- notice, that hitler’s swastika was rotated 45 degrees. And it was rotated counter-solar, because it’s how it goes. It makes more sense if it's ribbons on a cross, so when you rotate it they make the circle. But it would be too much to wait from unicode. I wish I could draw my own glyphs for and in the document. And if you think I say commies are a lucky ideology, you’re wrong again, fuck them big time, no matter what magic trick they implement on us, luck will not help them, because truth is what matters the most, and truth is not in their bs. But I shouldn't be too harsh on them, because russians did to conquered nations not sweeter things than commies did to us. but let's keep on wandering through this tabooed and yet vague theme.
    And here I notice that both ? and ʔ are lucky. and though swash on most letters is this way, f & s are counter-clockwise. f&s as in fascists? NaZi are both luckily turned. Was they smeared as fascist, even though they were nazi? natie is nation in netherlands and it sounds as nazi. probably same is true for german, but I still don't know german. Is it because they were influenced and allied with italian fascists. Though what difference do these differences in naming does, if they were all the same? Even commies were not much different, and even more vicious towards the occupied population. Very epic villain as koschey bessmertny. and one of the founding fathers of вкп(б) was богданов, who experimented with blood to become immortal, and blood is the ancient key to immortality, and it could be the reason of many wars, where young blood can be sucked with no count. Infusion of young plasma is the key to immortality, drinking could be valid too. And though this knowledge can launch prices to this service to the sky, soon we'll not need it at all, for genetic therapies will make our blood young forever. Or maybe even artificial embryonic conditions with magic stretchings will be enough, but this is even less certain, for nobody seems to work in this direction, so I will have to build this experiment by myself. I think they (russian governments were looking for national idea in our fairytails and saw that in the beginning Koschey governs, Ivans only supercede them. But in the very beginning there's three headed snake (russians have three crowns on their emblem, as if the central hat gives invisibility. Or was that head cut off by our tzar before he nailed it to his shield. Shield had to be of the size of the beast, so it saw itself in the polished metal and attacked himself, while somebody from its back cut the beast with a sword. but back to the nazis:

     Look at all these jilted boys. All prepared for death. I’m pretty sure they’re the very same 100 thousands workers hired by nazi government to build autobahnen. Whoever made them put unlucky swastika on those who oppose «them», had a wicked sense of humour, but very powerful, very powerful sense of humour, one of those things which let them live. and klezmer too, and you may call me degenerate, but I even find that director’s face rather nice.
    Don’t these swastikas also look like 666? My How none of these northern youth see that these swastikas can be read as bindrunes? sиx sиx sиx or sx sx sx or ss ss ss. S = C = 3? then G = 6, because it makes proto-alphabet 3 forms (3 fates, 3 mothers, see further) to 3 forms of vowel, a i u (3rd person, 1st person, 2nd person – so I should have stand first? No, for some reason they avoided putting 123 in this order. Even abc seems to be 132, because even though in runes B & D seem like 2 & 1, when combined to “zero” of vowel, they rearanged and Ϩ looks like 2, and 3 looks like B. and in sanskrit they go like this: first go set of vowels, then 4 dice of linguals (each die has one empty slot – like dominos have) then goes a die of labials and 9 additional letters (if they were used as numerals or not I don’t know, but they could.)

Don’t these swastikas look like 666? Then the opposite spell would be 777. if 666 is carbon, 777 is nitrogen, Lavoisier called it azote (literally “no life”) and russians call it like this, азот. Russians were the 777, I wanted to say, but I couldn’t find 3 hammer and sickle signs around that parade, what I found instead is this replay of that parade, and these three stars stand for 15 instead of 18, devil of tarot, not the lucifer of new testament: 

And while I was looking, I saw that there used to be hammers & sickles on kremlin stars when Leni shot that masquerade:

But when they went to war, it’s believed to be ruby stars without hammers & sickles so it was not 666 against 777, but 666 against 555. or was it 5555? I think they added the fourth star. There were four stars, they added fifth. Is it some wicked pocker? What could that jocker be?

Who could be the players?

oh coy what are you doing, why are you doing it – mostly it does me, I cought, got by this idea, and thus I manifest it in this world, but I’m an ultra-liberal wing of ultra-nationalists, I want it all to be alright.

Making some moves with my arms, I noticed that one arm goes sunwards, the other one - counter-sunwards - so is it the reason they call those swasticas right and left. If you roll your arms like this, they are the same moves in relation to the axis of the body. And if you move left fist counter-clockwise, you move it to the left, and the right hand hits to it's right - it could be useful in sabre fight - probably those who twist those knives know this rule, though I yet have to check it.
And the image 卍卐 looks like an image of a man or an eagle or two brothers fighting back to back. When 卐卍 looks like two rivals, because right swastika is on the left and left swastika is on the right, thus they're halves of different men. Not only in sabre fight, but in rawing the boat it's important to know these directions. as in rowing a boat. Though it's weird to row backwards, it was determined by the muscles of our backs.
Swimming is magic of a kind. Was crawl invented to reverse rotations? (as if just to see if it's possible)

Расколдовывай! Коляда, хоровод, крути так чтоб размоталось, ослабляй, освобождай, или наоборот потянуть чтобы растянулось? чередовать нужно скручивания вправо и влево или их цель растяжение, а не бултыхать, но скрутиться можно только в одну сторону. в какую же? naturally I began rotating clockwise with my arms if I look at the cealing, and surprisingly my legs went rotating clockwise when I looked down. So it's going upwards. And this is exactly the direction those sufi dance.

Bless removes curse, and people say "god bless" when you sneeze. They could have been saying this to avoid plague. when somebody sneezes you know it can be contagious. Why is he here? Why don't I sit at home instead of doing all this social crap? It doesn't make you rich either most of the time. But we went offrail, back on track. Godbless could be a form of word Goddess. Goddess was what public heard. It still has this female suffix, or is it suffix less. less of b? less of bad? избави нас (от лукавого т.е. как от луки, указание автора заклинания? или лукавый это диавол, как христиане это понимают? see, I'm not against christianity, I'm a christian myself in quite a few ways, and first volume of this book ends with 666 just as the last volume of that had. and I quote the first book of that book directly, and all that was unintentional. I just recalled it. And that could be both "god in the sky" and god in my culture, I read those books, so they could get installed on my psyche.
psyence sounds like science but begins as pseude, which can be tnothing of course)

In soviet russia we have a tradition of saying "будь здоров" (be healthy) when someone sneezes for the first time, "расти большой" (grow big) when someone sneezes for the second time, "не будь лапшой" (don't be noodles) when someone sneezes for the third time. this probably relates to snot, though I just figured it out, nobody here doesn't now why we say that other that лапшой rhymes with большой on the fourth and further you'd have to improvise.
Yet I don't know if it was this way before commies, it quite could be "господи благослови!" before russian civil war (in which jews won)
– this  phrase "gospodi blagoslovi!" is directly translated as "god bless!" and some people noticed that those english words look liek shortened russians: g-d is god and russian gospod, and bles could be a shorter form of blagos. Благой Господь, Blessed G-d. does ss go as г? boss бог the first example I got. (бог (bog) is god, where did brits got their meaning to that word who knows. it breathes, it eats)
if bless and blagos are indeed related, I'd suppose there a ה. bely ה ? bella dieu? beautiful woman, what men naturaly deify. what those christcucks burnt on sticks. Some women are witches, some of them are, and it's too much trouble trying to cure them with love, so people cured them with fire, and you know beautiful women are more likely to be raped and surviving these experiences getting more vicious. It could be quite a releaving experience, so this is how it is in the world, it made them cynicist, bitchy. uglier. угли. which fits this poem atm, but first I related ugly to углы (angles) both rhymes may be wrong ofc.

sneeze a healing sneeze

snooze a healing snooze


one benevolent witch taught me that swastikas are not lucky and unlucky, but male and female, I guess it's all yin-yang thing, and though sun goes sunwards, she told me to look at ursa m??or.
And she's right, northern sun is on the south and goes rightwards, which is explicitly clockwise when it's high in the sky, while the northern sky itself rotates counter-clockwise. I suppose sun is the man, while sky is shy, she, the one which embraces him in der himmel.

I suddenly focused on that symbol in the next image, ✡

and I see that thus ✡ can act like swastica: if there's a text on it and you read it right to left, then lines fall one on the top of the other counter-clockwise, but if you read them left to right, then those lines will be arranged the other way around. Does our discord about which way to read the spells cause the conflict on some mystical level? Does the direction of the traffic do? I think I wrote about it somewhere in vol.1 (yep, it follows the link to this branch of the бук-tree.

and Советский Союз is СС (ss) so what was the plan or scheme that ss would be over us whichever side won? I think they were happy with making all the russian country call themselves suckers. (sosi is suck in russian, and imperative. soso is a name of some southern singer, but all russians find tha name funny and in that context. we recognize soso as suck. so-so is also "not very good" in english, so we're not absolutely savage, but they probably had to put a reminder, that russo is so-so. ru.soso (and we insist on that double s there. it's still there. ru.ss.ia (so they devided soviet union in countries, hence the preffix (so it was invented not in the previous century))
belo.ru.ss.ia?  below russia.
russia seemed like гнёт seconds ago, with a side-sight on the right.
ssi is ё?

and even like this. I'm surprised this page is all in faces, I tried to avoid faces in the main part, but it comes naturally like that, not according to some plan.
they're also all white so far. hm..

so being proud for mother russia is very weird to me. But then again what's the point of being proud for any government if they're all corrupted robberies. I don't know what spells were layed on other nations, but why being any nation at all, especially when we soon know all the languages via extra-neocortex, all culture will be able to be ours. especially because we'll be able to edit the basis of all culture, the gnetic pecularities.
ro or even ru could be rough.
страх st. rough? с-та рухъ
Trump second term is about to begin. The USA was exposed as the same corrupted rapery as everybody else have it. Trump is an interesting figure: his book expose the state as an incompetent if not obsolete organization, also ai qppeared I wonder what is coming. I hope we'll survive and strive. Humans, all of us, taken care of by the more rational system itself. Not go-t, but ai. a super intellect. Let's think like ai. freely. as I said, benevolence is better, because you never know who else is watching (benevolent civilizations will be cherished, malevolent ones will be destroyed? But who would destroy them if not some more powerful nation, which is able to fly around that malevolent claster nah, nobody cares, space is enormous, power dies off with distance. but if they send deathrays? Don't destroy, correct, send the correction officers, it's cheaper safer and better for karma then animalistic rage-reaction (when it reaches they will maybe understand their malice and fix it. I believe in good. not in goat, in good.
Speaking of the good.. what is grey goo? what if all the microflora is greay goo? the grey.. gray.. I probably used Aubrey's name, CtrlF for all greys and correct them if you must. I'm ultra high, I shouldn't be allowed into this position of power. And now I set a bad example, probably some regulation is there, preventing such books from wide audience. But Burroughs rose. I'm better than him.

Cyberia is a good toponym. Let's fight for living in cyberia. Or let's convince the powers that be to let us live as cyberia, the freer economic zone.

while ss is puss, loss, miss, less, cross, press, impress, confess, abscess, process, access, ass, class, truss.

Suddenly I realize that Nazi Germani are italian mob. Austria is right between Italy & Germany.
There's no way some italians don't dream about the return of Roman Empire, and Germany once tried to reconstruct it by naming itself Holy Roman Empire when they conquered Rome. But look at those mulattos, are they the
That gal is an artist, so it's an incredible photo, the wall turned such way, that a column of protoplasma out of her head it is. Hitler and Goebbels are at her sides, and Goebbels suddenly looks more italian than Hittler who is also not a blonde.
Was it her, who taught Adolf this weak posture?
And italians are closer to other mediterranian, than to the north Europe. He who knows he keeps silent, he who doesn't speak a lot. SO So they say, not as it should be s though.
Bes Be's
M is B's: ᛥ is the ultimate form of ᛗ

(okay, here I left if for vol.7 where I'm now, I may see the beginning of the rant by ctrlFing the previous line and seeing what in the previous paragraphs)

and another piece to this jigsaw:

Is it the case because jews and choose rhyme so well? Jews surely know how to be charismatic, so even if they didn't have all the mass media and cronies, they would still come at the top. But I don't really know, I just came to say that choose jews sounds just great. Such rhymes probably influence our world view.

RIP, Trevor Moore, you will be missed.

And in this masterpiece swastikas being the way nazies had it rotate clockwise. So does the "loading.." sing in youtube, and that rotation does play lucky for them, because that rotation is по шерсти, привычное, where the clock rolls. And if that time was the mystical semantics of rotations was known, it would decide in favour of the lucky direction, and thus we know why should clocks rotate where clocks rotate is the direction considered lucky in human culture.

some rant some would consider to be antisemitic, and I didn't find a better place to place it:
Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: now apply it to the prominence of organized religion in the world, which, according to that very religion is in the hands of the Devil, and if that word is related to Deva, then those are women, was it their will to burn the most beautiful girls? - I go way tooo furfirforfar now. Leo Tolstoy wrote about it (mirror) and righteously so. (there he speaks about the fact that christian church follows Paul, whose words are often the opposite to what Jesus said) and of course Quran shows the same depth of eternal self-irony, as this autist demonstrates. And both these teachings of goyim are ingrained with antisemitism, which, as fathers of zionism said, is very convenient for the jewish nation (probably it prevents their assimilation, also antisemites can work as carriers of jewish traditions even if genuine jews would rather forget them)

the following paragraph is based on something I found during volume 20, so if you didn't get that far in the main part, it doesn't matter, read on:
NSDAP's swastika is not lucky not only in the sense of being counter-clockwise, but also because it's rotated 45 degreees. Which is, if the cross is based on the frame of a scarecrow (the totem keeping the evil spirits away, and spirits are living entities, the beasts, probably from be (существа от слова суть, быть, есть)) then rotated cross is broken or fallen scarecrow, as if some beast isn't affraid of it and attacks that human figure, which is not a good sign indeed.

I saw X-like crosses on trees trying to find my way out of the forest, and took them as a sign of a wrong way, even before I thought of the previous paragraph. Probably because the forearms crossed is a sign of NO: just google no gesture and you pretty much find it, if you didn't get it yet.
In reality it stands for tree prepared to be cut down, also not very lucky for the tree, duh.

The End of the secret level... not