I have quite a collection of these alphabetic tables of the deaf, so this collection of mine is dictating over me to include it. Because it's now or never, for I'm going to go on into another project, where this field is not related. So I will rewire my brain into another person to be on the verge of human biology this time. To return to embryonic state of being.

That was a portal not to another level, but to a quite another kind of game.

This world is much more fun if you see it as a game. And here's a secret level of how religion can be approached. I think my other unrelated fields feel this train as the last one to their own kind of immortality before I erase them, so this can be the most surprising book you could ever read. At least I register it as one of my goals.

Fingerspelling level begins.

Here I will only collect as many as possible, to use it when needed. Just an album of exhibits,
which seems to actually lead to a whole new field of alphabetic research with lots of fruit I can see already.

the beginning of this page is from vol.2, and now greetings from vol.7

The End of the secret level.