It is volume 17 (16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0)
(you should know what it's all about so far)

you should knoow
you should be knowing
be and ing are like those brackets again, be in sometheing or is be hebrew ב and russian в, the cognate of in, especially when it's ritten as ιν and it is how the i-line go in most of alphabets, and it is an inner line indeed. three mi mid,

futa is θ for it's f and it's t
and isn't it being f and t make it E which actually follows it and thus can claim the claster satatus.

claster's status = status as claster, of claster. ſ is a staffless f? s is f? the dash of f just shows the position of the ſ in the line, on the staff.
г is the opposite of s though being of the same nature and though church teaches to consider it господь, russians consider it first and foremost (first is abbreviated form of foremost! -est is most! E=M? E=M=Σ! what does = mean? isn't it a n a b s u r d and.. whatever..
lots of absureds are in here, I will sort them all later.
говно что напоминает говинда, cow как гоу, bull and cow are how the alphabet begins, alef was later placed the first, because there probably was the reference that the first letter was bull, and (((phoenician))) bull is aluph? but maybe it is hpull? the pull? bull.  for jews read the other way around, are they good or are they wrong, they're universally recognized as satan's son, peobably even before christianity. Christianity is the treatise for goyim how to treat jews: jews are to be hated and feared. Jews prefer fear to love, because they're satanists, frankists, worshippers of the desert. Crazy penguins (some queer story I saw on some media:

money movie
media medicine

money is moth (math)
music is muse (as in amusement, влече)
media is movei, but media should be educational. movie are half musical.  media is myth

homosexuality is not of homo, but of gomorra.
гомосексуализм не от омо, но от гоморра
омо сапиент (не гомо сапиенс)
омо of me, of мы. один изщ нас

два в виде фута первая цифра пришедкая ко мне в ряду простых чисел. в этом сеансе, в конце 16 тома сегодняшний сеанс.
два как нет, один как да. но почему два так похоже на да? там в (от слова вонь? внутренности воняют если кишки вспороть) в как фу (действительно от слова вонь, не удивительно, что б стоит впереди, а где-то только б, а в последняя. не так в греческом если, то лишь потому что супостат им так сказал. вита же, не бита. фу-eatа? (alive = not eaten)

два таким образом будет буквально "да нет" что в русском означает нет.
приходило понятие единства а как один и а как нет. один раз гав = да. a как an, носовая гласная. 
сейчас не помню. не записалось, а важное, тчо то стучит в верху верхней челюсти слева, где соображалка по легенде (но это не точно, но может быть) словно пкамять туда отвлилась.

если два = нет, то один = да (по принципу исключения или противопоставления)
но а- используется как "нет", что даёт право говорить, что два=да. two as to make it duh, да от слова do, давай. давай именно не ту ли в содержит что и два?"! не ту же U ли?
but a is also one. wanna, own. And that could be where the nations divided on what letter is the first one, or what is the first thing the chicken or edd, the no or yes. n is the final letter in it's row, it's also ν in greek, and latin v is в in russian. And a reflects d as A reflects Д and Δ

smokerings are made with pronouncind something between O and Q
they can be made not only by mouth, but also by saying this letter into a tube I just smoked from, the bong (plastic bottle) was filled with smoek when wI didn't want to smoke any more. So I cleaned the bong by speaking q into it enjoying the easiness of getting the rings (I can do it with my mouth, but it takes more of an effort. bottle is already of the proper size, short sharp (what are those t and p?) exhales turbulated the air into rings by making it move, maybe rotate and rotation is told to leas (lead) outstraight (astray) and thus more particles happened to be at the borderline of the bottle neck and thus the ring appeared. and ring is a good ammount of gydrodynamicd hydrodynamics they say they still don't have good model of turbulent movement (but that was when I was in my first uni, which i is first half of the 90s,. my 90s were wild. would be deeper, but no better (an excuse for those gals I didn't have sex with)
maybe now they have solved that problem with all the ai powers on their side. Why I still didn't grow me an ai?

I use sense of humour instead of rhethoric. Rhethoric is what makes good speech, it is as if something which can be learnt, tricks instead of a wit.

learnt ise lerened. ed is at?

лох участвует в русских словах
плох глох оглох блох
все слова так себе хуйня ло in лох is lo of no? low. of low!
оглох ~ ух low (log, w~ш~h, h is и (i) и is и, u is у, y is i. wish, wash, more zvuchit tak, show shore, ᚱ as a labial. look at some english h-like R's what are they!

слеп c low p? p is eye? I thought it was mouth. где уста и где очи.
слезы говорят, что сле это глз
п плохой
т твёрдый, добрый, добротный, טוֹב which again looks going our way bon is good in roman languages (if it was so sacred, why would it only go the same way, unless where it was deviated, and though it's debatable if it was jews who did it the other way around or were they the keepers of the traditions which francoises mutilated for some reason, but I am biased and consider jews perverted people, so I expect them to create this perversion of the

фирма, назвавшая себя Alphabet, пытается выпихнуть из нормы букву ё.
говорят ли они что ЕЖЗ is the triad and because ᛘ is labial, and I'm not sure of ᛦ, (ᚮᚱᛦᛋᛏᚢ) so Ж is ᚼ and it is not Η but Θ the 𑀣 the 𓇳 the 𓇴 the 𓇵 the ☉
look at how mirrory it is, EЖЗ and I seem to never seeing it.
АБВГД  ежз
ha, priobably nah.
☉ as Ф? Sun is Fun? Sunny person is funny person. Фея?
Ϻ and M tell that Son is Man. Different dialectal forms of something like θ, maybe B or В.

one of latin translations for cipher is nota. does it tell that a to n were substituted o to t? no to ta.
different amounts. o to z would be better. but soon I realize it's just all the alphabet moved 6 points
i j k l m n
o p q r s t

aha! it just moved all the alphabet one column down, so that could be the reason to invent new letters, unless it went in a ring. initially it probably did. so let's cyphre:

unless it went in a ring. initially it probably did. so let's cyphre:
atricc od citd ot e dotk
atriee of citf ot e dor..
I think I confused myself, let's make whole the cyphre line:
a b c d e f g  h i  j k l m n o p  q r  s t u v w x y z
g h  i j k l m n o p q r  s  t u v w x y z a b c d e f
O znotq O iutlaykj seykrl, rkz'y sgqk cnurk znk ievnxk rotk:
(my as se is priceless *( )( or worthless))

but then I realize..
but soon I realize..
then=soon? so on.

This book is indeed omnitenens, it combines information from knitting to dancing and  to witting and reading,  I didn't expect witteing to be so close to writing. I just got real high and I what I I came to tell about smoke signals. I found the first one earlier today.

And that smoke signal, the ring is the only smoke signal I konw so far.

I am socially very awkward. I sacrificed this function for science, One day I told science: take these fields, I sacrifice social for the inner autistic research. It's wonders I manage to deliver it online in rather consistent form I must say. I do it with a little help from my friends. allies I align with from ti meto time

time воремя
space просткранство (страна~сторона~направление~измерение~грань)
time at moment.? at meanwhile. at mediterranean, and now I know I don't know what I talk about. Was there mediteranean time? TM Terrain Medi. But this only free associantions method, it is not vwery scientific.   
в ремя это опечатка, хотел сказать что время и time maybe have the same me. вре внутре?
врать внедрять, раньше вроде этим словом говорить, брехать спрехать, балакать, балабол сегодня пренебрежительно, мол болтовня пустая, а раньше может быть не была такой, может юмор возникает из за архаичности формы. балабол. барабан (пофиг откуда говорят что заимствовано, это ономатопоэя, она международна, ное не всегда. в английсокм просто дарм драм. более короткое и б~д вот какойе древнейе слово. драм дарарам тарарам барабан. т~б, р~р, р~б, н~м. либо это просто реитмическое словом либо так и птицы говорят ритмами.

notice how B is the most standard form of a flag, and that form has its name beginning iwth with B:

Smoking for over 25 years and only today have I reached this point:

Because crystals of our bodies rotate into one side, it is what.. I didn't know how happy I was when I was accepted into scientific community from a backdoor.  I was too sloppy, too slow, I should have stopped smoking weed all along, but then I wouldn't deliver this book. It is great that (but it had it's own price, which was me knowing chemistry, biology, becoming a real scientist in life sciences. I dig this humanitarian thing instead.

And only today have I put my eye on ancient petroglyphs. And I began digging from Australia which I suspect to be a place of origin of writing systems. The most obscured ancient history, which they eventually have, and it's tens of millenia, mil (1000) anno (year)
The engravings were made by the Aboriginal Australians who have lived in the Sydney region from about 30,000 years ago until the present day. Radiocarbon dating suggests human activity first started to occur in the Sydney area from around 30,735 years ago. However, numerous Aboriginal stone tools were found in Western Sydney's gravel sediments that were dated from 45,000 to 50,000 years BP, which would indicate that there was human settlement in Sydney earlier than thought.
and though I promised not to produce porn, I would also like not to distribute it, but
There are 1,500 pieces of Aboriginal art in Sydney, more than half of which contain rock art, and around 1,500 caves or shelters which contain cultural deposit. They are comparable with the petroglyphs of Native Americans and the rock art found elsewhere in Australia, but have their own distinctive style which is quite unlike rock art found anywhere else in Australia. Dating to around 5,000 years,[3] with some possibly as old as 7,000 years,[4] Sydney rock art is predominantly found in Ku-ring-gai Council, Sydney Harbour and the Blue Mountains.

they had many such figures:

and some others:

A total of 7,804 motifs were studied from the 717 engravings sites, with a salient focus on tracks, followed by a predilection for marine animals and land animals, anthropomorphic models and cultural items.

And by picking out the most frequent shapes I try to deliver the first sygnal system, where it seems that foot would show safe place to place a foot (could be convenient in mountains, and rocks indicate mounaneous region. rocky. So it could be some ancient sign for yes. Which is weird, because hand is yes, foot is poo, boo, no. In my european mind. Anyway, let it settle down, I only see it for the first time.
Fish is the second best, and I suspect it to be whether telling that it's kitchen, or a dream of fish or a magic engraving to get fish (would it be a problem? For ancients? of course.) but then wouldn't foot have this meaninbg? did they eat humans and a foot would be ..din't they have anything less dangerous to eat? Foot could indicate the inhabited area. Then.. whatever, stop speculations. What would be the figures with hands up? The place of divination, especially because one of them has crescent above them, could be the day of the meeting and greeting the moon. so that crescent must be waxing. And then in Australia crescent grows from the top? but how could that be? It cannot be and they don't have it growing like this, it is like this when they put their backs (and laying on the backs, heads) to it, so it wouldn't shine in their eyes and other openings, but would hide the срам.

But then I understand that genetic is the key, and that just as europeans are the wisest nation today, they were the best always, and that Australia is probably a false lead. Unless the whites began in Australia. We could migrate as an arrow across all the globe enreaching the nations we passed and settling down on the north where we had nowhere else to run. And then what if it was in America, and we spread from America to both Polynesia and across the Atlantic? These are some wild hypothesis with some theoretical material, but it is more than fringy, it's just raw and wild and kicking, so can be wrong in whatever way.

Returning to that икибоб code, here I have grown another branch, maybe not too far from cognates file I first wanted to add it there, but it ejected it into that other brance: palindromes_and_such

Nah, human foot is definitely the indication of human's dwelling, so that some hunter didn't attack it as if it was a bearlair. And the second popular symbol, the fish, could indicate that there is fish in the pond.

macropod is kangaroo, it and other animals could be an indicator of those beasts in that direction. Human figures could be whether form of art or served the same function the petroglyph of human foot served (what was I thinking, why would somebody take so much effort to draw a foot where rock walker should know how to walk rocks without it, and it would be especially confusing when the hunter went backwards. Though of course such image could have any magical meaning, but I suppose that those depictions which survived to our times were both not secret and not sacred. But then what do I know. My today understanding of those things are purely utilitary.
And those anthropomorph figures probably were just art.

The way english pronounce J in Julia as dʒ and russians pronounce it as j of y tells me that they're the same sound which have deviated this much through time, and considering it some ה-like ᚼ(or ᛡ) makes even more sense.

беларусское буська (поцелуй в щёку) is probably a cognate of duthc pussen

враг врак

друг true truth true is the word, friend is true, only in russian this word owned one sense, and the other the other.

Please be true (будь верна, будь верен, верный друг)
дру (as in drum?) другой не такой как все.

lawyers employers. Do employer own lawyer? Who owns who? Man pays the lawyer, so.. oh.. where do they take the

пренебрежительное отношение.
пре как пере
пред как пере до (передом? ноу, пере-до, как по-над)

небрежительное не бережливое
ч в беречь это ж в жить?
ж~т? бекос

K looks almost as a mirrored form of ᚦ in some hand-written examples. And it is supported by the hypothesis that C is staveless K (or rather K is staved C) and thus ᚦ is a parent form of C and D (staved and staveless form of the same? But then why Romans considered D next order.. what..
 A  B   C    D
10 50 100 500
A~X? Ⰰ usually has lower side sleeves, あア could be not too far too. 𐤀 and א are interesting here.
B~L? b~l? ł as w? or is it crossed out for l is lingua and w is not lingua

Seriously? XLCD? IVXLCD!!!
so IVABCD? or was what I just said a pile of shit? this, yes. some places were considered to be and I felt this piece of shit coming, because I even wrote some moaning speech about not wanting to be here, because my mind was somewhere else. I lead social life today, I shouldn't have to. I should have to lead it on, I should have been smarter, splitting these activities by days. If I met somebody today, I shouldn't have smoken weed this day. If I smoked weed in the morning, I shouldn't meet anybody this day.

Or were C and D 10 and 50 before some reform? Then A and B would naturally be 1 and 5.
B as pente? okay, but even number for this shape would make more sense: 4, not 5,
1 4 8 32 64 256 = 365
1 5 10 50 100 500 = 666 was M introduced in year 1666 or before it after year 666 didn't bring end of the world? After 1666 also didn't bring any end of hte world, christian faith lost most of its power, but it's still around, so don't underestimate them.

See what I'm talking? Repetitious and shallow. Okay. I gave it some depth in the coda, about the will of the christians still keeping on, with less power, but nevertheless, maybe even the same vectors to that chord.

Royals and lawyers, but royal backwards is closer to liar, which they all are, for this world is built upon lies. Not real world that is, but human society is pretty much so.

Okay, today, I am smoking some weed in few minutes and I stay indoors.

there's a large difference between + and x: 〸 is straight, and if it's a tree, it is alive. 〤 is

、。〃〄々〆〇〈〉《》「」『』【】〒〓〔〕〖〗〘〙〚〛〜〝〞〟〠〡〢〣〤〥〦〧〨〩〪〭〮〯〫〬〰〱〲〳〴〵〶〷〸〹〺〻〼〽〾〿぀ぁ あぃいぅうぇえぉおかがきぎくぐけげこごさざしじすずせぜそぞただちぢっつづてでとどなにぬねのはばぱひびぴふぶぷへべぺほぼぽまみむめもゃ やゅゆょよらりるれろゎわゐゑをんゔゕゖ゗゘゙゚゛゜ゝゞゟ゠ァアィイゥウェエォオカガキギクグケゲコゴサザシジスズセゼソゾタダチヂッツヅ テデトドナニヌネノハバパヒビピフブプヘベペホボポマミムメモャヤュユョヨラリルレロヮワヰヱヲンヴヵヶヷヸヹヺ・ーヽヾヿ㄀㄁㄂㄃㄄ㄅㄆㄇ ㄈㄉㄊㄋㄌㄍㄎㄏㄐㄑㄒㄓㄔㄕㄖㄗㄘㄙㄚㄛㄜㄝㄞㄟㄠㄡㄢㄣㄤㄥㄦㄧㄨㄩㄪㄫㄬㄭㄮㄯ㄰ㄱㄲㄳㄴㄵㄶㄷㄸㄹㄺㄻㄼㄽㄾㄿㅀㅁㅂㅃㅄㅅㅆㅇㅈㅉ ㅊㅋㅌㅍㅎㅏㅐㅑㅒㅓㅔㅕㅖㅗㅘㅙㅚㅛㅜㅝㅞㅟㅠㅡㅢㅣㅤㅥㅦㅧㅨㅩㅪㅫㅬㅭㅮㅯㅰㅱㅲㅳㅴㅵㅶㅷㅸㅹㅺㅻㅼㅽㅾㅿㆀㆁㆂㆃㆄㆅㆆㆇㆈㆉㆊㆋ ㆌㆍㆎ㆏㆐㆑㆒㆓㆔㆕㆖㆗㆘㆙㆚㆛㆜㆝㆞㆟ㆠㆡㆢㆣㆤㆥㆦㆧㆨㆩㆪㆫㆬㆭㆮㆯㆰㆱㆲㆳㆴㆵㆶㆷㆸㆹㆺㆻㆼㆽㆾㆿ㇀㇁㇂㇃㇄㇅㇆㇇㇈㇉㇊㇋㇌㇍ ㇎㇏㇐㇑㇒㇓㇔㇕㇖㇗㇘㇙㇚㇛㇜㇝㇞㇟㇠㇡㇢㇣㇤㇥㇦㇧㇨㇩㇪㇫㇬㇭㇮㇯ㇰㇱㇲㇳㇴㇵㇶㇷㇸㇹㇺㇻㇼㇽㇾㇿ

    (Suzhou numerals): 〡 (“one”), 〢 (“two”), 〣 (“three”), 〤 (“four”), 〥 (“five”), 〦 (“six”), 〧 (“seven”), 〨 (“eight”), 〩 (“nine”), 〸 (“ten”), 〹 (“twenty”), 〺 (“thirty”)
    Chinese numeral: 四

And I kept in my mind: four, four, it's four: four makes sense: it;'s for death. And I saw 〤 as a fallen 〸 the T the three? But it's ten. Or is it, but to it we approach later.
(from now on I don't font down the quotations which are understood to be quotations, I don't quotate html tags too, though I use it in the published verson of the text.

писать (чесать (рассказывать. рассказать разчесать (раз = снова, re's. "one more, because раз is one in russian раз два три)
раз вместо один. как

〡 (“one”), 〢 (“two”), 〣 (“three”),
〦 (“six”), 〧 (“seven”), 〨 (“eight”)
were was their (hypothetically!) previous octal
〤 (“four”), 〥 (“five”) are out of that fine cycle. Especially because there were also 6 numerals in roman numerals (theoretical! have been demonstrated in previous pages of this work, their cycle was in 1000, so they maybe had some other sign for 1000 when previously it was I with a stroke above it. And it reminds me something:
A B C D E F G H  I  J
U T S R Q P O N M L                         (U was V when This was all the set, the 4 V or 5 V, vier or vijf.
where I was opposite to M or rather


росалось (роса выпадает, россия выпадает из списка белых стран (слишком много чучмекских земель нахватали, и не хочет призщнать, что это тоже коллонии. кал-они, кпрф по копро, сотонисты дегенераты))
поросалось (п use to look more like г and Б could be П+о, and then F is Пi
Б F П? V as inside out upside down ᚢ which is probably a later letter (hebrew ends with T)
B F P and what is the fourth? M the fourth mother is M , but it is not some dying lying, when dead lead layed, doesn't even lay there (animals ate it or people took it away)

M is П, the protoletter oM. Папа = Mама? There probably were two ways to pronounce: male and female. But if parents called eachother this way (the way niggers sstill do) So mama is how men told it? Папа is more quiet, whispering, as women may incorporate (forgot the word) in their behaviour to survive: to lure a man whether to fuck or to kill him.

B Пa
F Пɪ


U = ᚢ = П = nΝν = 𓈖

Different programs show this hieroglyph differently, so we cannot trust unicode in 2022

and I kept in mind them both: first as any form of that wave is that wave, and thus
Λ M N are a claster and probably is the same m~n when singed doesn't make any difference if mouth is closed or open, and thus it was understood as neither lingua nor labia, but nose.
У      К      Н  
У      К      М
именно так оно в восточных странах и идёт, двигаясь дальше белые из австралии меняли свою систему до того как сделали её абстрактнейши выглядящим огамом. Огненные люди? Рыжие хороши? Что я несу? Но рыжие особенный цвет, чем-то же они замечательны. ТЕм что солнечней"!  Блондины, рыжие блондины, альбиносы блондины. Рыжий какая-то помесь мутанта-альбиноса с другой менее белой для получения такого оттенка? Интересно, но часто недостаточно для достижения красоты: многие рыжие красивы неземною оттого что принимают ванны с хной? Чтоб быть рыжими повсюду. Нет, это извращенство, я гоню.
гласное, слышные ухом? они все гласные. И вопрос как их понимать. Если К не горло, а язык, то это язычные, но мем ухо-горло-нос диктует свои порядки. к это кашель ГРЛ Р is the R the K the Г the r, the p, the ч
плевать губами, харкать горлом или из горла. -ать = от?!

Почему мем ухо-горло-нос вообещ возник? Оттого что я только сегодня осознал сонорные соносными. сносными? (быть может (! я часто опускаю это словосочетание, я отмечал где-то почему, что они всюду подразумеваются, но иногда я забываю и возмущаюсь, как может случайный читатель сюда забредший) сонорными их назвали чтоб на поносные не были похожи)
И изначально носовой гласный? Помимо М можно промычать носом на октаву выше (не знаю на октаву ли нет, нашёл ещё одну ноту, но не ноту между М и тем всхлипом, скулением чтоли) и этот третий найденный, срединный звук прочищает нос  или как знать что вибрации там делают ещё,.
Три варианта носового я нашёл "пошмыгав" носом, но лишьт на выдохе. Вздошные другие:
а) ржач (ближе всего к среднему звуку, но те два носовые звука что на выдохе без смыслового наполнения, да и М в сущности тоже, просто М мы узнаём)
б) испуг (при обращении превращается в тот высокий звук (Марк учил что можно петь выше изображая испуг (испуга в контексте слышно не будет, просто голос пойдёт выше)
с) вожделение (при обращении превращается в М)
Итак, я сходу смог назвать 3 эмоции, выражаемые вздошными носовыми звуками, а выдохные звуки (высокий на выдохе, обращённый испуг, может быть использован когда надо кого-то подозвать, а рот забит едой, или отозвать. Так тоже испуг или противоположность испуга? По второй сигнальной системе испуг может быть использован как "испугался что уйдёшь?" "испугался, что не увидишь" и прочие дружественные испуги.
М и вожделение в слове Моя, Моё, Мои, Мой, Wash as a suffixed Wo? Мой = Мой. Когда даёшь человеку, который моет посуду, чашку. Мой~May.

Фу выдошное со смыслом.
Вонь в слове Фунь (boo ~ фу. здесь это фигурально, но )

Once again, it is important:
    (Suzhou numerals): 〡 (“one”), 〢 (“two”), 〣 (“three”), 〤 (“four”), 〥 (“five”), 〦 (“six”), 〧 (“seven”), 〨 (“eight”), 〩 (“nine”), 〸 (“ten”), 〹 (“twenty”), 〺 (“thirty”)
but it's much closer to the chinese system we're usually taught:

一 (“one”), 二 (“two”), 三 (“three”),
〤 (“four”), 〥 (“five”),
〦 (“six”), 〧 (“seven”), 〨 (“eight”),
〩 (“nine”),
〸 (“ten”), 〹 (“twenty”), 〺 (“thirty”)

See the pattern? See what numbers were added later on? Was it made to conceal some enormous theft which could crumble their empire in the national mutiny.

But it wouldn't make much sense to add those digits because it would make those numerals stand for more. But maybe when they could multiply by some bookkeeping operation they could conceal the loss of large ammount somewhere. But it seems too conspirological.  But it is a good sign, people love this stuff and as long as it lets me be good. I'm good or am I mad? M as Mom? M as Muse! M as Masteritsa, Mistress, Miss dress. my misdress. I am wild.

So I found this chart to find those forms from the picture I decided to leave it here for you
    0: 〇 (零): líng
    1: 一 (壹) yī
    2: 二 (Traditional:貳) èr
    3: 三 (Traditional:叁) sān
    4: 四 (肆) sì
    5: 五 (伍) wǔ
    6: 六 (Traditional:陸) liù
    7: 七 (柒) qī
    8: 八 (捌) bā
    9: 九 (玖) jiǔ
    10: 十 (拾) shí
    100: 百 (佰) bǎi
    1,000: 千 (仟) qiān
    10,000: 万 (萬) wàn (1'0000)
    100,000: 十万 (萬) shíwàn (10'0000)
    1,000,000: 一百万 (萬) yībǎi wàn (100'0000)
    100,000,000: Traditional 一亿 (億) yīyì (1'0000'0000)
    1,000,000,000,000: 一兆 yīzhào (1'0000'0000'0000)

Let read the following as the ionian numerals work:
一 1      二 2      三 3
〦 4       〧 8      〨 12
〸 16     〹 32    〺 48
And whatever is the later iteration, it was 64, 128, 192 and 256, 512, 768 and the text cycle somewhere off these charts began with 1024

But then it causes a question, but don't be confused, I will redraw it once again:

〡 1      〢 2      〣 3
〦 4       〧 8      〨 12
〸 16     〹 32    〺 48

That ' above the second line is not to confuse these suzhou numerals to neighbouring chinese forms. And probably this subjugation determined the neglet of this system. Also if they were just strokes, you would read them differently from the other side, so that second line needed that stroke not to confuse their 4 8 12 from 1 2 3

Once again, I feel an urge to announce, that this is a hypothesised numeral system. This is my drafts I lay out for everybody to see how we do it.

and some other representations of this writing system:

and once again, the chinese numerals:

These are some example of that numeral system in use
And here comes the system which is told to be the predecessor of that Suzhou:

This is the chinese Pascal's triangle, described about six centuries before Pascal by Jia Xian, and what is even more fascinating about it, is that it was used to calculate square and cubic roots:
Jia Xian additive-multiplicative square-root extraction:

and Jia Xian add-multiply method for cubic roots:

and some more pretty much unsorted images from this branch of counting rods system Jia Xian used:

A checker counting board diagram in an 18th-century Japanese mathematics textbook
so it's some culture I had no idea about. I have no idea how to use thi counting board.
and following image is Counting rod numerals in grids in a Japanese mathematic book

Counting rods (traditional Chinese: 籌; simplified Chinese: 筹; pinyin: chóu; Japanese: 算木; rōmaji: sangi; Korean: sangaji) are small bars, typically 3–14 cm long, that were used by mathematicians for calculation in ancient East Asia. They are placed either horizontally or vertically to represent any integer or rational number.

The written forms based on them are called rod numerals. They are a true positional numeral system with digits for 1–9 and a blank for 0, from the Warring states period (circa 475 BCE) to the 16th century.

𝍠 𝍡 𝍢 𝍣 𝍤 𝍥 𝍦 𝍧 𝍨 𝍩 𝍪 𝍫 𝍬 𝍭 𝍮 𝍯 𝍰 𝍱 𝍲 𝍳 𝍴 𝍵 𝍶 𝍷 𝍸

This is a sloppy work, when I was too inspired to read, so placed it here for later.
But now I see by that triangle, that 𝍠 is 1 and 𝍩 is 5. 甲

They only had 𝍠 and 𝍩 and 0 I don't see amongst their unicodes.
and that is pretty much I V X and if I V X was also positional, they wouldidn't need any other LCD not everybody knows about, more people know M, and M is not in the system, so people in general only know IVX, but we use other signs from letters not to confuse them with the letters.

I𝍠 like 一
V𝍩like ו
X o like 卍
as if V is У and 卍 is double У. X is W? uvwxyz. it explains its position among vaws. was X labial? and then reformed into some lingual analogue because of how uncofortable it was to pronounce, to literally kiss, and x stands for kiss in epistolary xoxox which are hugs and kisses, and that o is that very zero of the counting rods system.

Suddenly I see that y is of unlucky swastika, and maybe that is why it's off the a to t chart. why would we draw Y liike y when the text is after it? let's coursive it like ⟀, or better when it has letters after it, as in yellow. But why would I try to draw them clockwise when millenia of collective experience has established them as they are.

X o like 卍 and 十 and 𐤕
and I don't know if it shows correctly in your browser, I'm speaking of that x-like tav of the second line:

sometimes it's even more x-like.

родительный падеж более основной, потому его единственного в латинских словарях указывают момимо словарной формы именительного.
че ло ве ка - в слоговой форме, человек - в форме слова, не слога но слова. слово более древняя форма? слог и слов было одним словом? чего чево слога слова (совпадают окончания в родительном падеже)

Hi, look what my dream brougyht me:
high as smooth and round form of ⴳ and Ⴟ (which looks the same in FireFox, but let me show you it in SeaMonkey:

(elsewhere they're both as the guy one (он?) to the left. And yet seamonkeys shape prove to be correct more often than I suspect:
And I wonder I couldn't find a more similar form to what I was looking for,
Especially because next in line were R & Я and A and Å and disgusting 🜢 and ♗ and and 🜶

Батя Pater Father show that labials are this group of triplets and they're probably contrapunct the M
M is me, B is Вы, you, (two forms of ν: v for romans, n for greeks, vos and nos. для разных сторон это слово означает разное (со стороныв говорящего и сос то тороны слушающего)
слух с ухом. с = with,
hear  with year
year год, ухо уход
1 год = 1 ход (солнца по небосводу)
годить ждать (от слова год. год дать)
падать по дать (поверхность ударить) по форма, плоскость. плэйн. π. pi-lane?
гадить от слова гад (другая фонетика, соседняя нация, переход одной гласной в другую что касается а и о - точно существует, насколько эта вокальная вариабильность когнат широким явлением является.

БАТЯ ~ PATER tells that when they invented R and Я they recognized that morpheme as something the same, but in an unorthodox way.  ᚱ like w, L as ł , ll comme j, j come dʒ, ʒ come R (and is z staveless R in this ᚼ-like ᚱ as in this picture:

And here I see that they mistransliterated it: their e looks exactly like ᚠ in

So they also have only one ᚦ for both с and d, g and д so to say

npc's may be source of factual game-play situations (so one boring guy told me that the clinic in my house is working cures teeth for free if you have a medical polis which I have.

So I claim that that ʞ-like, 𝈲-like shape they read as d is actually e. Now I should find that rune in context and I don't know how to look for it since it isn't even in the unicode, probaby some of those shapes are unique to that calendar, or if not I do have to find the context and try to read it, to see if my theory holds.

Then that ᚼ-like ᚱ-like shape they recognized ass F is whether g or h, or j[ʒ], the ᚼ or is the following ᛅ is the ᚼ(or ᛡ) the ᛶ the ᚷ and then that ᚼ-like ᚱ-like shape they don't even have in unicode (only repeating shapes were allowed there and if only one artefact had it it's not good enough? A speculation) would be that second ᚴ I recognized as ᚵ and thus it didn't have a letter in the bornholm alphabetic stonelet but already invented it as a binderune of ᚱ and ᛦ or ᛦ and ᚹ or ᚱ and ᛅ
That ᛅ they have after that is whether ᚷ which is a staveless ᚼ or the ᚾ-like ᛁ
and looking for that ᛅ I found that it's both, actually as H is I when it is И

And looking for all that information I found this, I don't remember if I noticed that they look like three mothers:

(these three runes I think were only used in calendars (so uniquely calendaric simbols are expected, but me myself I think I'm treeping. (с дуба рухнул))
Using word like for similar personages seemed egoistic (I like I, but they're not the same, but similar, and people like similar people, people dislike those who are not like them (europeans hate immigrants, and immigrants are even worse, so it's less comfortable for an european in some middleeast than to a middleeastern in europe.

I found ➰ and ˠ and ꙋ but not the opposite shape, and I wanted to tell you about my dream I have already placed into my current notebook, but here it is:
ꙋ-shaped form became y and the upside down that form became h, because h is high and j is lloł [jow] (low) but somehow I wasn't confused by l looking like the opposite of ꙋ when in курсив coursive: ℓ and it took me some time to come with Ꮂ and so this thought would probably not come through my quality control department, and in dream it is different. dimered? diametred? диаметрально противоположно? differ wher fer is as in sphere? с верчения? сворачивать с заворачивать завернуть свернуть согнуть вертеть to virtue? to twirl, to whirl, and I didn'ty even know twirl, I speelled it as wirl at first.
вертеть переводится также как turn, что явно сродни twirl (or may be used to memorize twirl, and whirl, which is just as good, becausee the most important function of this work is facilitating the studyibng of languages by making them recognizable, comprehensible, understood and understandable.

Ꮂ • (hv) (upper case, lower case ꮂ)
    Letter of the Cherokee syllabary, transcribed as syllable hv.

and hv is very similar to h as which I saw it in my dream. But then my h didn't have those upward swashes at its ends.

Believe in life. Be free and happy.

a and b?
ace is ass?
если жопа 1, то что 2 are eyes ayes? two ones (eye око, ass очко) 1 is I, eye (око более важная форма чем очко, ace=eye's? why ass is so similar, it's a dirty magically charged word, a curse I suppose.)
two is du, thou, ты. Но в то же время те = they, те~две
three could be a better thee. три (трɪ) ты.
Как я говорил, основываясь на сравнительно-грамматическом анализе (gush I hate this gay word, and for such an important concept, those coprophiles are bullshitting on us)(
Как я говорил, основываясь на сравнительно-грамматическом исследовании (close to assledovanii but will do so far) второе лицо (вы) хронологически появилось позже чем первое и третье (мы и они, где ни=ны=мы, а о- сродни приставке un-, a-, not)

Look at what ultra-right arrow have I found: ⟴
and this snakey: ⟿

Finally in some attempt on
I found symbols similar to what I was looking for: ჲ, and some more: 𐍉
ჲ is hie, but [j] and what am I talking about, I thought j ~ h in ᛡ ~ ᚼ

So was my dream wrong and is ჲ-like form l for low? but the letter is high, and alt is more of it.
I would suspect ꙋ to be for low, but it looks like smoke just way too much. or a stone in a water, it sounds low like u and stands around there.
o и ещё ниже. как комета. но может комета была high in the sky? Why do we rarely if ever see comets flying upwards? Because none of them exit our atmosphere, if they shine, they will be eaten, and thus they're falling, failing, i~l, g~h~i~j~l f=gg? F=гг? F=ГГ?  E F Г?
if A B C is like E F Г, then I can see ᛒ as double ᚦ (where C is staveless ᚦ, and thus boustrophedon which runes sometimes used tells not only that runes are that archaic, but that left and right didn't matter, so Я used to equal R not only in that context of -я ~ -er.
And then is A some ᛵ or it's staved form which I didn't find now nowhere, but I spoke of that before.
and then are HIJ some HIי? because that is how it went in EFГ and it prompts to read the alphabet backwards, but I did and it didn't return anything interested so far.
K falls out of this weird set of sequence, because MNΛ would be a good triad, but it's not in this order, and that 321 thing pretty much ends there. What it is if anything I still don't know.

So I think it's time we make this book by chapters. Let's start the story over. It maybe isn't so productive, but it could have even higher value, for this time I'm doing it not to pull it out, but to sell it.

General chapther:
1 three mothers (begins with analysis of sefer yetzirah, bible, other sources)
2 three moons, three matters, обзор алфавитов в этом аспекте.
3 axial symmetry

Latin chapter: (or will it be the general chapter? No, that one is mostly hebrew.
1 four mothers (the hidden fourth phase-face of the moon in the form of Y and Ѣ (or is it Б now?))
2 k-symmetry

Hebrew chapter
1 vowels in the so called consonant alphabets
2 kabbalah (and possible secret code if ב and בּ‎ are two letters as бв in russian and others too)

Arabic chapter
1 how did they read the dotless text?
2 vowel diacritic

Indian chapter
1 brahmic script (c as the first consonant makes eastern writing systems different)
2 обзор индийских, тибетских, прочих систем письма, произошедших от брахмического)
3 was it really that ancient or is it just a religious cult bending reality to it's agenda?

Egyptian chapter:
1 beasts look at the beginning as if we walk towards them, seeing them from the face
2 phonetic symbols, from alphabetic to biliteral and triliteral and ideograms are here too.
3 meroetic alphabet

Chinese chapter
1 hieroglyphs which look like latin transcription 大 like ta, 一 as i, 二 as n, 三 as m and san (Ϻ, 山)
2 the structure of a hieroglyph (basal few later used as radicals)
3 phonetic syllabary
4 other chinese writing system (dongba, banpo, geba, female writing, tibetan maybe too)

Japanese chapter:
1 that mnemonic table made properly (some help from Alex 23 would be great)
2 dragunkin's book on japanese etymology through russian eye as a merchandize, update activated for additional payment, shared with dragunkin, because I will be selling his brochure in my merch department.
3 iroha

Cuneiform chapter:
1 ugaritic alphabet
2 old persian syllabary (3 vowels too)
3 hieroglyphics

Philippines and Javanese chapter:
1 vowel diacritic (notice that it is different to arabic and similar to musical terminology)
2 3-vowel

Runic chapter:
1 aettir, divination, falling stone(s) with Bureus's diagram showing three dice with one empty slot each.
2 staveless runes
3 binderunen

Paleohispanic chapter
1 The forms of them
2 other syllabaries (introduction into syllabaries and why they're more ancient than alphabets)
3 (something else, nothing came so far)

Ogham chapter
1 aicme
2 relation to runes
3 beth-luis-nion paradox and it's sequences

Tifinagh chapter
1  overview
2  similarities with other writing systems
3  ⵣ

American chapter
1 mayan
2 cree, carier, and there's a third or more
3 others, including rongorongo

4 magic irohas on swords linking it to norsk runes of futharkh. and here I beging thinking to
I beg at beginning
🙲 anned at the end (anned as treated as anne, 𒀭, god)

Li is altered from la, with the vowel changed to signify a raised note.
    (music) In solfège, the raised sixth note of a major scale (the note A-sharp in the fixed-do system).
        Synonyms: A-sharp, B-flat, ta, te

Калёный кали огонь
к как огонь.
к-column is the original אֵשׁ mother
before it divided into cd it was c, the staveless form, ᚲ
в слове проклатый тот же самый корень кал, к ал(ому) ходил
но я думал метал закаливают в воду его помещая! Но в воду-то помещают после нагрева.
Клятый кринок маленький клинышек.
кол, а не кал. колит~жжёт? кусает скорее то же самое к имела. имеет.
or is it both? проклятый проколатый. клинок коляенящий, ставит на колени, кол палка? ногени?

My brother is more successful in society because I made it uncomfortable for him in the tiny soviet apartment. So I played all the toys and brother was leaving. No wonder it was him who took all the drugs. And can you really

Lost is geloren in german. You can easily see the same lo in there. Lo of the low? Lo is увы. Сфт Ш фзздн ыщьу сщьздуч иге фкишекфкн кгдуы can I take (not arbitrary!) rules to mutate geloren into lost
-t = -ed = ge-
-re- = -s-
re is zverr
se is snek
t is place (where some dead matter lays because it layse everywhere. tree is also with that t. ree is zverr

there = thes (this) surprisingly close semantically and phonetically
we're = wes? was? (surprisingly good, because we're engineers is was engineering before, how else do you define кого-либо. либо body? die leiche in german, der leichnam на немецком и lijk, het lichaam in netherlands. lijk is female form of corpse (труп "там руб" а труд когда "там руд" т место.


And I realized that I should break thoughs on their zeniths (зенит и зеница
десница от десна (кость десны)
глазница от глаза (кость глаза)
зеница от зена (макушка?) центр? zenith цент'r R~ Θ  ~  ☉

O  PQR  S  T

A  B  C  D  E
     F  G  H  I  J   K 
L  M  N
O  PQR  S       T
U  V W  X  Y  Z
x is a final letter, y is a final letter, z is a final letter today.
x as 𐤕 and y as  Ѵѵ and maybe as Ѡѡ and
And I was going to see

A  B  C  D 
E  F   G  H 
I   J    K
L  M  N
O  PQR  S       T
U  V W  X  Y  Z
J is Ю
Jurist Юрист. but there their J was dyphthonged with u, and if there was a it would be Я.
So I say because that is the position of labials, I say J was Ю? But it looked Ж just a minute ago, and could be related to russian Е Ё Ж З (knght Знать)
Ж К is another pair of whole and falfe halfe
I   J  K
because J is both yo and dʒ (could be ð, but this is chaotic piece, caused by ð accidwently copied with ʒ)
L M N makes a good triad. I f there were three letter per piece as that "legendarey 15 letter alphabet" greek historic myths mention and maybe somewhere keep.
ABcd (there are more linguals and thus they're shown as halves of the whole piece. B is whole cup, c and d are two ostracons of it?
we drink is bibimus in latin. bubble is probably of that proto-B, water, Вода. Я даже не сразу вас заметил, великолепная вода. Руссик ж ближе к латыни чем английскйи. то-то они учили детей латыни и греческому быстро, чтоб облегчить овладение гражданами иностранных языков.
Но мир покатился по наклонной от такого количества крепко образованных балбесов, так что эту школьную программу отменили. Сегодняшняя шкорльная программа готовит покорных граждан. Раньше просто нечему было учить. Это они так думали. Но развившись универы стали полны технической информации, так что на греческий с латынью времени не хватило, начали грузить математикой и другими науками. Но как всегда у го-а, делали это коряво и неэффективно, но это я конечно загнул, если посмотреть как всё скакануло в развитии за последнее время, и увидел я что 5%: учителей хороши, остальные 95% лишь калечат учащихся. А потому следует аттестовать их по количеству довольных учащихся. Самые популярные учителя должны быть оценены независимой комиссией из учащихся, какие они оценки поставят, дабы исключить подтасовку проплаченными учениками. Но можно проще: предложить учащимся присылать истории про их учителей, и выбирать тех учителей, о ком самые убедительные потоки рекомендаций. И интернет позволит всем пользоваться услугами этих лучших учителей, для которых ии группировал бы домашние задания по ответам, или цучитель вовсе не обязан проверять задание, родители пускай проверяют если хотят. ребёнки пусть сами по интернету находят ответы и решения. проверки в виде домашних занятий проверяют вовлечённость, а не понимание, since cheating is a thing, university teach to cheat.

one teach, others cheat
one take, others get? others give? This is the weird one, doesn't support, the hypothesis.
one reach, others cheer!!!
one leach others chill
one watch, others show!!!
one looks others school!! look and cool? we all look at the cool ones, and get averged by neither cool nor hot
school is with cool, that is what was the secret of museion, people were allowed to feel fine in some great people's appartments, when those great ones died, so that they were the best of the best, and students from all over the world dol & rov (valleys and mountains, valleys and trenches actually. d ravines and dales, vales (дол~долина is vale~valley and literally dale)

dene seems to be a plural form of dune (rune rene? lune lene? lene~lena, rene~женя?
(if googie's translator is a reliable source)
и завис на том что здесь L читается как i (как иногда читается: papillon, mallorca) и что google от слова куки
гугл для кукл
гугл кукл
но это всего лишь рифма, но могла быть заложена в тот трэйдмарк изначально с магическими намерениями

tupik is inuit house and each house is in a way тупик. could russians and inuits influence one another?
wetu is literally made of веток. but wampanoags live on the other side of the continent, so probably these are some wickedest examples of волк этимологи.

And because I got to petroglyphs, let's look at what is not considered to be a writing systems:

those could be from different tribes, I found them by "native american symbols" search
but some of them are definitely the same signs and that probably was some cross-nation phenomenon, allowing native americans to communicate, because these signs are hieroglyphic and thus they don't depend on the languages its users use.

and the next one was specifically labled as Inca petroglyph meaning

But then who knows how much can I trust these charts (I really think I can) because see what I found under the name of Russian symbols and their meanings drawing and I am a russian and see them for the first time:

and there was also this, something much more useful for what I am digging:

I wonder where I can take whole the set. It is from one of the most useful books to learn chinese hieroglyphics. Only their "typical atom.." probably tells that there is no such book I just imagined. But it has to be, and thus it is there somewhere. At least in the nearest future caused by somebody reading this chapter. And my goal is to make such book for the language itself. When I have the technical enhancements to actually know it. Only they are read into japanese, not chinese; in that table they are.

and after I wasted my high on this silly thing, I have to take another toke or two to catch the way of more actual knowledge.

Okay, the next morning, I shouldn't report but I do for some reaonf

Sun denly I realized that my vocabulary is made by people living centuries before me: all of my words, at least in this chapter were ionvted invented by people living centuries ago. And now it's obsolete if e we go
e fore I?
compare je and we
j = i = I = 1
w = vv =55 =10 (or 44=8) + is not even in grammar, and thus it was always there but not written the way we don't read × when we say something like 3 trees. and similar to × simbol ⋅ was used like⋅just⋅a⋅word⋅divider, because before it they say it was just text with no empty spaces:
but first I found : instead of ⋅ and it is natural, because we have : but not ⋅ on our keyboards. And yet in math (wanted to say in moth) it is ⋅ omitted, but then it doesn't have the space, but then ..
but let's speak about it under the image.

and here is an explanation (most of my pictures are clickable)

Now for my work to live on in society I have to edit all the wikipedias where I have something to add (I have to train an ai to do so) but not to be banned I have to support my claims with articles recognized by scientific community (or just to publish them and then half of humanity, those who don't realize that you can publish anything. Well, I need to be credited by the ..ah, society, fuck off, what I wanted to say is that we have to check the legacies rejected by fact-checkers. And if authors didn't insists (I don't care, because I don't make money off it, so that's a blessing, that I don't sell my art. I don't sell out. I always have something to sell. So now what do I sell? I am sponsored to be great.
and I see the same (definitely, historically connected somehow) tradition to use : as the word divider.

It is natural from mathematical (kind of) view that : is dividing words, because that places numbers one under the other, thus breaking them:

and I found the ⋅ and also from different cultures:

And this way to place the text beneatgh the line made me think that jews are reading their text wrong. If we rotate it, we'll also have 𐤁 in the russian manner, and text will be gowing left to right the way the rest of us have it (except japanese, so what is about it? japanese also drive the left side of the road, but  В большинстве стран легкорельсовый транспорт использует ту же сторону движения, что и автомобили. Другой рельсовый транспорт, как правило, имеет собственные правила движения, не всегда совпадающие с движением на автомобильной дороге. Так, например, в Китае, Израиле, Аргентине, Швеции (кроме Мальмё и прилегающего юга), Франции (кроме областей Эльзаса и Лотарингии) железные дороги в основном используют левостороннее при том, что автомобильное движение правостороннее.
and something I got ashamed of myself (shy, have shied away) to tell publically on imageboards, but I want to make it clear here, that I'm so disgustingly edgy, that to each churchill's "we are not affraid of jews because we don't think that jews are smarter than us" I feel like responding "and you don't hate jews because you also fuck kids" (Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal, Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal, if.... now that last is the name of the movie, not my daydreaming about fucking a child, which I find disgusting the way children find sex disgusting: their hormones didn't develop yet or were they traumatized into being shied away from sex? Either way, this tradition of restraining them from it seems to bring back some maybe neurotic, but very productive societies, so should we keep on repressing our kids? No, we should record all their activities so that they can always access the repressed memories instead of inventing them, I heard there are many cases of kids inventing things, but then )

But nah, then the lines go in the reverse order. Maybe they do? I heard that in some places lines went up,. On columns it would be only natureal.
and I found the text without dots or spaces to be a relative recent tradition, so they say this leaf is from Virgil

And the more ancient texts divided words much more thoroughly:

I have an urge to go find some pretty cuneiform, but I decide to work deeper while I can and I will post those random examples later.
So, some liquid to drink and maybe another hit to place me back on track.

..but then in some texts simple spaces the way we use them today were used:

how would these traditions coexist? Is it possible that one of them is a forgery? If any of them is, I'd say that brown one is that, because why would anybody use dots when empty spaces are invented? Someone with less merging letters? I don't know maybe both traditions are ancient, I'm simply trippin' to find the wildest versions there are. I am edgy for a cause. I keep on though
Look how it was, the example above it looks suspiciously modern

what are those pushthroughs on the top of each rectangle? Was it printed out of words the students wrote on little clay rectangles? Just guessing. But then wouldn't it indicate the following one a copy of something performed in a similar technique? Just tripping.

and then way too many of the artefacts would be deemed forgeries, which is not nice, and who knows if it is correct, but I'm a wild child, a wild card, a wild chariot, I have to bring whatever comes around:

Now is this one of those or is it actually genuine scriptio continua?
And this is how it would look if chinese did it:

Now are those lines words, sentences, poetic lines, just lining of the text? but then why do some lines have two lines in them? Because a line can be aligned by just one line, it doesn't really need too, especially if it doesn't need to actually devide one line from the other.
But let's bring some more genuinely looking mesopotamian writings:

is this one also a copy? nah, those are probably numerals. and that table was just adding them without numerals, an a each. And in this case they must have similar rectangles. Well, even if there is, they don't prove a thing: we use the saam e word over and over and over again.  So if it's just перечисление видов, типов, имён бога например, то оно должно быть обрамлено каким-то текстом вводящим в курс дела кто это же. Speaking of the third cuneiform tablet, the one as of the smaller rectangles: it has two similar words (or are they letters) in the centre of the second row, But seriously, what am I doing here? I am not affiliated enough to even have an opinion, and it's not about affiliation, it's about the expertise. I have none. I'm just a philosopher meddling with something which is way out of his depth. Give it up, but then how am I writing about these things more interestingly than those who are experts? Are they experts? I don't often hear about exposure of some charlatans, and there are inevitable charlatans in the field which deals with expensive artefact. And who would mind knowing somebody who can make such a thing. Those top notch charlatans would be revered and protected by the conspirators of all sorts, it's not only about money, it's about politics. So I say I assume they're all frauds and I am the genius who's going to do it from scratch. It's quite crazy brother, but I know people are apes, my expectations about them are low, I was surprised by so many factors from replication crisis to the way academia treated Heaviside to the way those faggots treat me too: they're all charming when tet-a-tet, but they're corrupt and vile system. Just like jews: being charming is a trick allowing them to survive.

And only now I'm off to smoke some more
(this collecting tendency has a grip on me stronger than weed)
Okay, I'm highed up and I made more than one hit, so is it weed or is it greed? Greed could be responsible for both passions, actually. I need more! I was told that one day quantity turns into quality. And I have to fail only to prove the commies right. So I have to switch to something I havent' built on, but their slogans can be reinterpreted as I had so little of it, but for so many years, that those years switched in the quality, which is what demagogues do: I was correct, because what I really said was.. That's lie. And the beauty of the 21st century is they were allowed to rule in the 20th. And unless they keep on grasping to power and somehow overcome the puppeteers (unlikely, but both are huymans, so anything can happen, so we should be prepared to them trying do it. They do it forever. Governments are those goats. Useless yet demanding. and I added a black block of text before the previous image before I'm proceding here:

block Ыоск (kiosk? kiosk is quite blocky. kiosk I can sleep in)
clock dock? or am I only treeapin. Okay. more
wante water

разница между подопытным и поциентом: подопытный под опытом, поциент is under science.
so clinicians know what they do. They have some science (sertified experience, not only sertified, I was going to say многократно подтверждённый опытом, repeatedly proven by experience.
-ом ~ by
-ть ~ to
it's time to make another list: to_ть, the list of suffixized prepositions.
And so I realize that there are not enough time in a day to dedicate whole days to smoking. I should go doing stuff when the sky sun is high when the high goes down.

of course I realize that it's пациент, and that thay etymology is atrocious, but should I care? Nah, I dhould not.



yestderday when speaking of word dividers, I thought: what if 𓈖 (which is never short) is also a word divider? or sentence dividers? But nah, probably not:

but then this is another example of scriptio continua.

ФѲ? especially is if Ѳ is S.
BD are closed shapes
FS are open shapes
Θ is both closed and open (is it because it's both θ and ð

D is not only d but also ð, and it's the of those.
And acutally Θ is not ð, it's explicitly θ

One moment I think that I only map the fields I should dig for the answers. The next moment I realize I have to be knowing this already. I have to find it not amongst what I don't know, but amongst what I already know and just don't notice (as peop[le tend to realize post-factum "ah, I spoke about it even then, I utterly uttered it."
So predicting the future I tell myself "you already know it" And I come back here with the concept of wrambled reality in our heads: the curlture have evergrown the brain capacities to conceptualize it, because it was born by the brain (ba brain is of giving birth to something? bringhing. bringing. brighting? g bringing.

So I came with thaty duality was overgrown by triple concept from the moon phases. And then math calculated the moonth in days and found that ..what? that the re four phaces: the fours is dim.
aBc(and d fore dim, dead, down)
What am I looking for? For a key which allows simply translate one language into the other, and a proper dictionary vbuilt over cognates (or homonymsa could be enough, mnemonically)

and I had some sick line of words I didn't see connected like that, and I didn't put it down, and it's gone.

It was so fundamental that I began to watch it among the simplest words. And I saw беги веди, whixh ia semantixalle relativer to thr gerafre of gognsaytrrty I hacvre cut my finger with pspr whrn I fdesrecrsate myseldf with job today.
So I found tho

cookie c(with) eggy?
sugie? sugar of xookies and cookies of eggs egg is ei in dutxh, wehixh is eered (weird) bexauise weg is way, sso it sreems g and y were not diastinguiashed art all/ juast like goths woulfd write g as y.
And I know letter whyixh woulfd xgo ferom my indesx fingwer. I fdind't even had ro to sdo in on paper.

Commieas ffuxkwed ua (that was us) up dsothat we try to solve local problems globally.
I hafd to asdk fo r a af af f deak fdeask laьзmp . fuck it, pen takes only one hand anfd that hand iaas intact and I was thinking how everybogy working there needs lamps on their desks. And how we must cut all these ungly ugly углы, чтоб вообще бумажного документооборота не было. Чтоб те кто не может освоить компьютера шли на пенсию. Понятно что не хотят, но они тормозят всю работу, плюс угрожают лесам, которых и так уже половины нет.
And what I needed were sunglasses. evwn if the desk lamp too.

веди беги
и я вспомнил что в том примере б перехъодило в в.
и в х. это было связано с найденным ранее ( в тетради текущей записано)
h ~ s (here, this - h're, the s)
th ~ t (there, that - th're the t) so isn't th the? then that is the the. как в японском и китайском дваждв повторяют слово чтоб сказать его множественное число или с very (если прилагательное, как и у русских, собственно: быстро-быстро значит очень быстро. хаяй хаяй. I'm not even sure that they do plural nouns like that, but some languages do, I don't know who, I just have the feeling, too lazy to google or something)

b-g v-ili-k (bull or cow?)

bring bearing
ring  roaring?
bear, roar, what other ar ar there? tear
tearing drink?!
(tear i v znachenii sleza i v znachenii rvatt)

tear terzatt
I drink the blood tearing the prey, the food
prey, pray. prasi (y~g~s~c~i?)
праща бросает
порченое брошеное
выбросил. вы наружу? вам бросил?
вы как другое мы?
бросил брать
брось брысь берись бери себе
-л = дал (да=do, подразумевается0

дал ~ сделал

брос ~ bros

so that б is вы?

string sitaring?
spring sparring? spearing?
think saying? seeing?
the see? see ~ се[se]?

drink dearing? daring? if it's alcohol, maybe

вода washer
пада? как дождь, как водапад.
мада mother, mead, мыть, моющая
а как м.. носовая а переходила в губную? а~б? что-то настолько фундаментальное приходило, и я его не записал. Оно пришло когда я осознал что я уже знаю код. но не узнаЮ. В русском отчего-то это слово только ударением время определяет, на тексте непонятно в будущем это или в настоящем, как в японском эти времена во многом слиты во едино. Как собстевнно и в других языках может быть. I'm doing it is grammatically present, but maybe be referring to some future activities.

bath вода
path путь
pass пусть

And I realize that my cognates.html is преждевременный. но лучше иметь чем не иметь.
пальчик, кстати, заклеил.

pass подходит, как фэйсконтроль проходит.

river река
leaver утекай

река рукав ручей русло рос (rus как деревня может быть оттого что города на горах, а деревни не только среди дерев, но в русле, разрезав реку на ирригационные каналы.

вода ванна баня мытьё

вода моет
руда роет
слюда слоет (слоится, и это ни к одному минералу не подходит так хорошо как к слюде)
чудо "чо эт?"
муда? ноет?
суда суэц?    Это уже перебор, в смысле либо слово судно позжего периода и не работает по этой схеме, либо я просто не увидел более удачного примера.
худа хочет? lacks.
худ bad (h~b)
года гоет (год ход. ход ходит, но это ни для кого не секрет, не самый удачный пример, непонятно)
стада стоят (встали как бараны ёбаный в рот)
гряда grows
надо noes? (need is noed? makes perfect sense, btw)
года goes, as I said, but once again, goda goes
вода vows? Water is used in magic, but I dunnio.

knowledge hacks the system. Hacks is a good word, and thanks to Heart for making Hex popular. Hex as in Hexagon is 6. Sex? And he named his new project pulseX skesl-up? скэс луп! scheckel-слуп. cash-слуп! do formulas read the other way around also work? Is it why yiddish or hebrew are magical?
Paradoxicallyy, jews of all european heathens perserved their pagan beliefs through the christian era. Maybe some europeans also did, but they're in the underground, suppressed byt e by the jew.
I invested in it. It's actually me who began to invest (if I don't invest money I spend them, but if I have them to spend, I may build something related to my project. I must invest in myself: I must buy my own materials.
I need to earn more. I need to get more money.
I need to both invest and build, God told me in Bible that g he will deliver.
If I write in spirit, then hoe can I erase what appeaewa это пальчик перезаклеил

another node (knot, nod, knowed, note) networking
net as plural form of knot (orthography is misleading, the poets of the past didn't understand the language. The poets of the future will. )

node knowed note knot net. and net is n'ed? net несёт? не пускает. нет is net? да это дыра. through.
дыра даёт удрать? удирать по дырам, по норам, по пролазам в чаще. драпать, дырами падать, в лунках от коней или взрывов запинаясь

Люди стали намного гуманнее с тех пор как мы перестали истязать лошадей ради передвижения.

Давно что-то я пэйнт не открывал, вы наверное соскучались уже:

Who knows why have I never combine the table I know with this peculiarity of russian alphabet. They compliment eachother perfectly, telling that R is of L claster (some nations consider them the same) and K instead of R maybe explains Q

So what am I saying? Russian has some priority over latin? Over latin after they added letters after T, about the same time they made C not Г, but K, Greeks also still have all the first line voiced. But they fucked up with H but that could tell that H is initially И, and those other dialects who read it asd H are dome d some arablike semites we know as italians.

И Й Р Л М Н also collects all so called sonors in one line.

I began colouring greek and georgian, and I stumbled on georgian having some vowel in between the second line, as if how could I haven't seen it!

And I immediately find these scripts to be :"historic" and the modern georgian doesn't have that atrocity in there. So whether they know about this structure today and pull their mess to its standards, or these historic alphabet are misconception, fabrication, and once again I ask how much of the science in these historic studies (not mine, theirs) and did soviets really decypher mayan? If mayan people recognized it as their own, they just found it in the archive or did it with the help of some techniques they preferred to keep in secret, and some mexican diplomats who decided to open it to the world via russians, not to reveal that they managed to keep some information from the whites, to keep that information in secret as a form of revenge. So modern georgian alphabet:

I spoke about it before, I returned to it to make it clear, that the following table is correct, because wiki giving the historic chart may be discouraging the fact-checkers from accepting my point of view.

I was burdened by some job, I hope to finish it soon. I have to go, I leave these two to show that russian is truly special in this account, and that others only have tendencies to have more voiced letters in the first half of the thing, and latin doesn't have even less of that, having the third letter voiceless, and in this account it is special, and this peculiarity could be caused by the recognition of the first element the K, is it potash? and that ash is of אֵשׁ and then what is pot? food! подойди. подошло. подошла. поди сюда! пуйти! не пущу! но кровь пустил и выпил. и сожрал. food едъ ёд?
η being whether vowel or voiceless but not voiced consonant is weird af, so I believe georgians are more in the right here not having that h altogether, but then historians say that they used to (which I seriously doubt)

психопат psychos-pathos душевно больной
социопат общественно нездоровый.

вода water wetter мочит моча / вода ведёт (как река) течёт takes,

> I live in russia, you piece of shit.
these two clauses , is a claw. clause is claws. dot is a hole of that, the other one.
. and , are a couple. I print . by digitus anularis is it 0 in there? and in english it is called ring finger.
Isn't 。that ring?
                                I print , by the middle finger, and , tells that we're in the middle of the thought.
Was it made by computer scientists occasionally or do they know this stuff? I research the stuff I consider objectively true, so (objectively  too. But I should stop using horizontal lines because in math they're with the opposite meanings. let's use - only for negative numbers. so there - are negative? что-то = ч? сс се (сие)!?!!!

 Je veux (I want) sounds as ruyssian Живу (I live) which is semantically rather close.
Жеву ламур ~ живу любовью как русский гусар мог бы понять ~ а это для него "хочу любви"
ламур он уж наверное узнал le amour (амур = любовь, согласно одной из легенд первый бог (как может что-то произойти без желания, дикий древний человек подобного не понимал бы)ззззззззззззззззззззззз

следующие два абзаца очень грязны, омерзительны, пропустите если это вам не нужно
(удивительно, но они без опечаток, а потому я могу их все в серый перекрасить, скрыть)

> I live in russia, you piece of shit.
these two clauses look grammatically similar, and if it is so, then piece is a verb.or live is a noun or they're both something proto
piece of shit = piss of shit? piss is piece? piss~shit? puke is also similar to piss phonetically but to shit semantically. если срать, то ссать-то тоже без вопросов (как правило, за исключением может случаев когда только поссал) piece and piss could be related to pass, отПУСтили (попа~пися? срать~ссать! по p, по s. П большое, Т маленькое, п по большому, т по маленькому. очень графично, это пиздец. дикие, дикие, ебанутые люди. Ты видишь это? ах, айм сорри. Там вначале был дисклеймер, о том что входи сюда лишь тот кто не боится за всякую безумную хуйню, а пограничные на свой лишь страх и риск, реально риск как видишь. Как мне развидеть это теперь, блин. И я ведь хоте сказать, что С = Г, ведь Г = 1, П=2, как в курсиве, но получилось Т, а т это пост-S bukva, a imenno S nazvana третьей матерью. омега? о-ме-га это прочтение о-строки? га это к или н? Г. каждая строка - подобие первой, они все взаимоподобны, просто мутировали все по своему, дабы быть узнаваемы и не путаемы меж собою. спекуляции, рассуждения. не используй слово спекуляции в этом значении. и в английском найди синоним, ведь омонимия мешает пониманию текста, а значит не нужна чтоб шизофазией текст (и без того сложный) не казался)

Т.о. А было введено ранье Т (ибо А М C, оно же и А M S, и A B C. M как старая форма B, П)
М как моча? но потому что раньше сказал П по большому, R. S=C is ssatt.
моча~говно П плохое, как противоположность Х хорошему, доброму, доргому. Пизда и Хуй в инь яне. Но у сатанистов, грубых грязных грозных горбатых людишек у них П это пиздато (everything bad is good) а Х это хуёво (everything good is bad  ~~~  еврейская бабка маленького мальколма макларена учила, be bad. быть может у эрты кит тоже евреи были половиной родственных, но вторая половина дало тот диссонанс, который и макларену позволил высказать это публично, тем нормализуя, но и разрушая чары. но лишь для тех кто посвятил себя знанию)

If piece is piss, then one piss is about 200grams which is one portion, which can be called a piece.

Back to that russian voiced-voiceless halves. They tell that R is some alien element, which makes the o-line OPST which makes it reflect ABCD much more. But does this reflection make C Z or S K? Neither variant seem probably. ABC was ABD and S was Ѳ[θ] reflecting the ðness of Δ

Though you often may see Ѳ[f] like this, in the end:

it only makes it more suspicious like why would they make it so if the numeral value of it placed it where F is, making it [f] indeed, the only way russian knew it:

So I suspect greek θ to be lingual and standing where Z stand today or how they say the Ϝ used to be by the same reason of having such a numeral value but not actual alphabetic value. Or were Ϝ,  ϡ

ϛ (6)
ϟ (90)
ϡ (900)
and it is especially suspicious that the two out of three are final in their lines, and θ is actually nineth too.
I suspect some numeral reform, which was part of the process which made 365 666

That they only had 8 numbers per order making it octal, but then they would have doublets, having 8 numbers per line, when the order was 8, and thus maybe Η ~ Ι and Π ~ Ρ
Θ was labial even when russians got it. I seriously doubt it was lingual in antiquity and then became labial when russians took it and now it is considered lingual again (even though it sounds much more like Ph than Th (f and θ those are, fuck the придыхание, that shit is probably caused by exhalted (напыханный напыщенный) sanskrit lovers. So from all the ways the truth is obvious: Θ is Ϝ.
So let's redraw it:
And here we see those two vowels priests of apollo invented. was he a fallos
was Ф read as ŋ by some? п could.
So let's show their numeral meanings and let's play with them:
 1    2    3    4     5     6     7     8
 8   16   24  32   40   48   56   64
64 128 192 256 320 384 448 512
let's sum them up to see if something interesting comes up:
28 (36)
224 (288)
1792 (2304)
and the sum will be..2044 (2628)
nah, nothing interesting.
365 is one-time hit, it will not play any further, because you have already found the only one that means it, actually what other numbers are there actually in the world. Moon may have some magical numerology, but only those who live in lunar calendar may recognize it, we don't observe moon further than three or four in the sense of phases, but then we know month and know four weeks. And weeks are the phases. week ~ łik (lik is face)
and if w ~ f, than k ~ c. And thus we can recognize cognates in those so different words.

So I V X L C D is that very legendary numeral system no ionian turks fruit can ever compete.
Attic numeral system it is. Let's return to it:

So now I say that it is all wrong and actually Ι Π Δ Η Χ Μ were 1 5 10 50 100 500 ?
No, I say that if the ordering is correct (vowel Ι at the first place and labial Π at the secon place makes me think they are, and the third Δ makes even more sense, and then being different from the roman's row it goes like this Η Χ Μ (and though Η is vowel, Χ Μ remind of K M of the alphabet, especially because Η is И is I) then Ι Π Δ Η Χ Μ were  1 4 8 32 64 256.
But how would they measure the yea like this? They would write it down like this. But why? With what practical importance? I don't see any. But that 1 4 8 32 64 256 sequence appeared before the 365 thing was found in it, some alternative historians speaking of dating came to this, and when I found 365 in it, I knew they were onto something. I never tested their reasoning, I never digged into their study.

The other word for коричневый is бурый (как бурый медведь) но я как русский нэйтив спикер был в замешательстве относительно того какой цвет называется бурым (в моём восприятии это был тёмно-красный, наверное потому что там бодо бордовый. (я думал о том какой цвет будет называться серо-буро-малиновым и тупил, затем осознал, что бурый и браун скорей всего родственные, вспомнил бурого медведя прежде чем загуглил, и да, бурый этор цвет бурого медведя. бурый от слова бер)

bear бур
see, i and u are like ɪ and н
and the question is are they both diacritized a (we didn't agree on where is high, where is low, our civilization suppresses our culture (superstrate teaches us that high letter is визг, хотя это писк, а низкая нота это серпьёзный звук надёжного чего-то. Вот где лежит когнитивный диссонанс, который меня выщелкнул в своё время (лет в 7 быть может, меня пытались музыке учить типа пой,
Вопрос: если бур и бир одно и то же слово, то бар - то же самое слово или другое?
Когда-то было одним, до того как бур и бир разошлись она наверное чем-то от этой группы отличкалось.
Я попробовал послушать это без гласных, глсн лшн, и плчл: бр, брррр, слушай согласные, они и есть слова словастые слогосные глас=голос=логос. ос суффикс. фаллос loveus

Это потресающей"! хехехехе1!

колосс локосс (don't you know I'm loco!)
фарос рафос (но это имя собственное неизвестной семантики, просто я всё подряд записываю)
конус накось? накус? накол? (я притягиваю значение к изначальному, кручу вокруг него, тут и зубы и собственно кол, это всё очепнь близко к кон. Л=Н, Λ=Ν
remember swashes:

But notice how much L is different from MN in these fonts.. What does it say? Look how K reminds L in the jerman,.

some other great images from the same source, I'm glad I managed to frame this with some text

In coursive Л and l don't look that much different, but Л and L, l and L do.
i as one coil is semantically awesom 1

chances are no = chances are low
chances are.. no. In this context.
.. = :   (also in this context first of all)

бурый медведь is тёмно-красный: тёмно-рыжий.
brown. if it contains red, it must be that rown (рваный) part, which makes b low, which it is in modern meaning. But dark colours are low today, they probably were, because low-speaking animals are usually dark, mice and rabbits and pigeons are of light colours. light is high, heavy is low. And it is how we have it today. But.. what? This is the rationale beyond calling low sounds low. were they high? I think they was for me before they began to teach me. It's an anecdotal evidence, please let's not resort to it, let's leave it until some more substantial evidence appears when some psychologists make the testing of kids on video. But how will they know or prove that kids were not instructed before the experiment? It leads to the replication crisis paradox: if that research is telling that chances are scientific articles are wrong more than 50% of times, what are the actual chances, since this work is only 50% correct and the replicating experiments were 50% wrong? I didn't read the article, so why am I speculating.бу-бу-бу в самом верху таблиц, сегодня называется низким звуком, тогда как это большой трубы звучание.
пи-пи-пи в самом низу наблицы кончающейся о-строкой (не оттуда ли традиция замыкать его омегой?)
бв  зд
пф ст
Итак, C было не Г, а З? З как 3!!!
П is there as II, I had Б at first, seeing some Б flipped upsided down, very arrogant touch, because if I was honest, I would place г there which would make that thing eastern (orient)
But 5 as S doesn't make it easier. is 7 even Y? Why? because θ looks like 8? It could look like nine and I would see the same digit in it. 56 89 are these clasters dissolved into pairs to make octal system decimal?

among those lines. 35689 and 247 immediatel look like clastes, but why didn't I include 2 to 5? because their's the opposites somehow, but so are 69 and I included them in the same group. Because 69 are not the opposites, but the very same shape. okay, go on..
35689 2121
247     23
Why do I play with these arbitrary associative forms? Don't I know yet that I suck at math? Yet I made a couple of invention in it. So I don't suck it all. not at all. не всасываю, а разбираю.

If 4 is F (W), Y (W)
The y ~ у (first is i, the second is u, it's russian) so this is some double (dia-critics, critics make notions критики делают замечания, заметки, njotes notes)

I П 3  Y Б     Z
Ⅰ Ⅱ 三  4 5(6) 7
но это шестиднев, это бред в первую очередь, не наука, фантазия, гадание, растекание мыслию по древу и натяжение совы на глобу, гон. но погоди, быть может нет, я же гадаю а потом сопоставляю и если бред случайный он рассыпается, а если мозайку создаёт, то скорей всего реальность описывает. Продолжаем.
Я конечно слишком артистично к этом подошёл,
9 е
да, слишком артистично, но я молодец. Я много вольности себе дал. Будь это место губным, я бы сказал 8 = Ф, будь оно язычным я бы сказал 9=g.

Не лезь к цифрам, и математики тебе скажут спасибо (за то что не засоряешь их поле, за то что оставил им самим в этом деле покопать при желании)
а сар? был вообще этот звук когда Б была первою буквой? 2 могла быть первой цифрой, но блин. пара PР[pr] affricate as pr [farting sound]

Дай is both да and aye.

Davai! Inogda navernoe zvuchit kak vyzov, no

— Дай
— На!

Может звучать для разных народов (разных языков (разговорчивых военнопленных)) разные знае
про-знание, учёный по нашему.
по разному: в английском оно может звучать как
(and he who said No gave something instead of himself, Carry, When you have something valuable, you don't care to hurt someone else as much. So those could be two interpretations of

Lucifer is a growing out of age (I'm not sure I use the term correctly here) coming of age drama: son realizes that he is not worse than the father. Hence the revolt.
Лучший! Beast is the best. It's objectively so, and if there's no god, we can become too arrogant, we may call the father (but why not the mother. I want to imagine a female deity, but I become deity I envoke, so why would I call for a mom, be a man. mom i s you now. is it? are you? am I? Partially. I definitely have a good copy of my mom modelled in my head so I can almost see her face, kind of vague, tenious. tenuous. obscure, dark, low

The great random also brought me some cool hindi

and I decided to give vowels second for a change

So basically (in this order I'm not overblown by the consonatnts so I can see that vowel diacritics are:
right a
left i
up i
low u
up e
Hindus place mark below the letter to make it low. The language also tells us. that low is there. But does it? L like in Land. lowend is earth. u? urd? I dunno. ore. ur гор гравий is гора в ий (в ил скорей всего)
-ий ~ -ил
i ◯ a

Oh! I didn't plan ◯ to lol look so much like O. and o is the only lertter of the five which was missing in the hindu chart. But there is O, and how do they mean it?

What? Where did I look? I didn't see that not only diacritics, but the basic shapes of pure vowels are different, and

ए is definitely related to our e
ऐ is just as if that e was made of ai and thet that stroke sometimes was used to tell that the letters are dyphthong (два вдоха)

उ is у? or u.. that stroke on the right of अ आ ऊ is not some vowel, it is some longis

ऋ is definitely R, you remember it so, historic evidence will only ai figure out which isa which.


If I look not at vowels (why do I look at them, they're by themselves, in the middle)
but at consonants in syllables, I have it like this:
i ◯ a
And it is the same. I thought I saw i at the top, but e and the same e of ai being broken down further on,
e goes not into я but into ё
and thus it reflects that its opposite is not a, but u, u is more labial, ö is more labial.



But in other sides russians an hindus disagree:

zapad               vostok

a ◯ o

(jug чайник, не кувшин? это joоg, жёг. ожог south зоюз. зюйд)


 west                 east


e ◯ i

Here it is interesting that similar letters share axes: au~o in the vertical bar and e-i in the horizontal (people often confuse left and right, hardly anybody confuses vertical to horyzontal. Trunk from a branch? I don't know,  I leave it here.

uth in south could be юг
ост in восток could be ost could be east. How did it happen that o and i were both drawn as a vertical stroke.

And then north and sever are somehow related or it is interesting why not.
ист из-𓏏опос
And why does unicode show it so differently:

And that second case tells me that θ is t, as if it shows me a tongue, now they're not lips, are they. θ is tongue thus it belongs among tongues. But it is also lip so it belong to lips. θ is something very important. the tai chi is it you. the world egg which just began to split. It isn't split in halves, it is split into two.
not 1/2, but 2/1
2 is vie. 1 is one. to keep the life going you need two. It takes two to tango, that is correct. угнат? угнать! тьенго держи пошли
This is some philosophy and I'm not sure it is very good.

ti hochesh umerett? ti? thee? the? zie! сие, all of above
az and zie
am and мы? мы~вы (we is even closer to вы)

удут. took a toke. took tokes. tokes took. tokes are taken. тук-тук
these are neither cognates nor etymological lines, those are just poetry.
I welcome muses the truest gods of all.

Only muses of the creators matter. The rest of humans are just cattle, and it's a shame, their gods are demons, their gods are mad. demented. Dim and Ted (now that is some full poetry mode)

What a shitty session. Only these two chapters? удут?
Maybe I didn't have to praise the muses? Maybe muses gave me poetry and now I'm dealing with somebody else. I told you if you want to envoke deities, you have to envoke a male one, so it feel comfortable in you. In me. So Lucifer it is? The one Jesus also had. The Prometheus? This spirit. Freedom. Truth and something beginning with a vowel is needed. Authentity? Truth has it. Atrocities? This should be avoided, and the opposite site made much more of them. Unless I blame science for two world wars. They were lead by villains none of whom was a scientist. This is the warning to beware of your knowledge not ending up in the wrong hands.

Meanwhile the guy who also knows of "lmnopqr" symmetry (I think I mentioned him when I said that only those who somehow got it from me know of it) delivers:

cache is a good one. I wanted to just copy-paste it, but thought that it's good to give a reference.
And among his favourite videos I found this gem:

And now this is some deep /x/ terrain, and yet I probably have to descent into it to comprehend some of the mysteries.
And I find there that what I do is write and spellings, so I guess today the mumba yumba day:

Gtfo tells that go is probably abbreviated get out.
Then what is do?

Wtf has happened? Did I offend the spirit who brought me these things? If they were muses they would bring me poetry as they did. But now I say no? And recognizing Lucifer so openly only brought me some mumbo-jumbo which I consider to be a faux pas, a faulse path. I don't believe that direction lead anywhere interesting, because too often have I saw its proponents speaking complete nonsense and being unable to avoid some obvious logical mistakes. So I stick to science, to no gods, to my own subconsciousness delivering me the answers to the questions I ask it. So that is a real good question: how does it work? Do I open my subconsciousness when I'm high or do I channel some higher being which is able to solve what I usually cannot? What did I think before? For some long time, actually when I found most of it I was kinda revering some female figure of the Great Mother. Muses were the incarnations or priestess or daughters or followers of that GM. Or I don't know, I never rweally drew this connection, because the truth is I don't know.
So viva muses, and let's return to those three initial muses whom I recognize to be the three mothers, I doubt people of the past could take those concepts separately, because both are triads of females, and three mothers was pretty much the universal cult (I don't know if it was global or appeared later in chuman culture) I recalled that when I wrote poems, I had to give the bad ones out, so that the good ones are not obstructed by them, so let me speak from my heartl.
Maybe I agreed to take the job, this was the mistake. As if investing into crypto gambling was not enough. As if that capsule thing didn't crush me enough already.
And here is a piece of explanation from the previous generations:
Наука требует от человека всей его жизни (а если бы их было две, то две)

And it came to me:
Да ~ Ja ~ Yeah
When I learn to see such cognatic triplets indeed, I will move further finding cognates among other so called language families.
And it came to me: I am an atheist, I made most of my stuff being an active disbeliever: I spoke out of myself as an atheist, so my brother got really surprised when I told him that now I believe in god. And what a surprise that he suddenly got interest in religion.

Мать меня считает своим христом крестом. она говорит крестом (а я описался, в смысле не хотел писать хрстом вместо крстом) но христос это того же рода крест был для его матери (если конечно они не украли ребёнка у гоев, что могло быть причиной её девства. 

описался в двух значениях. как могло это зщакрепиться в языке? описАлся опИсался.  я понимаю что на письме этого не видно, а что это тогда? в английском этого скорей всего нет. miswrote I think it is in their language.

No [nou] No[no] Nee [nei] Не [ne] Нет [net]
всё tout
all всё tout
is it why the cognates were called doublets and triplets. triplets they are. three mothers.
Is the hidden unpopularly known meaning of the new moon present?
IMLN or.. no, not or, N for new, L looks like ☾, at least it looks this direction. cursive l does.
 curse вращение? курс, курсирует circle is related to that word or not is my question, I have some circle-like feeling about the course, because ships and busses courses are round trips. Because of circle which is circule, circus, kikr kirk. and it is a very useful typo. kiker it is. I was in the church for several sundays and I saw that guys on the top are kikes. One of them was also some high official. The other was the actual pope in there, the third was his friend and guest, he probably worked there too in some sense.

all всё tout
oł łсё tłt nah, нахуй с таким трэшаком. Не ссать скоро всех омолодим. Но я думал мне 15. Я не жду спада. Так и не жди тогда омоложения, не играй старика, я доставлю и 15 летнему такой апгрейд.

and ו да, и
и ו 'n' (ן)
angel fiend spirit
I have quite a fantasy and vocabulary, I can play with this pattern all day every day what does it give or prove or what is it. It sorts the synonyms in similar groups, which will may be allow me to see them for what they are. The experimentation with this theory will help me find the systemic parralels in triplets if there are, we'll

и ו 'n' (ן) show that the common form could be some nasal vowel with an n-like nasality, so all three mothers would be enacted in one chant. To keep tongue upon your palate was taught to me by one old american hippy who was also some yogi. He told that one should be careful not to get his tongue stuck in such position as happened to one guy he said he knew that got so much a charge of spiritual energy in his seance that he got his tongue stuck to his palate for weeks.  I've no idea if it's true.

forgo is not to go: Alcyone tried desperately to persuade him to forego the trip it's also close to forget, but that is my maybe incompetent opinion, why don't I just go the sure and easy way and just work with the existing etymologic articles? Because if they could deliver somebody else would do the following steps, and because I didn't hear about it, I wouldn't have to return to this task, thus I have to make it all pretty much from scratch, but then I still resort to this tiny but obstinate objective reality of the culture delivering its level of understanding and demanding to tak it into consideration:
From Middle English for-, vor-, from Old English for-, fer-, fær-, fyr- (“far, away, completely”, prefix), from the merger of Proto-Germanic *fra- ("away, away from"; see fro, from) and Proto-Germanic *fur-, *far- (“through, completely, fully”), from Proto-Indo-European *pro-, *per-, *pr-. Cognate with Scots for-, West Frisian fer-, for-, Dutch ver-, German ver-, Swedish för-, Danish for-, Norwegian for-, Latin per-. More at for.
I know that it's impossible to do what I do the old way? I see how enormous the field is, that I only chalked the contour, I made some remarks while I looked around it, I don't think I ever digged except the few dugs I took around the languages I knew, around their connection to some mythologic picture of reality, it's also pretty speculative, so I can understand those who didn't want to deal with it. It' s enormous and many of whom I bothered had their own things going on. And when I was ordered into Denmark, I didn't conform to their socialism, I rebelled, and I lost the opportunity to place my ass into some wageslavery in the 1st country, to probably fuck that dean lady, wtf, why would I do it? They are nice and all, but fucking clergery of the useless symposiums, some "technical meeting" was gross, nothing like that have I seen in the actual science the biotech is. But then I didn't dig deep into that field, chances are administrative people scientists are turned into by institutions have such useless imitations of activity (just a bunch of useless activity they may make people participate in by their administrative authority) whatever, sometimes I ask myself wtf did I act like that then wanting to have nothing in common with those retards.

слушая чиваркина, которого мне подсунул ютуб быть может после навального (который то же он мне подсунул, может я его триггернул чем-то) в общем, тот же высокий голос как у питерсона, и этого толос мне кажестя низким, и слово низкий всё из и и остальные все тоже язычные.
язычные низкие звуки высокий на в начинается и ударная гласная О
But in english it is clear: high is i, low is ow
owl is low? low voice which was considered high by russian children before they were retaught.
So why do I think poorly of chichvarkin? Because I recognize him and navalny to be imposed upun us by mass-media-machine. They're chosen to be our representatives, the controlled opposition, the guys who are to be our leaders if something goes wrong in their scheme of eternal dictatorship. One exposed himself when he called people rams, but maybe it was natural, and a meme, let's not be sheep. But actually I could be brainwashed in soviet jail where I spent over a week. I became interested in god in there, I became more loyal to government soon after I got out (maybe six months after that I went to a book fair (fair has some interesting meanings. As if it is some nations of русых честных справедливых, в противовес базару? болтливым болтливых, дерзких, бурогозящих
им их
врядли (если только это не часть местоимённой антонимии)
они и в слове они
и как можнествоенное число.
их и(they) have
русский бы говорил и (от их, им) и а (аз, us, нас ибо эта а ещё и носовая. я забыл пример который это доказывал, но сама теорема осталась, а была носовой.
доказательство в виде триплета или даже пентаплета приходило. Плет (плед, плетень, палетта) полетел? плотная ткань на плетёной рамке есть воздушный змей. известный с я не знаю когда.

Накатили тут крутое: 山伏茸
Hericium erinaceus (also called lion's mane mushroom, mountain-priest mushroom or bearded tooth fungus)

Используется как в пищевой промышленности (по вкусовым качествам напоминает мясо креветок), так и в медицине (как стимулятор иммунитета).
В народной медицине используется для лечения хронического гастрита, рака пищевода, желудка, лейкемии. В восточной медицине применяется как иммуностимулятор, стимулятор роста и регенерации отростков нервных клеток, антисептик. В некоторых случаях используется для лечения атрофического гастрита. Эринацин, составная часть экстракта гриба Hericium erinaceus, благодаря отдалённому химическому сродству с молекулой псилоцибина может оказывать стимулирующее и трофическое воздействие на нервную систему. Существует ряд публикаций, где в эксперименте доказана его способность стимулировать уровень катехоламинов и фактора роста нейронов (NGF) (Mari Shimbo, 2005, Bing Ji Ma, 2010).[5][6]
В ряде клинических исследований, особенно азиатских авторов, предполагается влияние эринацина в erinaceus на спраутинг нейронов, возобновление связей между клетками головного мозга после инсульта или черепно-мозговой травмы и восстановление когнитивной функции (K.Mori, 2009). Отмечается повышение общего тонуса, настроения и мотивации к лечению (Aloe L., 2015). Существуют данные об уменьшении двигательного неврологического дефицита, улучшения самообслуживания и социальной адаптации после перенесённого инсульта, которые требуют дальнейшего клинического изучения.
Активные ингредиенты: производные циатана, эринацины, гериценоны, бета-D-глюканы, эргостерол — провитамин D.

а между тем, клеточное омоложение методами генной терапии стоило $ 65.000 год назад, ijї-ɦãh!

А потому ожидаю совершить этот шаг на пути к бессмертию лет через пять (такими темпами через четыре года будет около двух тысяч, но раз я хочу все четыре хапануть, надо 4 тысячи будет приготовить. Я уверен смерть оценит такое уважение к числу 4
Death will keep on eating my dead cells I will probably produce for it to eat. And when I find what she or he love more I will grow that food for them. Buyt now I am way mystical, and I told me it is a mistaken path. And yet I'm never sure, so I never know how true anything is.

I just wrote in paper something incredible, so I want to bring it here for you to check it out immediately also because I want to recall it myself to remember:
Л is vowel in the meme of ΛΜΝ (it is near-vowel in papillom, like fourth of the vowel, like 𝅘𝅥 and it wonderfully looks like d which is of the same phonetic group of lingual plosives and even voiced. d
If ll [j], JJ = И = I, II = H, is H that fullest form of

Λ is A in ΛΜΝ
And before that (in that notebook)
ae is H! æ is
H=И=I=ee=ea in dear -r is probably -er and very e is i. is that dot there for very? is e = ɪ and i = ɪɪ? i=и
i = ɪɪ like 𓏩 = 𓏤 = 𓏻, only europeans or were they modern egyptians, the inheritors of that tradition somehow by blood or not, decided to use 𓏺 instead of 𓏻 for plurals, hence ɪɪ, и, маша (а=1) маши (и = 𓏤) notice that 𓏤 is etymologically 𓇋𓇋𓇋: 𓇌(𓏭)
And that 𓏭 ~ 𓏤 is the sign I was looking for, they're both forms of plural suffix, if they're semantically different, this I don't known.
𓃊 is the closest egyptian numeral-like I wanted to compare with i saying how it's и with elements arranged differently.

A O U edina v treh litsah (none of them palatalizes the соСЛОГную (соГЛАСную)
голос = глосс
The verb gloss, referring to a brief explanation, comes from Greek glôssa, meaning "tongue," "language," or "obscure word." There is also the familiar phrase gloss over, meaning "to deal with (something) too lightly or not at all." That gloss is related to Germanic glosen, "to glow or shine," and comes from the noun gloss, which in English can refer to a shine on a surface or to a superficial attractiveness that is easily dismissed.

Note book = Not a book

hm = эм = э = ã
m=~(both tilda and N)
vowel is double I asked me? and then I went to discover that H ~ æ ~ κ ~ h (that κ is more æ-like sometimes:
and then I realized that ee is double and thus long and thus softens or what does it do to it's consonant because syllabic writing systems seem to be more archaic than alphabets and thus they probably chronologically predated them, and thus jews got writing system later than europeans and even ethiopeans, who used syllabics, but meroe used alphabet, egyptians used something more alphabetic, but most signs were syllables, and mostly those syllables were unclassified phonetically. So what was paleohispanic? Something what knew the three mothers thing, because their writing system is alligned along those lines,.

And then I saw Aльфа и Амега. I know waht Mega means, but what is Lfa? (o, a, it doesn't m,atter at this point, at the point where you wouldn't recognized them from one another in speech)
And I found that there are three letters with similar suffixes and they're very similar: ΑΔΛ or in other word and in more graphically consisten way: ΛΑΔ
лад родственно слову класть а дал антоним и палиндром
saippuakivikauppias (продавец мыльного камня; торговец стеатитом) — самое длинное слово-палиндром в мире
and стеатит brought me this: Статуя Христа-Искупителя which is won one letter away from Искуcителя.

I thought if ΛΑΔ is a triad, some of them should be labial, and I thought that Λ could be a form of M, like L~M~N~𓈖 but that is such an assumption, that I'd say it's bs.

two is duo
duo is two

А Він їм відказав: Це слово вміщають не всі, але ті, кому дано. Бо бувають скопці, що з утроби ще матерньої народилися так; є й скопці, що їх люди оскопили, і є скопці, що самі оскопили себе ради Царства Небесного. Хто може вмістити, нехай вмістить.
Царствие небесное = не бесов царство.  бесы висы?
For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.
Jesus replied, “Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given. 12 For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.”

пресовал ~ присовывал (но это поэзия и не более того: меня в школе пресовали, но по счастью не присовывали. а кулаком в лицо сували? дети невоспитанные жёстко реальность рихтовать пытаются пока их не успокоют)

ri tu al
через вас всех
(weird rite making everybody in the room aligned to it, and unfortunately today it is used not for ..oh, it is used for common prayer. like literally, the priest pulls his prayers through your head. Churches were supposed to be used for common prayers. And now I see that хоровод is circle (church is only built on the place of the great powerfull circle.  So should we replace all the churches with praying circles? Where people of different names (different angels) would stand

I think of such a circle and I see 231 gates of 22 dots, letters, angels, participants if it is a хоровод.
We must do such a rite and we'll see if rotations of the horovod kolovod (position of the sun may be important for something like this: приворачиваешь ты небо или отворачиваешь? ведьмы могли хорошовдами (хорошо это опечатка и очень удивительная, подсознание привет, спасибо)

Before inventors come criminals (are criminals your potential investors?)

Thinking of how I see the future, I shouldn't be mad because it's not "all and at once" Не искушай богов, ne iskushai bogov in general, скорость света ты бы понял если богом сам бы стал. The more I wish the more the world should change. I invent god, I am god as every cell of my body is me. In that way, not directly, though I don't know maybe we can be considered cells of some level to make it understood. cells comme (as) that is gay, poor people not wanting children, though children may make them rich, was it their chance to change the course of their lives by getting a bigger gang and having higher chances of having some genius among them.
because I can see future, there's only one futur: the one you make it. TGHe more you invest into it, the more you invent it.
invest ~ invent ?
~ent закончить или &?
inv as in invite
inventarize inventorize инвентаризировать invertory (составлять опись, вносить в инвентарь ( 1)Совокупность вещей, предметов, входящих в состав имущества учреждения.
"Заводской и." 2) Подробная опись таких предметов.))

I see it is being delivered in front of my eyes, when my parents don't disown me, but tell me that they will help me as soon as they finish with this current shit my brother gave them again, that kid is an asshole in the way, but as some svinka-papa he's quite charming.
And more than this, integrated health systems

шепелявость, когда вместо пары д з мы получаем з ж, говорит, что это буква одна, ведь бабушка должна тоже уметь говорить на этом языке, и дети, и наверное беззубых раньше было больше ибо не было имплантов. И как они умудрялись говорить если различали лишь три звука? а бвфw стшжздн
u skorei vsego vyshlo iz w
и скорей всего вышло из н

and thus
A B C is A U I and this is another case where ogham is based.

The name of the system is Beth Lois Nuin Betgh Beth luis Beth Luis Nion (Beth Luise Neon)
The 13 month Beth-Luis-Nion lunar calendar is named after trees each represented by a consonant. Equinoxes and solstices (approx. dates here) were represented by vowels.
Beth is like Бес, А поставлена вначале в качестве отрицания следующей цивилизацией. Bes BC (before christ, as we pray to christ in europe and we wasn't reformatted yet from that hierarchy, so I suspect this BC meme is from the heart of the previous civilization.

And because a and o are single and double (I don't know if in irish, but as in dannish, as in runes ᛆᚮ)
I look at this alphabet as at just Beth Louis (female name beginning with a labial and male name beginning with a lingual) and suddenly I wonder why do russian pronounce it as Ljudovik? связывая имя с их женским именем Люда? Людмила? Люда по голландски сука, и других таких сук не видал. людка сучка льёт ссыт течёт лёд сук сух как сухая вода? сок как жидкость, как вода мочит, знать моча более древняя форма слова вода. они артикуляциоренен р артикуляционно когнаты.
Louis is the French form of the Old Frankish given name Chlodowig and one of two English forms,[1] the other being Lewis (/ˈluːɪs/).

Wtf is wrong with slavik languages:
you know of uroda being ugly in russian and beautiful in polish, and not czech:

евреям для хорошей молитвы нужен миньян, и там не 22 человека, а 10, с раввином 11? если так, то они могут встать на те 22 клетки через одну. Но это и как 22 связано с 10.

kneel koleno
n noga ~ leg l
knee knight.. knight is knee'ed
d~t, h~e.
and it explains k among ghijkl
g would explain it, if we allow russians to transliterate german h as г
h is in the end of it's line, and thus it is related to c. c is k, h is h.
a b k (hence abacus, yet I still don't know how)
e ח ו
(or if k is ג [г], then ח is voiced, but voiced ח is ה and that is what e is, but that is how e meets h the way a meets d
what is B? double. B is even. A and D are odd (if C and D are the same as g d in russian and g in english, then it explains how h is transliterated with г or g into russian)

Think(this was a frame which almost let the following picture of it to fade away) ai recognizing cognates in dictionaries by giving itself liberty of considering c both s and g, e is i and so on, but I noticed that if I give all the liberty I may miss some closer lowther placed cognates:

vilka belka
no, not belka, bilka. belkoj bity sverr stayot. sdayotsa. белый как смерть
(black death is plague (black and plague are cognates) because death is white because dead is white.
And if he's dark, some dark end he had (hanged or ..stabbing makes the blood flow away, so he is probably whiter so. That is why death in a battle was considered sacred. secret. focus. fight.

קולנו which motivated me to think of knight as kneeled (killed?) is actually related to call ( קול) голос, и значит kneeling is призыв? призыв сделать то же самое, дабы поговорить не боясь нападения друг-друга с целью грабежа. Раньше времена наверное были дище.

дище отличное слово, никогда не встречал, более дикие. как более чистые чище. а тогда дище буквально.. более дистые. дристали тогда больше это точно. глухие звуки создавали отмену д dirt d'er'ed. ч как чёрт или чист. дист как дрист или нет? dirt дрист. Это не самый удобный способ изучать язык, потому что запутает. дрист. зачем человеку вообще думать об этом. А значит практического применения в плане научения языку у такой программы не будет, но моежт понимая этимологии (давай дадим их все) люди начнут иметь представление, мысля шире, используя все внешние среверы на которых складирована информация.

so is knight related to call? он же призван? you call if you knpow знать звать колего г оа оф зы лэг? е зэт клл колего инстэд оф колено ис э еп тайпо.
колено лено но га? г Г Ё ~  Λ

Notice how Tom pronounces h in head, like [j]

Because John is Jack and Eugene is Jenya in russia, which is often pronounced as Johnny by foreigners and as Jacka by russians, it made me wonder if Eugene and Ivan is the same name somehow.
euge like iva? weird, but who knows, maybe.

I wonder if socrates and secrets are related
I wonder if secret is related to russian сокрыт
I wonder if сокрыт is related to english covered
I wonder if god (g-d) is related to rusian господь (г-дь)
I wonder if secret's related to sacred (sacral is also related to groin, which is traditionall covered)

bene is good
but better still carries the trace of what I heard as almost a legend, that bad used to be good and good you's'df to be bad. And then it definitely relates to the letters B and D when D is Д and
Δ and d and g (how д in russian cursive looks)
Just in case the way this letter looks sometimes, I Add the рiс for it.

Украинианс донт андастэнд уай рашшнс файнд ё лэнгуадж фанни: рисунок ис от слова рисовать, а малюнок от слова малевать? (а похож на малышок и плюнуть. лю как соплю, русские ой-лю-ли-лю-ли не особо любят, их совки этой залупой закормили) малевать означает "плохо рисовать" в русском, а в украинском рисовать вообще. Русские украинцев недолюбливают, но это скорей всего из зависти (прогноз погоды в других странах спонсируется авиалиниями, но подогревает ненависть к соседям. Правительства скорей всего считают ненависть ресурсом. Многоэтажки можно назвать генераторами ненависти: там у людей общая карма: если один накозлил, то стену подъезда у всех испачкали. Если один сверлит, то все вокруг проклинают его. Ох, моя квартира столько раз проколата, грубое какое слово, у наркоманов оно совсем другое означает (продана на наркотики) но у меня, слава богу, всего лишь просверлена сто раз (на самом деле больше, я так себе сосед)

body is butty (butt of butter, fat. and f~b)
better is butter because it бегучее, смазка.

as with is just с[s] in russian, so is dis just c-
где ковыр = cover, коварные, подковёрные, именно что не буквально под шерстяным ковром, а undre cover, за-говор-щицки

So high. Another attempt to find the new keys among what I already know.

Ogham is the key. only one and two (three is repetitious like d is to a. Δ is 4.. my finger said 3. now it said 3 instead of 4. I was intedning ot say

Δ is 3
Δ and 4 look very similar.
3 is exactly З[z], and sometimes 3 looks like
ʒ and it shows that digits are higher than letters, that letters are comments to digits. Letters are subscript (подпись буквально под) пропись сквозхЬ? пись (пописать стоя по какать сидя? сру~сижу. sum, sunt, суть ссутъ. стоят. суть есть стой(т)  с+т or some affricate st (цикание? можно губами, и тогда это быть. Все простейшие звуки, которые рот может производить у всех, надо их просто каталогизировать и обозначить. ТАк что нет, это новое, это не точ что я знаю, а то бы уже давно узнал. Вот эе интересный ход. Возьми его в разработку.


Основные междометия.

Нагуглил кучу интересного, пока импровизирую:
А!  понимание произносится так.
Ах! испуг (не понял, -хъ как отрицание (хуй в значении нет. х. ххх is threeguys. x is hui. her. her is also used as no.
Aга форма прошлого времени от А.
Ахга - обжигался. обжогся (и лишь затем увидел хта istead of хга and that is hot in genetivus.
А привело к об? ажогся = обжогся.
а = об? но а- используется как отрицание. об может быть отрицанием? об вроде бы подобно нидерландскому ом, вокруг, о. Literally o. But why o? o is aa. aa = апга аг -  ага! = о!
e! удовольствие. А с улыбкой. Когда уже оп понял
и? (go on)
у[u] is the opposite of e!: sad exclamation. And so we have all the vowels.
a (понимание, может быть носовой при насморке что дало несколько языковых форм (слов) носовых (он, un- странно, что инверсированная в no имеет то же самое значение.

Палиндромность ранних слов
обо (ближе)  бп (обо~по~by)
ото (дальше) дт (ото = un-to, of is rotated into opposite meaning. in russian.. see the next line)
от и до = оf & to
θ ~ θor

(этим цветом буду помечать замечательное, если выше видели, то это я позже вставил)
нет, лучше чтоб по ctrlF находить. давай юникодину зададим для оуенна

Javanese. A code placed at the beginning of a letter, used when addressing from a lower person to a higher person.
Javanese. A code placed at the beginning of a letter, used when addressing people of the same type.
Javanese. A code placed at the beginning of a letter, used when addressing from a higher-ranking person to a lower-ranking person.
Doesn't it look like a head on the left is telling into years on the right?> And then it is very much similar to mayan.

𒀭 is the symbol I will mark the divine pieces. And in some colour of the day it will be.
     (the colour I feel that day. For whatever reason 22:10 of February 3rd is that,
     and I notice that most of the winter is gone hooray!)

b is for boo (bu is also no) фу
с неодобрительное циканье (и здесь вновь b & c meet) (with (с[s]) is of that origin?)
d duh! the opposite of b
e yeah
f for of ~ до от (

comme к om (ко всему (в и с приставки. у суффикс или окончание)

com- присатвку я рассматривал. что здесь французское comme делает (like, как обе имеют это к, между прочим, ом обычай? тогда comme может быть как обычно. и обычно там лишь добавлено некой чуть иной грамматической (или в общем случае морфологической, но именно грамматической от словап граммата буква) формой

ом как синоним обычая

гругом по обычаю (форме) круга
груг гнуто насквозь гнутого, как из прутка гнут в круг дугу.
Голова. слишком слоржное слово, не знаю.

г сгиб? центр от слова (цена была на уме, я её отгонял как не в тему, но смотри дальше) п цеплятор, ибо там шнурок закрепляют чтоб круг рисовать. оценивают расстояние от центра города или, если строят храм, то От алтаря наверное, не знаю.

Храм хором будет работоть. В православных нет органа, но поют, и лепо (любо) поют.
глав голов (голова гола (без шапки. и тут меня накрыло как раньше-то правили: царь идёт и только посмей падла проявить не уважение не сняв шапки: вмиг голову с шапкой со смутьяна сымут, ух и лютые были времена, но видимо начали появляться фигуры, которые могли себе позволить шапку не снимать, имея родство или связи за рубежом, но это выебон конечно, дипломатическим скандалом или падением престижа государя, враждебный мув))
прав поров (порол)
граф гороф? как царь горох?
град город
блат болот (у меня там блат = у меня там блядь)

Я пытался пройти по алфавиту выуживая междометия, но идея же была в том чтоб собрать междометия и затем уже из них сделать алфавит.

Так что е! и и? я бы даже не включал. Лишь А! радостное. и У! грустное

А! порнял!  (понял~поднял, understood~understanded)
У! не понимаю..

О! (не знаю понимаю или нет, только увидел, центральный звук и потому что губки кругом, но они все кругом, и А которая как О, и О которая как о, и У которая как 。

М мычание при мышлении, и поторму мен и мысл два великолепных корня в индоевропейских языках (понятия не имею правда ли это, но этот кусочек из академической литературы подхватил, до сих пор не перевалил, никуда не пристраивается, и хуй с ним. А сюда разве не пристраивается? Согласно академической литературе, М напрямую связан с мышлением ( и в у русском и в английском и даже в wakaru забавно что там ри справа, как в прорубить, но это походу фонетик, but 判 is pan in chinese and han in japanese. видимо всё же идеограф. Хотя в 語 фонетических значок именно что справа, но справа сверху.

to two
for four
be is also two, but in another language.
ã for one and to for 2.
to ~ be or not to~be (is it where b and c meet, where v and t meet)
three is always third. be true is the phrase? be tree
owghtn to be true (is this grammatic to the way brits count 2 as two? we all do. weird. so no? maybe no, wait, I will look at it some more
for qunique (some? quinque is five is qu is ф, but qui- is of кто: какой-то quidam)

to two is to eat and four is for later?
two is tot too
to is tot in dutch, te is another form of it or some simlar word or in some other language, θ is tet, and I think I found this letter to be working as the origin of for ant to/до,  and от and of, of oт, до, to.

Suddenly I found that I-like Z: 𐌆

If this is not the alphabetic sequence of etyptian symbols I am looking for, there's probably no such sequence known. This is meroe in unicode:
𐦟 and 𐦞 are meroitic hieroglyphic symbol vidj
𐦝 da
𐦜 to
𐦛 and 𐦚 are te
𐦙and 𐦘 are ta
𐦗 qa
𐦖 ka
𐦕 se
𐦔 and 𐦓 are sa
𐦒 hha
𐦑 kha
𐦐 la
𐦏 and 𐦎 are ra
𐦍 and 𐦌 are ne
𐦋 and 𐦊 are na
𐦉 ma
𐦈 pa
𐦇 ba
I like how 𐦓 is Ш and 𐦌 is Н[n] (I don't know if it's factually (etymologically) true, but I am to use this similarity to memoorize them)

It was really confusing until I recognized that they go left to right, so here this list is uypside down.
And thus once again that interesting egyptologic tradition to arrange them from labial to lingual, so the actual labial, velar, coronal of BCD.
They don't seem to have signs for vowels. If it's the omition of the unicode creators or actually so, this I will yet look into. And thus they don't seem to have Neither eAgle nor Sparrow (or is it sparroW) but only two birds they have, with very significant name: Ma and Ka (the opposites in many senses)

Thying to correspond numerals to some actual words I saw qu of latin four and five as a lead, and I saw
чтоли in четыре
и потому in пять
I saw давай in два
and возьми in восьми
and it was supported by девять also reminding давайте
пядь, шест, семя,
десять как достать, достичь
(но подобный когнатизм должен быть acrosss the languages, so only ai can tell)



Ф (фу)

М (думает, а на вдохе если то воображает, учуяв запах вкусного)

Тс, тх (усмешка? неодобрение?)

Ф и Тс сходны по значенибю и объединены фонетически в ΘѳsSФ - энд си зыс: 𐌅 is Ϛ

Знак греческой письменности: лигатура Ϛ, ϛ, образованная сочетанием букв ΣΤ, στ из сигмы (Σ, σ, ς) и тау (Τ, τ). Не путать с финальной сигмой (ς). Применялся в ионической системе счисления.

Stigma (ϛ) is a ligature of the Greek letters sigma (Σ) and tau (Τ), which was used in writing Greek between the Middle Ages and the 19th century. It is also used as a numeral symbol for the number 6. In this unrelated function, it is a continuation of the old letter digamma (originally Ϝ, cursive form Greek Digamma cursive ), which had served as a numeral since antiquity and was conflated with the σ-τ ligature in the minuscule handwriting of the Middle Ages.

many like more than any
Without weed I wouldn't know many of this)
and now grammatically it demands this to be turned into these.

How exactly in any way is Athena Pallas related to Apollo?

(thinking of why russians must suffer for what putin does. Putin uses russians as the scapegoat: you can do anything about it, рассеяни (они. ни = en, суффикс множественного числа) так рассеяныйф что с вилами к кремлю не пойдут, а будут мечтать как бы съебать в тайгу чтоб не нашли и чтоб всё было (автономные капсулы. это русские изобрели. это я изобрёл и proteinsider sorta popularixed.
You allowed it. You're loaded.

Don't load us, nigga, we ain't doing much harm, and surely we don't make it not because we want to hurt you.. we're just even less perfect than you guys. (I want'wed to add maybe, but it's no maybe)

harm hurt (heart? heared, heard. hurt animal cries. hurt is hit in that context of hunter.

New race appears, I'm sorry you're all apes. You roll apes. Ural apes.

фани бани
фанты банты  (фантики бантики)
bobo bon bon bonne bonne. бонбон это заячий хвостик. боися зайка (заика т страха) косой во все стороны смотрит. на вечной измене. хвостик его таким сделал? За хвост не драли потому злым не стал? мышки хвостатые, но кошки их едят, и даже крысок, но пушистые хвосты? белка. кто охотится на белок? ещё более пушистый зверёк.
лис пролез (прохвост. и мы говорили про хвост)
волк волок (волочит волочёт чё-т)
вол тоже волочёт. вол не корпс волочёт

корова кровит? кормит! коррпма! корма у неё что надо.
у коровы корма, а у быка просто бок.
бык бычит? буянит? мычит! бык мык!
В ~ M

сельскохозяйственная культура прямо очень сильно на говно завязана. говно чистят, им удобряют, оно и для топки печей применялось, и все они походу были в нём как в земле.

и если какая-то лексика копронимична, я не виноват, хотя скорей всего это лишь одна из бесчисленной точек зрения какое значение слорва первично, если раньше оно вмещало все значения одновременно. и если говно и gone было однео слово, ничего страшного, это по прежнему от глагола go, идти, because another simple word give has maybe the same morpheme, I guess go give get are all in a way давать
here we go вот мы даём
I go, I leave, I let, I give, I get? I get I give I let I live. I got I leave a lot I give. Poetry, why do you bother me? I am searching using poetic skill as a tool. I am innovator. Or am I only an invwentor. It is an innovation only when I make it public, only when it benefits the society.
get and give are the opposites, t as in от, ve is the в. gave went in. get went out (they bring something outside, for me. or whoever got it. I got it from them. I go et it from them. I go out it from them. (I take it from them) take go out? get go out. get lost = go out lost. get is получи, в этом разница от have.
give and have are they the opposite? They're opposite semantically, bu
had  and  get? Phonetically (or rather articulatorily) close, but these two may explain the same action. I had. You get. Is it about house? had from dad? хата от таты.

>You can go out and buy whatever you want.
Not if you invented something that doesn't yet exist on the market. And not if you pursued genius instead of fortune.
Genius and Fortune seem to be the letters F and G
So new guess is that those letters stand for abstract concepts, the ones unable to be drawn down by hieroglyphs directly, at least by hieroglyphs at their pictographic stage, at the very beginning of this.

Being Going Dying
Born Gone Done
Big Good Dark? Dumb? Dull? Big and Good are the only two things in here?
Бог потому что Big
God потому что Good
D is for Devil in this thing. B & G against D (blevotina & govno vs derma)
Bog is болото, трясина, in english (maybe boggle is related to that bog)
блевотина семантически не сильно далеко.
God в русском гад (змей. вот и думай, но я и так об этом уже наговорил)

Above Beyond. These are also some abstract concepts, from completely different (and maybe more based perspective)
Near Dear, maybe or will I have enough of some prepositions or are they advebs? those above, beyond, what comes next? Above Below if you ask me. Bas as low. Alt as high. halte as in exhaltation.
halt ~ hold (as in hold your breath)
halt your horses = hold your horses. As Virginia Beowulf mentioned, orthography is a recent phenomenon, before few centuries ago everybody pretty much wrote the way they felt fit.
It could also be divided into two wards (words) not to confuse the foreigners trying to translate it.
or just by accident.

Λbove  (A as Алый)
Velow (yellow? like Y)
But rainbow places yellow next to red (if we ignore orange which is a combination of them more than green is blue and yellow combined (I remember it blew my mind that green is yellow and blue)
Unless V is Violet.
Яed (R as a vowel. Is it the reason why R is named A, when A is onley ey)
R B C?
Я Вы Сии

x sounds as eggs (and until eggs are hatched you never really know if it is a dove or a snake in there.

Is that rule "not to place one eggs in one basket" mathematical about making it so that all x's are at one side and all y's are at the other side of equation?

And I wondered how old is algebra? How al old (old is all'd (all had)) is x? How old is that eggs saying
Roughly speaking, algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols;[3] it is a unifying thread of almost all of mathematics.[4]

The roots of algebra can be traced to the ancient Babylonians,[9] who developed an advanced arithmetical system with which they were able to do calculations in an algorithmic fashion. The Babylonians developed formulas to calculate solutions for problems typically solved today by using linear equations, quadratic equations, and indeterminate linear equations. By contrast, most Egyptians of this era, as well as Greek and Chinese mathematics in the 1st millennium BC, usually solved such equations by geometric methods, such as those described in the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, Euclid's Elements, and The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art. The geometric work of the Greeks, typified in the Elements, provided the framework for generalizing formulae beyond the solution of particular problems into more general systems of stating and solving equations, although this would not be realized until mathematics developed in medieval Islam.[10]
I can only object to Euclid being praised as high as he is here, because he didn't invent a single teorem, he only delivered new and overcomplicated proofs instead of already existing simpler ones.  And when platonic school took over they simply usurped all the fields trying to rewrite the history of philosophy. Only why did they leave books of Diogenes Laertius be? Were they preserved in spise of them or did they leave them to have an evidence of what they truly did? And here is himself, the perpetrator:
By the time of Plato, Greek mathematics had undergone a drastic change. The Greeks created a geometric algebra where terms were represented by sides of geometric objects, usually lines, that had letters associated with them.[7] Diophantus (3rd century AD) was an Alexandrian Greek mathematician and the author of a series of books called Arithmetica. These texts deal with solving algebraic equations,[11] and have led, in number theory, to the modern notion of Diophantine equation.
He had nothing to do with it, but he was still mentioned, to show that he's the main character in your philosophy. It is because they control the education, the faggots, baby, the faggots. Bad people. So I dare to say here that bad people control the world? How dare I claim somebody bad if I am not perfect myself. How would they raise high if they wasn't wanted to be dealt with? Like sociopaths do. Others are too busy doing something useful not having time to build hierarchical connections
And those sociafags are also poor things, they have to look good, have to shave their faces each day, unless they're some bearded faggots who actually control the show. Do you think somebody does? I think many people do. Many know how to use the levers, and many are levers. many are coins and many are levies. Одни занимаются печатью денег, другие их сбором с населения, теперь понимаешь почему первые значимее. Но вторые видимо более интегрированы в общество. Это свежая омонимия, сырая, прыгает, разберём ещё или ты сам давай.

The shamisen (三味線), also known as the sangen (三絃) or samisen (all meaning "three strings"), is a three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument derived from the Chinese instrument sanxian. It is played with a plectrum called a bachi.

An Be Do
      For Go Hi
I in if is it (it looks like I is enough, and what follows are complex words)
     Me  No
Oh aRe iS iT (So See To Too)
     We eX

nice try, maybe it will tell me something, maybe not.

вдохновенно от вдоха (от вдохов, вдыхая курения, возможно древние не понимали, что это вещества которые они сжигают духам (видели они дым как духа, который поедает дерево или что они жгли? Значит дым гр горящего ладана фимиама или что они тогда жгли. гашиша. Как дух, вызхванный огнём. Нет дым а без огня. (пробел серым не покрасить, а потом у хватит этих оепчаток. они быть может подсказывают отделяя флексии. потом у "по тому" кажестя более чётким отделением флексии, особенно в контексте потому что. по чему это ты понял? а по то му (что значит му? тому как the mu (то is literally that, the)

добро и зло на удивление хорошо вписывается в алфавитную структуру:
Сравниваем их и находим суффиксы: -ро ~ -ло (не очень  частное  окончание, и R~L а потому)
ДоБ это Deus & Бог
З это Змея. В змеях есть лекарство. У змей есть лекарство от чего-то? Правда ли это? Лекарства из змеиного яда. Насколько безумно дерзновенно это.

Freedom is Will? Is Free Wlee?

What if mathematicians demanded more latters, but language didn't need more?

What have you invented, calculate, I want to know if it is npot only some smoke
1. axyal symmetry. Valid. L and R are great, only it blew minds to some p[sychos only but I had some respect from people who are also in this field. They all seem to understand it. One guy reacted unadequately, but that guy was just a retranslator of some other guys' work, so I have to address his sources, they are probably my bros.

This is nice, only it dissolves few letters later, even if f and t are great,  And that's it, it only dissolves because the letters after t were added later (and thus runes are newer than hebrew&?  
Hebrew was preserved much better. From the more ancient times. From the pharaos. So hebrew is the alphabet of the times of pharaos, but there is a source I gave before that Alphabetic inscriptions predate hieroglyphics. So it's an ancient system unheard of, existing in the past so ancient that it is lost in our memory, present in the culture itself, misinterpreted and misunderstood.


decimal serpinsky triangles

multibase serpinsky triangles (строит график системы счисления, скорей всего лишь в одном из множества частных разрезорв (проекций) их (систем счисления))

the inconsistency of mole unit

un legalized medicinal use of weed.

ministry issued an album, it is where I didn't make it worse.

ахс выпустили один из лучших альбомов в их карьере. Но похоже я им нужен, потому что дальше стало хуже. Я вдохновляю.

It is interesting that I brought only 3 inventions from language studies. Other 3 are math. Other 3 are myth.
Is linguistics my muse? No, the third thing you recognized as social is actually music? 2/3 of it are.
or is language grammata. I inve research letters and other symbols. So I united the three as representatives of all three kinds of symbols we knew for some time. Now we know more, but let is it not confuse you. I look into past when I look at what letters stood for initially. And I look into future when i I invent.
Research, please. Letters. Now. Why? So I can build a ..system to understand languages? Haven't you seen how enormous this thing is? You need more time to solve it. And I found that too. There's the other three. Let's see what balance does it have:

THC is panacea (I didn't invent it, I found it in the public domain)

aav therapies can treat aging, and the price drops 20 times per 5 years. it was $65000 a year ago.
    they deliver it without needles (закапывая в нос, уверяют что эффективность такая же)

..what other uncommon knowledge do I have? was that intranasal thing the 12? There's something else, And maybe there are more, I just didn't count them on. Let's continue with the linguistic discoveries.

axyal symmetry is great. it's of axis, but I say of axe and Y is the thing in there, it is how it makes sense

others are less important becasue the 9 above are all 12 more important than the following ones:

4  (maybe very important, but I am sure about it less)
futhark is probably misinterpreted abcefg



Here I just count some working models

I mentioned axyal symmetry the first only because I didn't find it mentioned by anyone before me.

syllabaries are more archaic than alphabets or not?
I should think further, there are 17 volumes and I only have three big and two of them are actually only some stages of the same. 2 and 3 are the same, first fold which spoke told it out, and the final form of the system I found. But then I found that it is known in literature both indian and european.
So axyal symmetry is the thing which made me publish it, it was the first incredible child of this journey. How could people not know of it? Beginning as tetraktis wouldn't it be unnatural for them to suddenly change the sequence? Was sequence something else?

       B C
     D E F
   G H  I  J
 K L M N O

Were they tossed around like stars on american flag due to the number of them?
Is it why H and I are as if one letter. Is G and J a thing? B and J are.
Baby & Johnny
Blow Job
Boaz Jachin (Jachin подозрительно смахивает на Яшина. Какие-нибудь отцы-основатели их? Я не шарю, вернусь к это этой теме когда почитаю чего-нибуль)
Blowjob надувательство. Дядя сдулся, тётя его надувает.
Blowjob надувательство: надувает щёки. выдыхает когда надо. продаёт воздух. Как музыкант, не обязательно трубач.

So this new symmetry (unless I saw (shaw show) it before, I think I did)

show = see how
s is see? are you with him = do you see him?
with is non-verbal form of see? (with is с[s] in russian)
you saw = you know

spheric sarcophagus
Why didn't I mention my capsule? Because I only have a concept, I still don't have anything like a prototype. I don't even have it for myself yet. I am immortal, but I have to yet take those measures I found for myself. I am immortal in the long run.

Keep on working on letters as abstract concep[ts:
Brave Crazy Dead (циклы жизни от молодости к старости и смерти?)
Бравый Кровавый Дырявый

A как Enfant?

C is also Sick and Sad (and soon dDead Dd is liteally dead)
C is Sk? like in Sick
B as bad? бедовый, бодрый, боевой, бой. Boy
Boy Girl or a dead body?
Boy was considered better than girl. In china it still is.

E F G H? But isn't to next level

O P Q R S T? or is it some phonetic continuation of the abcd from this simple tetragrammaton into a whole matrix table.

So what difference does it make that ABCD structure is mentioned? How wide is it known? Isn't it being mentioned witnessing that it in some historic records and not just apophenia. Why is axyal symmetry not mentioned anywhere? Isn't it less more obvious and less apopheniac?
Either way, even if ABCD is a known thing, it is much less known than it deserves, so if you search for what it would be naturally called as periodic alphabet, you get not a single result of the kind I'm speaking of, and to prove it here I backupped the results page and the closest of them all is probably this korean image I have shown before, but I'm not sure it was in this perfect monster definition, it's zoomed in ten times, open it in new tab to enjoy it completely:

and then, as usual, I also found this random but nevertheless related stuff:

и говоря о периодическое таблице химических элементов, она знатно троллит меня тем, что B C идут один за другим, и F стоит через две позиции после С.

Причём буквы D и Е не заняты, и под этой картинкой все элементы отсортированы в алфавитном порядке, и на каждую букву кроме J и Q начинается какой-нибудь элемент. подозрительно, ага.

В любом случае, список достижений естественно неполный, но меня радует, что я не включил в него свои инсинуации относительно школы платона, потому что это лишь любопытное предположение, но уже превратившееся в целую теорию в политической науке наверное, но это неинтересно, и сомнительное достижение. Вот то скромно обозначенное как
имеет столь щедрое количество ответвлений, что о чём бы ещё мне имело смыслы желать. О практических пли приложениях мечтаю.  И эти ответвления не то, чем можно похвастаться перед отцом. Как насчёт физических откровений? Ни одно из
гних не оформлено как научная статья, а потому  в   обывательских   гласзах   ничтожно.

животное всёже вот водное
давление воды как сказывается на

I recognize myself a liability, I know I hate the ass-words, but maybe this is the

Люцифер лучше. и в этом Лучшее влаг хорошего, потому что good is god., бог, bog.
𒀭 (I like this colour, I think I will mostly place it in this colour)

Люцифер сваæет. Так себе
(хотел сказать Так себе представляю доброго бога, оттого что друг сон свой рассказывая видел доброго вога столбом света. а злого кришнаитским сатанообразный, такое я видел под грибами что ни в сказке сказать ни пером описать.

(думая о россии)
мы движемся куда? вглубь.
в глупь.

Вначале было слово начинает и моё письменное творчество: я начиал писать стихи с прозы: первое моё произведение было в прозе, но довольно поэтической,

(думая о проёбонной возможности: зачем ты это сделал? дух мой это сделал. дух будь то
страх, бог, лох, локки лох? локки lucky. luck is the luci-fre. K is fer? Was калий принимаем за железо? Но пошукав понял что нет. Ukrainian V is Λ in russian.

живот спереди
жопа сзади
ж мяхкое? жидкое?
жижа желе железо
чуткое жадное жаркое

вот перед front
па зад back

живот жир фронт
жопа жирна попа

ba in back is по in попа?

back neck leg (hand рук? кога=нога, кюга=рука. ка и ки А большая I маленькая? i kratrkoe)

Neck and leg being so far apart makes me wonder if I am on the right path.

Unless human was a star How could it be a star if the organs and parts of the bodies are all over the place:

back neck
leg (weg? łeg! pointing at the leg telling "not leg" thus the road is the anser, the weg, ł [w])
leg is long
l is a long letter was it as a form influential to the abstract concept of long.
long is like l
does the letter l itself come from lingua? ling is long, тянется, и сколь удобна форма tonug tongue тянущийся. какой ещё орган тянется? член? так он и назван лингам. линг как слинг?

горе гарь
гарь=тварь? пошто такие строчки? конец рабочего дня. лдолжен бы спать на нокурилса.

Вот такого трэша тут пожалуй половина. ещё половина копи-паста, и меж этими половинами где-то теснится истина, которую ещё предстоит вычленить дабы очистив от всего ненужного натужного увидеть её в полном блеске.
Копипаста и трэш есть пища для последующих истины проявлений, так что пожалуйста поуважительнее.

a good question: do you wanna die? is it important? yes. okay, I choose not to. I want all over the place, but I choose of those wishes to be consistent towards my truer goals: I choose not to die. I choose to live forever, please.

ba bu bi (бабу бей? бей = еби? b = הb. бить в значении ебать? бьёт значит любит = ебёт значит любит, бьёт эвфемизм типа трахать)
ca cu ciнь (каку кинь, hence ссы) чьё кого кинь(отставить)

da du di (dadu idi в отца иди)

but those who are like their mother are lucky (so they say) but дуракам везёт fool'sluck/ what? what does the 0 tarot means?
The Fool represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, having beginner's luck, improvisation and believing in the universe.

And I was going to say that Lucifer is lucky, and it seems Loki is loco. Let this loco like us too.

горит курит(ся)
and this is not the most deviated forms of cognates (I call doublets cognates, because languages are social constructs, in reality there are only words and tricks)

(другу которой прислал мне три четыре (мечтал что он одну у меня после такого письма заберёт, потому что поймёт, что я опять накурился) файла в папке tt прислал длля работы (я не должен работать как брахман, а потому я переделегировал ему это на автоматизацию, а он автоматизировал лишь половину процесса кинулся в рукопашную. надо сделать такое замечание, но лишь когда закончит работу, чтоб не под руку, ведь быть может я неправ) бррр..(
очень мотивирующе папку назвал тт типа убиться. и четыре как ши (Ч? четыре в японском тоже ши, как и смерть), потому в их культуре эта цифра со смертью ассоциируется. и D четвёртая буква, Devil, Death. Bog God Devs? если идти по предыдущей модели то Doe. Как John Doe (неопознанных покойников у них так называют) Dead on entry? (DOA dead on arrival стандартное сокращение у коронеров и им подобным) Но дальше система ломается или имеет другой код. E как раз следующую строку начинает)

за несколько минут до этого письма думал забивая четвёртую хапку что три is true. а четыре это уже чтоб убиться. тыдыщь

Bog God Deo
Ef Go High (ef is probably if)
I Je Ke(que?) le me ne (I (to) you (тебе) who is not me? I(Je) que le me ne. Me who isn't me.
He speaks of the spirit speaking through him. Or her. We'll see. Or not.

I Je quelle мне (quelle is a out of the set semantically? but it's also a pronoun of a kind, but the other kind.
I me они, они, скажи они ни!? (ни is you in chinese. Wo ni is a good alphabetic sequence, so it was chinese all along, and we didn't notice it all these years because they are in hieroglyphs. I wonder what their phonetic writing actually is. Becasue if what I just said is true, they surely used it in there if they knew it all along, just didn't tell us, because wtf for. But they don't know anything. Cultural revolusion kinda destroyed a lot and chances are they didn't know it even before that, because it's not the first massive turbulence in China.
Вы Мы оНы (от слова он, which is probably the nasal A, the protoA as I will maybe call it. Ã. a. one)
Мы in the middle, as we always are in our world. You are who we're talking to (tu, ты~до? dunno) They are те, o'the'r's
there там (то место. место restъ)

пере = re
и это пример билингвы (двух вариантов слова расположенных один за другим (два способа прочтения буквы р)

I was invited to a discussion to an article including hebrew, ogham and runes, so I couldn't help but tell it, so let me repeat again, you may find it fascinating too:

Is it impossible that ogham and hebrew are connected, only hebrew is the later development of the same common system? Because ogham looks so primitive and something about it makes it much deeper than Hebrew: Just as runes are traditionally divided into aettir, ogham is divided into aicme, and that runic aettir could be related to eights because there are exactly 8 runes in 24-letter set, and then though everybody knows that there's a 16-letter runic set, not everybody understand that 16 cannot be divided into 3 and then we have alphabetic runic stonelet from bornholm (look into my drafts for images) which has exactly 18 letters, and it's 6 runes per aet, which could be dice, and the guy who invited dice (Palamedes) could bring them from the north, because divination depicted in Germania of Tacitus could mention such dice if you read the actual latin text. But I read that not a single runic dice is ever found, but there could be difffernt reasons for why would such a magical object wasn't found, but it's a speculation.
So about ogham: they also divide into aicme, and fifth aicme is believed to be of later origin, so I would expect those original aicme to be.. I suspect them to be three aicme by three oghamic letters each, because the name of the system is beth luis nion, so I expect nion to be not ᚅ but ᚃ when that name appeared.
Another thing connecting runes and ogham is aa=o (as it is in dannish today, btw) and that is very deep in the structure of the system.
So I dare to suspect that the alphabet was a later iteration of what in the north was considered secret (runa = secret, so they say, I don't know the language) and runo = golden fleece, which makes me think that the legend of Argot (is it the name of the ship or a linguistic term?) is the quest for the writing systems written with gold on a parchment (and it was also on a tree, guarded by a snake, as runes are)

and the first scientific description of runes had only 5 runes per aet, which is 15, and 15-letter alphabet is legendary in greek myths. And the falling stone depicts three dice with one empty slot each. And it goes on.

and I would add something else, but I didn't.
That ogham begins with B..
another archaic element of ogam is that the name begins with b (vowels separated at their own aicme, like in syllabaries, and I consider syllabaries more ancient than alphabets, because who would want a syllabary when they had an alphabet. And diacritics make vowels that fourth unnecessary aicme, the hidden fourth mother (new moon, the foursth side of the three(?) face statue, Y and Ѣ.
the triple carbon is actually quadral (?) quaternary (?) quadruped. I would say quadratic, but it's not a cube but tetrahedron.

Tetrahedrons.. can they be connected like cubes if they're connected like tetrahedrons? from an angle. They are all, they cannot: cubic grid demands 6 connections per centre (per atom) but then could that cubic matrix aappear because of lack of some links in one third of the cases? some graphic differences it may give, some logical patterns could be encoded in there.

And today is the day of recursive referrings, so I was going to speak of runes and looking for bureus aettir I found a proper image and noticed that it was linked to me:

At ris first I wondered how would them they make even numbers, but then understood: ff, fu, uu, ut, tt.
Tt for ten.
R for 9!
And according to my hypothesis about futhark being mistransliterated abϸef, which could be related to ogham.
ab ϸe f
13 57 9
b l f s n

n for nine!
s for severn!!!
f for five!!!!!!!!!
but suddenly it didn't go on. I think this wordplay is whay what why ᚅ is not ᚃ

Ещё одно проявление триединства троекратно повторённого в
N NE E ES S SW W WN N or something like this, let's see how it goes in reality:

In reality it is the same in russian and in english: N NE E SE S SW W NW

And suddenly here we meet the system of 16 elements, which fits so called younger futhark exactly. And maybe that is because runes appeared as sides? A speculation. But let's try to arrange every known authentic 16-letter chart along these dots to see if semantics correlates phonetics.

It's also fascinating that among these four letters exactly one letter is vowel, exactly one letter is labial, exactly two letters are lingual. An first I though S is first as C and N is last as it is in its own line, but then I recalled נ ס and see it like י מ נ ס (M ~ W, I ~ E)
EWNS that is a cross. The sea cross? Nothing interesting was found for this. Also crosses are drawn like NSWE or NSEW, and this is not alphabetic. And becausee I was looking for negation of this gesture and found the opposite of it left to right bottom to top, and this move as if collected the spirit before me and sent it upwards, which is very eneg energetically powerful, unlike anything the christian sign of the cross delivers. Sign of the cross helps the church dumben their parish. And it could appear as the opposite of known ewsn Actually sn is how it ends, is M before N because of Ϻ? Actually Σ is in that column. ewsn. Ясон? ESWN? counterclockise it goes. Jason's mariner's compass? No

  Bad Mad Sad Glad Lad Had Dad
Bad Cat
Dead (dogged, eaten by dogs?) Died
Fox Got Hen
Kid Loves Mom (and Nun)

Papa que are Sexy Too (what the fuck)
some poetry, it gives nothing, it proves noting, it is shit

9 месяцев? пора рожать. А что если она (или они) ошиблись в счёте. Потому я выдумываю, до начала схваток не рожают. А что если ребёнок просто толкнул, а она приняла это за схватки и misreported her condition to the doctor. See how I switched to english when it begam more scientific. Я пытался изобразить роды, ребёнок такой в нутри сидит он умный ребёнок, а потому когда вода из капсулы начал ауходить он заметил что плацента от стены отвалилась и он её поддержал, а потому матери приходилось тужиться, что для него было сокращением домика, мышцы сокращаются и ээ не толкайся. а как быстро он начал задыхаться? плацента же могла не сразу отвалиться. его там били пизхали, и он вдруг попал в дыру в пиздеи вылез наружу. это продолжалось у кого как у меня так часами я там вылезал. без порнографии, но я это представляю, сограшеил ли я в сердце своём? согрешил, согласно решил? никто не взял на себя роль адвоката дьявола. один должен возражать, т.е. находить

logos le gos, the god, golos glas голос глас глаз (то что колосом голосом можно разбить стекло это правда или нет? Stop singing I tell to myself, you didn't sing ans and you have better eyesight. And my eyesight begcame (предстал, стал, пришёл просить прощения, стал другим человеком, стал чем-то другим. be honest,
better in front of my ei eyes. and this is how it came: first letters stopped multiplying and became more single with only some fleur around them. And where I wrote ei it was suddenly perfectly clear with no shade of the shaddow, and when I started writing about multiplying it word worked as a spell. f. word worked. and so it came so and I felt what mechanics work in my eyes, I think it's at the external sides of the eyes. left and right. mostly left I lookied it at right now, so I'm at the left side with the heart and I am looking at it  now changed the position of the body and felt eyes probably e relaxed and was

грех орех. Запрретный плод. Орех. Яблоки ешьте, а семена не ешьте. И когда мы съели орех, мы увидели у него оболочку без которой его моглут съесть.
Λ[L] если пишешь сверху вниз, то вверху то что было
V[U] если пишешь сверху внит, зо внизу то что будет.
Это объясняет суффикс выглядящий как Λ создающим будущее там где он используется для него (в россии. насчёт греции не знаю, не изучил) но почему он сзвучит как L это пока загадка.
V vuturum future (f=ᚹ=w) обрати внимание, что ᚹ тож указует на то что будет дальше. ᚢ же не указует, но при такой семантике имеет смысл предположить ᚢ формой всё той же ᚹ, только поскольку это последняя буква в алфавите, этот флажок ужёл в землю. не развивается как в ᚹ, если отряд изображён по египетской традиции лицом в начало строки.

лево право. лево первое идёт. l before r.

l m n o p q
r st u v w x    (this was a typo, it will be addressed in few moments)


f g  h  i  j k
l m n o p q
r st u v w x
hnu interesting
iov interesting
kqx interesting
others are not so interesting. thers are kinda lost: ms were about Ϻ, but g kinda lost it. b~g thing можно привязыать сюды. (ы вместо а подумал использовать в районе опечатки ы, мысль встреливает как аж на руки пробивает.

a b c d e
f g  h  i  j k
l m n o p q
r st u v w x
y z
вообще не интересно. давай посмотрим хаос который принял за системность в первых двух сравненных строках:
l m n o p q
r  s  t u v w
и узрел я что вначале даже число букв изменил, т.е. полный хаос был, может меня отбросило назад в развитии? я мог подобные сравнения проводить во время написания первых тетрадей, но я же выстроил такое здание теории, да зачем (да опечатка. за = да!) дачем до чего, для чего для да за до. язычная невнятная do. doчего делаешь чего = для чего ты это (крутишь винтики или ещё что делаешь) до дома. дом делол муа. do mye я дома делаю моё. до как дол дом дочо дочерей на дачах держали чтоб работали в поле? парни на конях гоняли куда-то на охоу или на грабёж на войну как они говорят. солдаты солдафоны солдатня sold looters sell the stolen. stole and sold. типа он его не крал, продал, предал, передал, а дальше там разбирайтесь.

чем я вообще здесь занимаюсь? коллекционирую опечатки?
Я коллекционирую вот с подобным 𒀭 темы (их в предыдущих томах дофига непоменченных.)

повторю предцдущий rhenjqпассаж:

грех орех. Запрретный плод. Орех. Яблоки ешьте, а семена не ешьте. И когда мы съели орех, мы увидели у него оболочку без которой его моглут съесть.
Λ[L] если пишешь сверху вниз, то вверху то что было
V[U] если пишешь сверху внит, зо внизу то что будет.
Это объясняет суффикс выглядящий как Λ создающим будущее там где он используется для него (в россии. насчёт греции не знаю, не изучил) но почему он сзвучит как L это пока загадка.

изучал изучил

𒀭Here I know that it's a bomb:
do (до для за) = busy: зачем = занимаешься чем. занимаешься чем = делаешь чего. busy = dio

be, see, do.
b, c, d.
vowels used to be outside because they only made syllables, they were from the other axis, it was table. Even alphabetic primers begin with syllables. It begins with alphbaet only because alphabet is one level higher in the abstract field. It's a letter later invention. letter is later, that's correct typochie. typo родственное тяпу в тяп-ляп. в ляп ля of клякса? (of = от. от кляксы    = кр кляксы)

that is all the first row, and that is exactly the consonant set of the paleohismpanic writing system. Hispanic is his panic? (his = kings'. he = king? could be if e was nasal too. was our nose also wet?
kin = kane = money, ka and ma are two forms of something the same, divided between two protolanguages, or rather their descendance

sy in busy is probably -cя (be = занимает (место, время, is)     too=do?= занимается.
d = b+c! b=1, c=2, d=3
𒀭 (it is the same star from above, it's one big godd piece, of many gems)

Natasha is ah sataN the other way around. Natash = shaitan?
Tatiana она и Тот? Тот и она.
Lena aneL? anal? ana prosto angel! no kak po mne eto grazno, ne rekomenduyu, fuck porn.
Elena Anele? Olga Agol? do I mistake these two names because they're both angel the other way around. They're usually good girls olga and elena. this angel spell works. So I found the centre of these things? Why .. I a.. I wanted to ask why is the pattern different, there are gods, and here is ..angel! this is the pattern, names and god's names. Чтоб бог был рядом желая нейтрализовать в обратную сторону его имя написанное или же в потустороннем мире как в чёрном вигваме всё наоборот во времени?  Но Наташа и правда дурную репутацию имеет. Аццкая Сотона.
Милана аналиМ та же проблема что и с Еленой, л возле она становится оналом. онал от слова она? дырка же. а открытая. анал имеет хуй в виде l ? он = el (literally l, еръ)

она отверста, открыта, опорочена, о-та и о-на. at=on, so maybe here it is also so (so = too? or maybe not, I just wanted to write too, but typoed so instead of what will told me to do, the what usually tells me what to tell, whatever it is. conscious will. unconscious will is also will. )

она=та. он = тот. т. then it's not tav, but tet.
א ב  ג  ד ה  ו  ז  ח ט
י כ ל מ   נ  ס ע פ  צ ק ר ש ת
and reflecting tet against tav brough nothing, but I didn't reflect, didn't mirror, I just compared them abcd (aeiou) way, not how I did in k-symmetry.
but I see that it has nothing in it, and truly (n honestly, not for real, I don't know if for real or not) it makes no sense too.
and I would take this failed attempt in grey but it contains too many shades of gray already

is it a though too sexy which dumbened me from the good piece, let's return to the good piece and dig some more around it:
And I noticed that I marked two pieces today, and the first one is much better and there are more than one gem in it.

be + see = do
see + do = fuck? fac. like factory. interesting. manu-fac-tura.

word worked. short?
слово слышано? словил где=-то понабрался словей. соловей полон словей. word bird.
соловушка заливается. слово заливо?
врата ворота
гласа голоса
глаза глядящие?!
славей соловей

глаза глядят. д=з (до = за. до меня и за мной антонимы вообще-то (в очереди например. но в бою бойцы за спиной до меня? они за мной, но в каком смысле они до меня. они за меня. ко мне (приходят) со мной. за меня = со меня. с меня.  со мною. со мною = до меня (ко мне)
со = ко! т.е. co[ko] в русском тоже есть, мы его просто не узнавали: ко = со, к = с.
зашёл ко мне = зашёл до меня.
забежать и сбежать синонимы или натонимы? атан ин Сатан ис анти? врядли, хоть смыслово было бы в теме, но я притягиваю (за уши. сову на глобус так притягивают? до сих пор не понимаю почему так говорят. сова шар, земля шар? вот сейчас это точно натягивание. надувание даже. глаза шары? глаза реально называются шарами: чего шары вылупил? = чего глаза выпучил?


This is how similar Celtiberian (the first oen one) and northeastern Iberianb (the second one) are.
(northeastern Iberian noticed to be using few more additional letters outside of the syllabic part (additional M and additional R) and the difference in B and B/P is non-essential since they didn't distinguish between these sounds, which tells that voiceless half is only repeating the voiced half, and thus russians are preserving this ancient fact.

Celtiberian is the most based one. Without some additional signs (I wonder they would throw some of them away, it's more like they would add some new ones being innovators like this, giving the system more possibilities, not taking some of them (not very multiple, btw) away. How would you explain to the tribe that they're not kosher. They say K was in a period misuse in Rome. But Rome is some more advanced culture.. but then what do I know. I am not a historian of roman writings. I am a wide range specialist, so I may not know as many details as somebody who only focused on the region in question may.

Ba as I is very telling. And suddenly I recognize many forms: Ke is ᚲ the c. Di is ᛉ[z] (listen to Δ to understand   tghe   logic_)
And B C D are thus literally ᛁ ᚲ ᛉ
So literally (or should I say digitally) 1 2 3.

Notice how ᛘ-like simbol for M meets even more similar ᛉ-like simbol for Z, this similarity alone allows me to declare paleohispanics writing system the runes, and because they predate latin script they use today, so runes predate the latin script. More archaic in shapes, it shows lack of school, why would they forget how to write beautifully after they (we, humans) learnt it.

I am using norsk runes, because they still didn't seem to include paleohispanic in the tables. Here whoever did this demand to make it is a great man and made a great work: (mirror)

and 123ness of ᛁᚲᛉ may explain why Г ~ V ~ ᚢf, the different forms and shapes of two, the same in their essence.
f after ᚢ was some weird typo, but it was to the point in a way, because f is DI(towo)gamma, but gamma is literally Г, thus digamma = 4 = F (but then that F sounds as V in hebrew and suddenly I'm not sure about arabic, I think too) V=Y=F?
I though V was 2? Technically C was 2: ᚲ
It also made sense after I placed B first because of that ᛁ of theirs for Ba and it all made sense after all, because vowels also arranged well: bA cE dI (rO mU? and to my surprise that is exactly how they are named in greek)

Many other forms are also not new to us:

Ta выглядит в точности как архаичный Т (Х used to be read as T, so I read, and though I spit on authority, I don't get shy when I use the authoritarian academic information. I sow wind to reap some storm? I don't think I should feed that public wolf of let's dismantle academia, because it's spelled already, I shouldn't add anything more to it, and maybe then storm will be not too atrocious. I wish them well, I wish them to transcend this crisis to find themselves in the renewed system, not in some civilization decline which may happen if the wind throw away not only water but the tbaby too)

Te could be related to θ which is Ѳ on the halfway to Ф because these two letters are mostly the same.

To is definitely Ш, t s sh these are all forms of the same syllabic row.

Tu is more like Du, because it looks like Δ (and I like how it also stand for 3, together with Ш, which may be related to their form of θ. Only X is not 3. But then that guy who made the demand into unicode department (the link above) tells that they're also marking voiceless forms of theirs with additional schtick, like this western celtiberian is shown, so that one above is eastern:

Their Ku and De remind me of Tifinagh ⵙ and ⴱⴲ but phonetically they're all different, so these systems are similar, but different, as norsk and hungarian, different systems. Celtiberain and Norsk are related though. They're recognizable, as I've shown  above. Here's the Tifinagh those balls are taken from.

I don't see ⴲ here, and some other source under that image tells that ⴲ is fricateve ⴱ, which is B and when it's like here it does look like B, unlike where I saw it before, so that B seem to be able to go both ways, Ѳ and Ф, В and ߘ (though ߘ is D, it is taken from an alphbaet considered artificial, not authentic, not being developed with the others from the same source, and though I kinda doubt it, I mostly accept it, I doubt it a little)

paleohispanic Ku & tifinagh S could be related as C, but I kinda doubt it, though that sign reminds ☉ and C stands for Солнце in a way. Тогда не Ku, a Gu. Жгу. G as Jah. Literally G as ☉
Also notice how this western celtiberian reminds ⵔ some more, but it could be apophenic cherrypicking. Though I don't deny that these systems could be related, they're not that far from eachother geographically, literally the neighbours across the Gibraltar.

New day, aliluya!

Λ is in russian, but V in ukrainian in the same place.

я сделал
ya sdelal
я зробив
ya zrobyv
ага, они и корень заменили. секунду..
я пришёл
ya prishol
я прийшов
ya pryyshov
Russians also know sdelav, хотел я сказать, но погоди-ка

(только они гонят, праздновать — празднуя. а понтов-то! элементарного не замечают, даже если для большинства случаев их вариант и подходит. Разбить следует на две подгруппы: если суффикс ударный и если этот суффикс безударный)
пока что зацени деепричастия русского, может у меня будет прорыв когда я снова начну исследовать родной язык,  вкотором эту тему и нашёл, собственно.  Мы деморализованы, но то что Менделеев создал таблицу элементов говорит что мы белая раса не последнего пошибу, и что возможно алфавит русское изобретение (вопреки оголтелой кампании в культуре (академия, сми, фрикота сексотская, всё на то чтоб эта идея была максимально крамольной)) и мы это увидим в семантике.  Или ангнлийское, англы альфачи конкретные, они очень изобретательный и максимально белый народ без марокканской круги (крови) как французы, без турецкой крови как немцы, только пакистан и индостан, шолом. Евреи засранцы, но согласованность и sofistication in general заслуживает респектабельного отношения, потому что они мощный народ, и да страх они тоже используют, и мастерски это делают, потому давай бояться, уважительно. давай Колян, только с уважением. пидор.

А как украинцы создают деепричастия? прибавляя ши
сделав работу я пошёл домой
sdelav rabotu ya poshol domo
зробивши роботу я пішов додому
zrobyvshy robotu ya pishov dodomu

I am worrying about ukrainian state, because it took me some time to find this image, and this one is considered to be of a good quality, others are (are is phonetically is next to є, so I suspect æ based typo) Why I'm worrying is that all the academia are traitors who liked it better under the ussr umbrella, they want state to feed them for doing nothing, today our states understand them for what they are: useless crap, лакеи любого режима. Но я выплёскиваю ребёнков с этими помоями. Я их нежно выплёскиваю, на травку. Надо их всех накурить и одарить юбиаем. ubi is you be I (treating your neighbours as you'd treat yourself)

В русском ши тоже иногда добавляется как вариант, но я не знал что это украинское. Может просто выбрали менее распространённую форму русского, но я говорю как имперский долбоёб, пропаганда вместо науки не есть хорошо.
позвонив позвонивши оба варианты встречаются в русской рече (но здесь правильно сказать не варианты, а варианта. прикинь, двойственное число в современной русской речи живо.

двойственное это до четырёх включительно? три и четыре ещё варианта, но пять уже вариантов. Может потому что один человек обычно не рожал пятерых? бред, не одновременно может, хотя уверен всякое всегда включаось, или недавние рекорды по близнецам результат эко и прочей шмеко. Не, эко норм, но это реально гэйм-чейнджер для многих.

единожды, дважды трижды четырежды (а пятьжды уже нет)

двое трое четверо пятеро шестеро семеро и до девятнадцатиеро (или и или е, не знаю)
(здесь не так как там, а они все разные. варианта не включает один (один вариант) а двое-трое не включают ни один ни четыре (четыре уже по суффиксу множественного числа идёт)

Так возвращаясь к тому из-за чего я на украинцах средоточился:

из-за того, что у русских прошлое Λ, а у украинцев V, чтор делает гораздо меньше смысла в контексте письма китайским методом, но может у украинцев другая ментальность из-за меньшей выебанности китаёзами татаромонгольскими, тем более что будущее-то у них также как у русских, суффикс Ю он же У (сделаю = зроблю, но сбегу втечу (утеку. внезапно понял что утекай по украински беги. мумий тролль лютейший лучший))

смотри чего мне только что прислали прислала:

and it get's even funkier:

speaking of three crosses on the hill. and it even has the Holy Lance
The Holy Lance, also known as the Lance of Longinus (named after Saint Longinus), the Spear of Destiny, or the Holy Spear, is the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross during his crucifixion.

☀️Сегодня утром жители Челябинска заметили в небе "три солнца" и перевернутую радугу. Это довольно редкое природное явление гало. Такой эффект появляется только в очень солнечный и морозный день. @tipichny_ecaterinburgh
Также по этой теме можете почитать

> Гало появляется круглый год. А это - паргелий (радужные всполохи по краям Гало)
Виды паргелиев:
    22° паргелии — один из самых распространенных элементов гало. Выглядят как два ярких радужных пятна на высоте солнца, примерно на том же расстоянии от солнца, что и малое гало (22°);
    вторичные паргелии — при наличии кристаллов в виде толстых ледяных пластинок яркие 22° паргелии могут создать свои ложные солнца (они будут располагаться уже на расстоянии 44° от солнца);
    120° паргелии — выглядят как точки на паргелическом круге на расстоянии 120° от солнца;
    паргелии Лилеквиста — утолщения на паргелическом круге на расстоянии 150—160° от солнца[2];
    антигелий — на расстоянии 180° от солнца.
A sun dog (or sundog) or mock sun, also called a parhelion[1] (plural parhelia) in meteorology, is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that consists of a bright spot to one or both sides of the Sun. Two sun dogs often flank the Sun within a 22° halo.
The sun dog is a member of the family of halos caused by the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere. Sun dogs typically appear as a pair of subtly colored patches of light, around 22° to the left and right of the Sun, and at the same altitude above the horizon as the Sun. They can be seen anywhere in the world during any season, but are not always obvious or bright. Sun dogs are best seen and most conspicuous when the Sun is near the horizon.

speaking of trinities
and the following unusual image is from the same source, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with it:
The so-called "Sun Dog Painting" (Vädersolstavlan) depicting Stockholm in 1535 and the celestial phenomenon at the time interpreted as an ominous presage

and this thing is of the sid size when it startts to lag, so vol..1718, here I come.

but first..
A moon dog (or moondog) or mock moon, also called a paraselene[1] (plural paraselenae) in meteorology, is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that consists of a bright spot to one or both sides of the Moon. They are exactly analogous to sun dogs.
Moon dogs are caused by the refraction of moonlight by hexagonal-plate-shaped ice crystals in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. They typically appear as a pair of faint patches of light, at around 22° to the left and right of the Moon, and at the same altitude above the horizon as the Moon. They may also appear alongside 22° halos.[2]
Moon dogs are rarer than sun dogs because the Moon must be bright, about quarter moon or more, for the moon dogs to be observed. Moon dogs show little color to the unaided human eye because their light is not bright enough to activate the eye's cone cells.[citation needed]