1 3 2 (i mi ni)JA

yawn (probably the sacred origin of the abc: deepest stretching, глубинное потягивагните потягивание, которым я хочу пройти по всему телу одним движением, для этого нужна капсула.
(не таблетка, а матка для взрослого младенца)

слово yawn было открыто при совмещении amen and even

(сравни с John так что то а может быть е even)





баня могла бы быть, но это к той гипотезе что а появилась позже, а раньше мол было bdeg, for example, and it is a good aligning: reflects the alphabetic order and correlates to c being g in the past. and to bornholm's ᛆᛒᚦ, and reflects greek mess with the e-line, where z(which I recognize as g as z~ž and thus in russian еёжз may link to that, unless ё is йод and йуд, which its position dictates: hebrew never went anywhere, hazarians were supposed to read hebrew, they say khazarians are the jews today, k as king? k as know, k is silent not only before n, but also before h, and n resembles h, are h and n the same letter? h is also х which links n to t, but t is т) unless пара was 2~3, and the word pair makes me think that it is P~R, not point on the sound axis, but a spectre.
And pr spectre is farting sound, and it's labial, which could explain the ᚱ~ᚢ thing.

Russian conserved that пр thing by saying not ravo, but pravo for right, their left is levo, so the suffix tells that those r and L are of the same period. Period when we read from top to bottom they seem to be (not bottom to top of runes and ogham, but top to bottom, so that the top side of r is at the right side and bottom side of l is the left side, so that explains those forms. But the ☯ doesn't approve of it, telling that r is on the left. but then the counterpart is d, but not l, d is dexter. but s of sinistre is the central line of the opposite form. were they (images of those shapes. one is black and white with black d, the other is the contour of the opposite one, having s for the middle line. s is snake, s is the other reading of the same ☯ shape)
so was ☯ adapted in latin-speaking word first? Europe spoke lating till rather recently, christian church adapted latin as well. So is it a good christian church did? Nothing is absolute, so probably yeah, but then it also means that some shitty moment to that good thing also was.