moved from a king to a double. Now I see those halves are palindromic, so what it is is exactly a polindrome, the term I found is палиндром-оборотень (verwolf palindrome, where wolf is some and any beast in russian, they use it to медведь-оборотень, т.о. оборотень стал означать волка лиш потому что в английском он подразумевает волка, а потому голливуд повлиял на весь мир. В некоторых народах оборотень-медведь более знакомо может быть (волков они меньше боятся чем людей, может быть, они их даже приручают)

I would write reliegion, polietics the same way belief is written. And maybe that is supposed to be there, as for law is low as a lie and lawyer is a sertified liar even though the spelling is as different as can be, phonetically they are almost identical.
So if li is lie, then L is what. L is left. to leave. Whilre R is right, to decide. Решать. Порешить ~ покрошить, убить. тогда как to leave is отпустить. Lefts (before leftists took over) were all about liberties. Rights were for strong arm of the right, of what is right.

Leftists what are they? A governmental psy-op, a takeover, and because jews are the most prominent leftists, it's whether they're the state or the state (the actual Babylon which enslaved them, the Babel, the Bible, the Ball, the Baal, the Bull) uses them as the scapegoats making the dirty work, because they're hated already what do they have to lose in the realm of reputation, and they easily mirror that hate many times higher maybe (because few goyim know what's going on behind the curtain of official narratives)

порешить или полечить - грубое и мяхкое решение проблемы

Right and Light as the opposites. One obeys, the other finds other ways.

Мультфильм, ani(mation) m(ovi)e about the invention I don't want to patent, but I want to have a copyright. I don't believe I just said it. I want copylefed leaved left. But if somebody makes business I want payments for using the design we've'd to show. How much do you take for making a movie about a man living in a 3 to 5 metre high hill, rolling out of it in a rubber ball watching the road with a set of mirrors and a video camera inserted into the upper half of the sphere (the upper sphere is in its place, at its bottom it is open for the smaller sphere which rolls the tubic roads or regular roads or plain fields) but usually that sphere is an avatar, a camera, transmitter, speaker, and the luggage if I need to move something or myself. I use the word sphere instead of ball because it's empty to make that a cabin for the cargo or ego. but I sit in the hill usually. The idea is to reestablish the embryonic way of life, because that way eliminates traumas and temperature is different from the optimal most of the time in our world, so those embryonic conditions may be a bridge leading from biologic immortality we the humans have acquired already and make this stuff affordable in a couple of decades (uncle Serge maybe can afford it already) because it is few hundred grands now, it was over a million usd about five years ago. (this is the technology I'm speaking of, there they describe five patients with senile dementia (from all the body of their patients, others did not have it or didn't want to be oficially diagnosed thus) and that was made by genetic therapies. I watch this field closely and I think they're very legit (I can explain if somebody is interested) and I tell you this, because I want to make it a science project, to set a new standart of how science projects are to be made. As a work of art, which is also beautiful in its comprehensibility. That word is probably very self-ironic.

Le centre Pompidou est à Paris
here they don't pronounce s
Are theys such good christians, that they are cristienne, in singular or is enne en as in german?
such good christienne that don't utter the snake, but nake and in naked. нага (naga) stands for snake in some southern language.

I was looking for that word, and I found that arabic have some  I was looking for: ع is that loop in ثعبان
and initial for of it is at the right end of this shortened form of that word عبان and final form of it is here at the left end: ثبانع

I don't find that naga neither in arabic nor in farsi. I look into hebrew and I find נָחָשׁ and maybe I saw it in old-egyptian. Or in ethiopean.

Ave to google translator and tht they found a better business model than to sell it to greedy us.We're not that greedy really, we're more poor than greedy.

In amharic it's ibabi, እባብ
እባቦች is ibabochi, snakes.

Hail google, because I can use this simple servis, thank you big man, thank you.
I think I went into a nigger mode, but it is a better than those arrogant halfbreed bastards thinking they can destroy it to prove themselves (to provethemsleves being what? arrogant bastards? Maybe they're shivaists. I never understood that servilityto a destructive power. Or maybe they want to be destroyed.

I definitely see T with some vowel addition in that ች so it's time to study amharic ge'ez. n'ko and tifinagh blew my mind recently, and there is nsibidi. So I almost completely forgot of the magnificence of ge'ez.

And I see, that it's not the first т (which is actually θ) but the second т, the t т.

I like it that the ч after that т is basically the т with a hat. And I only went hunting and immediately found that softened form джэ in the final line. It is reflecting the дэ from the first row. Funny, huh?
Further upwards, ш[ʃ] is the c[s] with a hat.
не is a нэ with a hat, so the hat is the softener.
хэ is softened кэ
some other хэ is that θ with a chimney, and after or rather under that θэ is some чэ no other alphabet has, unless it is j (but then where should Ч be if not next to h, and θ is just in that group found not in every alphabet, it looks a basis of this group in ge'ez)
жэ looks like modified зэ (or a wide form of it, ዠ which kind of reminds Ж a little, but i dunno. I needed this unicode set to find this letter

ጳጴጵጶጷጸጹጺጻጼጽጾጿፀፁፂፃፄፅፆፇፈፉፊፋፌፍፎፏፐፑፒፓፔፕፖፗፘፙፚ፛፜፝፞፟፠፡ ።፣፤፥፦፧፨፩፪፫፬፭፮፯፰፱፲፳፴፵፶፷፸፹፺፻፼፽፾፿
ᏳᏴᏵ᏶᏷ᏸᏹᏺᏻᏼᏽ᏾᏿      ᐀ᐁᐂᐃᐄᐅᐆᐇᐈᐉᐊᐋᐌᐍᐎᐏᐐᐑᐒᐓᐔᐕᐖᐗᐘᐙᐚᐛᐜᐝᐞᐟᐠᐡᐢᐣᐤᐥᐦᐧᐨᐩᐪ
ᙈᙉᙊᙋᙌᙍᙎᙏᙐᙑᙒᙓᙔᙕᙖᙗᙘᙙᙚᙛᙜᙝᙞᙟᙠᙡᙢᙣᙤᙥᙦᙧᙨᙩᙪᙫᙬ᙭᙮ᙯᙰᙱᙲᙳᙴᙵᙶᙷᙸᙹᙺᙻᙼᙽᙾᙿ   ᚁᚂᚃᚄᚅᚆᚇᚈᚉᚊᚋᚌᚍᚎᚏᚐᚑᚒᚓᚔᚕᚖᚗᚘᚙᚚ᚛᚜᚝᚞᚟ᚠᚡᚢᚣᚤᚥᚦᚧᚨᚩᚪᚫᚬᚭᚮᚯᚰᚱᚲᚳᚴᚵᚶᚷᚸᚹᚺᚻᚼᚽᚾᚿᛀᛁᛂᛃᛄ

And there is some other representation, the halaham is in use today, with ya and wa added to the 7-vowel canon. And I yet have to research it, but I need to look into all the lines above because what a set coming from based ge'ez to even more based runes and before them it is ogham, the glorious system I suspect to be a very important piece of this mosaic.
And I see there the based cree. And the cherokee next to it make me question how based is cherokee. MAybe it's the bridge between european systems and the american ones. America had writing literacy, not less than africa. ANd only europeans' imperialism makes us believe otherwise. All the nations had writing systems and only the preservation of australean megalyths from archaeologists may make us think that maori didn't have writing systems. MAybe maori didn't. MAybe the legendary tribe before them did. Maybe the keys to those polynesian writings is hidden under australean surface.
And I see some new writing system, only that it is new only for me, even though it's supposed to be relatively new, I suspect it to be as old as cree, and I suspect the white devils in a conspiracy against the whites. Why would they strive to create the savages their own writing system? That would go against the point of assimilation. It looks more like they couldn't hide the existence of that literacy, but they could corrupt the history of it, since those savages probably didn't have such important science as history, suddenly it is an important science.

Either way, the halaham ge'ez:

It's funny that they have bt sequence at about the same distance futhark has, which reminds me this:

only here they have t before b. And this is probably a coincidence.
But those are the same T and the same B which was the first consonant in the alphabetic spyral, and t was that very classic final consonant. of hebrew and archaic latin and phoenician and bornholm alphabet if we consider ᚢ not v, but u (even though axial structure tells otherwise)
And because that በ looks like ᚢ so much, it could be the other form of the same letter on another level the same way ge'ez goes in a spyral too. Either way, that is how I recall the በ.

በጉ በጊ

Hail me, I did it in vol.5
ጊ ዳ ዞ — а бу ги да хе вы зо
ጉ ዲ ዝ ዦ — бэ гу ди ха ве зы жо
ገ ዱ ዜ ዥ ሖ — гэ ду хи ва зе жы хо
ዛ ዤ ሕ ጦ — дэ ху ви за же хы то
ዚ ዣ ሔ ጥ ጮ — хэ ву зи жа хе ты чо
ዙ ዢ ሓ ጤ ጭ  — вэ зу жи ха те чы йо
ዘ ዡ ሒ ጣ ጬ ኮ — зэ жу хи та че йы ко
ዠ ሑ ጢ ጫ ክ ኾ — жэ ху ти ча йе кы хо
ሐ ጡ ጪ ኬ ኽ ሎ — хэ ту чи йа ке хы ло
ጠ ጩ ካ ኼ ል  — тэ чу йи ка хе лы мо
ኪ ኻ ሌ ኖ — чэ йу ки ха ле мы но
ኩ ኺ ላ ን ኞ — йэ ку хи ля ме ны нё
ከ ኹ ሊ ኔ ኝ ሶ — кэ ху ли ма не ны со
ኸ ሉ ና ኜ ስ ሾ — хэ лю ми на не сы шо
ኒ ኛ ሴ ሽ  — лэ му ни ня се шы ъо
ኑ ኚ ሳ ሼ  — мэ ну ни са ше ъы фо
ነ ኙ ሲ ሻ ጾ — нэ ню си ша ъэ фы цо
ኘ ሱ ሺ ጽ ቆ — не су ши ъа фе цы ко
ሰ ሹ ጼ ቅ ሮ — сэ шу ъи фа це кы ро
ጻ ቄ ር ሦ — шэ ъу фи ца ке ры со
ጺ ቃ ሬ ሥ ቶ — э фу ци ка ре сы то
ጹ ቂ ራ ሤ ት ቾ — фэ цу ки ра се ты чо
ጸ ቁ ሪ ሣ ቴ ች  — цэ ку ри са те чы хо
ቀ ሩ ሢ ታ ቼ  — кэ ру си та че хы по
ረ ሡ ቲ ቻ ፆ — рэ су ти ча хе пы цо
ሠ ቱ ቺ  — сэ ту чи ха пе цы по
ተ ቹ ጆ — тэ чу хи па це пы джо
 — чэ ху пи ца пе джы ъо
 — хэ пу ци па дже ъы бо
ጎ — пэ цу пи джа ъэ бы го
ግ ዶ — цэ пу джи ъа бе гы до
ጌ ድ  — пэ джу ъи ба ге ды хо
ጋ ዴ  — джэ ъу би га де хы во

And the way I jump from one thing to the other, I return to those writen write writing systems I singled out:
Carrier syllabics

if this system is organic, it should relate to cree syllabics, let's compare one to the other:
     a     e     i     o
-     ᐊ     ᐁ     ᐃ     ᐅ
p     ᐸ     ᐯ     ᐱ     ᐳ
t     ᑕ     ᑌ     ᑎ     ᑐ
k     ᑲ     ᑫ     ᑭ     ᑯ
ch     ᒐ     ᒉ     ᒋ     ᒍ
m     ᒪ     ᒣ     ᒥ     ᒧ
n     ᓇ     ᓀ     ᓂ     ᓄ    (the carrier material challenges the correctness of this line)
s     ᓴ     ᓭ     ᓯ     ᓱ
y     ᔭ     ᔦ     ᔨ     ᔪ
of cree I know and now let's look at the carrier:
     a     u    o    ə ⟨u⟩
-     ᐊ     ᐁ     ᐃ     ᐅ   (here I rearranged the vowels to keep the same direction order as in cree)
p     ᗭ     ᗨ     ᗩ     ᗪ  (these forms are different from cree's ᐸᐯᐱᐳ, but the directions remain)
t     ᑕ     ᑌ     ᑎ     ᑐ    (this forms are exactly the same as in cree, so I think vowels are arbitrary)
k     ᗴ     ᗯ     ᗰ     ᗱ  (this set tells me that cree is the basis, see the whole carrier set below to see)
ch     ᙠ     ᙛ     ᙜ     ᙝ  (this line is rather different, but the direction remains)
m     ᘍ     ᘈ     ᘉ     ᘊ   (these forms are also different, and I wonder why it looks so much like k)
n     ᘇ     ᘂ     ᘃ     ᘄ   (here it looks like half a m, which make carrier's related to european ones)
s     ᙓ     ᙎ     ᙏ     ᙐ   (another letter looking like k and m, which is interesting, because of Ϻ [s])
y     ᘓ     ᘎ     ᘏ     ᘐ   (this one is easy to compare to t or whatever you like)

the carrier k seems to be double t, and that may tell us that that is what it was in cree, just drawn differently

The whole carrier set I was taking those signs from is in the clickable image above.
So you see, that the vowels I omitted are all variants of what they transliterated as ə⟨u⟩ but naturally in comparison to other vowels, it's clear that those other variants transliterated as e and i are more based. it's i. and I expect ə⟨u⟩ to be closer to ы, but who knows, let's leave it to the americans themselves.

For my own use, I copy here the whole set, maybe remove it later:
     u ⟨oo⟩     o     ə ⟨u⟩     e     i     a     Final
∅     ᐁ     ᐃ     ᐅ     ᐈ     ᐉ     ᐊ    
ʔ ⟨'⟩     ᐧᐁ     ᐧᐃ     ᐧᐅ     ᐧᐈ     ᐧᐉ     ᐧᐊ     ᐧ
h     ᐯ     ᐱ     ᐳ     ᐶ     ᐷ     ᐸ     ᑋ
p ⟨b⟩     ᗨ     ᗩ     ᗪ     ᗫ     ᗬ     ᗭ     ᗮ
x ⟨kh⟩     ᗄ     ᗅ     ᗆ     ᗇ     ᗈ     ᗉ     ᐥ
ɣ ⟨gh⟩     ᗊ     ᗋ     ᗌ     ᗍ     ᗎ     ᗏ     ᐦ
w     ᗐ     ᗑ     ᗒ     ᗓ     ᗔ     ᗕ     ᐃ
xʷ ⟨wh⟩     ᗖ     ᗗ     ᗘ     ᗙ     ᗚ     ᗛ    
t ⟨d⟩     ᑌ     ᑎ     ᑐ     ᑓ     ᑔ     ᑕ     ᐪ
tʰ ⟨t⟩     ᗜ     ᗝ     ᗞ     ᗟ     ᗠ     ᗡ    
tʼ     ᗢ     ᗣ     ᗤ     ᗥ     ᗦ     ᗧ    
k ⟨g⟩     ᗯ     ᗰ     ᗱ     ᗲ     ᗳ     ᗴ     ᐟ
kʰ ⟨k⟩     ᗵ     ᗶ     ᗷ     ᗸ     ᗹ     ᗺ     ᐠ
kʼ     ᗻ     ᗼ     ᗽ     ᗾ     ᗿ     ᘀ     ᘁ
n     ᘂ     ᘃ     ᘄ     ᘅ     ᘆ     ᘇ     ᐣ
ng                             ᐡ
m     ᘈ     ᘉ     ᘊ     ᘋ     ᘌ     ᘍ     ᑦ
j ⟨y⟩     ᘎ     ᘏ     ᘐ     ᘑ     ᘒ     ᘓ    
tʃ ⟨j⟩     ᘔ     ᘖ     ᘗ     ᘘ     ᘙ     ᘛ    
tʃʼ ⟨chʼ⟩     ᘜ     ᘝ     ᘞ     ᘟ     ᘠ     ᘡ    
l     ᘢ     ᘣ     ᘤ     ᘥ     ᘦ     ᘧ     ᑊ
tɬ ⟨dl⟩     ᘨ     ᘩ     ᘪ     ᘫ     ᘬ     ᘭ    
ɬ ⟨lh⟩     ᘮ     ᘯ     ᘰ     ᘱ     ᘲ     ᘳ     ᒡ
tɬʰ ⟨tl⟩     ᘴ     ᘵ     ᘶ     ᘷ     ᘸ     ᘹ    
tɬʼ ⟨tlʼ⟩     ᘺ     ᘻ     ᘼ     ᘽ     ᘾ     ᘿ    
z     ᙀ     ᙁ     ᙂ     ᙃ     ᙄ     ᙅ     ᙆ
ẕ                             ᙇ
ts ⟨dz⟩     ᙈ     ᙉ     ᙊ     ᙋ     ᙌ     ᙍ    
s     ᙎ     ᙏ     ᙐ     ᙑ     ᙒ     ᙓ     ᔆ
⟨s̱⟩                             ᣵ
ʃ ⟨sh⟩     ᙔ     ᙕ     ᙖ     ᙗ     ᙘ     ᙙ     ᙚ
tʃʰ ⟨ch⟩     ᙛ     ᙜ     ᙝ     ᙞ     ᙟ     ᙠ    
tsʰ ⟨ts⟩     ᙡ     ᙢ     ᙣ     ᙤ     ᙥ     ᙦ    
tsʼ     ᙧ     ᙨ     ᙩ     ᙪ     ᙫ     ᙬ    
kʷ ⟨gw⟩     ᐟᗐ     ᐟᗑ     ᐟᗒ     ᐟᗓ     ᐟᗔ     ᐟᗕ    
kʰʷ ⟨kw⟩     ᐠᗐ     ᐠᗑ     ᐠᗒ     ᐠᗓ     ᐠᗔ     ᐠᗕ    
kʷʼ ⟨kwʼ⟩     ᘁᗐ     ᘁᗑ     ᘁᗒ     ᘁᗓ     ᘁᗔ     ᘁᗕ    
ts ⟨dz⟩                             ᐪz
tsʰ ⟨ts⟩                             ᐪs
f     ᶣᐁ     ᶣᐃ     ᶣᐅ     ᶣᐈ     ᶣᐉ     ᶣᐊ     ᶣ
pʼ ⟨p⟩     ᗮᗨ     ᗮᗩ     ᗮᗪ     ᗮᗫ     ᗮᗬ     ᗮᗭ     ᗮᗮ
r     rᐁ     rᐃ     rᐅ     rᐈ     rᐉ     rᐊ     +
v     ᘁᗨ     ᘁᗩ     ᘁᗪ     ᘁᗫ     ᘁᗬ     ᘁᗭ     ᘁᗮ
ʒ ⟨zh⟩     ᙇᙔ     ᙇᙕ     ᙇᙖ     ᙇᙗ     ᙇᙘ     ᙇᙙ     ᙇᙚ

And now let's play with the final forms

ʔ ⟨'⟩       ᐧ
h           ᑋ
p ⟨b⟩     ᗮ
x ⟨kh⟩     ᐥ
ɣ ⟨gh⟩    ᐦ
w         ᐃ 
t ⟨d⟩     ᐪ
k ⟨g⟩    ᐟ
kʰ ⟨k⟩     ᐠ
kʼ         ᘁ
n         ᐣ
ng          ᐡ
m         ᑦ  
l          ᑊ    
ɬ ⟨lh⟩     ᒡ  
z          ᙆ
ẕ            ᙇ  
s         ᔆ
⟨s̱⟩        ᣵ
ʃ ⟨sh⟩     ᙚ  
ts ⟨dz⟩   ᐪz
tsʰ ⟨ts⟩   ᐪs
f     ᶣᐁ     ᶣᐃ     ᶣᐅ     ᶣᐈ     ᶣᐉ     ᶣᐊ     ᶣ
pʼ ⟨p⟩     ᗮᗨ     ᗮᗩ     ᗮᗪ     ᗮᗫ     ᗮᗬ     ᗮᗭ     ᗮᗮ
r     rᐁ     rᐃ     rᐅ     rᐈ     rᐉ     rᐊ     +
v     ᘁᗨ     ᘁᗩ     ᘁᗪ     ᘁᗫ     ᘁᗬ     ᘁᗭ     ᘁᗮ
ʒ ⟨zh⟩     ᙇᙔ     ᙇᙕ     ᙇᙖ     ᙇᙗ     ᙇᙘ     ᙇᙙ     ᙇᙚ
The rotation they use I saw in the ancient greek musical notation.

I leave the final five rows because they're fucked-up: the final three are definite european influence, and that is exactly how they'd invent it, the way they know it. And probably this addition allowed them to claim themselves the inventors of whole the thing the way they invented writing systems based on russian or latin alphabets, just adding few signs to preexisting ones. The same may go for final forms of h and t and z and s.

And now for something completely different. So got high, rolled my sleeves and dive into Cherokee writing system:

    The usual alphabetical order for Cherokee runs across the rows of the syllabary chart from left to right, top to bottom—this is the one used in the Unicode block:

Ꭰ (a), Ꭱ (e), Ꭲ (i), Ꭳ (o), Ꭴ (u), Ꭵ (v),

Ꭶ (ga), Ꭷ (ka), Ꭸ (ge), Ꭹ (gi), Ꭺ (go), Ꭻ (gu), Ꭼ (gv),

Ꭽ (ha), Ꭾ (he), Ꭿ (hi), Ꮀ (ho), Ꮁ (hu), Ꮂ (hv),

Ꮃ (la), Ꮄ (le), Ꮅ (li), Ꮆ (lo), Ꮇ (lu), Ꮈ (lv),

Ꮉ (ma), Ꮊ (me), Ꮋ (mi), Ꮌ (mo), Ꮍ (mu),

Ꮎ (na), Ꮏ (hna), Ꮐ (nah), Ꮑ (ne), Ꮒ (ni), Ꮓ (no), Ꮔ (nu), Ꮕ (nv),

Ꮖ (qua), Ꮗ (que), Ꮘ (qui), Ꮙ (quo), Ꮚ (quu), Ꮛ (quv),

Ꮜ (sa), Ꮝ (s), Ꮞ (se), Ꮟ (si), Ꮠ (so), Ꮡ (su), Ꮢ (sv),

Ꮣ (da), Ꮤ (ta), Ꮥ (de), Ꮦ (te), Ꮧ (di), Ꮨ (ti), Ꮩ (do), Ꮪ (du), Ꮫ (dv),

Ꮬ (dla), Ꮭ (tla), Ꮮ (tle), Ꮯ (tli), Ꮰ (tlo), Ꮱ (tlu), Ꮲ (tlv),

Ꮳ (tsa), Ꮴ (tse), Ꮵ (tsi), Ꮶ (tso), Ꮷ (tsu), Ꮸ (tsv),

Ꮹ (wa), Ꮺ (we), Ꮻ (wi), Ꮼ (wo), Ꮽ (wu), Ꮾ (wv),

Ꮿ (ya), Ᏸ (ye), Ᏹ (yi), Ᏺ (yo), Ᏻ (yu), Ᏼ (yv).

    Cherokee has also been alphabetized based on the six columns of the syllabary chart from top to bottom, left to right:

Ꭰ (a), Ꭶ (ga), Ꭷ (ka), Ꭽ (ha), Ꮃ (la), Ꮉ (ma), Ꮎ (na), Ꮏ (hna), Ꮐ (nah), Ꮖ (qua), Ꮝ (s), Ꮜ (sa), Ꮣ (da), Ꮤ (ta), Ꮬ (dla), Ꮭ (tla), Ꮳ (tsa), Ꮹ (wa), Ꮿ (ya),

Ꭱ (e), Ꭸ (ge), Ꭾ (he), Ꮄ (le), Ꮊ (me), Ꮑ (ne), Ꮗ (que), Ꮞ (se), Ꮥ (de), Ꮦ (te), Ꮮ (tle), Ꮴ (tse), Ꮺ (we), Ᏸ (ye),

Ꭲ (i), Ꭹ (gi), Ꭿ (hi), Ꮅ (li), Ꮋ (mi), Ꮒ (ni), Ꮘ (qui), Ꮟ (si), Ꮧ (di), Ꮨ (ti), Ꮯ (tli), Ꮵ (tsi), Ꮻ (wi), Ᏹ (yi),

Ꭳ (o), Ꭺ (go), Ꮀ (ho), Ꮆ (lo), Ꮌ (mo), Ꮓ (no), Ꮙ (quo), Ꮠ (so), Ꮩ (do), Ꮰ (tlo), Ꮶ (tso), Ꮼ (wo), Ᏺ (yo),

Ꭴ (u), Ꭻ (gu), Ꮁ (hu), Ꮇ (lu), Ꮍ (mu), Ꮔ (nu), Ꮚ (quu), Ꮡ (su), Ꮪ (du), Ꮱ (tlu), Ꮷ (tsu), Ꮽ (wu), Ᏻ (yu),

Ꭵ (v), Ꭼ (gv), Ꮂ (hv), Ꮈ (lv), Ꮕ (nv), Ꮛ (quv), Ꮢ (sv), Ꮫ (dv), Ꮲ (tlv), Ꮸ (tsv), Ꮾ (wv), Ᏼ (yv).

    Sequoyah used a completely different alphabetical order:

Ꭱ (e), Ꭰ (a), Ꮃ (la), Ꮵ (tsi), Ꮐ (nah), Ꮽ (wu), Ꮺ (we), Ꮅ (li), Ꮑ (ne), Ꮌ (mo),

Ꭹ (gi), Ᏹ (yi), Ꮟ (si), Ꮲ (tlv), Ꭳ (o), Ꮇ (lu), Ꮄ (le), Ꭽ (ha), Ꮼ (wo), Ꮰ (tlo),

Ꮤ (ta), Ᏼ (yv), Ꮈ (lv), Ꭿ (hi), Ꮝ (s), Ᏺ (yo), Ᏽ (mv), Ꮁ (hu), Ꭺ (go), Ꮷ (tsu),

Ꮍ (mu), Ꮞ (se), Ꮠ (so), Ꮯ (tli), Ꮘ (qui), Ꮗ (que), Ꮜ (sa), Ꮖ (qua), Ꮓ (no), Ꭷ (ka),

Ꮸ (tsv), Ꮢ (sv), Ꮒ (ni), Ꭶ (ga), Ꮩ (do), Ꭸ (ge), Ꮣ (da), Ꭼ (gv), Ꮻ (wi), Ꭲ (i),

Ꭴ (u), Ᏸ (ye), Ꮂ (hv), Ꮫ (dv), Ꭻ (gu), Ꮶ (tso), Ꮙ (quo), Ꮔ (nu), Ꮎ (na), Ꮆ (lo),

Ᏻ (yu), Ꮴ (tse), Ꮧ (di), Ꮾ (wv), Ꮪ(du), Ꮥ (de), Ꮳ (tsa), Ꭵ (v), Ꮕ (nv), Ꮦ (te),

Ꮉ (ma), Ꮡ (su), Ꮱ (tlu), Ꭾ (he), Ꮀ (ho), Ꮋ (mi), Ꮭ (tla), Ꮿ (ya), Ꮹ (wa), Ꮨ (ti),

Ꮮ (tle), Ꮏ (hna), Ꮚ (quu), Ꮬ (dla), Ꮊ (me), Ꮛ (quv).

Original Cherokee syllabary order, with the now obsolete letter Ᏽ in red:

First approach to digging it is looking at the signs I already know:

Ꭰ (a), Ꭱ (e), Ꭲ (i), Ꭵ (v),
Ꭶ (ga) Ꭹ (gi), Ꭺ (go), Ꭻ (gu), Ꭼ (gv),
Ꭾ (he), Ꭿ (hi), Ꮀ (ho), Ꮁ (hu), Ꮂ (hv),

Ꮃ (la), Ꮄ (le), Ꮅ (li), Ꮆ (lo), Ꮇ (lu) 
   (I keep Ꮄ because it reminds coursive form of ל)
(it's hard to tell where to draw the line, because Ꮅ reminds P and Ꮆ reminds G, but they're different)
Ꮋ (mi)  Ꮍ (mu),
and I immediately have a problem.. Should I only take latin majuscule or all signs I know? Because these sighns are believed to be taken out of typewriters cast for esoteric scripts, but maybe some were manufactured individually, I don't know the history well enough to tell. Either way, This first approach probably was fancied by the others, either way it doesn't seem to return much.
Ꮎ (na)  Ꮐ (nah), Ꮑ (ne), Ꮒ (ni), Ꮓ (no) 
and from now on I don't delete signs, I paint them gray
Ꮖ (qua), Ꮗ (que), Ꮘ (qui), Ꮙ (quo), Ꮚ (quu), Ꮛ (quv),
Ꮜ (sa), Ꮝ (s), Ꮞ (se), Ꮟ (si), Ꮠ (so), Ꮡ (su), Ꮢ (sv),  
(ᗨ is pu in carrier syllabics)
 Ꮣ (da), Ꮤ (ta), Ꮥ (de), Ꮦ (te), Ꮧ (di), Ꮨ (ti), Ꮩ (do), Ꮪ (du), Ꮫ (dv),
(ᑲ is ka and ᒐ is cha in cree)
Ꮬ (dla), Ꮭ (tla), Ꮮ (tle), Ꮯ (tli), Ꮰ (tlo), Ꮱ (tlu), Ꮲ (tlv),
Ꮳ (tsa), Ꮴ (tse), Ꮵ (tsi), Ꮶ (tso), Ꮷ (tsu), Ꮸ (tsv),
Ꮹ (wa), Ꮺ (we), Ꮻ (wi), Ꮼ (wo), Ꮽ (wu), Ꮾ (wv),
Ꮿ (ya), Ᏸ (ye), Ᏹ (yi), Ᏺ (yo), Ᏻ (yu), Ᏼ (yv).

And to my surprise here I found those Ꮂ and Ꮘ but their transliteration is, well.. hv and qui
and I did see Ꮂ as h and хуй, and I did see Ꮘ as queen or vaguine, see the cardboard file folder (the plastic file folder for 100 or so pages, and the second of the two ones so far, somewhere there it is told, but I spoke about too, but not about genitals, I think)

Either way, this cherokee thing is hard to cut through. I will return to it, but that's it for now.

to could be ты after all, du, thee:
Будьте здоровы. Будьте has те which means they, and it is plural form of будь, as if it is будь и те,
but then where's ты in будь? Isn't that дь du? But that дь is ть which is to. As in to be, and if to is thou, then it is an imperative, and infinitive form can be an infinitive alright.
to could be ты after all, du, thee:
Здравствуйте has те which means they, and it is plural form of здравствуй, as if it is здравтвуй и те, but then isn't ву вы? because здравие is the word.
It looks that proouns are not instead of nouns, but protonouns, before them.

But then to has other uses, but some of them may be explained by to being thee: to me, give it to me. But in other contexts it doesn't work as well. But then other contexts could be made uplater by the analogy to that form. But that is quite a stretch of imagination. Yet who knows, maybe statistic analysis will show that to is followed by me more often than with any other word, and though that could be saying something, it could be also not be, because me is a simple word, one of the msiplest words there are, so why would it be any other word. My best guess is that the word is a

I'm a bout to begin the vol.15 because this one lags asf..